Subject: The Boy at My Door Chapter 4 The Boy at My Door By Mitchell Conner Chapter Four Greetings readers: The only truths in this tale are that I did stay at a resort with a swimming pool in Thailand, I was at one time an English Teacher, and bubble butts look good in tight wet swimsuits. The rest is a pleasant fiction. If gay content, descriptions of hot male-on-male sex, romantic love, or actual dialogue in an erotic story offends you please don’t read further. This is entirely fiction, a work brought on by a perverted imagination, access to the internet and time to burn. The names, events, activities, and circumstances are fictitious but I try to make them believable. If it’s illegal wherever you live, or for your calendar age (not the one you use on apps), stop now. This story is mine: all rights reserved by the author with the exception of its use by fty. You’re welcome to use it to pass the time but not to copy and repost as your own demented work or for commercial purposes. Apologies for taking since December to post. A bit of writer’s block and exploring my new surroundings slowed my finishing this series. The final two chapters are nearly ready to post after this one so no more extended delays. Your comments motivate me and are appreciated, as I’ve been fortunate to receive emails that have helped me learn and grow as a writer. Outright flattery is also acceptable. I do hope that my stories help pass the time and provide a helpful distraction from an increasingly crazy world. fty relies on donations so that you practice the ultimate form of safe sex by reading about it. Those same hands you use for pleasure can also type in a pleasing donation to fty. Previously: `Thwack.’ My hard cock slapped Sam’s face when he turned me back around. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his surprised look as he stood up. “I can’t believe this was in me last night,” he said, gripping the weapon. “I can’t believe this will fit in me tonight,” I said, making him shudder as I gave him a playful stroke. A mischievous look crossed his face and I was spun back around into the wall. Hot smooth skin pressed up against my back as Sam stood on his toes, pulled my left cheek aside and directed his cock up against my hole. “Fuck…” I said under my breath, turned on by his aggression. “Tonight, teacher,” he said, leaning in to whisper in my ear. “Equal.” I turned around. Sam had returned to as innocent a look as possible for the newly initiated boy. I was going in for a kiss when there was a knock on the door. Sam’s eyebrows rose as his mouth formed an `O.’ And we continue: We both shrugged then giggled like little boys caught in the act. “You get it,” I said. “Me?” “Yeah, you speak Thai, tell whoever it is to go away, you’re busy having sex.” Sam’s open mouth could’ve caught flies. I laughed and he shook his head, chuckling. “Fine,” he said. I handed him the shirt I’d worn to lunch with his father and he threw it on. As he walked away I was treated to sight of butt cheeks flexing with each step, the hem riding high and not quite covering his smooth mounds. I heard the sliding door open then some words in Thai were exchanged before it was closed. Sam came back into the bathroom then skidded to a stop in front of the full length mirror on one wall. His eyebrows raised as he blushed, his stare directed at waist level. There, poking through the shirttails was his still-chubbed cock, as though looking for a handshake. “Oh my God,” he said. I couldn’t speak from laughing. “It’s not funny!” “No,” I started then laughed until I could contain myself and continue. “It’s hilarious.” “I wondered why the maid left so quickly,” I said, then, looking down at Sam’s still tumescent cock added, “Glad it wasn’t the waiter at the restaurant, he might’ve wanted to shake your…” “Teacher Thomas!” Sam said, trying to sound indignant but failing as he broke into giggles. It was good to see his carefree response. “ce to meet you,” I said, extending my hand towards his groin. Sam took a quick step backwards. “Bad teacher, no little Sammy for you!” he said then giggled. I put on a pout like a little boy denied a sweet then cracked, joining his giggles. We managed to make the last twenty minutes of the buffet breakfast despite some juvenile ass-grabbing in the room. Once settled in with a nice cup of coffee and a full plate to enjoy I spoke. “The waiter is very attentive, don’t you think?” Sam mumbled agreement with a mouthful of food. “Suppose he had a chat with the maid?” I added. It’s a miracle I wasn’t sprayed by half-eaten scrambled eggs. “Bad teacher,” Sam said, his smile telling me he enjoyed my joke. Once we calmed down it was time to plan our day. “What would you love to do today, Sam?” I said. “Love?” the boy said, raising his eyebrows along with a lusty grin. “Outside the hotel,” I added with a smirk. “Oh… well, umm… there’s a place near here I love to go but when my family’s here it’s difficult because only my brother and I like it.” “Where?” “Pantip Water Park,” he said, his huge grin telling me how much he wanted to go. Sam had a lot to learn about me. “That sounds great but…” “What?” he said, concerned. “When I go to a water park I get so excited I turn into an irresponsible 12-year-old boy.” I added, “You might think differently of me once you see that.” Sam broke out in huge grin. “Really?” “Absolutely. Totally immature.” Sam giggled. “My friends would tell you the same.” Beyond the lure of wet Asian boys in swimsuits, what better way than to spend our day as playful boys � not as teacher and student? Then he surprised and delighted me, getting into the spirit of our day together. “Okay, today at the park I’ll be in charge of you since you’re such a little boy,” he said with a mischievous grin. “You must do what I say,” he added, flipping the power scheme upside-down. “Okay Teacher Sam,” I said in as boyish a voice as possible, excited to see how this would play out. Sam giggled. “This is going to be excellent!” “Yes!” I said, wanting to hug him right then and there just for being himself. I settled for sending an air-kiss, which he returned after looking around. In the room we gathered the needed stuff and packed it into my backpack. I put on a modest mid-thigh swimsuit and came out of the bathroom, as I didn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons and put Sam in a spot. Thailand is not the wild anything-goes country Westerners hold in their minds. “This okay?” I said. Sam scanned me up and down and shook his head. “No, I will choose, little boy,” he said, putting on a stern voice then giggling. I thought perhaps he wanted me to wear something more conservative but was wrong. “This one,” he said, holding up a navy blue square-cut swimsuit. “You were wearing it the day we met. It’s my favorite and you will wear it… please?” I’d brought it on holiday because it complemented my build without being as revealing as a Speedo. The pouch had just enough room and it was just sexy enough not to get me called out. The best part was it had won me the attention of Sam. A farang � a non-Thai � wouldn’t be judged the same as a native for wearing a revealing swimsuit, but to have Sam pick that one out was a surprise. “Umm… are you sure?” I said. “It doesn’t hide much.” Sam’s smile could only be described as dirty. “You must.” I raised my eyebrows. “Nobody knows me here. Today I can show off my hot teacher and make all the boys stare.” I hadn’t expected that answer but felt a thrill as I considered being his trophy. “Do I get to choose your swimsuit?” I said, then reached down and held up the skimpy red Speedo that couldn’t contain his cock when roughhousing with me in the pool. Sam’s shocked look was priceless. He shook his head and said, “Bad boy!” which had us both giggling. Then he surprised me by picking up a square-cut he’d worn a few times to get my attention. It’d worked. The low-cut suit drew one’s eyes to the front waistband and his sculpted bubble butt, still classy because it was black. I gave an enthusiastic nod. “Yes! That’s my favorite.” Sam smiled. We wore our suits under some board shorts Sam chose. He picked out a tank top for me and I was glad to see him wear one of his slit-sided sleeveless tops. “Are we always going to pick out what the other wears?” I said. “No, `cause… umm…” “What?” “I want you naked when we’re alone,” he said, looking up at me smiling and trying to affect an innocent expression. “Bad Teacher Sam!” I said. We were both laughing as we left the room. Pantip Water Park was bursa escort busy but not overwhelming, as by Thai standards it was expensive, while nearby beaches were free. The fun started in the changing room when we went to stow our stuff in a locker and slathered on some waterproof sunblock. We both did what we could then I asked a favor. “Can you please do my back, Sam?” I said, holding the bottle out. “Umm… okay,” he said, seeming a bit embarrassed. “Problem?” “Umm… no…” he said as he started to rub the lotion onto my back. “It’s just that touching you is… umm… making me…” Something hard pressing into my butt finished his sentence. I turned around and looked down at Sam’s hard-on pushing the suit out and down low enough to show a few short curlies above the waistband. “You seem to be swollen down there, are you injured?” I said, in my best caring teacher tone. “Thomasssss! This isn’t funny. How can I walk around like this?” “I’ll show you but first…” I said, spinning him around so he faced the lockers, “I’ll do your back.” Feeling Sam’s smooth skin and looking down at his black lycra clad bubble butt had me starting towards hard in moments. When I finished the boy turned, looked down and spoke, mimicking me with an exaggerated English accent. “You seem to be swollen down there, lad, are you injured?” I giggled, tossed our stuff into the locker, looked around to see if we had a clear path to the showers and pulled Sam along with me. “Ahhhhh!” Sam didn’t know I was going to turn on full cold but it worked and we were both presentable in moments. I discovered that the quickest way to pick out gay guys was to walk around with Sam and watch their reactions as we passed by. He got stares from men alone, men with other men, and boys. The ogling men with wives, a family or a girlfriend should’ve been more discreet. One of them walked into a trash can. Another slipped into the lazy river meandering through the park as his jaw dropped upon seeing Sam float by face down on an inner-tube, bubble butt on tight lycra-clad display. “You’re making quite a splash today, Sam,” I said. He tilted his head in a question. “Have you seen the men checking you out? That one guy fell into the water staring at you.” “What?” He was truly oblivious of the impact he and his little black suit were having today. “No, but a lot of boys are looking at you. One of them even grabbed himself when you passed by.” I found it charming we were both aware only of the other person. “Does that bother you?” “The first few times it did, but then I remembered I made you wear that suit so I could show you off. Then I felt proud my umm… teacher was so hot,” he said. “Umm… Thomas, can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “Are we boyfriends?” “We could call it that.” “What do you call it?” “I like the sound of lovers, how about you?” Sam’s huge smile answered that and he surprised me with a lunge that had us both falling off the inner-tubes. In the liquid privacy afforded underwater he grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a kiss followed by a probing tongue. A romantic gesture that had us both coughing up a little water when we resurfaced. “Good teacher,” Sam said, spikes of wet black hair going in every direction as he shook his head. The lazy river was a good warm up and as we passed by an exit that led to the wave pool I pointed and said, “Next?” The waves started up and more people jumped in. We were bobbing amongst mostly kids and teens, some on inner-tubes. We happened upon a group of three boys who were just starting a splash fight. One of them let loose with a sweeping arm across the water, drenching his friends � and me. When he saw that he’d splashed an adult � worse yet a foreigner � a look of horror crossed his face. I decided to trick him, put on a stern look and moved towards him. “Sorry!” he said as I neared him, walking on my toes since I was tall. I got within a meter of him and let loose with a huge splash that left his hair hanging limp across his face. “Not sorry!” I said, then started laughing. His friends joined in and the boy realized it was a joke. A water war broke out, Sam and I against the three boys, with water flying through the air punctuated by screams of victory and groans of defeat as we soaked each other. The shriek of a whistle broke through and we turned our heads towards the lifeguard stand like delinquents. We got chewed out in Thai and the jerk of the guy’s thumb indicated we were getting a time-out. As we waded towards the shallow end the boy who started it came up to me. “You no mad?” “Not mad. Happy! Very fun!” I said, matching his cute smile. He held his hand up for a high-five and we proceeded to congratulate everyone on a well-fought water war. “You nice man,” the boy said, then reached out and put his hand around my bicep, adding, “Very strong.” I was surprised by his gesture so grabbed his thin toned arm in return and held it up so the bicep was flexed. “Wow! So strong!” I said, making him giggle and give an `aw shucks’ shrug. They waved goodbye as they walked away and I turned to find Sam shaking his head. “You really are a little boy at the water park,” he said. “Am I in trouble, Teacher Sam,” I said, affecting a little boy tone. “Yes you are,” he said, his voice cracking as he tried to sound gruff. I giggled at the attempt. “Oh no, will Teacher Sam punish me?” Sam’s look went from shocked to a dirty grin followed by saying, “Maybe.” Tonight was going to be wonderful. Sam was interacting with me as an equal. I was all in for him to explore being on top, something that hadn’t happened in quite some time. Many of the park’s rides were tandem, with one in front and one behind. Sam and I switched off and every time he sat behind me his cock would be getting hard and poking me by the time we splashed down. On one ride in a secluded spot with him in front he reached behind himself and groped my cock. “Sam! I’m not going to be able to stand up if you keep doing that.” He answered with a dirty giggle. I retaliated by reaching under his butt and rubbing a finger over his hole. “Bad Sam!” “Bad boy!” I upped the ante with, “Spank me!” just so I could see his jaw drop. It took us five minutes of wading around in the cool splash-down pool for the swelling to go down so we could get out. We found ourselves walking up stairs for a ride that had a long inflated sled and required two to three people. A short skinny brown boy of about twelve wearing low-hung board shorts was standing to the side on the first landing looking abandoned and holding onto a tube. Sam talked to the lad for a minute then turned to me. “His name’s Aat Pan, he can’t find his friends and really wants to go on this ride. Can he please come with us?” Sam said, pronouncing the boy’s name as Awt. I found out later that Aat means `daring one’ in Thai, something the boy would live up to along with comparisons to Peter Pan. When I nodded yes the wet boy broke into a huge smile and gave an excited, “Kap khun krab!” – thank you in Thai. I returned his prayerful gesture and smiled back at the cutie. “My name Pan,” he said, giving me his nickname. “I’m Thomas.” As we stood in line near the launch point Sam and the boy spoke in Thai. “Pan wants you to ride in the middle since you’re big,” Sam said. “He doesn’t want to get stuck in the tunnel.” I couldn’t take offense when I saw the boy grinning at me, but when I caught him zeroing in on my groin I questioned his excuse. We boarded the tube, Pan in front, then me, with Sam behind. The worker tapped us on the shoulders and gestured to put our hands around the waist in front of us. I put my hands on Pan’s sides. His silky smooth skin was cool to the touch. The boy scooted back into me, pushing his little ass against my groin. Small hands grabbed mine and brought them down in front of him, pushing my palms down on top of already half-hard boy parts. Stuck in the tunnel my ass, I thought, when he started moving my hands around to stroke his boy nail to full inflation. This was his plan all along. We were inching towards the top part of the conveyor belt where we’d drop off into a wet oblivion. Nobody could see inside our water sled at this point. Sam added to the heat by dropping his hand and cupping my jewels, which were squished when Pan started wiggling his butt around while humping what felt like a four-inch cock into my hand. Sam leaned forward. “Is Pan being a bad boy?” he said, then giggled. “Yes!” “Let him have some fun,” he said. I was surprised at Sam’s response. bursa escort bayan Pan’s wiggling and stroking his rigid boner went into high gear as we teetered then started our rapid descent, wind-borne water splashing our faces. As we circled the giant drain hole that would flush us down the tunnel I could hear the boy’s high pitched moaning in time with the strokes he was making with my hand. Right when we entered the tunnel his cock started spasming and warm slimy liquid seeped through the wet board shorts onto my hand. Sam leaned forward. “Did he…?” I nodded my head. “Wow,” he said, followed by a dirty giggle and a nudge into my butt. We splashed down and rolled off the tube, Pan staying submerged up to his neck. I could see his hands below the surface scrubbing the front of his board shorts. I got an impish grin when he saw me looking. Sam and I climbed out and when Pan started up the ladder by the side I reached over and grabbed his hand, swinging him in a half circle so he landed between us, shorts sagging low enough to show the top two inches of his butt-crack. “Did you have fun?” I said, arching my eyebrows as he wiggled his suit up. “Oh yes, it was very fun, sir,” Pan said in perfect English. “Thank you!” he added then turned and scampered away. Sam giggled. “What the hell?” I said. “It’s your fault,” Sam said. “You’re too sexy.” “Aren’t you mad? Jealous?” Sam shrugged. “He couldn’t resist you, just like me that first day at the pool. When I was his age I might’ve tried the same thing but my parents were always nearby.” I had a lot to learn about Sam. “Anyway you’re mine and he’ll never forget this day thanks to you.” We were eating lunch in an outdoor pavilion when someone called out. “Sanun! Sanun!” Both of us turned our heads in the direction of the speaker. A lean boy about Sam’s height wearing a bright yellow Speedo so small it would barely have room for “S-P-E” across the front was moving towards us in what could only be described as skipping. His big smile displayed bright white teeth that contrasted with his brown skin and jet black hair, cut in a wedge shape that framed his pixie face. As he neared I saw that the suit’s bulge was out of proportion with his thin arms and coltish legs, the torso flat, smooth and pinned by two dark pointy nipples. “Chai Son!” Sam said, then jumped to his feet and took a few steps towards the boy before they hugged in greeting. “Sawadee krab!” Chai answered in Thai. Sam said, “English please” for my benefit. “What are you doing here?” Chai said in a lilting British accent that had to drive his male teachers crazy. “Holiday with my family, you?” “Same but today I got my own holiday from my stupid brother,” he said then looked at me with the same smile someone sees right before a tiger eats them. “Who’s this?” “This is Teacher Thomas.” I stood and pressed my hands together in the prayerful Thai greeting. “Sawadee krab.” “ce to meet you, sir, I’m Chai Son,” he said with the same gesture and a slight bow. “It means mischievous boy in Thai,” Sam said. “ce to meet you, Chai Son. Please call me Thomas,” I said. “Is it true?” Chai failed at trying to look innocent and shrugged. “Maybe… sometimes,” he said. I could feel his full body scan as his eyes moved up, then down my body coming to rest on my groin. “I’ve never seen you at the Academy and I know all the male teachers,” he said. Some of them intimately, based on his tone, I thought. Before I could answer Sam cut in. “He’s starting there after holiday.” “Will you be one of my teachers?” Chai said, smiling like a cat looking at a canary. “He’s… umm… only my teacher,” Sam said. “My father hired him to tutor me and… umm…” Chai gave Sam a `go on’ look. “Live with me… I mean my family.” Chai’s coy yet lustful smile spoke volumes and pushed Sam to explain. “My father, mother and Princess are moving to the Philippines for a year and didn’t want to take me out of school.” “I have a sudden wish for my parents to move far away,” Chai said, grinning. “Am I still invited to spend the weekend sometimes?” “Oh, umm… yeah… sure,” Sam said then stopped as he looked at Chai’s groin. My eyes followed along with Chai’s down to his cock pushing the pouch at least three inches forward, the waistband pulled low enough to reveal the crease where his impressive spout began. He was either hairless or shaved and no doubt well hung. Chai stunned us with his shrugged response. “As you can see I’m very happy… umm… for you Sanun,” he said then turned to me. “Congratulations on your new job, my friend is very lucky to… have you,” he added, emphasizing the last two words. When Chai turned to pull up a stool I caught a glimpse of the back of his barely there suit, which contained two small, perfectly formed peaches. I swear he leaned over more than necessary to grab the stool, which pulled the micro-suit low enough to expose the top inch of his butt-crack. Sam shrugged and gave me a `whaddya gonna do?’ look as we sat down. While the boys caught up on their holiday activities I looked around. Men and boys would glance at Sam and Chai as they passed by. What looked like a middle-aged chubby American stood about twenty feet away pretending like he was reading texts. It was obvious by the way he moved his phone around he was taking pictures of Chai’s well-displayed backside. That wasn’t enough so he circled around to take more shots, this time of Sam. A woman yelled. “Albert! There you are, get over here.” I looked at the source, a large woman who looked like the man’s other half. He bellowed back, “In a minute,” and kept taking more pictures. This gave me just enough time. “Excuse me, be right back,” I said, to which Sam nodded and kept talking to Chai. I got up, circled around the man, came up behind him, and saw the pervert making a video, zooming in on the boy’s asses and groins. A second later the phone was in my hand, still unlocked and filming as I took a defensive side stance. “What the fuck?” he said, turning towards me, his face beat red from the sun and getting caught. “Gimme my fucking phone back asshole,” he added, puffing his chest out as he sized me up. It registered on his face that I had height and muscle over him. “I think I’ll give it to her,” I said, tilting my head towards the woman. “Or I could accidentally drop it… over there,” I added, tilting my head towards the kiddy pool. The color drained from his face. “Hey, no harm, I’ll delete them if it means so much to you,” he said, trying to be nonchalant. Then the fatal error. “Are they yours?” “What do mean, mine?” “You know, those boys, did you pay for them?” Something snapped inside me and my left fist shot out, pointy knuckles making a painful connection with his sternum and knocking him over a chair onto the ground with a fleshy thud. I looked down at him, glowering as he clutched his chest in moaning agony. “What’s going on here,” the woman said, walking up to us. “This your husband?” “Yeah, what’s it to you?” “He fell. And if I see him again he’s going to fall harder.” “You can’t do that!” “Maybe you’ll want to do it,” I said, and held the phone screen out to her, thumbing through the photos he’d been taking. Sam and Chai were the most recent, but the phone’s memory had to be bursting from all the pictures of boys on rides and the changing room in various states of nudity. Her face went from shock to anger then pure blind rage. When the man went to stand she kicked him in the nuts, leaving him groaning in a fetal position on the ground. “You stay down there, asshole,” I heard her say as I left to rejoin the boys. As I walked back I shook my head, realizing how protective of Sam I’d become in such a short time. With such a beautiful boy there’d be other times when men would do something inappropriate and I’d have to control my temper � even though this time it felt so righteous. “What was that all about?” Sam said when I walked up. I shrugged. “He needed help with his phone, some problem with pictures,” I said and sat down at the table with them. Sam furrowed his eyebrows for a second considering my answer, then turned back to the Chai. “Thomas, how long have you lived in Bangkok?” Chai said. “Five years. I moved from Vietnam.” “You don’t look Vietnamese,” he said, then giggled. “American?” “But you look like mischief,” I countered. “Yes, American.” The boy knew how to turn on the charm. We chatted for a bit then Chai turned his head to the right and looked to be staring, that hungry look back. “Excuse me, I need to… umm… escort bursa use the toilet,” he said. I looked ahead of him and saw a tanned twenty-something muscular Thai man wearing a pair of short, well-filled orange trunks heading to the men’s locker room. Chai was dodging around people, seemingly intent on catching up. “Umm hmm,” Sam said. I turned to see him grinning and nodding. “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” I said. “Probably. As you can tell, Chai is very… umm… out.” “I hope he’s safe and… umm… doesn’t get hurt.” Sam chortled. “He’s always safe and it’s the other guy who’s gonna get hurt.” It took a moment for me to get past the stereotypical vision I had of Chai before I could ask, “You mean Chai’s a…” “Top,” Sam said. “Yes, and quite large for a boy. Who do you think told me how the boy pieces fit together?” “I’m… it’s just that…” “It’s not always what it looks like, is it Thomas?” Here I was being schooled by my soon-to-be student. “Is he a close friend?” “We met in first grade. He told me he was gay in sixth grade. Two years ago I told him and he laughed at me, said he’d known since we met,” Sam said, then chuckled. “So you think he’s guessed about us?” “Yes.” “Is that going to be a problem?” “Chai is my best friend, my gay brother. We would never betray the other… but I won’t share you with him.” “What?” “When he sees a man he wants he gets this look… did you see him when he followed that man into the toilet?” “Hard to miss.” “That’s the look you got when he walked up… but now he knows you’re my teacher, my…” “Lover,” I said, finishing for him. “I want to kiss you so bad,” Sam said, his dark brown eyes twinkling. “And I want to kiss you so good,” I said, chuckling. We nibbled on the rest of lunch and had just finished when Chai returned, his face a bit flushed, his Speedo wet from showering away any evidence. Water made the suit almost translucent and it was easy to see he’d recently been very excited. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” he said upon joining us. “It was a… umm… tight fit in there,” he added with a leer, making it obvious he’d been living up to his mischievous name. We spent the next hour hanging out with Chai, mostly floating in the lazy river. It gave me ample time to watch men and boys alike check out both teens as we drifted by, the sight of the two together drawing ten times the attention. Chai nodded at a few of them, as though making reservations in his intimate social calendar. As we came up to an exit I looked ahead and saw the man Chai had followed into the bathroom standing on the side, arms across his chest, smiling. Chai nodded then spoke. “Please excuse me but I must go now.” He rolled into the water to get out and when standing managed a traditional Thai prayerful pose. “It was a pleasure to meet you Teacher Thomas. I hope to see you again when I spend a weekend with my dear friend Sanun,” he said with exaggerated politeness and a knowing smile as he nodded at Sam. “Lovely to meet you Chai Son,” I said. “See you in school,” Sam added. We looked back as we drifted away and watched Chai walk up the stairs, his suit sagging low on his hips, exposing a bit of untanned skin on his little round butt. He and man walked away together. It was just after three and we’d played hard. “Thomas, can we go soon? My skin’s getting wrinkly,” Sam said, holding out his hands. “Anything else wrinkly?” I said, looking past his hands to the suit’s pouch. “Not if you keep looking at it,” he said with a boyish giggle, now quite relaxed and casual with me. “One more go in the wave pool?” “Exactly my thought,” I said. “I wonder what other ideas we share?” I added, wiggling my eyebrows. Sam let out a breath and shook his head. “Dirty man.” “Umm hmm, cause I’ve got the sexiest boy here.” “Who me?” Sam said, feigning innocence before blowing me a discreet kiss. Hard not to love that boy, I thought. The crowd had thinned a bit and we snagged some inner-tubes to bob up and down with the waves in the deep end, hooking legs together to keep from drifting apart as we listened to pop music playing through poolside speakers next to a stage where musicians had performed earlier that day. Sam jerked, arching his back then looking over the side at a shadow passing underneath us. I did likewise when a hand pinched my ass like a baby shark sampling the flesh. A moment later Pan surfaced a meter away, his sparkling grin making me glad he used his hand, not those well-displayed teeth. “Sawadee krab!” he said before breaking into giggles. “Be careful!” I said. “There are sharks in the water here who will eat you.” With that I rolled off the tube and swam towards the boy. I could hear his screams above my splashing. He was no match for my speed and when close enough I grabbed the hem of his surfer trunks. I failed to consider his small waist offered no grip on the thin wet fabric and in two swift kicks of his legs all I had in my hands were the shorts as I watched his bare ass swim away. Pan surfaced and looked at me, eyebrows raised, jaw dropped as he realized his predicament and treaded water, hands covering a nude groin. Sam rolled off his tube and joined me, breaking into giggles when he saw Pan’s purloined loin covering. Rapid-fire Thai mixed with giggling ensued as the boys negotiated a peace treaty and return of the seized ass-covering asset. “Pan says he’ll do anything we want to get his shorts back,” Sam said. The boy nodded to show his agreement � and fluency in English. “Come here, I have a plan,” I said to Sam, who moved closer. Sam started laughing as I laid out my plan to punish Pan for his misbehavior today. When Sam shared in Thai what he had to do Pan gave a vigorous shake of his head, `No!’ “You sure you want this back?” I said, holding the shorts aloft with my arm cocked as though ready to throw them far away. “Okay, okay!” the boy said. “Promise?” I said. “Yes,” he said then turned to Sam and continued in Thai. “He says he will do it but wants to wait for the right music.” “That’s fair,” I said, nodding agreement and tossing the shorts back to Pan. He bobbed up and down as he covered his boy-parts. “Ask him if he liked being naked in the water?” I said to Sam, who relayed the question to Pan. Even with brown skin you could see him blush before he gave a small nod and bashful smile. He climbed out of the pool and sat on the side, engaging in small talk while we waited for just the right moment. Pan stopped chatting and cocked his head when a song he liked came on. He stood and walked to the stage, starting to strut to the music as he drew closer to the center. Then it was on, skinny bony hips rocking side to side, arms waving overhead as he got his groove on to Britney Spear’s `Toxic’ to serve his punishment. People floating in the pool turned and soon the entire crowd was waving their hands in the air at the impromptu water-logged concert. The dreaded lifeguard whistle went off and we thought it was over. Then he blew it again, playing along with the music as he stood in his chair and danced along. This encouraged Pan to take it further and he turned around, launching into a raunchy twerk move that had his surfer trunks sagging lower on each gyration. When a solid two inches of boy butt-crack had been exposed the crowd screamed and a few coins were even tossed on stage. Pan grabbed his waistband with one hand and carried on waving the other around over his head as he spun around and ground his hips like a cheap stripper. The song ended and the audience roared, clapping for the boy’s performance. Pan bowed like a seasoned performer, smiling and waving to the crowd, shorts hanging low on his waist as he dove back into the pool. “Wow!” I said when he swam up. “That was amazing!” “Kap khun krab,” he said, thank you in Thai, before swimming up and giving us both a wet hug. We exchanged high-fives before others swam up for the same, congratulating the boy more for his nerve than dance moves. He waved good-bye as he floated along with the crowd, enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. “Let’s go,” Sam said. “Yeah, there’s no way to top this, at least until…” I started. Sam finished, “Tonight.” He blushed, still the shy soft-spoken boy I’d met days ago yet more direct by adding, “Equal.” Our shared smiles spoke volumes about how tonight would play out. I climbed up the ladder then turned around and grabbed Sam’s extended hand to haul him up. Electricity coursed through our grip, an intimate connection from an innocent touch. I memorized his expression at that moment, a heady mix of lust and love. “Thomas, is that you?” someone said behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped. This was the last person I wanted to see here � or anywhere. END OF CHAPTER FOUR

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