The Business Meeting Part 2


The Business Meeting Part 2When I returned from the bathroom, she was lying on her side, her face still flushed, that strand of hair still stuck to her forehead. She flicked it away and then, as if noticing me for the first time, smiled.Well, I suppose there was something to notice: a naked man in the middle of the room with a glass of water in one hand and a stonking hard on.“I’ve been very selfish,” she said, with a flirty look. “Now then, what can I do for you?”When a woman with killer eyes, great tits and long legs in stockings says that to you, it’s difficult to know where to start. My cock knew though. It twitched and seemed to get even harder, if that were possible.“Why don’t you come and lie down?”She moved over, I lay down and she ran her fingers through my chest hair. “I do like a man who’s not afraid to be a man,” she whispered in my ear. Then she ran her fingers down over my belly to my cock, and expertly ran her nails slowly up and down my shaft. The effect was electric. There was no pain, just a shock of excitement.Her mouth followed her hand down my body. First muzzling on my nipples, then tracing a trail down over my belly with her tongue, and then flicking over my cock end, licking at the pre-cum that was already oozing out.“Mmmmmm,” she said appreciatively as she dug her nails down into the base of my cock, forcing my foreskin back, making me arch my back in pleasure and raise my cock up to her mouth. She had no difficulty accepting the offer and lowered her mouth down slowly onto my it, her red lips greedily sucking onto the shaft as her tongue flicked around my cock head, under the glans and then up and down the shaft.Oh yes, she knew what she was doing.I found myself automatically pushing my cock into her mouth, as I had into her pussy, and she found the same rhythm, moving her head with each thrust, so that my cock was forced deep into her mouth and against the back of her throat. She didn’t gag. ankara rus escort Clearly, she was an accomplished cock sucker who enjoyed her work immensely.Again she moaned “Mmmmmmmmmm” as one hand cupped my balls, now tight under my cock and full of cum. With one finger on the other hand she pushed against the soft flesh under my cock, close to my arse hole.Now it was my turn to make some noise. I groaned and put my hands on her head, holding her as I fucked her mouth. Then I reached further and felt her magnificent 38 inch tits, moving with each sucking motion. I reached under them and felt for her nipples. Already erect, they grew in my hands as I squeezed them hard between my fingers.It was so good I could have stayed there for the rest of the evening, or until I came, which would not have been very long. Maybe she sensed this, because she gently pulled her mouth away from my cock and looked up at me, her wonderful eyes full of lust.“You have a lovely cock, but when you cum, I want all your seed deep in my pussy. I want you to fuck me deep again, really deep, make me cum again, cum deep inside me, fill me up with your cum.”I love it when a woman talks dirty and it was great to hear her, so pretty and proper, and only half an hour out of her smart business clothes, tell me how she wanted to be fucked.“Let me suck on that pussy of yours before I fuck it,” I said, and her wicked smiled told me that she’d been waiting for me to say that. She raised her head back and squatted back, hands on her hips, so that her fantastic tits were pushed out in front of her. Then she worked her way up my body until her stocking-clad thighs were each side of my head, and her pussy directly above me.She lowered herself down, and my tongue came up to meet her. I pushed her silk panties to one side traced around her pussy lips with my tongue, watching them glisten in response as I felt my way around ankara rus escort bayan her.As she eased herself onto my chest, I raised my tongue to her clit and slowly circled it. I could feel her respond, pushing her hips towards me, wanting more. With one hand holding her panties to one side, and the other holding her beautiful arse, I put my lips around her clit and sucked.The response was almost immediate – a sharp intake of breath and a swelling in her clit. As I sucked it, it continued to grow. Then I flicked my tongue across it and I felt her squirm. I flicked again, and again, until I was sucking and flicking my tongue across the very tip of her clit.She shoved her pussy against me, willing me on. So I lowered my hands from her panties and arse and finger fucked her as I sucked. Her pussy was drenched by now and my fingers were soon soaking with her juices.Then I raised my hands to feel her tits. As soon as my fingers, wet with her juices, touched her hard, proud nipples, she let out a gasp. I squeezed hard while I continued sucking on her clit.“Oh God! Yes! God! Yes! Make me cum, make me cum!”I didn’t need a second invitation.I squeezed her nipples harder, and sucked with all my strength. And I flicked my tongue over her clit faster and faster until I could sense she was just on the edge.And then I stopped.“Oh God no! Please! Fuck it! FUCK IT! Make me CUM!” she screamed.It’s not just girls that know how to tease.With a single darting motion of the tongue over her clit, and an extra squeeze on her nipples, I pushed her over the edge.“Nnnngggggrrrrrnng!!!” she said, or something like that. It was difficult to hear with her thighs clamped either side of my head as she came, writhing in ecstasy.It was a good long cum, and when she finished she looked down at me over her tits.“You are a naughty, naughty man to keep a girl hanging on like that. But God, I loved it! Believe rus escort ankara me, though, I’m not going to hang around with you.”She didn’t.She moved herself down my body so that her pussy was over my cock and, using her hand to help, guided me in. She was soaking. Each push of my cock seemed to release more of her juices to run down my shaft, so that pretty soon, as I lay on my back with her raising and lowering her pussy onto my cock, my shaft and balls were soaked.She was a sight to watch, her black stockings against her white skin. Her tits, big and proud, sticking out and jiggling with each motion up and down my cock. She knew what she was doing, squeezing on my cock as she rode it.It wasn’t long before I sensed she was getting turned on again. She placed her hands on her tits and started groping them roughly, pulling on her nipples as she continued to ride my cock. It was a perfect erotic picture and pushed me that much closer to cumming.Sitting up, I put my hands on her waist, guiding her as she rode my cock, while I kissed her on those ruby red lips and then put my mouth down to bite her neck gently.Then I moved my lips down to her tits, and to her nipples.By now she had increased the pace and was fucking me pretty hard. She put her hands on my head as I sucked on her nipples. My hands were around the small of her back, and I could feel small droplets of sweat as she worked herself up into a lather.“Oh my God, I’m going to cum again,” she said. “Cum for me.”I was doing my best to hold back, but that was it. As soon as she said it, I felt my cock and balls let go.“OH FUCK!” I cried. “I’m cumming!” I pushed hard into her soaking pussy. Once, twice, three times, I lost count. Then she started to cum, squirming on my cock, her pussy squeezing every last drop out of me.At last we collapsed in an untidy, sweaty, panting mess on the bed. It must have been 5 minutes before either of us spoke. We just lay there, my cock wilting in her pussy, arms around each other. I think I had the pleasure of one of her tits being pressed close up to my face as I recovered. Eventually I recovered enough to say what we were both thinking.“That was good. Very good. I think it’s been a very worthwhile business meeting. When shall we schedule the next one?”

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