The day a knight turned me


The day a knight turned meI was mad, I was wet and I was angry. It was the middle of summer and it should not be like this, the day had started so well. Hubby dropped me at the mall to do a bit of retail therapy; shoes, makeup and as always lingerie and toys.Now the bastard had left me to make my own way home, pouring rain and in high heels. Laden with bags I trudged to the taxi rank where I saw a huge line and few cars. Just across the way was a bus shelter, almost empty and heaven sent the right bus arrived. I started to cross the road when my heel got stuck and snapped off.I just stood there like a fool, my summer dress almost transparent and clinging to my body. I started to lose it; this couldn’t be happening, the day was meant to be hot, sunny and sexy. Not this. Just as tears began to well in my eyes a gentleman came over and offered to carry my bags; he waved down the bus and we both entered.I thanked him and turned to the back of the bus and a quiet spot to sort myself out. At first I just sat there for a few minutes feeling sorry for myself and cursing my husband for letting me down. As for my shoes I would make him buy me a new pair. Then it struck me; I had shoes and clothes in the bag; all I had to do was put them on.I checked out the location of the other passengers and aside from the man that had helped me there were just a few more at the front. If we were where I thought we were, time was with me.Looking across to my helper he seemed focused on his phone so I started rummaging through my bags trying to find what was needed. It was then that it happened. The rain had turned the bags to mush raining sex toys onto the floor. The man looked up; he leaned over and looked down the aisle. He then stood up to try and help. This time I really did not want help, but too late.He had stooped down grabbing some boxes, unfortunately, they happened to be a vibrating cock ring, a Butterfly strap-on and remote controlled egg. He dropped them, picked them up again blushed crimson and handed them back to me. antakya rus escort I smiled in resignation; could this day get any worse?Having seen him close up, he was handsome, athletic with an elegant style. He glanced at me, and I quickly looked away. Shit! Was I staring at him? What does he think of me, some drenched lunatic with sex toys? I could not help but to look again; he is hot, I thought, very hot. I looked away again wondering what was happening; I had never been with any man except my husband and here I was looking at a stranger on the bus. What a day. I realized miles were being eaten up and if I had any chance of getting into dry clothes it had to be soon. I glanced around again; all was quiet and settled.I started positioning myself for the change. I slipped my skirt up, wriggled on the seat and had it clear. I then hooked my thumbs onto the waist, arched my back and started pulling down my pantyhose. Oh god; not only had I not worn stockings, which would have been a lot easier, it was summer and I had worn crotchless knickers.As the nylons hit my ankles, my knight in shining armour glanced up. His eyes shot open like a deer in headlights. His head snapped back to the front, and then back to me. He was smiling, a huge smile, and he stood up in the aisle to block any view. His chivalry was refreshing and gave me vital seconds to slip my dress off and over my head. I now sat fully naked on a public bus.I tried to put the panty hose back on, but they soon in shreds with gaping holes from toe to thigh. The little black dress I had was entirely inappropriate, but the choice was to remain naked. I quickly shuffled it down my body and noticed my nipples we erect; pointing out like a couple of cigar butts. As the dress brushed them it sent a shiver down my spine and I let out an almost inaudible moan. Almost; my knight must have heard the moan because he looked back a little confused and then smiled before turning away.That smile; it showed amusement, but there antakya rus escort bayan was something else; a slight curl to his lips; a lascivious leer that showed he was enjoying my embarrassment. He looked back, saw I was decent and sat down again, this time facing me. I removed my new heels from the box and began to put one on. I lent forward to reach down to my feet, and then changed my mind. What was I thinking?Instead of leaning down I raised my leg high to rest my foot on the other knee. I knew damn well what I was doing; my knight had a clear view all the way down the bus, up my skirt and could see my moist pussy framed by black lace crotchless panties. I slowly forced the shoe on, squirming and twisting to get new shoes on my naked feet. It was not so difficult, but I continued to make a scene; huffing and puffing with frustration and spreading my legs open and closed again.My knight stood up and walked towards me, “can I help?” he said before bending down. He took my shoe, pulled my leg out straight and asked me to point my toes. I smiled as I thought “my face is up here”, but his eyes were focused elsewhere. He was just a few feet from my gaping, naked pussy. I opened my legs a bit more, he looked at me and back again. Still holding the shoe to my foot, but not doing anything; just looking.I spread my legs even further, almost 90% split so he could see everything I had to offer. He gulped, looked at me and looked at the shoe and began to slowly put it on. When the first shoe was done, I handed him the other, shifted my butt and lifted my little black dress a few inches higher. Staring him directly in the eyes, I could now get my legs open past ninety degrees and less than a foot from his face.This time he did not take long to get the shoe on and when he had, his hand began slowing running up my leg. I moaned and shifted closer. My snatch was just inches from his face while his fingers traced lines up and down my inner thigh. I leant back, raised rus escort antakya my chin, closed my eyes and whimpered. I was so horny I just wanted a hard cock in me.I looked down just as one of his fingers entered me. I gasped with surprise as well as lust. He gently began sliding in and out and I could see my juices glistening on his finger. I closed my eyes again and began thrusting my hips back and forth; grinding onto his knuckles. Another finger slid in and before I knew it his face was buried in my crotch lapping at my swollen clit.I did not hear the bell, but suddenly it was all over. His face and fingers had gone and he was standing in the aisle. He told me we had reached the village and he had to get off. I just nodded, said thanks for the help and then he was gone.When I did get home, I was so wet and horny I grabbed my husband pulled his cock form his jeans and dropped to my knees and sucked him like a piglet on a sow’s teat. I stood up, lifted my skirt pulled my panty down and bent over. His shaft entered me deep, filling me with pleasure. With both hands braced against the wall I pushed my hips back and down, grinding with every muscle. As he began to withdraw for another thrust, I slammed myself back getting his cock even deeper than before and just stayed there forcing all my weight on to his shaft.After a few minutes of him standing still and me twisting and thrusting it was enough, I withdrew myself. Returning to my knees; my swollen pussy was dripping juice on the carpet as I took him deep in my mouth; I demanded he cum immediately, to which he obliged. Huge amounts of cum shot down my throat and I gagged, but did not swallow. I held every drop in my mouth and continued sucking and sliding on his now flaccid member. Slowly returning to me my feet, I kept a solid grip on his penis and kissed him. I kissed him with open mouth, and a mouthful of his cum sloshing on my tongue. As he opened wider I projected the snowball back into his mouth. He didn’t hesitate; he swallowed every drop of his own seed. Every time I go back to the Mall I always look out for my knight with the magic tongue, but have never seen him again. I often tell my husband I will get a lift home with friends, but secretly take that same bus. The last time I sat in the same seat and played with myself the entire 45 minute journey, yet nobody joined me.

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