The Degrading of Patricia Ch. 13

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The Degrading of Patricia — ch 13

The condo sold three days after it went on the market. It sold so quickly, Johnny decided they should rent an apartment for a couple months while they looked for the right place, instead of just jumping at the first place that came along. He walked in the apartment and threw his keys on the small table next to the door. “How was your lunch with Charles?” Patricia asked, meeting him at the door with just her panties on.

Johnny had talked on the phone a couple times with the Dom before they’d decided to meet for lunch. He kissed his mom as his hands caressed her tits. “It was good. I told him our story. He was a little taken back when he found out we were son and mother.” He walked over to his favorite recliner, leading his mom. He kicked off his shoes, then dropped his pants and shorts before sitting down. His two-hour lunch meeting with Charles had gotten him aroused as Charles had told him his story of how he’d met his sub and ultimately molded her into the perfect sub for his needs. He pointed to the floor between his legs. “Do your thing whore.”

Patricia dropped to her knees and took his cock in her hands, stroking it lovingly as she smiled up at him. This would never get old for her. There was something about having her son’s cock in her hands that she could never get enough of. The only thing better than giving him pleasure with her hands was having it buried in one of the holes in her body, filling her with his flesh and seed. She knew that what they had as mother and son was something that social norms judged as perverse. But it was that perversion that gave it an excitement for her she couldn’t get enough of.

“We won’t be joining their little group. At least for now. After hearing we were mother and son, he didn’t have a problem with it. But he said he knew of two couples within their group that would have issues with it.” He laughed. “I guess there are some kinky folks out there that still have some double standards.”

“Did that bother you when he said that?” Patricia asked, stroking his now hard shaft with her right hand as she massaged his nut sack with her left.

“No. Not really.” Son and mother carried on a conversation while she stroked his cock as though it were the most natural thing on earth. “He did have some great ideas as he told me what he’s done with his sub.”

“Like what?”

He smiled down at her, excited to implement some of the ideas he got from Charles. “Well for one thing, I’m changing your name. You want to be my whore. From now on that’s your new name, Whore.” Johnny knew this would just further humiliate her and be a continual reinforcement of what she was.

Patricia cringed at the bluntness of his decision. There was no emotion in it, no feeling, no tenderness. There was an edge to his voice she hadn’t heard before. His renaming her was just another reminder of what she was and how he’d always see her. She was just a whore to her own son. Yet there was that dichotomy within her again. As much as it hurt to hear her son’s declaration, it aroused her even more. She was a whore, and he was only giving her what she craved.

Johnny watched her facial expression change. He knew he hurt her. But he also knew she craved it. He also felt the transformation taking place within himself. The more he took control of her and dominated her both sexually and psychologically, the more he craved it. He loved his mom. He couldn’t deny that. But the idea of his mother serving him as his whore aroused him in ways he could have never imagined. The more he drank from that well, the thirstier he became. He thought about telling her another idea Charles had given him but decided to just do it without her knowing about it beforehand. He laid his head back, enjoying her light touch as her fingertips ran up and down his shaft. “Fuck! That feels so good. This will never get old.”

Patricia looked up at him as she continued to stroke his cock, wondering if she was losing her son to this man who now owned her. “Please baby!” She pled with him on the verge of tears. Johnny lifted his head and looked down at her. “I know I’m a whore for you. I know how much you love it when I serve you that way. But do you have to name me that?” She started to sob softly. “I still want to be your mom.” She felt that battle raging inside her. She wanted his tenderness. But she also craved his domination and control. His taking her like a worthless whore.

He leaned forward taking her face in both his hands. He held their faces together, only inches apart. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t crave what I’m doing to you. Tell me it doesn’t turn you on to be named ‘Whore.’ Tell me you don’t ache to be used and treated like a cheap, worthless whore by your own son. Tell me you don’t crave it more and more as I take you deeper into your own degradation and humiliation.”

Patricia was now sobbing as he pushed every button in her psyche. “You know I can’t baby! alsancak escort bayan Please! You don’t know what this is doing to me! The more you push, the more I lose myself. I don’t know who I am anymore.” The tears were streaming down her face as she begged him for mercy.

Johnny leaned forward and kissed her all over her face tenderly. He spoke softly to her. “I know who you are. You’re my whore.” He knew she craved the tenderness of their love as mother and son. The lust in him drove him to dangle that craving in front of her like a carrot in front of a starving animal. Patricia moaned and sighed as his hands and lips caressed her face tenderly. “You need this mom. Don’t you?”

“Oh yes baby! I do! I need my baby’s love.” She replied sobbing, overwhelmed with conflicting emotions.

“Then accept your role and name as ‘Whore’. Submit and serve me as such without reservation, and I’ll give you exactly what you need and want.” He kissed her softly on the lips again, cradling her face in his hands. From his two-hour discussion with Charles, he knew breaking his mom and turning her into his completely subservient whore wasn’t going to happen in one session. It was going to take numerous sessions to break down every wall within her psyche.

Patricia sighed and wept softly as he covered her face with kisses. She did crave his tenderness as much as she craved his control and using her. “Yes baby! I’m your whore. I’m whore.” Johnny released her head and sat back in the chair wondering how she’d respond. She looked up at him. A blank look on her face, devoid of any emotion or feeling. “I’m just a whore.” She confessed before dropping her head and engulfing his cock with her mouth.

She lowered her head, taking as much of his manhood into her mouth and throat as she could before she started to gag and choke. She held it there for as long as she could. Then pulled her mouth off his cock, gulping in the air as she looked up at him, her saliva running down her chin. “I am just a whore.” She gasped. “A whore for my owner’s cock.” She dropped her head again, sucking in as much of his shaft as she could.

Johnny sat back enjoying the show and the sensations. Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. He could tell she was trying to take as much of his cock in her mouth and throat as she could. In the midst of all the pleasure she was giving him, he realized what a piece of shit he was becoming in his treatment of his own mom. He was going to reward her whorish behavior with all the tenderness she needed. Thereby reinforcing her whorish behavior as what was expected of her daily. ‘Something about Pavlov’s dog.’ He chuckled to himself. He grabbed her head in a vise grip between his two hands and began to fuck her face with a fury.

Patricia gagged and wretched every time he thrust her head down. The head of his cock filled the back of her throat. At no point did she try to free herself from his grip or fight him. She wanted to please her son. She wanted him to know what a good whore she would be for him. She puked up phlegm as he fucked her mouth without mercy.

“OH FUCK!” Johnny grunted as he felt his cock erupt inside her mouth. He felt his cum mixed with her phlegm running down his cock and over his balls, unable to swallow his load or clear her throat. He pumped her head up and down as his body convulsed through wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Was it possible his orgasms became more intense the more he took control of his mom. At the moment, he didn’t care. His body finally relaxed as his orgasm waned. He released her head as he sat back in the chair.

After a couple minutes he looked down at his mom. Her face was smeared with her make-up and saliva mingled with his cum. “Go clean yourself up whore. Then get back here.”

Patricia walked into the bathroom, her shoulders drooping. She was a broken woman. She returned 15 minutes later looking somewhat refreshed.

Johnny held up his hand for her to take it. “Come here.” He took her hand and pulled her down onto his lap. She curled up on his lap like a small child would in their parent’s lap. Johnny wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Then he began to tenderly caress her breasts. “What’s your name?” He asked softly.

“Whore.” Was all she said.

“Good girl.” He kissed her softly as his hands roamed over her breasts.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She asked. Her voice sounded small and weak.

He squeezed her tit, digging his fingers into her engorged flesh. Patricia gasped as the pain and pleasure collided in her body and mind. “A couple weeks ago I’d have said I was doing it for you, because it’s what you needed.” He squeezed her tit again. “Fuck! I do love these fun-bags of yours.” He kissed her, probing her mouth with his tongue. He broke the kiss and looked at her, his hand fondling her tits. “Now I’m doing it for me. The more I own you. The more I want you.” Mother alsancak escort bayan and son stared at each other as he caressed her body. “I’m not asking you anymore what you think or want. I may not do this right every time. But I’m taking ownership of you in every way. And I expect your complete submission and obedience at all times. If at any time you can’t accept those terms, you just tell me and I’ll walk out that door and you can figure all this out on your own.” HIs ultimatum brought the reaction from her he thought it would.

A wave of fear swept over Patricia as she thought about his conditions. She had her son back in her life. The thought of losing him again was more than she could bear. “No baby!” She pled with him. “I’ll be the perfect whore for you! Don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me!” She had never felt such fear before. The fear of being alone overwhelmed her.

Johnny struggled with his own demons as he took control of his mom. Even as he realized what a lowlife he was for manipulating his mom, the erotic thrill he felt at having her grovel before him was intoxicating. He knew they’d never go back to being just mom and son. They had crossed a threshold that revealed the deepest and darkest desires for both of them. He knew he owned her now, and she’d do anything for him. The rush he felt was all consuming. He needed her submission as much as she needed his domination and control. “What’s your name?” He asked pinching her nipple.

Patricia gasped from the stinging pain. “Whore! My name is Whore!”

“Say it again.” He slapped her tit.

Patricia moaned in resignation. “My name is Whore!”

“Again! Keep repeating it!”

“My name is Whore! My name is Whore! My name is Whore!” She began to sound like a mindless automaton.

What little love he still had for his mom after her abandoning him was now subservient to his lust for her. “Get up and get dressed. We’re going out.”

Patricia rolled off his lap in a mental haze. “May I ask where we’re going?” She asked, her voice sounding weak, like a broken woman.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

The mother and son got dressed. Patricia not wearing panties or bra as per instructions. But he did have her dress in a conservative button up dress. He stopped her as they walked through the mud room on the way to the garage. He took her collar off a hook on the wall and fastened it around her neck. She watched him, tears welling up in her eyes, as he clasped it snuggly around her neck. The look on his face had no expression even though he felt an arousal growing inside him. He was walking down a long, dark hallway in his mind and desires. Every door he opened in controlling and taking possession of his mom, just made him more eager to open then next door to see how far he could take her. Then he unsnapped a couple of the top buttons of her dress, opening it enough to see her cleavage. “There. That’s better. A whore should never hide tits like yours.” He grabbed the leash off the wall as they stepped into the garage.

They sat in silence as Johnny drove to the other side of town. He pulled into a driveway of a house that seemed to be in a nice neighborhood, trees lining the street. Stepping out of the truck, they were met by a young man at the stop of the steps leading into the back door of the house. He looked to be in his mid 20s. “Hey Tat! How are you?” Johnny greeted him. His real name was Tom. But he had become so proficient at the art of tattooing, he’d picked up the nickname ‘Tat.’

“I’m good man. Is this the gorgeous lady you told me about?” He asked as he leered at Patricia like a predatory animal.

“Tat,” He put his arm around his mom as he made the introduction. “This is Whore. And I want her branded as such.”

Patricia just looked at him, wide-eyed.

Tom grinned, knowing what Johnny wanted done to her, having spoken with him on the phone. “No problem man. Come on in.” He led them into the house and down into his basement where he had a small tattoo parlor set-up. Johnny was almost dragging his mom. “You know my policy man. I need payment upfront.”

“I know.” Johnny replied. Then he looked at his mom. “Pay the man.”

Patricia looked at him confused. “What? I didn’t bring my purse. What am I paying for?”

Tom burst out laughing. “You didn’t tell me she was a dumb slut.”

Johnny turned her around till she was facing him. He began to unbutton her dress. He felt her body shaking as he unsnapped each button. “Tom is going to brand you as my whore. When he’s done, you’ll be labeled for who and what you are for the rest of your life.” He unbuttoned her dress down to her belly, then slid it off her shoulders, leaving her standing before him naked. Then he hooked the leash on her collar and handed it to Tom. It struck her like a hard slap across her face. Her son was using her like the whore she was.

Tom yanked on the chain, pulling her across escort alsancak the floor to a chair in the corner of the room. He stood a head taller than her as they stood facing each other. “On your knees slut.” Patricia complied without resistance. “Your boy told me all about your needs.” He taunted her as she began to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants and shorts down. She knew exactly what was expected of her and had no willpower or desire to resist. When his pants were down around his ankles, Tom sat down on the chair behind him slouching in it to get as comfortable as he could. He pulled her head between his legs. “Let’s see if you’re as good a whore as your boy says you are.”

Patricia had done this hundreds of times before. But there was something humiliating about this that she’d never felt before. She was not only being forced to do this by son, but she was also performing in front of him. She cupped his balls in one hand as she took his hardening cock in the other. She was relieved to see his cock was about half the size of her sons. She found herself getting aroused listening to his groans of approval as she brought him to full erection. She finally forced herself to look up at him. HIs head was laying back on the chair, eyes closed, enjoying her skills. Patricia smiled to herself. Even though her son was using her like the whore she was, she felt a sense of pride in herself that she could give a man so much pleasure. She lowered her head and licked the length of his shaft repeatedly, sucking on the head each time she came to it.

“Oh fuck man!” Tom moaned. He looked across the room at Johnny, who was sitting in a chair watching the whole erotic scene. “This whore is incredible.” Johnny smiled, feeling a sense of pride in his mom for performing so well. “How much you want for her? Name your price.”

Patricia froze momentarily. The fear of her son selling her to this man gripping her.

“She’s not for sale. She’s my whore and I plan on keeping her.” Johnny felt his darkside taking greater control of him and his desires. He still loved his mom and felt protective of her. Yet he couldn’t deny his desire to take complete control of her and force her to perform in more deviant ways. He felt the two personalities inside him waging war. Jekyll and Hyde fighting for supremacy. Hyde was winning. Watching her perform was a rush he’d never felt before. ‘This is probably how Larry felt,’ ran through his mind as he watched his mom fill her mouth with Tom’s cock.

Patricia lowered her head, filling her mouth with his manhood, reveling in the moans she heard coming from Tom. She lowered her head till she had his entire shaft buried in her mouth and held it there, sucking and humming on his meat.

The sensations she was giving Tom brought him to a sitting position. “Fuck man!” He moaned looking at Johnny. He grabbed her head with both hands and began to pump it up and down. “I’ll give you $20,000 for the whore!”

“Not for sale.” Johnny had no intention of selling his mom, at any price.

“$30,000! Come on man! I gotta own this slut!”

Johnny just shook his head.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Tom grunted as his cock erupted in Patricia’s mouth. He held her head in a vise grip as his body shook through every ejaculation he filled her mouth with.

His grunts and groans only fueled Patricia’s arousal. Her mind drifting back to all the cocks she serviced while Larry controlled her. As much as she hated those times, she couldn’t deny the arousal she got from every one of them. She had no trouble swallowing his load as he pumped it into her mouth, his cock not nearly as big as her son’s. When he finally released her head, she sat back on her legs and looked over at her son, hoping for some kind of affirmation from him for her performance.

Johnny smiled at her as he stood up and walked over to take her leash. He was so turned on himself, he wanted to take her right there, but decided to wait till they got home. “Where do you want her?” He asked Tom.

“Take her over to the table,” he replied as he finished dressing. Johnny led her by the leash over to the table and had her sit on it, Tom right behind them. “So how did you want your whore marked?”

“I want that Chinese symbol you showed me for the word ‘slave’ right here.” He took her left tit in his hand and pointed to the side of it. Then he pushed his mom back till she was laying on the table, her legs hanging over the end. He ran a finger over her pubic area, at about where the panty line would be. “I want her name, WHORE, written here. Some kind of gothic lettering with red ink.”

Tom shook his head as he chuckled. “I have to admit. This is probably the most fucked up shit I’ve ever done. But if that’s what you want. I only have one question. Is she ok with this?”

Johnny looked down at his mom. “Are you ok with this whore?”

Patricia nodded and whispered a weak, “Yes.”

Johnny looked back at Tom. “Do a nice job and I’ll have her tip you when you’re done.”

Tom didn’t hesitate. “I want to fuck her tits.”

Johnny held out his hand to shake Tom’s. “Deal.” Then he stepped beside his mom as she was looking up at him. She had that wild-eyed look. “Lay still as he does his work.” He leaned over and kissed her. “I’m just making my ownership of you permanent.”

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