The Golden Massage


It was the first time I had visited a massage parlour. I had never been a fan of the idea. I am not generally confident enough to get my body out in front of strangers, let alone being touched by them. My partner had recommended this place after I started having problems with my back. She thought it was stress related and that this place would be sure to help. I reluctantly decided to give it a go after she booked me an appointment.

On the day of the massage, I was nothing but nerves. I didn’t know the etiquette and I didn’t want to feel too exposed. I kept on running it through my head and had worked myself up into an anxious frenzy. I tried to get out of it last minute but my partner said I was being ridiculous and to get over myself. The truth of it was, I had no desire to get undressed in front of anyone and even less desire to have their hands all over me.

On the drive there, I kept on checking the details of what I should expect. Would I have to be naked? Would I have to tell them what I wanted done? Where would they massage? With exasperation, she tried to reassure me by saying that I just needed to do what she told me to do, keep my hands by my sides at all times and don’t be a wimp. As I got out of the car at the venue, she added, ‘if you get the chance of a shower, go for it. Makes it all worth while!’

I gave her a quizzical look at this slightly strange final comment and then watched her drive away.

With her advice ringing in my ears, I headed in through the front door. The building had a typical health club feel. Clean, and simple with a slight clinical feel. I went to the desk and was shown down a side corridor to a door.

I was told that the therapist would join me in the room in 10 minutes and that I should strip down, cover myself with a towel and relax until she arrived. At this point, my heart was racing with anxiety. I gave a noncommittal nod and went in. The room was very clean and simple. There was a space on the floor laid out with a mat and towel. Clearly, where I was to lie. Simple music played in the background and the low level lighting was made more atmospheric with some lit candles. The room was meant to feel calming, however, I felt nothing of the sort. I dithered around with my shoes, sitting on a small wooden bench at the side of the room.

It was at this point that the masseuse marched in. She was slim, mid thirties and attractive. She wore a simple uniform. A short, slightly clinical dress. Not the most practical outfit seeing as there was no massage table and she would have to work on the floor. She did not smile and her manner was brisk from the outset.

‘You are not ready’, she said. ‘Please be quick and undress. I don’t not want to be made behind’. I felt like I had been told off ,which did nothing for my nerves. I took my top off and placed it on the bench while she turned away from me, preparing her equipment. Hoping that she would leave, I started to undo my jeans. I slid them down and folded them on the bench too. I turned around, readying myself to go and lie down, and was met with her looking at me. ‘Everything, please.’ She said with exasperation. My wife’s words rang in my head. ‘Do what you are told.’ I turned back away and could hear her busying herself again. I slid my pants off and in my anxious state, my penis had shrunk down to barley anything. My fear of being exposed and feeling humiliated was making it smaller by the second.

I looked around and could see that she was facing away. I quickly darted over to the floor and lay down. Taking a towel and throwing it over my exposed rear end. I lay my hands under my head and waited.

Nothing about this felt relaxing. I felt hideously exposed and vulnerable and, so far, felt like I was in trouble for misbehaviour. After a few minutes lying there, she came over and knelt down next to me.

‘Hands by your side’, she commanded. I moved my arms down so my hands were tucked into my hips. I felt the towel lift slightly and my heart jumped into my mouth. She adjusted the towel so it neatly covered my bottom.

‘You have been booked in for the Golden Package today. Lie totally still and only move when I ask.’ Nothing about her tone was calming. It was abrupt and to the point. I closed my eyes and hoped it would all be over soon.

She started by applying oil to my calves and working it firmly in. I started to relax as I got used to the sensation, listening to the music and beginning ostim escort to let myself go. She moved slowly up my legs reaching the top of my thighs and, intermittently, I could feel her fingers just skirt under the bottom of the towel. Each time I would tense up. She then moved onto my lower back and worked this with fresh oil.

When reaching half way up, she paused. The next thing I new, she had swung her leg over and was now straddling my lower back. Her calves pinning my hands to my sides. Her body facing the back of my head.

I was in total disbelief. Was this normal? She continued the massage up my back and onto my shoulders. I could feel her thighs on my body and even her underwear brushing agains my skin. This did not seem right but I felt totally powerless. I lay there stiff as a board just wishing the ordeal would come to an end.

She then turned herself around and started to work the lower back. She now sat facing towards my feet. She worked her hands lower down my spine and again her fingers slightly invaded my towel covered zone, each time coming lower over my butt. She avoided my crack but her hands started to disappear under the towel. Her thumbs pushing hard into my gluteus.

After several minutes of tension she swung her leg over and off of me and was again kneeling next to where I lay. She lifted the towel, and said ‘on your back.’ I froze. I didn’t know how much she would be able to see. The thought of her looking down at my small penis filled me with horror.

‘Now’, she commanded.

I turned, and could see her eyes looking at it. She made no response and placed the towel back down over my shame.

She again started at my ankles and worked her way up. My anxiety was growing. Would she follow the same pattern? I told myself to just keep my eyes closed.

She reached my thighs and again her fingers slid slightly under the towel. Her thumbs ran up my inner thigh and circled out to my hips. At this point, I felt the first twinge. This was the last thing I needed to lower my anxiety levels. She was repeating the action, and each time I could feel my penis starting to move. The small towel was enough to hold it down but the movement was starting.

Before he could fully awake, her hands were whipped away and she was adjusting the towel back into its correct position.

With my eyes firmly closed, I felt her leg swing over. Again my hands were pinned. I could tell she was facing my head. She oiled her hands and started to work my chest. Forcing myself to not look, I braced as she moved her massage up my chest. She moved her legs up my body and again I became very aware of her crotch so close to me. My eyes involuntarily flicked open. Seeing another lady straddling me sent a shock wave of nerves and guilt through my system. In the moment my eyes were open, I could see her legs either side of me and how her dress was ridden up. My eyes met her glare. I instantly closed them tight shut.

I felt her raise herself slightly and remove her hands. Finally, this was coming to an end. She did not move however. I felt her hand move close to where my chest and her groin met and then warm liquid hitting my skin. This did not feel the same as the oil she had been using. This felt thinner. She again started her massage up around my shoulders. I could feel this new oil running down my body onto the towel. I was at a loss as to what was now happening.

She lifted off and turned herself to face the other way. Sat on my chest, she again used the original lotion to start working into my abdomen. I felt sure it must be over soon and was hoping that, at least this time, she would avoid my covered area. After a minute on my stomach, I lifted an eyelid. I instantly closed it in fright. The view I now had was of her rear end. The dress had ridden up and I could see the grey underwear she was wearing. They looked like a man’s brief.

She was starting to move her hands down under the towel on the outer sides of my legs. I opened my eyes again. When she leant forward to go down my thigh, I could see the crotch area and the grey fabric that cover her. It seemed wet with the lotion she had been applying to me.

Her thumbs started to close in, moving from my outer thigh, inwards on each stroke. The towel was slowly being positioned so my legs were on show and all that was covered was my still semi erect penis. With my eyes guiltily open, she moved her hands ankara otele gelen escort so her thumbs ran down as close to my groin as possible without touching. My penis was growing to it’s meagre full size.

At that moment, her head turned and her yes met mine. I instantly closed them on meeting her foreboding gaze. She had stopped and still leaning forward raised herself up. Finally, it was all over. My eyes opened a slither, she was leant forward, I watched as her hand pulled her grey, wet underwear aside. Again I froze but kept my eyes open. Dumbfounded, I then watched as she released a small squirt of urine onto my chest before letting her underwear fall back into place and lowering herself onto the wet patch.

‘Please can we stop now?’ Was all I could manage in such disbelief.

‘No we will finish. Or do you want me to tell your wife about your pathetic little erection.’

Her hands again started to massage my thighs. This time she started to move up my body. Each time she would edge her legs back up my chest and her rear end would close in on me. I tried to keep my eyes closed but through fear they kept opening. Although feeling terrorised, I could still feel my hard penis only hidden by the towel.

She was running out of room and so I felt it must soon be over. She had nowhere else to move back to. She was now sat up on my chest. She knelt up and moved further back.

She reached out down my body to my thighs and the edge of the towel. In a long sweeping pull, she ran her hands up, over my abdomen and towards my chest. As she did so, she moved her rear end towards my face.

I instinctively moved my head. She turned and grabbed my face, turning it back upright. Again, she went down to my thighs and then back up. Her crotch then descended onto my face. The fabric pushed onto my nose and mouth. I could smell her underwear. She held it there and then repeated the whole movement several times. She was now positioned so that each time she reached my chest she was sat on my face, pushing herself onto me.

Again she leant forward and I used this opportunity to try to protest.

‘Please can we end? This is not right or fair. You are not allowed to do this. Your underwear is dirty!’

These seemed to be the magic words. She stood up and got off. I felt ready to run out the door. Clothes or no clothes.

Unfortunately, this was not the end. She hooked her fingers into her underwear and dropped them onto my face. My hand moved to take them off. ‘Don’t you dare, you ungrateful little man.’ I watched as her dress came off leaving her naked.

As she knelt back over my stomach, this time facing me, she said. You pretend you don’t want this but your little penis is now all hard. What would your wife say? You are going to finish this and do exactly as you are told.’

She lifted herself into a crouch so she was squatting over me. Using her fingers to open her lips, she aimed and dribbled, then squirted a stream onto my stomach.

‘Now which way do you want me to go? Up or down’. She mockingly questioned.

‘I just want you to stop and leave me alone.’

My protest was ignored and she moved up so she was over my chest. Again crouching over me, she spread herself so she could send out another stream of warm, pungent liquid onto my chest. Stopping the flow quickly and allowing herself to drip.

‘I don’t want this. Please let me leave.’

‘So you wanted me to go down did you? She asked. She moved down so she knelt over my thighs and my only covered area lay in front of her. She placed her hand on top of it.

‘Feels like some parts of you are enjoying this you dirty little man.’

She took hold of the towel and removed it. Throwing it to the side and leaving my penis open and pointing towards me.

‘Is that it?’ She mocked.

She grasped around its shaft and slid it several times between her hand.

She moved so her still wet vulva was on top of it. But barely touching. She moved it so the head ran over her lips. She then lifted her hips and sent out another stream of urine. Covering my penis in her warm liquid.

‘This is disgusting.’ I protested.

‘No, you are disgusting. Pretending you don’t enjoy it while your little dick stands up. Look at it. So pathetic.’

She moved herself up my body and positioned her knees by my head and sat so her butt was on the top of my chest.

Are you ready ankara rus escort then. She went up onto her knees bringing her hips and groin over my face. Lowering her lips onto me. Moving around so she smothered me under her wet pussy. She moved around to make sure that all of me had been covered while a lay paralysed.

She then lifted up and onto her feet. Standing crouched over the top of my chest, she parted her lips again. I turned my head to the side. Quick as a flash, she was on me. Turning my head back up. Again she rose to a low standing crouch and parted her lips. For a moment nothing happened. Then a stream trickled out and onto my chest. She stopped and, moving her hips closer towards me, sent out another squirt, this time, onto my face. The shock hit me and my hand instinctively, lifted from my side and wrapped around my hard dick. Her flow had already stopped and she again lowered herself onto my face. Forcing her dripping hair onto my lips and nose.

‘Did you like that?’ She asked.

‘No’, I meekly responded. Tasting her as I spoke.

‘Then why have you moved your hands? You were told to keep them by your sides’.

She stood and turned around so her butt now faced my face. She pushed it back towards me while leaning herself as far forward pinning my wrists to my side. Her asshole was right next to my face and she leant back and pushed it into me. Moving her hips to wipe her pussy and ass all over my face.

Leaving my wrists by my sides and going onto all fours, she positioned herself so she was spread open and her pussy sat over my face. Parting her lips she first let out a drip, then a dribble, then the full force of her urine onto my face and chest. Emptying her bladder completely on me. When empty, she pushed herself back onto my face.

I felt the humiliation flow through me and thought that it could not get any worse. She then said. ‘Stick out your tongue.’

I tentatively opened my mouth, my tongue slowly extended and she pushed herself onto me. First with her wet pussy. Then moving herself so her ass hole was on my mouth. Under the spell of her authority. I licked her. I moved my tongue back and forth until she was groaning. Using her hips to guide me to where she wanted it. Soon she was moaning deeper and as she got the orgasm she wanted, she again forced herself onto my face, smothering me.

‘Now can I go?’ I asked as she sat up.

‘Not yet. Lie on your front and I will finish your massage’.

I started to protest but she quickly commanded it again.

I lay on my front again and at least could hide my erect and throbbing penis.

She dribbled oil onto my ass and started to work it all over the cheeks. All the time insulting, belittling and ordering me around.

She pushed my legs further apart as I lay there in her wee. She worked the oil between my legs and around my ass hole. Then, slowly pushing a finger against it. Adding more oil, she started to enter me.

‘Get onto you hands and knees’ she ordered. ‘Push that little butt in the air.’

She grabbed my hard penis through my legs adding, ”not much to hold onto’. She again started to tease my hole with her finger. Pushing it deeper in. Then I felt a new feeling. This was larger than her finger. Very slowly, the new object was pushed against me. Adding more oil and sliding it back and forth, she pushed it increasingly inside.

Finally, it popped all the way in. She pushed it back and forth with her hand.

Standing up again, she brought herself around in front of me. Lying on her back with her knees up, she displayed her spread pussy. She edged forward and using her hands pushed my face onto her. I opened my mouth and started to lick her again. Using her foot, she pushed against my arse hole, each time pushing the object deeper in.

My licking quickly brought her to another orgasm. She sat up forcing me to be upright on My knees. Producing a condom, she deftly ran it down my shaft.

Turning over onto all fours, she instructed ‘get your dick in me and let’s see if I can even feel it.’

I tried to protest but with her forceful tones she demanded it. Leading me in exactly how to do it.

Slowly, I started to tease around her lips, then slowly pushing it in. She continued to insult me as I increased my thrusts, knowing I could not last long.

In no time, I was ready to cum and as I arched my back, I heard her orgasm come on. With the final thrusts, we both came. Resting on her back, she pulled away. Picking up her clothes and heading towards the door. I asked, ‘can I at least have a shower?’

She turned and looked at me for the last time and said, I’m very sorry sir, but we do not have any shower facilities here. And with that, she left.

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