The intruder

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The intruderI couldn’t believe my eyes. What the hell is happening? All I see was a big round pair of butt chicks right in front of my eyes.I left the house in the morning. I study dancing. Unfortunately my class was cancelled. So, I returned home. It supposed to be empty. I lived there with my brother and his wife. They are newly married and one of the happiest couple I have ever seen. The door was already unlocked. I was so sure that I locked the front door. I was the last one to leave the house. My brother and my sister-in-low left early in the morning.My brother is a bank manager and my sister-in-low is a yoga instructor. She is also one of the finest I have ever seen. In fact, she has been a big help for me lately to maintain my body shape suitable for a ballet dancer.They have been married for a year and half and they still appeared to be having a great married life with lot of love. In fact, I was really happy for them. When I was re-entering the house I realized that something is definitely wrong. Otherwise, the door wouldn’t be unlocked. So, I entered the house really quite. It is not easy to enter into our house for a stranger. It is protected by a highly sophisticated security system. My brother and sister-in-low were able to monitor the house through their mobile phone. If someone enters uninvited they will get an alert. There was nothing wrong inside the house. At least not in the 1st floor. After checking everything there I went upstairs to check the 2nd floor. That is where we had all our bed rooms. I checked the rooms one by one. There was nothing wrong. The only place left unchecked was the gym. It was entirely my sister-in-lows idea. Anyway, it was rarely used. There was nothing inside except for few equipment and mattresses. We never locked that room. Firstly, I thought of not checking it out. I was almost going away. Maybe I did not lock the door? Anyway, it was the last place to check out. So why left it unchecked? I thought. The entrance to the gym was from the balcony. I was cautious while checking the rest of the house. But I did nothing to hide my entrance to the gym as I was not expecting any threat. I just open to door and peeked inside.My sister in-low was lying in all fours with batman escort her fully exposed back towards the door. She had an enormous back. It is in fact a unique feature of her body. Simply, girls would die to have such a bum. Yet, she is not a fat woman. She had a slim and fit body with long shaped legs. Those bums are the only extra-large thing attached to her body. That enormous bum is fully exposed right in front of my eyes. First of all I got scared. Something is very wrong. She is supposed to be in her gym. Not here and definitely not like this.“Spread your legs more and use your hand to part your butt cheeks. I want the see the inside”A husky male voice commanded her. She obeyed instantly. Her rare holes are clearly visible now. I can even see the pink inside. She had no hair down there. She must have shaved it completely. I cannot waste valuable time wasting on looking at her naked back. I had to act fast. The male inside must be the intruder. Somehow my sister-in-low had walked into his trap. There is no time to investigate on why she is here. My brain is working fast; my heart is beating fast. Yet I stand there like a statue without knowing what to do or how to interrupt. I got panicked.Suddenly, a big black male appeared in front of me. He too was all naked. And he was filming my sister-in-lows naked ass. I recognized him right away. He works in a local grocery store as a sales assistant. The owner woman of the grocery is a good friend of my sister-in-low. My sister-in-low visit that shop very often not just to buy goods but also to hang out with her friend. Her husband is also a very good friend of my sister-in-low and my brother. I too have visited that shop frequently with my sister-in-low or with my brother. Few times, I have visited it alone to buy things. I have seen this man almost all occasions while I was at their shop. He was a quiet man with a kind smile. He rarely speak. Rumors were that he was a refugee from a distant country. He had no family. He used to live in the back of the shop. According to those rumors he did not get a salary. He was always so kind and polite towards me.But not this time. At such a short distance, he didn’t seem kind at batman escort bayan all. He is looking at me with those big scary eyes. Unblinking! He has a big, rough face. His big mouth is surrounded by pair of two rough and ugly folders of flesh one can hardly called lips. He is no longer smiling. Instead he put a finger across his lips signaling me to stay quite.He didn’t have to. I have already lost my voice looking at this scary monster. He dragged me inside. His rough hands begin to undress me. I has no power to resist him. I just stay still. I also noticed his massive member. I have seen a few. I am not a virgin. My high school boyfriend was the captain of the soccer team. His nick name was “monster. He had quite a big member. He was so proud about it. But comparing to this one it was just a miniature sample. And it is not even fully aroused. I am worried about my sister-in-low. I knew for sure that she never had any other sexual relationship except for my brother. I have seen him naked several times and his member is definitely an average size one. There was nothing fancy about it. How is she going to tolerate this bad monster? He is going to tear her apart!!! “What is going on back here?” Suddenly my sister-in-low speak. She cannot see me. My back is pressed to the door. My already naked body is covered by his big muscular body. Obviously she is pretty calm. There is no panic in her voice. In fact, it is so desperate. Desperate to progress whatever going on there.“Look what I found, madam!” the husky voice said. He also drag me from my hip and swing me around and presented me to my sister-in-low with a big happy smile. My sister-in-low is still in the same stance; but this time she is looking back towards me over her right shoulder.“Oh my God!” my lovely sister shouted. Hurriedly she got up and cover herself, using her hands. “Why madam? What’s wrong?” the big man was asking. My sister-in-low walked towards us in a hurry. She just grabbed his hand and drag him to a corner of the room. I clearly observed the guilt in her eyes. While looking at that odd couple who are whispering to each other, I was able to clear my mind enough to realize the harsh truth. The big escort batman man is not the culprit here. My sister-in-low is having an illicit affair with him. But why? And how could she do that to my bother? Doesn’t she love him anymore? What will happen to him when he find out about this? Thousand questions are crossing my mind.While I was in deep thoughts, my sister-in-low walked towards me with her lover right behind him. “Look! Sis! I know this looks bad. But I can assure you that things are not as bad as it seems. I will explain everything to you later. I beg you… I really do, please don’t utter a word to your brother. He will not be able to tolerate this. I still love him. I really do. If it makes you feel better, I could assure you that I don’t love this man at all. He is just a toy.” She is looking at my eyes. I can clearly see so much sorrow in her eyes. Don’t know why or how but I am 100% certain that she is telling the truth. There is no lie in it.Suddenly, the big man felt on his knees. And he is touching my feet. “Please madam!” He is begging. “Please forgive me. I though you are also a part of our game. I didn’t know that you are an uninvited guest. Please don’t tell the police, and your brother. They will deport me or put me into prison.”It was really unexpected. I could not tolerate it any more. He is no longer the monster I have seen before. He has turned again into the kind man I have known. In fact, he never was. It was the situation that made me see him as such a bad monster.“Ok! Ok! Please stand up! I will keep my mouth shut.”The big man stood up hurriedly and hugged me. Then he lift me up and spun few rounds with so much joy. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you madam. You are so sweet” Finally he put me down. We are all smiling. None of us are aware of our nakedness. It is not a major issue anymore. “Look sis!” my sister-in-low broke the silence. “The day is still young and we all are still here. So, why don’t you join us? We can have a great time.”I am not sure I hear things clearly. After everything that happened, she still want to satisfy her wild desires.“I too insist” The husky voice is saying. “I like you very much. You have a beautiful unshaved cunt. Just the way I like it down there.” I could feel my body responding to that. I feel aroused. Maybe it was his deep husky voice or his manly body which is just inches away from mine. It also could be his massive member which I could clearly see waking up. I just couldn’t refuse his invite. Slowly I nodded my head signaling my consent.

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