The Kitchen Renovation (MMMM-M sub)

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I had moved to a new town and started a new job. I was 22 and life was great, as I was earning money and had found a nice central flat in town and was looking forward to exploring my new city.

I had found rented a nice three-room apartment, with the help from my new boss, who also happened to become my landlord. After only one month into my new job, he informed me that he wanted to renovate the kitchen, and that it would be a quick job of just three weeks. I could not really protest or anything and accepted the fact and soon enough the renovators and handymen knocked on the door.

There were three of them, handsome seemingly good guys. The first was a large broad-shouldered man that was clearly the leader. His name was Tom, and he was in his late forties. Then there was one blond man in his mid-thirties one blond and the other dark, Greg, and a very tall dark man around forty who introduced himself as Ahmad. They were all very fit, clearly doing a lot of physical work. We shook hands as they introduced themselves, large strong hands I noted, and I showed them into the kitchen.

The leader, Tom, asked for a set of keys, and said it would be easier for all if they could come and go during the day as they needed. They promised to be careful with my stuff, and then started their work. I worked from home certain days, as I was in the marketing department doing webpages and stuff, and the first two days I was at home all day while they were taking out the old kitchen. At the end of the day, they asked if they could use my shower after their workdays and I said of course. They thank me and shower and left. It continued like that and soon they started putting in the new cupboards and stuff.

When they had left on that day, they were particularly merry. It was nice to be alone in the apartment, with some quiet me-time and opened a bottle of red wine and relaxed.

I thought about them. They were sexy looking guys, and I started fantasising about sex with them. I had seen their torsos after their showers, and they were muscular and strong. After quite some wine I finally fell asleep, but with a big hard-on.

I woke up very early the next morning with a raging erection. I turned on my PC which stood on the desk in in the living room and watched a couple of porn clips with groups of men fucking a young man, and before long I had a fantastic long orgasm.

Just as i calmed down I realized I had an early office appointment. I threw my clothes on and ran off to work.

During the afternoon I got a call from the kitchen guys asking me when I would be home, as they had a few things to go through with me. I said I would be back by four, and before long it was afternoon, and I was there opening my front door.

To my surprise they are all sitting in my living room, with only towels on. And there was a fourth dark haired man, a friend apparently, who introduced himself as John.

“Hi guys, what’s up?”

I stand staring at them, not really knowing what to believe.

“Well, I think a lot of THINGS are UP,” Tom replies with a wry smile and pointed to the PC on the desk by the window.

To my horror I see that the porn site I looked at in the morning is still open and a video is running with a man being face fucked by five other men. They moan and comment and laughed and their voices and moans suddenly fill the room.


I am so embarrassed that I don’t know what to say or do. Tom breaks the ice by pulling off his towel and showing his big half erect cock.

“We saw what you like on your PC,” Greg chuckles.

“And then we thought we ought to give you the real thing,” John continues.

“.. and if you do as we ask we will not tell your boss,” Ahmad laughs.

They have me cornered and they knew it.

“… hey guys … and how about …money?”

“No … we want to fuck you Ted …,” the blond guy Greg replies and pulled off his towel too.

“Get naked Ted,” the dark-haired John continues.

“Now!” Tom orders.

I look at them as they all drop their towels and start to undress in front of them.

I feel incredible embarrassed, but I am already rock hard, and I know they will soon see it.

As I pull off my last piece of clothing — my underwear kastamonu escort – they all applaud.

I am not small, in fact I am quite proud of my big cock, and now it stands proudly straight up.

“Nice! We can see that you look forward to this!” Greg laughs.

I smile stupidly.

Tom throws a coil of red rope at my feet.

“Pick it up, unroll it, and tie one end around your cock, Ted!”

I do as they command me. I am clearly not the lord of my own home any longer. The rope is about three meters or so. It is some kind of natural fibre and not very thick. I tie a loop around my balls and cock.

“One more time Ted, three times around and a little tighter,” Tom orders.

I untie it and redo it, this time with three loops and much tighter.

They all stand up.

“Hand me the other end Ted,” Tom continues, and I give him the end of the rope.

He pulls a little on it and my cock and balls stretches and my hips are pulled forward. He pulled a little harder, so that I am forced to take a step forward. They all laugh. He pulls me along and out towards the PC.

They surround me and start running their hands all over me, taking turns to feel my cock.

“You’re so hard Ted!”

“He is enjoying this!”

One of them slaps my ass several times.

Tom pulls me a few more steps to my PC, steps aside and shows me the video clip running there with a man being fucked by two men.

Then he clicks on my favourites.

“Well, well, aren’t you a naughty boy Ted, look at all of those ….!”

He turns and grabs my chin and lifts it to his face, as he pulls hard on my tied cock.

The others laugh.

“I want you to enter your real name now on this site, as we watch ….”

He pushes me forward and with trembling hands I do as he instructs, still standing.

They turn me around and start playing with my cock again, caressing it against their own and squeezing my ass.

Tom pulls me along to the bathroom with the rope and tells me to step into the bathtub and turn on the water. I do and as they all stare at my slender body Greg and John take out razors and after lathering me up start to take off the little hair I have on my body. They shave my legs, my chest, arms, armpits and untying the rope, shave my balls. When they are satisfied that all is gone, they step back.

“Much better!”

“Now tie the rope around your cock again Ted!”

I am blushing, and my cock is still fully erect. All this excites me and they know it. I tie the rope around my cock again, am given a towel and dry myself quickly as they pull me out into the main room again, with the PC.

“Let’s get you a little prepared …” Ahmad says and takes out a small black corset with short pieces of rope on the sides, with knots at the end. He ties it tightly around my waist.

“So, we have something to hold on to …”

Tom grabs my chin and looks me straight in the eyes.

“Before this day is over you know what you will do, Ted?”

I open my mouth not sure what to answer.

Greg grabs an iPhone and starts filming me close up …

Tom pushes his thumb into my mouth … moving it back and forth.

“Suck on it …”

I suck on it, feeling stupid but also aroused.

“What will you do Ted …?”

“I will suck your cocks …” I reply as he pulls his thumb out.

“Right, you are and more …”

Ahmad comes forward and fastens a long leather collar around my neck, and hands me a pair of stay-up stockings and instructs me to put them on. They stand stroking themselves as I put them on.

Tom gives me a pair of red high heeled shoes. I realize that they have been in my drawers and found them.

“Love your taste in shoes,” he chuckles.

I put them on, and they run their hands over my body. Necklace, with a heavy pendant, which feels steely cold against my chest. Greg steps in with a handful of jewellery, which they also found in my drawers.

“Don’t forget these Sissy!”

I clip on the long heavy dangling earrings he hands me, and the metal bracelets and the heavy

“Come … now sex toy …..” Tom laughs and pulls me along into the new kitchen. The others following with their kastamonu escort bayan erections dangling.

They show me a strange reclining kind of chair, that they have put together, with a short backrest leaning at 45 degrees, with a U-shaped seat leaving an open space for my ass, and a hole in the low backrest for my cock. They guide me to sit down backward on it … sticking my erection and balls through the hole, with the rope end first and my ass exposed on the other side. The chair is so low that my face is at the height of their cocks when they stand.

Tom shows me a silver but-plug.

“Where does this go sex toy?”

“Ehh … in my ass …”

“Correct! Now make it wet and ready …”

He pushes it into my mouth, and I suck one it and coat it with my saliva. Then he pulls it out and pushes it into my ass. I moan as it slides in. Someone massages my back as Greg plays and pulls on the rope around my cock.

He pulls it harder and harder.

“Ooohh careful …. Please …!”

He chuckles. My cock is rock hard and stands almost straight up. He pulls it down with the rope and fastens a weight to it making it stand straight out. Greg comes with two clothes pins and clips them onto my nipples. It hurts and I grimace, and they all laugh. Someone pulls and pushes my but plug in and out a few times.

“Just in preparation of what will come, Ted …” I hear John say.

Tom rigs an iPhone in front of me, turns and smiles. John takes out a glass from one of the kitchen cupboards and places it on the table.

“In case we feel like getting kinky, guys …” he laughs and the others join in.

Suddenly I feel one of them frotting himself against my back, and the others join in caressing their cocks by rubbing them all over me. Tom leans me forward and runs his cock all over my face, and then the others follow and suddenly I feel the but-plug pulled out and something cold smeared on my puckered hole, and the tip of a big cock pressed against it.

“Is it your first, Sissy-boy?” Tom askes me … looking me in the eyes.

I nod.

“Look my in the eyes as he takes your virgin ass, Teddy-gurl.”

“Please, be kind to me ….” I say weakly.

I twitch with the initial pain, as Ahmad grabs my shoulders and slowly pushes himself into my ass. He pauses and then pushes a little further, and then a little further. The initial pain gives way to a strange sensation … and I have him inside me.

Tom pats my cheek, saying “Good girl! Good girl!”

He tips me forward so that I hang suspended on the chair, and pushes his cock into my mouth, grabbing my hair and holding me firmly in place as Ahmad starts to fuck me ass.

I feel violated, humiliated, and ashamed … how could I get into this bad spot … but then I also feel excited, which makes me confused.

John and Greg take the places of Tom and Ahmad, and I suck and get fucked for a little while, and then they pause. They raise me up again, and Tom plays a little by tugging on the rope … stretching my cock and balls and caressing it a little so that precums starts dripping from it.

“Time for some pictures!”

They gather around me .. with their cocks around my face and taking pictures. They then push their cocks into my mouth and take ‘portrait shots’ of me. They laugh and pat my head, and I blush.

Tom unties the weight from my cock and balls, and I am pulled away from the chair. They carry my over into the bedroom, and throw me on the bed, and John puts down the glass that he has brought along.

Suddenly they pull balaclavas over their heads and climb onto the bed. I stare at them.

“But why are you ….?”

They point to another camera rigged at the top of the bed. They raise me on all four and have me stare straight into the camera.

“This is now live … and here we have Ted-the-slut … about to be fucked and sucking us guys dry …”

I feel the hair in my neck rise. It cannot be true … they are streaming this ….!?!?

“Please …..” I say … but then they start caressing me with their hands, and cocks. Even kissing me, and I am in a bliss of sensual touching, kissing and lust. They moan and I moan and we are in escort kastamonu a frenzy of touching and hugging and kissing.

Then I suddenly feel Ahmad grabbing my hips and pushing himself into me again. As if that was the cue, Tom pushes his cock into my mouth and starts mouth-fucking me. Someone starts masturbating for me, as someone else caresses my back and plays with the clothespins on my nipples, and before long I climax … spraying an insane amount of sperm, while I am sucking and being fucked.

When I am done coming, both Ahmad and Tom pull out and they all sit down around me. They pull me back up , so I sit on my knees. I smile at them, so happy and I feel very loved.

Greg pushes the glass into my hand and says: “drink it up sex-toy!”.

I swallow hard. I blush as I hold up the glass. I realize that it is my own cum that they collected as I climaxed.

“Drink it down Sissy,” Ahmad repeats, as I hesitate.

I look at them and slowly raise the glass to my lips and gulp down the sperm in it. They all clap their hands and cheer. I grimace, and they laugh.

“That was the starters Teddy-boy. Now it is time for the main course!”

They stand up around me, and start masturbating.

I sit holding the glass, as they pump themselves. Their cocks look so lovely, and their naked bodies too. Even if I just came, I feel myself hardening again.

“Raise the glass to you mouth and open wide cock-sucker,” Tom orders and moves into so that his cock is just at my mouth.

He explodes with a cry, and shoots a string of cum over my face, into my mouth and then milks the rest into the glass. Just as he is done Greg does the same, and then John. My whole face is smeared with their loads, and I can’t help swallowing some of their celery, salty, metallic-tasting cum down.

Finally, it is Ahmad’s turn. He is bigger than the others, with a big hairy chest.

He looks down at me smiling as he masturbates.

“Our own bukkake-boy,” he laughs and then unloads a massive spurt of sperm over my face and into the glass. He comes and comes. The others encouraging him, urging him on and patting his back.

Finally, he is fully spent. He holds the tip over my mouth, and there is a small drop hanging from it.

“Catch-it, cum-lover!”

I stretch out my tongue and lick it and swallow it down.

They all step off the bed and leave me sitting alone with the glass of cum, in front of the camera.

They stand with their arms folded, smiling, waiting.

“Come on Ted, do it – you know you have to …” Tom says … looking at me from where the camera is mounted.

I slowly raise the glass, and pour the contents into my mouth …

“Hold it there for a while … and show us …”

I do as instructed ; open my mouth and show the mouthful of semen.

“And now swallow it as a good Slut!”

I swallow it down and the men applaud and cheer again.

Tom switches the camera off and takes it down. They all leave the bedroom, and I sit for a long while confused and just running through all the events of the last hours. Their taste lingers in my mouth, and I am rock hard again. I finally put the glass away and get up and look for them in the living room and the kitchen.

But, they have all already left.

I notice a note stuck onto the PC-screen and walk up to it, still wearing my high heels.

I read it out aloud, my heart beating faster.

“Thank you, Ted, for an unforgettable first meeting. We loved it and hope you did too. There will be more such nice meetings coming, we are sure (and you wouldn’t want your boss and landlord to know would you …?). Let’s try tomorrow, and we’d like you to have dressed up in your girl-outfit already when we come, adding a pair of pink panties a short slutty mini-skirt and a pink bra.

And: as a little present and for the memory of this day, we shared your pictures and videos here on this site. Xxx Tom, Greg, John and Ahmad.”

I take the note away from the screen and to my horror I see myself in big size, with their cocks in my mouth on the sex-contact site.”

I sit down .. unsure of what to do .. but end up masturbating again, and finally climaxing one more time. After a long while I take off my earrings, the corset, shoes, stockings, bracelets and place them on the sofa table. I will ned them tomorrow I think to myself, and fetch my pink lace g-strings, the super mini-skirt in light blue and the pink bra and put them there as well. I go to bed, but my head is spinning and I can’t wait for it to become the next day again.

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