The Lady Purrs


I shiver a little, and goosebumps prickle across my body – I feel the heat of his breath on my neck, the weight of his presence heavy in the room. I am naked except for heels and my bra. He demanded I remove everything else the moment we entered the room. All the hours I spent choosing the right dress and matching underwear wasted – but I knew that it would be – some things don’t change.

I stand, at his mercy – in front of a full length mirror, he is behind me, fully dressed, surveying me, his breathing is heavy, he squeezes my body, my tits, my ass, my pussy assessing the goods almost and lays kisses across my neck and down onto my shoulders. He stares at me in the mirror as if making up his mind on what he will ravage on me this night. A smile creeps across his face and we lock eyes through the mirror. I breathe out loudly with anticipation.

He roughly grabs both of my breasts from behind cupping them and squeezing my nipples hard between his fingers through the fabric of my bra making me cry out lightly. His body is pressed against mine, and I can feel his cock is already hard and my pussy twinges and aches for it.

He leans down slightly to whisper into my ear his eyes locked on mine- ‘you will do everything I ask tonight – nothing will be off limits, you are my property’ I shudder and nod and the butterflies that have been fluttering in my stomach explode and my legs buckle a little, his grip holding me up. He smiles broadly at my acquiescence and spins me around to face him. He kisses me hard on the mouth, and brings his hands up to my face cupping it with both hands.

My hands reach for his belt buckle, which I undo quickly along with his trouser button and fly. We kiss, passionately and with a longing that belies our history. I ease his trousers down and they drop to the floor with a thud. I tug at his boxers. It occurs to me that I have never seen him wear anything other than a suit, and that thought quickly flys away as I find his hard cock with my hands. He moans into my mouth as I begin to caress him.

He breaks our kiss, and snarls ‘on your knees’ pushing me down roughly and shifting us slightly so we are sideways to the mirror now. I am face to face with his huge cock. His hands move to my head, grabbing and twirling some of my hair around his fist. It hurts a little. I look up at him our eyes lock and I smile, before spitting on his cock.

I take my tongue and swirl it around the head before taking him deep into my mouth, as far as I can and then back to the tip, up and down, choking a little every time. His cock is big, and he knows it but it doesn’t stop him taking liberties with my mouth and throat. He thrusts hard and down forcing himself into my throat. My face is buried in his pubic hair, consuming his full length. He lets out a loud moan of pleasure. I cannot breathe and I cannot pull away, my eyes are steaming. ‘Slut’ he growls loudly before he finally, partially, releases me and I try to drag in some air in what little space there is left in my mouth.

He begins to fuck my mouth hard and rough and with complete abandon. I place my hands on his hips to try and steady myself. I am gagging and choking and saliva is escaping from my mouth and nose, I am moaning, whimpering, struggling to manage his violent thrusts.

His firm grip on me means I cannot pull away until he allows it. He uses my hair to pull my head back and forth like a rag doll as he fucks my mouth, his pure pleasure audible and visual.

His groans become louder, and his pace quickens. I know his is going to cum, and my first thought is one of relief. I try to prepare myself for this first load but it is futile given my situation. With one last violent thrust and animal like roar he unloads his hot white cum down my throat.

The first release is huge and I fight my gag reflex, without success. He pulls my head back violently and his cock out of my mouth to allow his second load to escape over my face and breasts. His grip on my hair loosens but he does not release it. I try hard to swallow all I can – I know it is what he expects but I fail. He is staring down at me, his eyes glazed, a small satisfied smile across his face. Clearly pleased with his decoration of me.

He steals a look sideways in the mirror to survey us and his smile widens. I wonder for a moment what drives this side of him, why he enjoys using me like this, how violent he can be and I find myself flushing at the reality of my enjoyment of it. My knees ache a little and I try to move to stand and he allows me, letting go of my hair.

I stand before him covered in his cum. I take a glance at myself in the mirror and I am a mess, snot and saliva and cum, mixed with mascara and my smudged lipstick. ‘You look beautiful’ he says and I let out a small incredulous laugh. ‘Thank you’.

He pulls me towards him, and kisses me, running his fingers across my breasts through his cum and across my cheek.

‘You missed some’ he says as he pushes his fingers into my mouth And I kurtköy escort suck them, savouring the sweetness.

He pulls them out and kisses me, hard and hungrily, his passion ignited again, making his way down my neck and across my chest, taking his cum into his own mouth as he does and sharing it again as he kisses me on the mouth.

‘You like how you taste?’ I say after a while. He just smiles at me and kisses me on the tip of my nose.

He is stood there trousers around his ankles, shoes still on and it makes me laugh again. ‘Shall I help you out of your clothes?’ He laughs too and nods and I am back on my knees helping him to remove his shoes and trousers. Caressing his legs as I do. Before I stand I take a moment to nuzzle his balls, gently licking and sucking them softly and then gently taking his cock in my mouth again, lightly licking him. He moans his approval. I stand slowly and start to work on his shirt, slowly unbuttoning while my hands steal beneath to feel his skin, and tweak his nipples.

I kiss him softly across his chest, breathing him in and he is enjoying this moment of calm as much as me, his hands gently caressing me. He is naked now and semi hard. I marvel at his beautiful cock – and lick my lips, my pussy aches and desire rises in me and flushes my face. He knows what I want and we both know he will make me wait for it. This dance we play one of my favourites.

Between us there are no boundaries – we share our deepest fantasies and most times enact them. We know each other’s bodies well, we have fucked and ‘made love’ 100s of times but somehow we do not tire of each other. The trust we have between us is something neither of us has found before. The opportunity to be our true sexual selves is intoxicating, addictive, dangerous.

‘Get on the bed slut’ he commands snapping me out of my thoughts ‘on your back’. I do as I am told and almost skip to the bed, glad to lay down and rest for a moment. I spread my legs wide for him. My pussy is glistening, a small mound of pubic hair sits above my clitoris but no more. My clit is large and sits proudly already engorged. ‘What a whore you are, covered in cum’ he says.

I want to beg him to fuck me, but daren’t as I know he will punish me for it. I want to touch myself but know I cannot unless he allows me too. These nights with him test me to my limits. I am not the kind of girl who likes to be told what to do – but with him on these nights I am an obliging little cum whore, and as ridiculous as it sounds there is some joy in that and some relief.

I am helpless there exposed and humiliated covered in his cum as he continues to insult me and although it pains me to admit it, his disdain turns me on so much I almost cannot wait for the punishment I know is coming. Every word making my pussy throb.

He stares at me for a moment and lust fills his eyes. I wonder what will come next, what he is thinking. I want him to fuck me right now – but I know he won’t, he likes to torture me that way. ‘Spread your legs wider whore’ he says as he moves towards the bed like an animal about to attack his prey.

He buried his face into my pussy – and a loud moan escapes my lips, my hand moving to the back of his head and my hips thrusting forward. His tongue is inside of me and he pushes it in and out, one hand moves up to squeeze my breasts hard. He is almost wild. He takes his tongue and swirls all it across my pussy finding every crevice, slurping, and indulging in me noisily as I squirm.

‘Fuck me please’ the words escape my lips before I even realise what I’ve said.

I have always preferred being fucked to any type of foreplay even his expert tongue can’t change that but I know better than to say it on these nights, or at least I should.

He moves quickly at my words and slaps his hand down hard across one of my breasts and then he is on top of me, pinning me, heavy, with one hand across my mouth and another around my throat, his face almost touching mine. ‘What have I told you before, you dirty cock slut’ he spits the words out. I cannot answer or move. He takes his hand from my mouth and slaps me across the face, before pushing his fingers into my mouth and tightening his grip on my throat. adrenaline is rushing theough me and my body is on fire.

To my surprise I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and he slowly pushes himself inside of me, while tightening his grip on my throat even more. ‘Is that what you want?’ He moans filling me. He slides in easily as my pussy is soaking wet. All I can manage is a deep moan. ‘I do like to fuck your tight little cunt, but I will do it when I want’ he growls and slaps me hard again and spits on my face before pulling out and releasing me. I whimper a little, and he appears to take pity on me as he kisses me gently on the lips and across my cheeks to take the sting left by his hand. ‘You are a beautiful slut’ he whispers ‘but you never seem to learn your lesson – Get on all fours’.

I do as I’m told, aydıntepe escort not wanting another punishment from him. He is behind me now his hands on my hips. He spanks my ass hard on one side and then the other and I let out a little cry, which causes him to hit me again harder still.

‘You are a dirty cum whore my darling and you must me punished’ I nod to agree and I receive one more slap for good measure that makes me wince. I know it will leave a mark. He cups my pussy with one hand, then takes a finger and pushes it inside of me.

I am wet and the sound of his finger moving in and out of me bounces around the room. I moan as he slides in a 2nd finger. I feel his tongue next on my ass, moving up and down until he decides to push it in. He loves to play with my ass and he also enjoys me doing the same to him. For a moment my thoughts turn to our last encounter, and me fucking him with anal beads but I am snapped back to reality when he commands I play with my clit.

I am more than happy to oblige this request and the sensations of his mouth and hands on me, finger fucking my pussy and tongue fucking my ass as I massage my clit consume me – and it is blissful. I am close to orgasm – ‘can I cum, please can I come?’ He does not stop his work and I cannot help but explode with my orgasm rushing over me and my pussy releasing a river of juices which he desperately tries to catch and lap up.

I have fallen forward, my orgasm still pulsing through me, he is still indulging in me and I am moaning and writhing with the sensation, which becomes too much. I collapse down on the bed and move a little so I am on my side, spent for now. He is grinning, on his knees, his face glistening with my juices. He moves towards me and kisses me deeply. ‘See how beautiful you taste? – that’s all for me, only me.’ We kiss softly for a while, I can taste myself a mixture of my pussy, and ass and still his cum. He allows me to enjoy the glow of my orgasm for a few minutes.

He often comments about owning me, and I always wonder why he says it. The reality is we are not together, boyfriend and girlfriend or partners. Sometimes we might not see each other for months. We do not talk about it but I assume he is fucking other women – probably lots of them, and he must know I’m not saving myself for him – or at least I think he does…..

I am likely one of many cum whores he uses for sex. Does he use protection with them? We dispensed with protection a long time ago – it felt natural to remove that barrier between us. God I’m stupid! I lay overthinking, always in my head and think of all the other cum whores, whores, girlfriends…….I shake my head visibly- ‘get out of your head’ I say to myself. I want to enjoy this moment, I have waited quite some time for it. He looks at me puzzled, but doesn’t say anything. I nuzzle into his chest and neck, purring with the last of my glow and push away those thoughts I don’t want acknowledge.

He is smiling at me now, and whispers ‘Remember, nothing is off limits?’ I take a sharp intake of breath – and all I can do is nod. My body stiffens a little and I realise he has probably given me an orgasm in some twisted display of mercy or to ensure I am unable to resist him.

He has wanted to fuck my ass for some time and I have always said no. He is so large the honest truth is that it scares me, especially because he can be so wild at times and uncontrollable and often times shows me no mercy leaving me covered in bruises and unable to sit down for a week. A constant reminder that he has been there, that he ‘owns’ me.

We have debated it many times. I suggested poppers to make things easier but this was a hard no for him and it was left for a while. I don’t know why but when we agreed to meet this time I also agreed to succumb to anything he requested and I knew exactly what that meant. I enjoy pleasing him and he has always given me everything I have desired. He seems almost desperate for it and he hates that I refuse him and it’s not like I have a virgin ass…….

Despite my misgivings I have fantasised about him and the thought of his cock in my ass, consuming me, him unloading in me, his pleasure, turns me on, the ultimate taboo, the intimacy of the act, I relented.

I had prepared as much as I could. Wearing a but plug for 3 days preceding our rendezvous (I had found it strangely enjoyable) and done an enema too for good measure. But my nervousness must be obvious, he has given me the opportunity to change my mind twice now, and I have simply nodded – so he will do as he pleases.

He runs his hands all across my body, and he kisses me deeply our tongues entwined, our desire for each other seemingly never ending and the intensity we share often takes my breath away. He is gentle yet passionate with me, his breathing heavy, he mumbles words and my name, and we are lost in a haze for a moment, his hand cups my ass and he pushes a finger inside of me, making me gasp a little.

His kisses become harder. tuzla içmeler escort He pushes me onto my back and rolls on top of me, he kisses my mouth and then begins to move down my body, he pulls my bra down to release my breasts, sucking, licking and biting each in turn, my nipples are hard and sensitive and I arch my back and let out a cry with the sensation. I marvel that my bra has made it this far as normally he simply strips me naked. He moves down further to my pussy and gently begins to lick and suck my clit making me squirm even more. I am still sensitive from my orgasm and it makes everything feel heightened.

He slides 2 fingers in to my pussy, lightly fucking me. I am still soaking wet, he takes the same two fingers and gently starts to circle them around my asshole, pushing them in slowly, circling them to widen me. This act is not new territory for us but the anticipation in the air is heavy for what is next and it makes me stiffen when usually I would yield. He slowly removes them to spit on them and whispers ‘baby, you are mine remember, I will take care of you, I always do.’ His tone is low and husky and he pushes his fingers back inside me.

I focus on him and the pleasure he is giving me, and how tender he is being. I begin to moan and pleasure begins to build across my body, anticipation coursing through me and I know he is impatient to realise his desire.

He removes his fingers slowly and makes his way back up my body lifting my legs either side of his shoulders my stilettos resting there to give him easier access as he does. This position is not what I have expected, a relentless doggy style pounding is how I had imagined it. ‘Look at me, baby, be here with me’ our eyes meet and I am instantly in the moment with him, the intensity in his eyes palpable.

I feel his cock on my ass, and he is kissing me again and slowly he begins to push his cock into me. I am holding my breath and then let it go with the sensation, pain, pleasure, lust, desire, as he pushes inch by inch, he eyes on mine the whole time, past and through until he is completely filling me.

I feel lost in a trance almost and I hear a guttural moan come from him. I am holding onto him, a long moan released from me too. We are still for a moment, like there is nothing else in the world but our two bodies locked together like this. ‘Is that good’ he says and I nod again for the third time – and then he begins to move – pulling himself a little ways back then inside of me again.

I let out a cry, I am not sure if I can take the sensation, he is so large so hard that it is all consuming and I truly feel powerless, a feeling I do not welcome. He moves again out a little and in, and whispers gently, ‘you are beautiful, I knew this would be amazing, Jesus Christ you are amazing, I love being inside you’ and somehow these words make me relax and relent to him and he continues to move and my ass somehow starts to relax and the pain subsides and gives way to pleasure and what I thought would be a terrible onslaught turns into him making love to me slowly and passionately, endlessly.

I am moving with him, lifting myself up as much as I can to meet him and to my surprise wishing it would never end. He is kissing me and sucking and squeezing my tits and at times rubs my clit as he slowly moves his cock almost outside of me and slowly back in, his balls slapping down on me every time. This position gives him access to all of me and he loves it and so do I and his pleasure and the look of bliss on his face sends me wild.

The feeling is mind blowing the intensity like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My orgasm is building rising up like a scale, lifting off slightly then down again to give the sensation of mini orgasms or one endless orgasm – it is hard to tell. Our bodies are like one now, our instincts and state primal, both needing and wanting the same end and at the same time for it not to end.

His pace quickens, and he throws himself forward onto me, which allows for my ass to rise up further too, and he slams hard into me, letting out a roar each time, once, twice, and the third time he releases and I too follow, my ass contracting around his throbbing cock as his hot seed unloads deep in my bowels, and then a second thrust as another load is released, and then a final rut, emptying himself inside of me completely. His eyes are wild.

The room is filled with animal sounds, we are both dripping sweat, the smell of our bodies, cum, ass fill the air. He collapses on top of me, breathing so hard and I am struggling to catch my breath my body still juddering with small orgasms chasing each other up and up. And then we are still, he allows my legs to drop down and he slowly and deliberately pulls out, a small moan escaping both our lips as he does.

He moves to lay in my arms, and we bask in the glow of our fucking, our love making for what feels like forever. I can feel his cum slowly, dripping from my ass. ‘You are beautiful’ he whispers as I lightly run my fingers across his arms and back. ‘Why did you make me wait so long?’

I feel that he has surprised himself this night as much as he has surprised me. I lay there fighting feelings I do not want to have about this man – that I can’t have.

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