The nearby Naturists/swingers


The nearby Naturists/swingersIn late 2014 I got chatting to a couple who lived about 10 miles from me and who I met through a naturist website. I wont refer to them by name as to keep their anonymity but they are both in their late 50s. We met up a few times for drinks but due to several reasons there were long gaps between the times we were able to meet up. We got on well at these meetings in a pub near to their home and we chatted about naturism and how they got into it and where they went locally. As we got on I got an email asking if for the next meeting I wanted to go to their home. I arrived for an early afternoon meeting and was greeted at the front door by the husband in his dressing gown. I was ushered into the lounge and was greeted by his wife sat there in her dressing gown. He went off to make drinks and she told me that if I would be more comfortable then I could strip off and sit naked. I did this and she also removed her gown revealing a lovely naked body. Her husband returned carrying a tray full of drinks and he was also naked. We sat for the next two hours naked and chatting about anything and everything and I then had to go and run some errands. When I got home there was an email waiting for me from them saying they had enjoyed my company and if I wanted to I could come around again any time. We arranged a meeting a few weeks ahead. This time when I arrived the husband opened the door naked (luckily their house is secluded) and I went into the lounge. His wife was sat there naked and stood up and gave me a big hug. It wasn’t long before I was naked and this time I was taken out onto their verandah where there were sun loungers. Again we sat and talked about anything that came up, and this time the conversation got round to swinging. It turned out that they had been swingers and were wondering whether it was time to get back into the scene. I had to get off home so we all got up and went into the lounge. I went over to my clothes but before I could put anything on, she came over and gave me a big hug, both of us naked. I am very tall and she is very short so my cock was just below her breasts but somehow she seemed to manage to get my cock to rub against her breasts. A few days later I got an email again inviting me to come round again. It was about a month befored I could visit them again and the same scenerio occurred. I was greeted by both of them naked and we went and sat outside on the sun loungers. We all finished our teas and coffees but a few minutes later she got up and went back inside. I stayed and continued chatting with her husband for about 5 minutes. He then stood up and said that if I wanted to I could come erzincan rus escort and join him and his wife in the bedroom. We both went inside and found his wife lying on the bed, her legs open showing off her pussy lips. We laid either side of her and each carressed one of tits, making her nipples hard. We had also both got our other hand in her crotch, he had a finger buried deep inside her whilst I rubbed her clit. I then moved to suck on her nipple and as he removed his finger from inside her I replaced it with a couple of mine. He moved up the bed and positioned his cock over her face and she sucked on him. I moved so that I was kneeling at the end of the bed. In this position I was able to lick her pussy and watch as she sucked him. He lasted a long time in her mouth so I repositioned myself so I could pay better attention to her clit. She was able to reach my cock and stroked it. When he said he was about to cum I turned to watch as he filled her mouth with cum and she swallowed every drop. He then sat back and watched as she stroked my cock and directed it so that as I shot my load it went over her tits. He rubbed my cum into her tits. We then both started to lick and finger fuck her pussy and she let out a low soft moan as she came. We laid on the bed together chatting and then it was time for me to go. About a week later I got an email saying they had enjoyed our last meeting. I was asked if I wanted to visit again and I said yes. We emailed a few more times and the husband started to set some ground rules. He wanted me to play with her but she wouldn’t suck me nor fuck me and said that she really enjoyed deep kissing. We arranged another meeting. This time there was little pretence that this had moved from naturism to a sexual experience. When I arrived they were both naked and we sat in the lounge to drink some hot drinks. I found out more about their lives in that they had met a couple a few years earlier who they swapped with about once every two months and there were another two guys who visited them as well, one of whom was allowed to fuck her. We soon made our way into the bedroom and the scenario was nearly exactly the same as last time, but this time I kissed her passionately whenever I could and she loved playing her tongue against mine. This time, after he had cum in her mouth she swallowed everything she could, and at the earliest opportunity she was kissing me, pushing her tongue in as deep as it would go and I am sure she was trying to get some of the remaining cum into my mouth. This time I sat up and gave him a better view of my cock as it was stroked by his wife and he erzincan rus escort bayan clearly saw a long stream of cum shoot out over her and land across both her breasts. Before my next meeting I got an email telling me how much his wife had enjoyed my cock and she had started to ask him if he thought I wanted to fuck her. I replied I did but he had set the boundaries by telling me that she wouldn’t suck my cock or fuck me. He replied saying the decisions were all hers and she thought she would like to feel me inside her. I said I would love to fuck her and he said if she was in the right mood during my next visit then this would happen. When I arrived he again greeted me naked and led me into the lounge where she was naked. He went off to make drinks and we chatted, but nothing about sex. After he returned we drank our drinks and carried on chatting for a while before I was invited to play with her naked body. This time we did not go to the bedroom but remained in the lounge with her sitting on the sofa. She stroked her husband to get him erect and I knelt on the floor in front of her play with her breasts. I was positioned so that I was in between her legs and my rock hard cock rubbed along her pussy lips lent forward to kiss her and play with her nipples. The kissing was very passionate and whilst we kissed I could feel her husband stroking her pussy and inserting fingers into her. I lent back to watch as he spread her lips apart and I could see deep into her. I crouched so that I could see it better and moved forward so I could shove my tongue deep into her pussy. She was getting very wet and as I knelt up she repositioned herself slightly and she started to guide my cock towards her pussy. I asked if the husband had a condom ready and he just said not to worry. The next thing I know my bare cock head was at her pussy entrance and she used her feet to pull me in and my cock sank its full length into her. Her husband got off the sofa to stand in a position where he could watch my cock pumping into his wife’s pussy. I fucked her for a few minutes before unloading my cum inside her. She held me inside her for a few moments as she gave her husband a long deep kiss. He then stood up to get a view as my cock slid out, followed by some of my cum. I bent down and started to lick my cum from her pussy, once in a while I stopped and kissed her so she could taste our juices all mixed up. My tongue and her husband’s fingers eventually bought her to a climax, but to be honest she has been the quietest I have known a woman when she came. We sat for a while chatting, her legs open with a few streaks rus escort erzincan of cum on her legs, the sofa and carpet. I asked the husband if he was going to do anything and he said he had been happy just watching. We all then got up and washed and I left. The husband emailed me and we chatted about what had happened. He confessed he enjoyed watching his wife being taken bareback and guys leaving cum inside her. It then transpired that he wanted to get as many guys as possible to meet her and he had placed profiles on swingers sites as well. Coincidentally a contact I have on xhamster told me about a couple he was planning on meeting and it turned out to be the same couple. I arranged a meeting with them and the day before the meeting my xhamster contact messaged me to say that he had had his first meeting with them at their home a few weeks earlier (he had met them several times for drinks) and there had been no pretence as when he arrived they almost immediately went into the bedroom and he had fucked her bareback, cumming inside her. Then last night he had gone round and he and her husband had DP’d her, him inside her pussy, her husband up her ass. This had concerned me as it was increasing the risk to me. Anyway, I turned up and we sat naked in the lounge. They were quite open about the previous evening and his wife said she had enjoyed it but the double penetration was more of her husband’s thing. After a bit more chatting I knelt on the floor and licked her pussy. It quickly and easily opened up and I was soon finger fucking her as I licked her clit. She was kissing her husband and stroking his cock. He did at one point try and stand on the sofa so that his wife could suck his cock but this was too uncomfortable for both of them. I moved so that he could finger his wife and I started to play with her breasts and nibbled on her nipples. When I was nice and hard I knelt in front of her and in one thrust had pushed my whole length deep into her pussy. Her husband took out his camera phone and took some photographs as my cock slidding into and out of her and I emptied my balls deep into her. Her husband photographed my cock slip out of her and the cum ooze from her. I was able to get some of the cum in my mouth and transferred it into hers through a long kiss. I must confess that all the way through the fuck I did think about the guy the night before and him leaving a creamy deposit. This time me and her husband were unable to give her an orgasm. We chatted afterwards and it appeared that this return to swinging adventure was all the idea of the husband. She enjoyed the sex but wasn’t too bothered with it. He wanted to watch his wife with other guys and she was being introduced to a new guy every month or so. After I left I couldn’t get out of my head the risks I was taking. I chatted with my contact on xhamster about it and we worked out that she had been bareback with 30 guys or so in a very short time. Neither of us have seen her or her husband since my last meeting.

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