The new master 1

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The new master 1THE NEW MASTERMeet-1The first meeting was arranged pretty fast. Several messages on the contact site then a few texts to arrange the details and the meeting was on.His latest text informed me he was on his way and would arrive in 20 minutes.I had showered and was clean and fresh. I had the front room ready. Blanket laid on the floor. Towel folded on the chair. Poppers ready. All I had on other than my chastity cage was my yellow jockstrap and my nipple clamps. I’d been pumping them for a couple of hours a day they were swollen up nicely, over a half inch long and thicker than a pencil. The clamps felt good as the chain pulled and swung. In the cage, my cock throbbed and swelled as much as the down curving steel cage allowed.15 mins. I sniffed some poppers to calm my nerves. It’s always nerve-racking, meeting a top for he first time. He was new to the site, something I am always wary about especially when they have no verifications. His pic though had swayed me to take the leap. His cock looked impressive. Long and thick and hard.10 mins. Another sniff. It was only planned to be a short visit. An introduction. He was on his lunch break. Just oral this time. He said he wanted to give me a good deep facefuck. All he had time for. I wasn’t going to complain.5 mins. I refrained from taking more poppers until he was here. I took off the tit clamps and thumbed my tender swollen nips.I heard the throbbing sound of a diesel engine. He’d said he was in a 4×4. I took a quick look out through the blinds, saw what must be him parking in the close. My pulse quickened. My phone beeped. A text arrived. ‘Here.’ was all it said. I quickly replied. “Ready sir. Door unlocked.” And hit send. I had already told him where I would be in the house.I took up position on my knees on the blanket facing the door. Heart beating hard in my chest.I grabbed the poppers and took a couple of big deep sniffs, feeling canlı bahis the throbbing rush.I heard the front door open, his feet on the tiled floor, the door close and lock turn.He filled the doorway. He was a well build man. Tall and pretty good looking. 51 and fit. He looked me over as I knelt waiting.He kicked off his shoes without talking or smiling. Just stared at me as I knelt submissively pulling and rolling my nips. He undid his trousers. They came off quickly. Grey boxers with a big bulging outline of his cock! He looked hard already! A good sign he liked what he saw.He stepped up onto the rug offered his bulge to me. I didn’t hesitate. I pressed my lips to his bulge, licking and mouthing the length of his hot fat cock through the cotton, feeling it twitch and throb as I worked along the length. I wasn’t going to be disappointed, I knew!In no time my saliva had darkened the grey cotton outlining his meat. He hooked his thumbs in the waist and tugged them down. As he took them off I admired the big 8″ cock bobbing as he moved to take his boxers right off.I sensed that he was a bit nervous too. Not greatly experienced. But I could see a real fire smouldering behind his eyes.He straightened up pushing his hips forwards. I opened my mouth, letting out a soft moan as I took him in. Fuck he tasted good! Clean. Freshly washed but smelling of man. I worked my mouth, lips and tongue down about half way, getting the spit going. I bobbed taking him deeper. His hand hooked the back of my head firmly! Pulling my head and pushing his hips forwards, he forced his cock all the way in and down my throat! I gagged noisily! I’d told him about my soft palet and that I gagged easy. He’d said that was good, he wanted to hear me gagging on his cock! He made me gag alright! Holding me down. Fucking his hips forwards and back! Fucking his cock down my throat! My eyes watered. He eased up, let me gasp bahis siteleri in some air. Saliva drooled down wetting my beard. When he was I had my breath back, he pushed his cock back into my open mouth and down my throat again.”Yeah! Fucking gag you cock whore! Gag on my big cock!” He growled, holding my head with one hand while the other reached down and grabbed the nearest nipple, pinching and pulling on it. I moaned and pushed my chest forwards for more! He fucked my throat steady and relentless. “Fucking cocksucking pig! Take it!” He growled. He eased back to allow me to take a breath. Thick saliva coated his gorgeous big cock and strung out to my panting lips as I gasped, open mouthed ready for more!”Like that? Like gagging on my cock, cock sucker?” He growled down at me. He sounded more relaxed now, more in control.”Yes sir! Love your cock sir!” I managed to pant before he forced it again down my throat!He held me down, leaning right over me, running his hand down my spine to my framed ass. He rubbed a work-rough finger across my puckered hole, sending a thrill up my spine! Was he going to change his mind? ‘Slap! Slap!’ His strong hand came down with stinging force on my cheeks. He straightened up, let me gasp in air. A fire burned hot in his eyes now!”Where do you want it cocksucker? Face or mouth?” He said, his voice tense with excitement as his cock twitched ready to go back in my mouth.”Both sir!” I gasped.He shoved it back in my mouth, gripped my head with both hands and fucked my face hard and fast! I gagged and spluttered, spit spraying and spilling down over my lips, soaking my beard! If he was inexperienced, he was overcoming it fast!I could hear him breathing hard, growled rumbled from his throat! Soon!He pulled back from my mouth! “Finish it!” He snarled! I gripped his throat slime soaked cock and worked it with my hand, mouth wide-open ready! His knob was dark, swollen, bahis şirketleri piss slit already gaping for release!The first rope landed right across my tongue! Salty-sweet and thick! The next hit my cheek and beard! More, across my nose and forehead. Lips and tongue! He shoved his pulsing cock back in my mouth, gasping and groaning, pulling me to him, forcing his cum spitting head down my throat! He bucked. Twitched! Shuddered! He relaxed his grip and I eased back and carefully milked and sucked the last of his cum from his cock. I know how sensitive his cock felt! Went easily on his wonderful cock as he panted and gasped and flinched as I licked the last drips of spunk from his piss slit. Looking up, I let his cock slip from my mouth and licked his cock softly, clean and dry. I could feel his spunk on my face, soaking into my beard. I would leave it there for the rest of the day, feeling it dry and crust and smell it on me!He stepped away, the slightest of smiles on his flushed face. “There’s a towel if you need it sir.” I smiled at him as I looked up with his spunk all over my face and in my belly. He wiped his cock on he towel.”Was that okay sir?” I asked as he picked up his boxers and pulled them on.”Very nice cocksucker. I will definitely see you again for more of that. Might even fuck your pig ass too!” He said as he pulled on his trousers.”I would like that sir. Lots more.” I smiled, happily. Re-dressed, he gave me the briefest of grins the walked out. I didn’t move until the front door closed behind him.He texted me later and said he had really enjoyed it. Had loved finding me on my knees waiting for him to face fuck. Had loved hearing my choke and gag on his cock. Seeing me take his spunk in my mouth and on my face. I told him his cum was still there, that I was wearing it as my prize. He liked that. Following texts discussed future visits. What he would like to do. I didn’t protest to anything he suggested, even responding with suggestions he might like to do, that I would certainly let him do. He seemed more than happy with my suggestions and said he would consider all I had mentioned on his next visit.

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