Subject: The Premontion Part 11 I think this part is boring. I was told it is not so tell me what you think.But I promise the next chapter is more exciting. Donate to fty/ The Premonition Part 11 Written By Eric Murphey Edited By Zero Moss I wake up and am covered in sweat; I hate that. I get up and go take a nice hot shower so I don’t smell like a nasty hog. When I’m done I step out, dry off, and put on some shorts. I turn down the heat and then actually turn it off. I open the door and check outside and it’s got to be 60F degrees. The water from melting snow is pouring off the trailer house. I decide to make a little coffee this morning. I grab some eggs and boil them, and slice bread for toast. I leave a note for the boys to have the eggs and make some toast. I head outside to hopefully finish clearing the area for the chickens and goats. It’s actually pretty easy work today since most of the snow is melted. What’s left is heavy, however, because it’s been compacted from getting warm and melting. I have been working for about an hour when the boys walk up to me. “It’s nice today, dad.” “Yes it is, Eddie. Did everyone get breakfast?” They all nod that they did. “That’s good,” I say as I continue working away. I’m so close to done that I really want to be finished with this job. “We can finish this up, daddy,” Jack offers. “I think I will take you up on that! I can start grabbing wood and things I need while you finish clearing.” “I’ll help carry, daddy, since we only got one shovel,” Jim chimes in. “Yeah, me too, dad.” So Jack starts in on the clearing while the rest of us start pulling out lumber for the chicken coop. I know exactly what and how much I will need; I’m getting pretty good at it. Earlier I would guess and usually overestimate, but after the fifty millionth project I just know. Okay, I don’t know but I can figure it out. We start hauling things back and by the third load Jack is done shoveling and starts helping us as well. It takes a good hour to get everything out there. I show the boys how to measure and cut the wood and frame out the sides. They are working on one while I work on another. They beat me, but just barely. This ain’t my first rodeo you know. We get the other two sides done. I dig holes which I know I should have done first. I sink some 4x4s in the holes and start building the floor. It’s a quick job with the boys’ help. We get the walls up and suddenly I am starving. I know it’s only around two o’clock but my tummy doesn’t care. “Boys, all this work has made me pretty hungry.” “Yeah, me too daddy,” Jim echoes. Jack and Eddie agree that they too would like to eat. We head back to the house and I put in a frozen pizza for us. I’m not trying to get us full, just some energy; it’s a nice treat for working so hard. When we get done eating, the boys and I head back out. We put the wood roof on, and then cover it with a steel roof. I start sinking more 4x4s and we string the chicken wire. I then start building the little goat house. I don’t want the irritating creatures to freeze; they are going to give us good things like milk, butter, and hopefully even ice cream. With the boys’ help, we get it all done in just a few hours. I’m amazed how fast it went; I was figuring a few days anyway. But the boys are good workers and realize it will benefit them in a lot of ways, too. When we get done I notice that I am really sore from working. A month of not working much will do that to you, I guess. The boys seem fine of course because they are young. I feel like I’m in great shape, that is, if I were ninety. I head back into the house and hop in the shower for the second time that day. I enjoy letting the hot water beat on my aching muscles for a few minutes. I limit my time because I don’t want to use all the hot water; I’m sure the boys will want to clean up as well. I get out and groan as I dry off. Man, I just hurt bad; it’s ridiculous I feel this bad. I go to the kitchen and turn off the crock pot. I started a roast with carrots and potatoes earlier, and now it smells heavenly. The boys have the table set. We get some bread ataşehir escort and butter and start eating. The meat is amazingly tender. It just falls apart and it tastes as good as it smells. Even though the boys and I had lunch earlier, we just demolish the roast and fixings. The boys start to clean up, and I get up to go to the living room, groaning in pain. “Daddy, you OK?” Jack asks me. “Yeah. I just overdid it today. I’m pretty sore,” I answer and hobble to my chair. When the boys finish the cleanup, they decide on a game of Sorry. They ask if I want to play. I think about sitting on the floor in my current state of pain, and politely decline. Instead I pick up my book and start reading. I used to go to thrift stores and grab books for fifty cents each. I would buy them by the box load and managed to amass a pretty good collection. I have about five bookshelves full. A nice read is a very pleasant way to pass an evening. I enjoy my book while the boys finish their game. They put away the game and decide to watch a movie they haven’t seen before. It’s a movie from the 80s called “Short Circuit”. It’s about a robot that somehow comes to life. It’s really a cute show and the boys seem to like it. When the film ends, the boys decide on another movie. “Boys, I am going to take some pain pills and go to bed.” “Daddy, you hurt that bad?” Jack wonders. “Yeah buddy, I do.” “If you want to lay on the couch for a while I will give you a massage.” “I think that sounds really nice, actually.” I get on the couch, lay on my stomach, and Jack starts to rub my feet. Eddie and Jim also start working on me. Jim is rubbing my head and Eddie is working on my arms. They meet around my neck and both start working on my back as Jim works up my legs. Now they aren’t really rubbing too hard but quite firmly. They are really taking their time and it’s making me feel a lot better. “Alright dad, flip over,” Eddie instructs me, so I do. As they start rubbing the front of me, I get pretty relaxed. With three very handsome boys rubbing me down, nature takes its course as it would for any boy lover who isn’t dead. My condition doesn’t go unnoticed by Jack or any of the boys for that matter, since I am wearing some basketball shorts with no underwear. While Jim is massaging my face, which feels really nice, and Eddie is rubbing my shoulders and chest, Jack pulls my cock out and takes it in his mouth. “You don’t have to do that,” I say. “Sure I do. I owe you from last night; it’s only fair.” I’m not arguing about it, that’s for sure. It doesn’t take even three minutes until I unload in Jack’s mouth with a lot of grunts of pleasure. After a few more minutes, I sit up and stretch and my back pops at least ten times. I twist side to side and it does the same. “Wow boys, I feel like a new man now. Thanks!” I get a chorus of “Anytime”. I really do feel good now. I sit back in my chair, Jack and Jim join me and I watch the movie with them. After this movie, we all go to bed to rest up for a new adventure the next day. When I wake up in the morning I glance at the clock which reads 6:12, and think that I slept quite well. I want to make the boys some cinnamon rolls today, but then decide there’s not enough time before they wake up. I settle on making a good country breakfast. I slip on some shorts and shoes, grab a jacket, and head to the “shelter”, still not sure what to call it. The boys were super excited about the bacon we found there. Why, I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if they put heroin or something in bacon the way people go crazy over the nasty stuff. I don’t even like turkey bacon; while it’s more lean, it’s still gross tasting. But it’s to make the boys happy, not me. I grab two packs of bacon. I figure to make it an all-day bacon fest: for lunch a BLT and for dinner some bacon-wrapped filet mignon. They are young so their hearts can take the fat overload. I get back to the house and pull out the filets from the freezer. I put one pack of bacon in the sink to melt on its own, and the other in the microwave to defrost. I avcılar escort start some homemade biscuits, and when they’re done, I check the bacon. It seems thawed enough to cook. I start frying the bacon and swear it isn’t thirty seconds later when all three boys appear in the kitchen. Okay, it may have been 45 seconds; I do exaggerate at times. I fry up the whole one-pound package and save the grease to make something else for them later. I put it in an old can after I clean it out. I take out the biscuits and they look lovely. I fry up some eggs for the boys and get some on all their plates. I get out real orange juice today, not Tang. Although we all do like Tang, it seems like the real thing just sounds better today. The boys eat most of their bacon first. Jim takes a couple pieces and puts it on a biscuit. The other two thought that was a great plan so they did the same. The boys are so happy they are dancing in their seats. I just want to open the windows and air out the bacon stench from the house. But you do things you don’t like sometimes for the ones you love. While we are eating, I think ahead to lunch and realize that I can’t make BLTs for the boys since I have no lettuce. I do have some tomatoes growing in the greenhouse. Maybe I should plant some lettuce next time. So it will have to be BT sandwiches for the boys. I figure since we don’t usually have lunch, we will have a late supper tonight, around 7 instead of 5ish. I let the boys know I want to go visit the Washingtons at some point today to collect the livestock, since we have a place for them now. They are all excited to go visiting. To be honest I kind of am too. It’s nice to have friends to visit; I wish I had gotten to know them earlier. “Daddy, we should take them some bacon,” Jack suggests. “Buddy, they raise hogs; I’m sure they have bacon.” “Yeah, I didn’t think about that.” “But it is really nice you want to share something you like so much.” The boys and I get dressed and ready for our visit. We all hop in the truck after I put some cages in the back for the chickens. I’m not exactly sure how I will get the goats home. Surely they won’t jump out of the back of the truck, or will they? I am at a loss on that one. I will have to discuss it with Mike and see what he says. I guess if I have to I can walk them home. Can you walk a goat? I’m still not sure I should have goats; I don’t know anything about them. I need to talk to Mike for sure. I know, or at least I think, that they eat just about anything. We drive down to the Washingtons’. The snow is nearly gone from the roads, which is good. When we arrive, the boys and I get out and I reach in the back to start unloading some of the cages for the chickens. The boys are standing around me, and I hand the cages to the boys. As I am leaning over the back of the truck, I feel a thwack on my back and see the snow fly around me from a snowball that just hit me. I look over my shoulder and see Mike standing on the porch, laughing. “Oh that’s how you want to be, huh?” I say with a grin on my face as I turn around. He laughs at me again. “Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?” he says with a similar grin. “Me? I’m not going to do anything about it.” “Why, you chicken?” he retorts. “No, I don’t have to do anything.” He cocks his head at me. “Boys, get him.” Mike sees his mistake almost instantly. Within seconds he is pelted by three snow balls and the boys are racing towards him with more in hand. I tell you what, he moves fast for someone who’s fifty. Mike gets off the porch quickly and goes on the attack against the boys. They meet in the middle and Mike snatches up Jack first and tosses him into a snow bank as Eddie and Jim attack him. Jim takes out his legs like he is a linebacker and Eddie goes high and hits him in the torso. Mike is down in seconds and laughing his ass off. Jack is up now and joins in the fight. Eddie is on his chest Jim and Jack are holding down his arms by sitting on them. Sarah walks out on the porch just as Jim starts to shove snow in Mikes laughing face. avrupa yakası escort “Mike, you leave those boys alone! You will give yourself a heart attack. Boys, I got some cookies made.” It was as if they had Scotty beam them in front of her, they were there so fast with smiles on their faces. Mike is still laying down in the snow. I walk over to him and offer a hand to help him up. “You got a good little army there,” he says with a laugh. “Yeah, they love me,” I say, smiling. “So, I was wondering whether I can put the goats in the back of the truck to take them home?” “I suppose you could, but I figured I would just loan you my horse trailer. That way it will be easier, with less worries.” “That will do it for sure.” I follow him over and look at the trailer. I have a multi-ball hitch on my truck and of course it’s set to the wrong size. It’s easy enough to change it; I pull the pin and switch it to the correct size. I back up and in seconds I’m hooked up to the trailer. I start to pull the wiring harness from under the truck. “I don’t see why you need to do that. No traffic and whatnot,” Mikes says to me. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right about that. Habit, I guess.” “Safety as a habit isn’t a bad thing. By the way, Sarah and I would love to have you and the eating machines come for Thanksgiving.” I laugh at his reference to the boys. “The eating machines and I will be honored to join you.” “Good. We got two big turkeys. Now I like turkey, but it doesn’t mean I want to eat it for two weeks straight.” “I completely understand.” We chat a for few minutes, then load up the critters into the cages and in the trailer. I talk to Sarah afterward and she gives me some ideas for things to make to pitch in for the Thanksgiving dinner. I want to do that because it’s only right to bring some things to add to the feast. Mike tells me he has no need for the trailer anytime soon and to just bring it back on Thanksgiving day. Either then or earlier if I get the chance, I think. The boys and I head back to our home after I’m sure they ate a dozen cookies, much to Sarah’s delight. We unload the animals and put them in their new homes. I show the boys how to tend to the animals. The goats are new to me and I did ask Mike a lot of questions about their care. He was really nice about it and didn’t laugh at me for my ignorance, which made me feel pretty good. I guess I asked some pretty good questions. We go inside and I slice some tomatoes I had Jim and Jack get from the greenhouse. I fry up some more bacon and make them the BT sandwiches. They eat them and I swear they are glowing from excitement. Once we get done eating our midday snack the boys decide to challenge me to a game of Monopoly. I shrug and say,”it’s not like we don’t have time.” So a multi-hour game ensues, which Jim ends up winning. The other two boys accuse him of cheating and having loaded dice. I just laugh at them because I know it’s in good fun and not serious. I make supper and the boys just love it. That evening, we watch a movie and then it’s bedtime. It was a nice day, kind of exciting being able to leave our little homestead for a little while. Before we head to bed I check on the animals to make sure they are okay and have plenty of water. I go to my room and am surprised to see Jim in my bed instead of Jack. I guess he sees the surprise on my face. “You aren’t mad are you? I asked Jack if I could sleep with you tonight.” “No, I’m not mad, just a little surprised is all. Jack has been with me since you boys joined me.” “Yeah, he really loves you a lot.” “I love him a lot, too. But I love all of you boys a lot.” “I was kind of hoping that, well, um, you know,” he says with a little embarrassment. “Jim, there is no need to be embarrassed at what you want. You just have to ask is all.” He smiles at me and pulls the cover back exposing his hard little cock. I have him in my mouth fast as fast can be. I just love sucking these boys off; it is an incredible turn-on for me. I sometimes cum just from sucking them, without touching myself. It doesn’t take long to bring him to his peak and he is asleep quickly after that. I look at his naked body and admire him. I want him badly. I start stroking my cock looking at his now flaccid penis. He is so cute that when I shoot I blow my wad all over his little cock and balls. I savor the afterglow and then clean off the sleeping boy. I snuggle up against him and am asleep nearly as quickly as he ail

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