Subject: The Railway Boy Chapter 8 Here is the eighth chapter of The Railway Boy. As before, I must stress that this story is pure fantasy and must not be taken as approving or condoning sexual relationships with people who are under age. If you are under age in your country or if reading this kind of material is illegal where you live, then please leave this website now. On the other hand, if you enjoy it, please make a contribution to Nifty, so that the service it currently provides free of charge to both readers and writers may continue. Your feedback is very important to me — please let me know what you think! My email address is shown above. The Railway Boy Chapter 8 By Scotnat As I drove home later that evening I reflected on everything that had happened that day — and what a day it had been! I had been effectively seduced by an incredibly forward and sexy boy. By the end of the day I’d made love to him, fed him, taken him home to his grandparents and been accepted by them as his boyfriend — or future boyfriend at least, once he turned 16. An innocent day out on my own on the steam-hauled trains of the North Norfolk Railway had become a turning point in my existence. As I put the car away and opened my front door, I realised that the one thing I had not done was take a photograph of Ronnie. Perhaps the fact that he’d been naked a lot of the time may have inhibited me, but actually I had been so entranced izmit escort bayan by his youthful beauty that it just hadn’t occurred to me. Of course, it’s not every day that such a beautiful person offers himself to you on a plate, so to speak. I wondered how I could contain myself until I saw him again. I was barely in the door when my phone rang. I knew who it would be, of course. “Hello?” “Jim! You got home safely! I was worried that you might not drive very well after running the gauntlet of gran and grandad.” “No, I’m fine, but I’m missing you already.” “Me too.” “And I haven’t even got a photograph to remind me of you.” “I can fix that easily. Tell me your email address.” I did so and he asked me to hang on for a moment or two. As I was waiting I went and booted up my computer and opened my email account. A new message from an unknown sender popped up. There was an attachment. Wow! It was a selfie which he must just have taken with his phone, and — surprise surprise! — he was nude and erect. “Are you still there?” said the voice in my ear. “Yes, and I love the picture! I’m going to print it out and have it beside my bed from now on.” “I’m in my room getting ready for bed. Where are you?” “Just going into my room. I’d better turn in as well. Wish you were here with me though.” “Likewise. Are you going to get naked?” “Yes, of course.” “If I was there with you, what would you do next?” “Well, izmit escort I would take you to bed and then give you a massage to relax you. I’d kiss you and stroke you all over.” I could hear Ronnie purring with pleasure as I spoke. “What would you do?” “I’d lie there and enjoy it then do the same to you. I would pay a lot of attention to your cock and see how long I could keep you on edge before you came.” “Would you let me fuck you again?” “Eventually, but there’s lots of things we can do first. You’ve made love to my bum but I haven’t really explored yours yet. Can you take me inside you, do you think?” “I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that,” I replied. “Don’t forget, this afternoon was the first time I ever had sex with any other person. I’ve got a lot to learn!” “We haven’t done a 69 yet,” said Ronnie. “When we’re together in bed with all the time in the world we can do all sorts of things to make each other feel good. I’m hard now — are you?” “What do you think? I got hard the minute I heard your voice, and as soon as I saw that photo I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough.” “So you’re naked now? Are you hard? Are you wanking?” “Yes, yes and yes! I take it you are too?” “Of course! Let’s see if we can cum together to round off the day.” After that not much was said except murmurs of encouragement back and forth and a lot of moans as we each got closer to climax. Eventually izmit kendi evi olan escort Ronnie said “I’m very close Jim, are you?” Indeed I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. “Yes,” I groaned, “I’m very nearly there — I’m cumming — here it is — Aaahh!” as I spunked all over my chest and belly. I could hear Ronnie making similar noises and I knew he had cum too. “Can your grandparents hear you?” “Maybe, but they must be used to me by now. This isn’t my first bedtime wank, you know!” “Nor mine, but it’s the best I’ve ever had. I can’t believe I’ve cum four times today and still managed to get spunk on my chest. Are you the same?” “Yes, just think, if we were together we could lick each other clean and then cuddle till we fell asleep.” “I’m afraid that’ll have to wait till after your birthday.” “I know, but just think how good it’ll be. We might not have any privacy together for a while, but we can do this. Have you got a mobile phone with WhatsApp? We could watch each other then.” “No I haven’t but I’ll see about installing it tomorrow.” “Good,” said an increasingly tired voice in my ear. “I need to go to sleep, Jim. I love you for ever. Good night.” “I love you too, Ronnie. Phone me again tomorrow night?” “Yes of course. Good night Jim.” He rang off. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sorry this turned out to be such a short chapter. Don’t worry — they’re will be a lot more soon! If you are enjoying this story, please make a donation to Nifty, as much as you can afford. It’s a wonderful site, free to use for both writers and readers, so if you value it as much as I do, then it needs your financial support. Thank you from Scotnat.

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