The Replacement Maid. Ch.01.

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The Replacement Maid. Ch.01.I was cursing the stupid bitch. I’d had no choice but to fire her but now I was left with no maid. In so many ways I was sorry to see her go but one does have to draw the line. When one employs a maid one expects a small amount of petty pilfering, the occasional bar of expensive soap, the odd item of clothing. For the most part one accepts it, ignores it and moves one. But not very expensive items of jewellery. It was a few days ago that I had noticed my gold and diamond pendant had gone missing. I was immediately suspicious of the only person who had access to it. A friend had set up a camera overlooking the dressing table with the box on and the stupid bitch had come back for a second bite of the cherry, this time a gold and ruby ring. Caught on camera!I was so annoyed partly because I had lost my maid but I had also lost one of the best pussy lickers I had ever known. Her cleaning skills could be faulted but her skills with her lips and tongue and fingers could not. She was definitely the best cunt muncher for miles around. And now I had neither. No maid to tend the house and no dutiful tongue to take away the stress.I phoned the agency and explained to them what had happened, that I had had to sack the bitch and I’d kicked her out on her ear. I didn’t mention that she had left with a bottom still stinging from the thrashing I had given her but that was of no concern of theirs. Beating her bare arse until she bawled her eyes out gave me some small measure of revenge. As well as the rather rough cavity search I gave her as well. The agency started to grovel and apologise saying that she had been vetted as usual. I stopped listening after a while and simply demanded that they send me a new girl by the next morning at the latest. They grovelled some more and promised that a new maid would be on my doorstep first thing. I hung up and walked into the lounge. In the meantime I would have to pleasure myself. I started imagining scenarios of seduction of the new girl more determined this time to instil some discipline right from the start.xxxxxxxxxxThe next morning I was rudely awakened by the front door bell. I lay momentarily wondering who it might be. I had barely gained my composure when the door bell went again. I sat up and pressed a button on the console on my bedside cabinet. A small monitor screen lit up to show the front porch with a young girl standing on it. This must be the new maid, I thought to myself. I pressed the intercom button.“Wait!” I said loudly and then smiled to see the girl jump and look round in alarm for the source of the voice.Reluctantly I got out of bed, put on my robe and pulled a brush through my hair before going downstairs. I opened the door and stood for a moment looking at the girl standing outside. She was young, indeed looked too young which worried me a little. I stepped to one side and beckoned her in.“Good morning, Miss, I’m …”“Silence,” I snapped at her and took a concealed pleasure in seeing her jump once more before she scurried past me in the house. I closed the door and walked past her to the lounge. I could hear her footsteps following. I pointed to a spot on the carpet in the middle of the room directly in front of my couch.“Stand there and wait,” I ordered her and then turned and left. It was all very well these little bitches turning up early but I needed a cup of coffee. I walked into the kitchen and brewed myself a pot of coffee. When it was finally ready I poured myself a cup and went back to the lounge. I sat on one end of the sofa and put my cup on the low table next to it, sat back and looked at what the agency had sent me. She really did look too young but the agency knew my ‘strictly legal’ rule so I assumed she must be over eighteen. She was blonde and at first glance appeared to be quite pretty. She was small and thin and with, as far as I could tell, almost no tits to speak of. She wore a blouse and jacket and a knee-length skirt and low sensible shoes and carried a small back-pack. Her clothes needed sorting out as a priority.“Name?”“Errrr, Jasmine, Miss.” Her voice was trembling as she spoke.“Age?”“18, Miss,” she said politely. Either well brought up or well trained. I wondered which.“You look younger? Do you have ID?”She scrabbled in her back-pack and then took a step forward and handed me a driving licence before stepping back again. I looked at the piece of plastic in my canlı bahis hand. The photo and the name tallied and it clearly stated that she was 18 and 3 months. I laid the card on the table next to me rather than returning it to her. I find things like that always keep them on edge.“What experience do you have?” my voice now a little softer than before to encourage her.“After I left school I had various jobs as a cleaner, Miss, but only part time and casual. Then I was taken on by Miss K and was with her for 6 months. When she left the town I felt I had to stay to help my mother, Miss.”I knew Miss K and she was a little notorious for being a bit of a fussy woman who found it hard to retain staff so 6 months was quite an achievement.“Did Miss K give you any training while you were with her?”“Yes, Miss, in general household duties, some kitchen work and …” she hesitated, “various other duties.”Interesting I thought to myself. Miss K also had a reputation for enjoying some more of the exotic delights in life. I would enquire further later.“Do you know why you are here? Why you have been sent for this position?” She gave me a puzzled look. “I had to sack my last maid when I caught her stealing, I said, frowning, “I hope that I don’t get the same trouble from you.”“Oh no, Miss, I would never …”“We shall see. You will be on a one week trial to start with. I shall need you here every morning at 8 o’clock sharp. You will work 7 days each week. After the first week I shall allow you one afternoon off each week. On occasion I shall expect you to stay overnight. I shall outline your full duties in due course. You will either arrive in or get changed into your uniform immediately you arrive. When addressing me you will either call me ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’ is that clear.”“Yes, Miss, and thank you Miss I won’t let you down I promise.”“Now, uniform,” I stated and stood up and went to the tall cupboard on the far side of the room. An array of uniforms was hanging in it and I selected what I thought would be her size.“Shoe size,” I asked curtly.Her head spun round to the direction of my voice.“Eyes front,” I commanded, “now, shoe size?”She moved her head back to look away again and, with her voice a timorous whisper, replied, “Size 4, Miss.”I picked up a pair of black size 4’s with a three inch heel. There were others of that size with higher heels but she may not be used to heels and I didn’t want to scare her away. I laid the uniform over the back of a chair next to her and put the shoes on the floor before going back to my seat on the sofa. She was looking distinctly nervous. I always indulge in a little fun and games with my maids as far as uniforms go, partly for my own amusement and partly to make it clear to them what is their place in my household. The uniform d****d over the back of the chair was something of a parody of a classic maid outfit. Black with white trim with a deeply scooped neckline front and back and a skirt of almost obscene shortness. A row of buttons fastened it up the front. A tiny white apron and a white bob cap completed the ensemble. The heels were designed to make life a little more difficult and I would work her up gradually to a much higher heel.“Change into that,” I said simply.She looked around nervously. “Is there a room I can change in, Miss?”“Here is fine,” I stated as simply as I could.She hesitated. I was beginning to lose patience. “For fucks sake, girl! Do you want this job or not? It’s your choice but just stop wasting my time.”A visible shiver ran through her but slowly she took off her jacket, folded it, and laid it on the seat of the chair. Her fingers fumbled as she undid the buttons of her blouse. She slowly removed it and laid it on top of her jacket and revealed a standard cheap white cotton bra of the style sold in many a cheap store. She started to unfasten her skirt.“Bra first,” I told her.She stopped and looked up at me. For a brief moment there was a look in her eye as though she would challenge me and then it faded quickly as she looked down to the floor. She reached behind her and unclasped the bra and let it slide down her arms and off. It joined her other clothes on the chair.“Mmmm,” I said, thinking aloud, “better than I thought. Stand upright a moment, hands behind your back.”She blushed almost violently but did as she was told. I had guessed a small B but she was much closer to a C now that they were finally free. bahis siteleri Nicely shaped with as yet no hint of the damage that gravity can do. Age is a Mistress far more cruel than I could ever be. Her nipples were neat and already erect. I wondered if this whole experience was turning her on. It would be interesting to find out later.“Continue.”She carried on undoing her skirt and let it fall to the ground before picking it up and adding it to the pile. I decided to allow her to keep her panties for the moment to ease her in gently. She picked up the uniform and a look of trepidation came over her face as she realised its scampy nature. Nevertheless her desire to cover herself overcame her fears and she stepped into it and pulled it up. The waist was tight and she struggled to fit it. I might, later, get her fitted for a corset to wear underneath but not yet. She put her arms into it and slid the uniform onto her shoulders. The two sides of the bodice gaped wide and she struggled to force them together enough to do up the buttons. Eventually she managed it and finally stood upright. She picked up the bob cap and put it on her head and tied the small white apron around her waist. Silently I pointed at the shoes. She levered off her pair of flats and started to work her feet into the heels. As I suspected she had no experience of wearing even a three inch heel. I could see that graduating her to higher ones was going to be fun. She finally managed to force her feet into them and stand, somewhat uncertainly, facing me.“Lastly, panties,” I said and when she hesitated I added, “Time to decide, girl. Do I have to phone the agency again?”Slowly she resigned herself to the inevitable. After all she had come this far. She reached under the short skirt and tugged her panties over her arse and let them slide down her legs. Grasping the back of the chair for support she lifted each foot in turn and stepped out of them. Somehow she managed to bend low enough to pick them up and place them on top of the pile. “Now stand straight and clasp your hands behind your head.”She did as she was told almost speedily this time. From the comfort of my sofa I looked her up and down and enjoyed her awkwardness. Under my gaze she blushed a deep red. I must admit she looked just how I liked my maids to look. The tightness of her bodice had produced a lovely cleavage and the heels had improved the grace of her legs. I stood up and took the two steps towards her. I could see her legs trembling slightly, partly with the strain of balancing on her heels and partly the closeness of my presence.I moved to one side and picked up the panties that were lying on top of the pile of her clothes. I was right, they were damp to the touch and smelled strongly of her musk. I held them under my nose and breathed in deeply enjoying her scent. I held them out and wiped the wet crotch along her cheek before thrusting them under her nose.“Why are these so wet, girl?” I asked.“I … err … I … I’m not sure, Miss.”Inwardly I laughed, the poor girl was so embarrassed.“Could it be that you have enjoyed the last few minutes?” I taunted her.In reply she hung her head. I walked round to stand very close in front of her. Even in her heels she was three or four inches shorter than me and I could look down straight into her cleavage. I pulled down hard at the neckline of her uniform and her breasts started to bulge out. I reached down into her bodice and lifted her right breast even more and then did the same with her left. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch and her tits felt plump under my fingers. I looked down at her again. Now a dark area of her aureole was showing at the front of each breast like a sunrise at the horizon of her dress. Another couple of lifts and her breasts could be completely out and on display, a look I would definitely try in the near future.“That’s better. Such a pity not to display your charms don’t you think?”She stood frozen to the spot. I took a step back and admired my handiwork before leaning in and lifting the hem of her skirt. Her pretty cunt glistened with moisture and wet streaks ran down her thighs. I traced the outline of her cunt with my finger and she gave the lowest of moans.“It appears we have found the reason for your wet panties, does it not.”I was enjoying taunting her and she would get used to it in time. Or she would not and I would have to interview yet bahis şirketleri another desperate local girl. The last one had enjoyed my attentions but had taken liberties. I examined her pussy closely. Her pubic hair had been recently trimmed by an inexpert hand, presumably her own, but I liked my girls shaved. There was still sufficient left that I could take a tuft between thumb and forefinger. I tugged it upwards suddenly. She yelped and rose on tiptoes.“By tomorrow this will be shaved clean,” I said with my mouth close to her ear, “is that clear?”“Yes, Miss,” she whispered tearfully, still standing as high as she could manage. I gave her another couple of playful tugs upwards and she yelped again before I released her.“After that I will get someone in at least once a week to wax you.”I walked round behind her and lifted her skirt again. Her bottom was very neat and such a pristine white. I could foresee many happy moments in the future when I could turn it bright pink. Experimentally I gave her a couple of light smacks. She jumped but made no sound. I leant forward, my mouth next to her ear. Time to test her.“Bend over and touch your toes,”Success! With barely a moment’s hesitation she did as I had demanded. I flicked her skirt up to her waist and looked admiringly at her bottom. Her pussy lips gleamed with moisture and above them the delicate pucker of her anus looked so inviting. That, however, would have to wait for later. I slid a finger along the length of her cunt liberally coating it with her juices and then quickly slipped it deep inside her cunt. She made no protest just swayed slightly trying to keep her balance.“You’re a bit of a slut, aren’t you?” I asked, wondering what her response might be. I slowly slid my finger in and out of her.“N-n-no, Miss,” came her muffled response from below me.Her body betrayed her denial. She was visibly moving back and forth as my finger went in and out.“Oh I think ‘slut’ is about right. You get naked in front of a prospective employer and this so excites you that your cunt becomes this wet. This is the sort of reaction one would expect from a slut.”I slipped my finger out and told her to stand up. I was pleased to see that when she did so she immediately put her hand behind her head without being told. I went and sat down on the couch once more, tauntingly sucking at the finger that had so recently been inside her.“Despite your behaviour I am nevertheless going to offer you the position of my maid. You will wear this uniform whenever you are in my home. You will refer to me at all times as ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’. You will undertake any tasks I give you. You will treat any visitors with the same respect and deference. Any breach of these rules will be liable to punishment. Is that clear?”Barely above a whisper she replied, “Yes, Miss.”“I shall set you to work today and explain your duties for the start of tomorrow. You will be entrusted with a key to the back door. You will start work at 8 o’clock each day and work through till 6 with 30 minutes for lunch and you will be allowed one afternoon off each week. You will be expected to work later when requested and even stay overnight at times. Your pay will be more generous than the agency would pay you. Do you agree to these terms? And speak up for goodness sake.”A little louder this time came, “Yes, Miss.”“Good, I shall have a contract for you to sign when you come tomorrow. Now, follow me.”I stood up and led her to the kitchen. I outlined her morning duties. She was to bring a tray of tea to me in bed at 9 o’clock on the dot and undergo her daily inspection and then take a list of her jobs for that day. I showed her where various items were kept in the kitchen and then set her to work scrubbing the floor. As I left the room I glanced back. I quickly realised that this view of her could easily become a favourite, on her hands and knees, bottom in the air, her still juicy pussy lips on display. With a sigh I made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I was feeling so horny. I threw off my robe and climbed onto the bed, grabbed my trusty vibe from the bedside cabinet and lay back. I pulled my knees up and spread my thighs wide and applied my vibe to my pussy. I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum and within a couple of minutes in was teetering on the edge. A final deep thrust sent me over and I bit hard into my pillow to stop myself from yelling out loud. It wasn’t the best and I knew what I really wanted, the soft lips and tongue of a new maid, but that would have to wait. Slowly I came back to reality. I switched off the still humming vibe, crawled under the covers and drifted back to sleep.

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