Subject: RV Adventures- 3 Thanks for reading Nifty’s a fun resource how about showing them how much you enjoy Nifty by making a contribution? Please! RV Adventures-3 I walked into the RV and fell asleep. It was a power nap. I got up and jumped in the shower . I slipped in gym shorts and a t shirt. I was frapping with the satellite controls quite unsuccessfully. There was a knock at the door and I hit the remote button and there stood Bryce at the door fidgeting. I opened up the door and said hey come on in . He stepped out of those Wellington boots and I said bring them inside. He came in and I got him a soda . I said I’m glad you came by I really enjoyed meeting you earlier and kinda hoped you would come visit. He beamed and soaked up my attention. Are ya hungry ? Always he replied. I heated up some chicken and rice I’d made and handed him the bowl. Along with two forks. We sat on the sofa eating and smiling. Did you have fun today? I nodded and smiled and said yes ; my first time in a sling ! He said that’s usually my spot. I asked are you and Will a couple? Oh hell no he’s an ass hole with money and a huge dick. He invites some of his buddies over for sex parties. I smile and say and you are in the sling? He laughs and says yea we been doing it for a while. He says they offer me money but I’m not a hooker. There’s no work here and well life’s expensive . No judgement from me ! I add. He says he lives with family here that his folks left for work. We are what most would call white trash. Folks hire me to cut grass and shrubs wash up cars and boats and other small jobs. That’s how I met Will his place was ankara escort bayan a dump and I was a hungry kid who wanted to make money. He says Will’s ok and he always pays me. So I find out he got his GED and has a killer smile and is super polite. He says I’d love to leave here but if I do I will end up on the street selling my ass. Then he says I’d like to go on a date just once. I hope you get all you want. He asked me questions about the coach and I shared I got it broken and the owner had died and I had to fix it. We reached that point where it was getting awkward when he said; can I go with you when you leave? He was fast talking about helping and doing “anything” I wanted . He says I can be your son! I chuckled and said that’s a well thought out plan. He looked at me With pleading Eyes and said Please. There was a solid knock on the door and I hit the remote and there was Will with another older man. What the fuck is going on here I pondered. I said your buddy is here ? He looked less than thrilled almost afraid. I went to the door and stepped out. What’s up Will I asked matter of factly. Have you seen Bryce? No I lied . May we come in? No . I’d prefer you left me be ! The other guy squared up a tad and I said you need to leave , now! They got into a car and sped away. I went back inside and Bryce came out from the bathroom. Wanna explain? He said he was supposed to stay at Will’s to entertain the stocky guy. He then added that the other man was mean as shit and he didn’t like him. I grumbled to myself that I was making a mistake; a really big mistake to leave with Bryce. If we roll eryaman escort out of here what do you need to get and who do we need to tell. Show me your drivers license please. He pulled out some folded bills and handed me his permit. 19 that baby face I was gonna give him 16 . Are you taking me with you he asked? I nodded and said I’m gonna get you set up so you can make a living. You have to be able to support yourself without hustling your body. Do you need to get anything from where you live? He said he did. Then he said I don’t have much. We rode in the Jeep to about a block away and well as I passed the place it had seen way better times . Bryce got out and said 20 minutes I guess. 31 minutes later the door opened and a backpack went into the back seat. I could smell the cigarette smoke. I asked if he smoked and he said only weed when I can afford it. He said they smoked in the house really bad. We drove away and he asked me if I was gonna dump him when I was done with him. I laughed and said nope I’m gonna make you a productive member of society and give you away at your wedding. We got back to the campground and he helped me hook up the Jeep and then we dumped the tanks and disconnected things. We pulled out about 9 pm. Near midnight I pulled into a rest area and found it full. We walked to the bathroom and after a piss as we were walking back I asked a trucker if there was a safe parking lot. He suggested a place about 30 miles away. We found it I parked under the lights and turned on the generator. I said grab a quick shower and we are gonna get some sleep. He came out of the etlik escort shower and crawled into the bed next to me. He snuggled into my side and I held him and he fell soundly asleep. In the morning I was drinking coffee when the Deputy rolled up smiling. Everything ok? Yes rest area was packed and it was late. We will hit the road shortly. Everything’s fine I only stopped because I saw you outside. You were smart to park under the lights . Thanks Sir be safe out there! He drove off. I grabbed a quick shower and slipped on some shorts and a T shirt . I looked in on Bryce and he was cuddled up in the covers sleeping soundly. I was rolling down the highway when I saw him come out of the bedroom in those red boxers. He kissed my cheek slinked into the passenger seat and got up grabbed the throw off the sofa plopped back into the passenger seat found the buttons reclined it feet on the dash covered up and didn’t make a sound for two more hours. I stopped at a rest area and was making a sandwich when he slinked out of the seat with a boner in those red boxers. I fixed him a sandwich and he went to pee in the bathroom. I said take off those funky boxers grab some shorts out of the middle drawer and a shirt. I said wash off and put some deodorant on and I put a blue toothbrush out for you. We ate and I said call the folks you were staying with and tell them you have left. He looked sullen and said they don’t like me they just want what I have to pay them to stay there. I said if you don’t tell someone you have left you may end up a missing person and well you aren’t missing you are starting over with a much better chance. He looked at me and sighed and said I can’t remember ever sleeping so good ever! Things will change for you I promise . Now let’s figure out who you should call ! I tell stories that contain erotica . I hope you find them interesting ail

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