Subject: Carriers and Donors, An Mpreg Saga: The Trade Deal Hey guys! This is the second instalment in `Carriers and Donors: An Mpreg Saga’. It’s a pretty long one but I’m sure if this is your kind of thing, you’ll be jerking off until your cock aches! This chapter includes incest and interracial themes. I’m new to writing erotica so feedback and compliments are very much appreciated. Contact me at hoo Don’t forget to donate to Nifty. We need your help! *************** The Prime Minister of Southern Britain, Cain Gallagher, sat uncomfortably at his desk while reading confidential briefings about current world affairs. He was finding it difficult to concentrate due to the fact that he was currently in heat. As a super-carrier he was used to the strong urges to procreate, yet he had been trained in the military to resist such feelings. Some recruits were better than others at refraining, but Gallagher had managed to overcome lustful thoughts ever since his election win nine years ago. Being such a disciplined leader was partly what had led to his huge success and carrying multiple lives inside his womb whilst leading a nation would be an unnecessary distraction. Since Scotland had been lost to rebel clans, the rest of what was once the United Kingdom had needed stability – especially in the new world order of nations. This current heat cycle, however, was the strongest he could remember. Subconsciously, Gallagher reached for his crotch and stroked his semi-hard cock through his trousers, his anal ring twitched slightly. His thoughts drifted away from an update about troubles in east Asia and onto his earlier meeting with the president of the African Union, Kwame Jafari. He had been meeting the leader at a formal state dinner to discuss future events and a potential trading deal. The African Union was a global powerhouse which had prospered since the crisis and now had huge clout in world politics – much more than Southern Britain. The Union was also a dictatorship, ruled by Jafari and his large family. At the dinner table, Gallagher was sat opposite Jafari and his son, Zane – the next in line for leadership. The president and his son were both tall, muscular, ebony-skinned men and well-known super-donors. It was rumoured that they had both fathered hundreds, if not thousands of children in Africa. The thought of this made the prime minister’s hole twitch once more. `I have to shake off this feeling,’ he thought. Gallagher was accompanied by many other politicians at the dinner, so the event was very formal and serious, yet he couldn’t help receiving constant eye contact with Jafari and his son. He could tell they were interested in more than just a trade deal. Every now and then, Zane Jafari would lean into his Father and whisper something into his ear whilst maintaining eye contact with Gallagher. The president would then glance over to the prime minister with a nasty grin, looking him up and down, like a tiger surveying its prey. He was definitely being checked out by them. No one else seemed to notice. Gallagher could also smell an exotic but intoxicating scent. These two were certainly super-donors. It was distracting to him. At the end of the meal the men had chance to talk more casually over drinks and cigars. Over a whiskey, President Jafari suggested the trade deal could be discussed in private with the prime minister – the two governments had been left in stalemate after 3 hours. Gallagher accepted the offer and had invited Jafari and his son to meet later in his private quarters of the government building. This was an unconventional step, but Gallagher felt unusually reckless. His deputy prime minister had taken umbridge with this invitation, but Gallagher quietly overruled him and insisted that his bodyguards would be waiting dutifully outside if any trouble or deceit was to arise. Since the crisis, politics worked differently, diplomacy was now a different ball game. Democracy was more distorted than it had ever been. Gallagher was a relatively young leader of 39 years. He wasn’t like the old-world politicians. He was 5’11, with shoulder-length red hair that was scraped up into a man-bun. His skin was milk-white, and he was smooth all over. He had a tight stomach, strong jaw and piercing blue eyes. His beard was short and perfectly trimmed. His physique was toned and muscular, something he had maintained since his military days, yet not as large as he used to be back then. He resembled the actor Richard Madden but with a darker edge, his expression always serious and brooding. Cain also had a perfectly smooth and ample bubble-butt that was admired by his fellow politicians and adversaries alike. He also had strong, stocky, muscular legs which he had inherited from his Irish maternal father. The prime minister shuffled irritably in his chair; his tailored suit felt tighter than usual. His thoughts again went to the Jafari’s, imagining what might be hidden under their perfectly tailored suits. His ring contracted and let out a dribble of juice. `Oh shit.’ Thought Cain. Releasing pheromones five minutes before the Africans were due to arrive was not ideal. `They’re coming to discuss a better trade deal and a stronger relationship between our two nations,’ he lied to himself. He went to the cabinet and poured himself a single malt whiskey to calm his nerves. As he downed the whiskey, he could feel another dribble of fluid drip from his hole. ‘Is it too late to cancel?’ thought Gallagher. He shook his head. ‘Discipline yourself, Cain,’ Gallagher said to himself, sternly. He grabbed a tissue, put his hands down the back of his tight trousers and wiped the fluid. As he wiped, he felt a tingle of pleasure. He moaned softly and then swiftly threw the tissue in the bin. Gallagher waited patiently for a few more minutes. He composed himself and shook off the distracting feelings using breathing techniques he had learned in the military. The phone on his desk rang, the prime minister went to the desk swiftly and pressed the receiver button. `The president and his son have arrived, prime minister.’ Announced Gallagher’s secretary through the speaker. `Send them in, Jones.’ Replied Gallagher. The door was opened from the outside by one of the bodyguards who stood either side of it. President Jafari entered first. A man of 51 years, he stood at 6 foot 5, broad-shouldered, muscular, with extremely dark skin. He was in good shape for a man of his age, with a balding, shaved head. His jaw was wide and square, eyes dark and glinting. Zane Jafari entered after, not as tall as his paternal Father but still towering over Gallagher at 6 foot 3 inches. Jafari Junior was almost a carbon copy of his father but much younger at 21 years and with a slightly lighter shade of dark skin. His frame was bulkier, much more muscular. ‘He must be on steroids,’ thought Gallagher excitedly. Both men were dressed impeccably in tailored suits, the president in dark blue, his son in dark green. Unlike his father, Jafari junior lacked a tie and his top three buttons were undone, showing a glimpse of his bulging, sculpted pecs. He was even more handsome than his father, with a dazzling smile, his teeth perfectly white. Jafari junior also had a shaved head, showcasing his beautiful ebony skin. The two men both resembled a young and older Tyson Beckford, a model of the old times before the crisis. konyaaltı sınırsız escort `Nice to see you again, President, Mr Jafari,’ said Gallagher as he shook each of their hands. Both returned the shake firmly, their hands were huge compared to his, making him feel slightly intimidated. `Likewise, Prime Minister. We’re both very pleased you invited us,’ boomed President Jafari in a deep voice and heavy accent. The door closed behind them and Gallagher gestured to the leather couch in the centre of the grand office. At the same time the intoxicating aroma of donor-scent drifted towards him. His nostrils flared, his pupils and anal ring dilated. His hole dribbled some lubrication. `Oh fuck, no,’ he thought. `Please, take a seat,’ Said Gallagher. The two men took each side of the smart leather couch, their bulky, large frames took up most of the space. `Care for a scotch?’ Asked Gallagher as he went to pour a whiskey without needing a reply. `Ah, excellent, yes,’ said the president. Jafari junior nodded and smiled sexily. Gallagher poured the drinks, handed them to the two men and sat down on an armchair, directly opposite them. `So, the trade deal, President. Where would be best to start?’ Asked Gallagher as he sat coolly on the chair. `Your office is very beautiful, prime minister,’ said Zane, bluntly, looking Gallagher dead in the eyes. `Almost as much as you.’ President Jafari grinned and gave a barking laugh. Gallagher was shocked at the boldness of Zane. `I think you know why we’re here, Mr Gallagher,’ said Jafari. `My son is a huge admirer of light skinned men and boys. Especially with red hair. And so am I. He’s been asking to accompany me to England since he knew the trip was planned. And when he saw you today, and smelt your delicious carrier scent… well, a father must get his favourite son what he wants.’ President Jafari lay back arrogantly in his seat, he rubbed his sons’ leg briefly and also rubbed the absurd lump under his trousers, his legs wide and displaying. The two men were now rubbing their cocks through their trousers and smirking. Cain Gallagher gulped, hard. He was lost for words. `So, how about it, Mr Gallagher? We share each other in this office and maybe we can come to… a satisfactory trade agreement…’ said Jafari, rubbing his crotch. Gallagher hesitated. His hole leaked more juices. His own, 6-inch member hardened. He got up, walked to the door. And locked it. `That’s a good boy, Mr Gallagher. Now take care of my son. He’s not planted his seed for 3 days… which I think is a record,’ said the president with a laugh as he sipped his whiskey. Jafari junior undid his pants and pulled out a thick, 11-inch uncut cock. `Oh, my goodness. Fuck.’ Said Gallagher out loud without thinking. `Come on Mr Gallagher, let me see how skilled you are,’ said Jafari junior as he lay back and sipped his whiskey. `Such a handsome man… and a with a beautiful fat batty,’ he said referring to Gallagher’s chunky bottom. `Yes, sir,’ said Gallagher as he got to his knees. All thought of control, of who he was, of any discipline, was lost. He was in heat and that was all that mattered in this moment. He took hold of the black cock and hungrily sucked on the large, hooded head, covering it in saliva. It was huge. It was fortunate that he had a big mouth, he thought. He bobbed up and down, pushing the throbbing black cock as far as it would go down his throat. He could only get half-way down the shaft but Jafari junior moaned in delight. In between slurps, Gallagher looked over to the president who had also released his member. It was even bigger than his son’s. Gallagher removed his mouth from the young man’s cock and looked up at Jafari as a glob of saliva dripped from his short, ginger beard. `Oh my… Please, let me have it, Mr President,’ pleaded Gallagher as he looked up with wide eyes at Jafari who was viewing the blow-job with enjoyment, stroking his humongous solid cock slowly at its thick base. President Jafari’s cock was the biggest Gallagher had ever seen. Around 13 inches, with a slight bend upwards, uncut with a large foreskin and charcoal, black skin. The president and his son both chuckled. Gallagher scooted over and immediately engulfed the huge cock in his mouth. The president lit up a cigar and puffed on it lazily as the prime minister sucked and slurped, hungrily. With the cock in his mouth, Gallagher artfully pulled off his, shoes, boxers, trousers and blazer so that his bubble-butt and naked legs were exposed to the air. He twisted the tie around his neck so that it didn’t get in the way. His two hands wrapped around the bottom 8 inches of the huge penis, with 5 more inches available for Gallagher to engulf within his rose-pink lips. Zane moved over next to his father so that the red-haired slut could now stroke his huge prick at the same time, his other hand wrapped around the president’s. He dutifully gave attention to each cock for a short time, bobbing up and down on one then switching to the other, from father to son, then son to father. They sighed, appreciatively. `Yes, that’s a good boy, Gallagher. Get these cocks nice and wet. We’re gonna knock you up good,’ Said Jafari in his thick, African accent. `We’ve heard you’re a super-carrier,’ just think how many beautiful babies we’re going to give you today.’ He sighed deeply as Gallagher groaned with a mouthful of cock. At hearing this, Gallagher’s ass-lips spluttered out some carrier-lube. It dripped down his ass crack and onto his thighs. `Baba, I think Mr Gallagher is ready for us,’ said Zane to his father as he stroked his huge penis. `Let’s take our clothes off and get more comfortable,’ said the president. The three men hastily stripped. Gallagher removed his shirt and tie and was now naked, balanced on his knees. He watched with wide eyes and mouth agog as the Jafari’s got to their feet and removed their clothes, piece by piece. President Jafari was in even better shape than Gallagher had imagined. Smooth all over, apart from a few curly black hairs at the base of his cock, he had well-developed shoulders, a modest six pack and rounded, bulging pecs with large nipples. His waist small, a V-shape tapering down to his humungous cock and his legs which were lithe and muscular. His balls were also huge and pendulous, hanging 5 inches down between his legs. Zane Jafari was very much the same but with more youthful, shining skin and much more bulging muscle due to help of steroids. His pecs were swelled massively and perfectly shaped, with large, dark nipples. His had a perfect, rippled 8-pack. ‘Like what you see, prime minister?’ Said Zane as he stroked his cock and moved forward toward Gallagher. ‘Myself and my father like to keep in shape for our carriers. Mmm, yes, we’re going to give you some strong, African genes today’. ‘Yes, sir. I can’t wait,’ said Gallagher lustfully. Globs of spit and precum were dripping out one corner of his wet mouth which matted his beard hairs. He held his mouth open, ready to suck again. President Jafari moved next to his son, they put their huge dicks together as Gallagher attempted to fit the two cockheads into his mouth. The two tips just fit. ‘Yes, such a good, white slut,’ said Zane. ‘White boys are always the hungriest, aren’t they, Baba?!’ mused Jafari junior konyaaltı türbanlı escort as he stroked his cock at its base. Jafari nodded in agreement, he puffed his Cuban cigar and then passed it to his son as Gallagher continued to suck on each cock desperately, from one to the other. The president reached for the hair-tie on Gallagher’s man-bun, he pulled it free and the wavy red hair fell down, almost reaching his shoulders. Not many men could pull off long hair, but the prime minister was masculine enough to make it work, with his muscular frame, strong jaw and beard complimenting it. Yet this exposure of his locks slightly feminised his appearance, something which delighted Jafari junior. ‘Such beauty, Baba, his hair is magnificent,’ said Zane as he reached for the red locks. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the prime minister aggressively, deeper onto his cock so that he chocked. At the same time, another glob of carrier-lube squelched from Gallagher’s now swollen man pussy. It released more pheromones into the air, Jafari senior inhaled deeply and let out a deep sigh. ‘Time to get this slut ready, son’, said the president. ‘Get onto the couch on all fours, boy, it’s time to loosen you up,’ he ordered. The prime minister hastily moved to the couch in the centre of the room. His rested his forearms on the back of the couch and his knees on the cushions. He wiggled his smooth bubble-butt in the air and looked back towards the men. `Yeh. I’m ready, sirs,’ said Gallagher. `Need so bad to carry, it’s been too long. Please, fill me up,’ begged Gallagher and his manhole puckered and dripped lubrication. The powerful, usually cool prime minister was lost to a needy, hungry bottom waiting for potent seed. The two men sniggered at the desperation as their cocks pulsed and dripped more pre-cum. As super-donors they were used to this kind of behaviour from carriers in heat. But coming from a powerful man it was slightly pathetic yet immensely erotic at the same time. They were amused. Gallagher was a super-carrier. Who knew just how many babies they were about to give him? `Okay, son, you break him in gently. Doesn’t look like the boy needs loosening but I think he would like it,’ said Jafari. Zane knelt down behind Gallagher and pulled the man’s cheeks apart with his large, black hands. He stuck out his long tongue and nestled it deep within the prime minister’s puffy ass-lips, savouring the juices. The president moved to behind the couch and presented Gallagher with his 13-inch, rock-hard member. Gallagher opened his mouth eagerly and let out a high-pitched moan as cock entered his mouth. For a minute or two the three men enjoyed the sensations. Gallagher pushed back into the face of the 21-year-old, bucking into the darting tongue and trying to get it deeper into his hole. The president grabbed a handful of Gallagher’s red hair and pulled his mouth as deep onto his cock as possible, face fucking the handsome, muscled man. Jafari Junior then removed his tongue and began to enter one large finger after the next into Gallagher, fucking him with them slowly until he could fit in three, then four. `I think the prime minister is ready for my seed, Baba,’ said Zane to his father. He removed his fingers and slapped the pale, white ass-cheeks. The prime minister moaned again and began to twerk his smooth cheeks so that they jiggled slightly. `I’m going to give you many babies, prime minister.’ `Fill him up son, then it’s my turn. He won’t know who’s the father of who in the litter we’re about to put in him,’ said Jafari senior as he puffed on his cigar. The two men laughed. Gallagher could only respond with groan as his mouth was full of cock. His man-pussy responded for him and squelched out a copious amount of carrier-juice lubrication. Jafari junior lined up his cock head to Gallagher’s swollen hole and slowly entered the head. He began to slowly push his large prick into the prime minister. The president’s dick slipped out of his mouth. `Oh yes, fuck me sir, fill me up, please. I want you to knock me up so badly,’ said Gallagher as the 11-inch cock slowly sunk into his dripping hole. Jafari Senior slapped him around the face with his huge cock as Jafari junior started to fuck him deep. The dark ebony skin of the 11-incher contrasted starkly with the pale, white skin of the carrier. The two large men pummelled the man, both his holes filled to the hilt. Zane grabbed Gallagher’s red hair and pulled his head back forcefully while he fucked him deep so that his father could lodge his cock deeper into his throat. Gallagher moaned loudly like a bitch. It was fortunate that the room and door had been soundproofed! Jafari junior repeatedly pulled his cock almost out of the hole then rammed it back in, balls deep. It battered Gallagher’s hole, in, out, in, out. He grabbed the ass-cheeks tightly with his large hands and picked up his pace. `Can’t last too long…,’ said Zane, breathing heavy. `You ready for your first Jafari seed, Gallagher?’. `Yes, Daddy, plant it deep. Give it to me… Give me them babies… soooo good… oh yes,’ moaned Gallagher as Jafari Senior’s cock briefly fell from his mouth. The president quickly plugged it back in. `Yes, that’s it, son, impregnate this slut,’ Said President Jafari, excitedly. Zane Jafari grabbed Gallagher’s hips tightly and shoved his cock in deep. `First set of triplets, coming up. Ooooh yes. Fuck! Fuck! Yes!’ Shouted the young, muscular man as he shot deep into Gallagher’s guts. He hit the white man’s g-spot, triggering the prime minister’s cock which spunked its contents onto the leather couch. Young Jafari slowly pulled out his cock with a plop, it was still fully erect. Some seed dripped from the prime minister’s puffy man-cunt and dripped down his crack. `My turn, son,’ said Jafari senior, removing his cock from Gallagher’s mouth. The two men swiftly swapped places. `Clean it,’ demanded the president’s son to the prime minister. Gallagher fervently sucked the huge cock covered in his own ass-juices and globs of cum. At the same time, the huge, older black man lined up his ginormous prick to the now gaping, sloppy hole. It sunk in easily after being broken in by Zane. `Ahhhh, now that’s what I’m talking about,’ said President Jafari happily as he eased the cock in. `Ooooh, it’s so big! Please be gentle, Mr President… oooooh, oh yes,’ whined the prime minister as the big dick hit his sweet spot. `Gentle for now, boy,’ said Jafari as he began to fuck slowly, grabbing the red skin on Gallagher’s hips where his son’s hands had previously gripped tightly. Jafari picked up the pace, fucking the man’s swollen pussy. Gallagher moaned as he dutifully cleaned and sucked the other huge cock. Like his son, Jafari hadn’t planted his seed since arriving in the country. His cock was particularly sensitive. As he drilled his cock in and out, a bit faster each time. He knew he probably wouldn’t last for more than a 5 minutes. He slapped Gallagher’s butt cheeks, leaving angry, red marks as he picked up speed and started to ram harder. He grabbed the man’s long hair, pulling his head back and drilled his cock in deeper. Jafari junior’s cock fell out of Gallagher’s mouth. The prime minister started to moan loudly, enjoying the pleasure and pain that came with the penetration of konyaaltı ucuz escort a 13-inch monster cock. Zane Jafari crouched down to Gallagher as started to kiss him, passionately. `Yes, boy, you take this cock well. Such a natural carrier. Ready for some more Jafari seed?’ Asked Jafari senior to the slut sandwiched between the two black cocks. `Yes, Mr President. Impregnate me. I want them so bad… haven’t carried in so long,’ said Gallagher in between kisses with Zane. Zane then stood up and shoved his cock back into Gallagher’s gaping mouth. `Yes Baba, give him some triplets. It’s our speciality isn’t it?’ Said Zane to his father with a grin. The president nodded arrogantly as he fucked harder and deeper. After a few minutes his balls pulled up tight and his seed began to unload into Gallagher womb. He muttered, deeply in his native tongue as his legs shook and quivered. `Yes… oh yes… fuck. Take this seed, boy,’ sighed Jafari as he shot his final spurt of spunk and began to slow down the pace. He gradually pulled out his still erect cock. The now angry, red hole leaked even more spunk. Jafari junior removed his cock from Gallagher’s mouth, moved to the other side of the couch and crouched down to the prime minister’s leaking cunt. `Stay there,’ ordered Zane as Gallagher began to move. He pulled the man’s cheeks apart, tightly, pushed out his large tongue and lapped up the spunk and juices of the gaping hole, eating the mixture of both his own and his father’s seed. `My son loves to clean up his carriers,’ said Jafari junior, proudly as he sat down on the couch, lighting up his cigar and sipping his whiskey. Gallagher moaned gladly and pushed back onto the man’s tongue. After Jafari Junior finished lapping up the juices he patted the ass-cheeks of Gallagher, appreciatively. `Good boy,’ he said to the carrier. He got up and sat on the couch with a pleased expression. The prime minister got up, moved over to his clothes and picked up his underwear to get dressed. `What do you think you’re doing prime minister? We’re not finished with you yet,’ said the older Jafari as he exhaled a cloud of cigar smoke. The two men were both stroking their still-erect dicks. `Oh…’ was all Gallagher could muster. His hole twitched again, and his carrier instinct kicked in. Time for round two. `Hop onto my son’s cock, boy, we’re about to give you a Jafari special,’ said the president. `What the fuck is a Jafari special!?’ thought Gallagher, puzzled. He was being a good submissive carrier, however and didn’t question his donors. Zane Jafari grinned slyly as the prime minister approached him. He reached down to his jacket on the floor and pulled out a small bottle of lubrication from its pocket, opened it and covered his lengthy cock, then passed it to his father. `We didn’t need this before, why now?’ Thought Gallagher, still with a baggy, dripping hole. He got onto the couch a straddled young Jafari. He balanced over the young man. `Let Daddy help,’ said Jafari Senior as he went behind Gallagher and helped line up his son’s huge cock with the prime minister’s tender hole. Gallagher relaxed as his anal ring slowly descended onto the rock-hard black cock. He moaned lustfully, leaned into Jafari Junior and leaned in to kiss him again, passionately. A good 8 inches were now in. `That’s a good boy,’ said the president, encouragingly. `Now for another,’ he added. The older Jafari placed the tip of his lubed-up cock at the already engorged hole. Gallagher pulled away from the kiss. `What? No! I can’t… You’ll rip me to fucking shreds!’ He exclaimed. `Shut the fuck up you slut!’ Said Jafari senior as he slapped Gallagher’s bubble-butt hard and then put his large, ebony hand over the prime minister’s mouth. He pushed his thick cock to the ring, pushing in his monstrous cockhead against the dripping anal ring. `That’s it, open up for your Daddy. Such a good boy.’ Purred the president in this deep, thick accent. Gallagher screamed into the hand. He could do nothing but relax his battered anal ring as the prick pushed through. The anal ring gave way and the massive black prick slipped in against the other. Gallagher’s muffled scream turned into a lustful moan as the two thick cocks crushed his g-spot. `Yes, that’s it, that’s the ticket!’ said Jafari as he pushed a few more inches into the carrier’s guts. Gallagher’s mind was blinded by pleasure and pain. The massive, powerful African man crouched artfully behind the smaller, redhead, picking up speed, fucking harder and pushing deeper. He grabbed onto Gallagher’s hair tightly, pulling back his head. All three men were connected by a lustful drive to procreate. Jafari junior moaned in delight as his father’s cock slid against his own. Gallagher’s eyes rolled back into his head. His cock erupted sperm onto the young man’s 8-pack beneath him. Jafari senior continued to artfully fuck his cock, pulling it almost out of the stretched hole then drilling it back in. ‘Baba, do it faster, I’m going to cum!’ said Zane Jafari to his father. ‘Are you ready for more babies, Mr Prime Minister?’. ‘Mmmmmm, yes, give me more seed, Daddy… give me triplets… quads, FUCK!’ groaned Gallagher as Zafari senior removed his hand from his mouth. ‘Yes, oooooh fuck yes, so tight… here’s the seed. I’m cumming!’ shouted the younger Jafari as he unloaded again into the grateful carrier. Gallagher’s hole began to squelch and leak spunk as the president continued to fuck, now ramming his cock in harder and faster than before. ‘My turn now! Get ready for some more babies, boy. Daddy wants to make sure we get you those quadruplets you want,’ said Jafari senior deeply. His huge balls pulled upwards as he gushed a fourth, heavy load of little swimmers into the submissive prime minister’s womb. ‘Yes, yes, fuck, so tight!’ he said, loudly. He slowed down, exhaled and then slowly pulled out of the ruined, puffy, sloppy hole. Gallagher, exhausted, slowly pulled himself off the other huge, wet cock, being careful to keep as much seed in his wrecked hole as possible. He walked over to the armchair, wincing as he went due to the sore man-cunt he now possessed. He carefully sat down opposite the two big, muscular men. They sat in silence for a while, catching their breath. President Jafari broke the silence. ‘So, the trade deal, Prime Minister. I’m now positive we can come to a tremendous arrangement,’ he said to Cain Gallagher with a devilish grin. ************************************************** 8 weeks later the prime minister lay on a hospital bed, a doctor held an ultrasound device to his slightly bulging stomach. ‘Well, Prime Minister, I’m happy to say you’re expecting a rather large clan. Extraordinary. I’ve only ever seen this once before!’ said the doctor, delightfully. Cain Gallagher gulped. ‘How many, doctor?’ he said, apprehensively. ‘Nine!’ exclaimed the doctor. ‘One set of quads, one set of triplets and one set of twins! Congratulations!’ He then noticed the worried look on Gallagher’s face. ‘Don’t worry, Prime Minister! We’re used to handling large pregnancies here, we have many super-carriers that sometimes have 8!’ Gallagher arrived home later that day. He only had 3 months left of his term as prime minister. ‘Maybe it was time for a change,’ he thought to himself as he proudly rubbed his growing belly. An invitation had been given to him the day before to stay in the Congo with the president of the African Union. He had certainly left a lasting impression on them. His cock hardened at the thought. ‘Yes, time for a new direction,’ he thought. After decades of refrain, it was time for him to become a full-time super-carrier. He rubbed his erection and began to daydream, lustfully.

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