The Troublemakers

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It’s been a while since I last wrote something, and that did not feel good at all… I’m truly grateful to @NewOldGuy77 and @RiverMaya for their constant motivation and encouragement. I consider myself fortunate to have received that support.

I hope you enjoy this story. Please let me know what you feel about it.

All the characters are eighteen years or older. References to any artistic works in this submission are made as a tribute to the original works without intending to infringe the owner’s copyright. Any other resemblance, which this work of fiction bears to any person/place/event, is purely serendipitous.



[A happy trouble, a very happy trouble…]


“You see the way Dad is looking at Mom, right?” Rach asked Dan.

“And Mom too.” Dan added.


“Do you think it’s the anniversary fever?”

“Do you think Mom and Dad need a reason to fuck the shit outta each other?”

“Rachel Swan! Those are my parents you are talking about!”

“Don’t be a prude now Danny. You are incompetent to be a prude. You are a perv!”


“Yeah? What else would you call a person who spies on his parents fucking and then relays it in graphic detail to his big sis!”

Dan did not have an answer to that. The impish grin on his face at the time pretty much conveyed his acceptance of the accusation.

“I have an idea…” Dan proposed as the beginning of an idea had started to take shape in his “evil” brain.

“I’m all ears.” Replied Rach whose brain was equally “evil”.

“You know that Mom is not on the pill, right?”


“And how Dad always uses a condom…”


“Hey, now who’s being a prude?” Dan asked, and got a punch from Rach.

Rach, however got the scent of his idea. “It’s their anniversary-“

“-and they are going to definitely make some hot sweet love-” Dan continued.

“-and if we can somehow deprive them from any kind of access to any kind of condom-“

“YES!” Dan exclaimed.

“YES!” Rach concurred.

The sibs then looked each other in the eye, held the gaze for a few seconds, spoke in a language only they understood and shook hands on an “evil” plan as they wore shit-eating grins on their faces.

Long story short, on the day of their anniversary Graham and Georgia, Rach and Dan’s parents, ended up enjoying a very hot date (guess who planned the “hot” date!) and when they scrambled their way to their bedroom and couldn’t wait to ravage each other, they found no condoms! They did not have the patience to get a condom, and hence proceeded to make intense passionate love bareback! Again, and again! All night!

The passion that night was extra magical.

The pill never agreed with Georgia, so she never used it. And while they hated having a rubber between themselves, Graham and Georgia had resigned to use a condom. Now chance of pregnancy at their ages was virtually impossible, but the power of love transcends the realm of all possibilities and probabilities… so one can never be too sure!

It was not for nothing that Graham and Georgia called Rachel and Daniel “The Troublemakers”!


While Rach and Dan continued causing a little bit of trouble here and there, the parents were nonetheless happy as their children did good for themselves and were more or less, despite their juvenile-ish nature, looking at a settled future.

Graham and Georgia had taken an early retirement and having enough savings to splurge, were trying their hand in investing in the commodities and derivate market – and to the surprise of their children were doing really good for themselves.

The only thing, of course excluding the troubles “The Troublemakers” would occasionally cause, to worry about in the Swan household – if “worry” was assumed to be the right word to describe the situation – was that Rach and Dan were still living with their parents and were not yet married and “settled” in personal life as well. But Graham and Georgia didn’t stress on it as their children seemed happy and content – something which they did not see in the men and women the age of their children.

During their free time the sibs were virtually inseparable and would always scheme something or the other – always looking to do something fun. That’s the way it’s always been with the sibs. They weren’t overly affectionate or even overly competitive, but they were close, and completed each other, in a much more real sense. Rach had Dan and Dan had Rach. While they never verbally acknowledged or even discussed this, they definitely felt it deep down in their souls. Maybe that’s why they never needed a companionship of another person; or when they did, it never felt as fulfilling.

The Swan household was a happy household. And it was about to get happier.


Rach had finished her work for the day, just like Dan, and as expected was hanging out with him in her room. While Dan was busy typing something on his phone, Rach was sinop escort checking the status updates (those which disappear after twenty-four hours) on WhatsApp.

One of the updates caught Rach’s eye and she had to let Dan know.

“Danny look at this!” Rach exclaimed.

“Yeah Rach.”

She showed Dan series of updates from her friend Jennifer. In the first one, Jennifer and her sister Jessica were kissing the cheek of their brother Jasper at the same time. In the second one they wrote a very sentimental message proclaiming how much they love Jasper and no one else more than him. It was then followed by a series of selfies titled with cheesy dangerously romantic captions.

After Rach and Dan finished going through the updates, then saw each other in the eye, communicated in the language only they understood where not even one word was spoken, and started laughing like two possessed mad men tightly holding on to their respective tummies.

Public display of sentiments and affection and all cheesy saccharine romantic things were something the sibs always found funny. They never resented it or were repulsed by it; just that they found such things very amusing. And they always shared a healthy laugh over it.

Their shared hysterical reverie was broken when Georgia called them for supper.

Before taking Rach’s leave, Dan proclaimed in an exaggerated way: “Oh Rach, my lovely big sister, how much I love you-“

Before he could even complete his sentence, a pillow hit Dan squarely in the face and the sibs shared another round of manic laughter.


It had already been four hours since the Jennifer, Jessica and Jasper WhatsApp update incident, but Rach and Dan, as they lay in their respective bedrooms, were feeling very restless.

Rach was surprised that she was jealous of Jennifer and Jessica doting on their little brother the way they did. While she earnestly believed that no sibling could ever share what she and Danny shared, but she felt sad that she never was affectionate with Danny like that. She had decided that Danny definitely had earned her affection for being that sweet-annoying-pain-in-the-ass-bestest little brother.

Strangely, while to the eye of a normal person those WhatsApp updates would have felt a bit uncomfortable as the sibs appeared to be “too close”, but Rach strangely felt a warm glow in her tummy when she revisited the updates and thought of Dan.

Dan always felt he was lucky to have Rach, but he did always lament not showering Rach with the affections she deserved. He never confessed it even to himself, but Dan knew, despite how he mocked romance, at heart he was a hopeless romantic. He strongly felt that romance isn’t something which is done by people in love, rather romance is a way of life.

While he wanted to decide that he would shower Rach with the affections she deserves, but being that sweet-annoying-pain-in-the-ass-bestest little brother, he decided to tease her relentlessly – to indirectly shower the said affections.

While these decisions were made, the sibs couldn’t sleep. And knowing each other too well, they correctly concluded that the other sib wasn’t asleep yet. However, it was Rach who made the first move when she texted Dan, “You awake?”

Dan sensing an opportunity to implement his decision, texted back, “Why will I not be, did my big sis kiss me goodnight?”

Rach laughed like crazy after reading that message. She did not reply, however, she decided to actually kiss him goodnight! She slowly made her way to Dan’s room.

Since it was around one minute since Dan sent the text, not receiving any response from Rach triggered a mild panic in Dan. He was afraid that he might’ve taken liberties which he did not have the right to take.

However, when he heard the room of his door open, he was pretty sure that it was Rach, and all his anxieties evaporated.

Rach silently approached Dan’s bed, and kissed his cheek softly and said: “Good night sweetheart!”

Upon feeling the touch of Rach’s lips on his cheek and hearing the word sweetheart, Dan’s body went into a frenzy. His heart was beating at thousand miles a minute, he felt his face burn and ears getting hot, his cock became painfully hard.

The feel of Dan’s cheek lingered on Rach’s lips. Her body went in a frenzy in a similar manner. Her pussy was misbehaving in the most beautiful of ways.

As she started to retrace her steps, she felt Dan hold her wrist. Dan quickly got on his feet, gently held Rach’s chin and planted a kiss on her cheek as well, and softly said: “Good night my darling little big sister.” Dan was shocked as to how he got the strength to do that, but he was so happy that he did. He just wanted to tease Rach a bit, but he also wanted to show his affection.

Rach’s body betrayed her after what Dan did. Same was the case with Dan.

The sibs’ eyes met after that and they shared a nervous naughty giggle, as they understood how they ended up teasing each other.

She escort sinop ruffled his hair and wished him a good night and left his room as he wished her the same.

The sibs, that night, had a peaceful sleep which was beautifully restless.


Things were moving normally in the Swan household. “The Troublemakers” continued causing troubles for example not drying the dishes after washing them to irritate Georgia, or hiding Graham’s iPad, or changing the Wi-Fi password frequently and other similar things which amused the “grown-up” sibs.

The relationship between the sibs was also slowly experiencing a change. Unbeknownst to both Rach and Dan, or maybe known to them deep in their hearts all along, the sibs started craving each other’s physical closeness. They already were used to being in close physical proximity of each other for many years now, but they never consciously craved it that way.

They hugged each other, kissed each other, told each other how much they loved the other, held hands, played footsie and what not. And all of that under the garb of “teasing” and mocking Jennifer, Jessica and Jasper by use of irony. It was a nice excuse the sibs had!


On one of their off days from work, the sibs visited a park. They strolled around for an hour or so chatting mindlessly like they always do before spreading a blanket at a quiet-ish place and laid down.

However, unlike their regular visits where Rach used to lay down opposite to Dan where she can prop her head on her elbow and the sibs can continue their mindless chatting, this time Rach laid her head on Dan’s chest over his heart and lay in a perpendicular position to him.

Rach then took one of Dan’s hand, held it and intertwined their fingers, then started softly stroking his knuckles with his other hand. Dan then started running the fingers of his other hand through Rach’s hair and she purred and enjoyed receiving Dan’s affections. She felt his heart beating faster and this intimate-ish position felt amazing to her, just like it did to Dan. They lay like this for fifteen minutes or so revelling in the each other’s affections.

Then Rach softly spoke. “Danny, why don’t your relationships last long? Why have you stopped dating? Why don’t you find a girl and get married?”

“Where are all these questions coming from, Mum?” Dan quipped.

“You buffoon, am just curious…” Rach muttered.

“Well to be honest, I never felt happy in any of my relationships. Never felt something real enough to make a commitment. I never let my partners down though, despite my issues. Never did anything to hurt them or make them feel unwanted. Just that something always felt missing. I always felt incomplete. And had I tried to suppress it and then to try and work on my relationship and myself, I’m sure I would have broken the hearts of my partners and in the long run would’ve ended up hurting them. And that I can’t do Rach. It would get suffocating for both of us… I just can’t…”

“Wow, never knew you felt like that. Thanks for sharing it with me, I guess. And for the record before you ask me the same question, please note that I completely echo your feelings on the subject.”

“Hey, I wasn’t going to-“

“Please Dan, I know you since you were pissing and shitting in your diapers! You were so going to ask that!” Rach cut Dan before he could complete what he was saying. And when Dan didn’t reply to her, she felt him smile and beamed in pride feeling how well she knows her little brother.

Dan, similarly, felt lucky that he has someone in his life who understands him totally; like knowing what he’s gonna think, and why he’s gonna think what he’s gonna think; having someone know him those many layers down was a luxury. No other girl knew him like that; made him feel like he was lucky like that; before whom he can be truly vulnerable without any fear; with whom he could be truly intimate; making whom happy would feel like the purpose of his existence, just like how seeing Rach happy makes him feel worthy…

Just then Dan had an epiphany.

He suddenly was able to reconcile his thoughts. He finally was able to put the missing piece in the puzzle that his relationships were: when Rach understands him like no one ever does, and when his happiness feeds off of Rach’s happiness, all the years growing up having Rach as his partner-in-crime, how can any girl take that place? How can any girl rule his heart when a queen in the form of Rach was already ruling it?

At that moment he experienced happiness like he never did. He also experienced a different sort of conflict, but he knew when all that matters to him is his big sister, then those conflicts can go fuck themselves.

He suddenly removed Rach’s head from his chest and embraced Rach tightly by placing his head on her shoulders, intertwining their legs and placing his hand on her tummy.

“What are you doing Danny?” Rach whispered as she ran her fingers through Dan’s hair.

“What? sinop escort bayan can’t I get some kisses and cuddles from my big sister?” He said making puppy dog eyes.

“Oh, of course you can but before that you have to say how much you loooove your big sister…”

In a light effervescent mood, Dan then found a passionate intensity he never found, embraced Rach tighter, brought his lips closer to Rach’s ears and said: “I love you Rach, I love you so much.”

Rach knew though they were teasing and stuff, but at that moment what Danny was saying was the truest of the truths. She knew Danny brought her happiness like no one else ever did, but she acknowledged that to herself for the first time. She knew she can love no one the way she loves Danny, and no one will ever love her the way Danny does.

“Say it again.” She whispered kissing Dan’s hair.

“I love you so much Rach…”


“I love you so much Rach…”


“I love you so much Rach…”

“Darling, I will invoke my big sister privileges and have you to say that all your life.”

Dan felt funny being called as “darling” by Rach. “Darling, then I shall keep saying it till my last breath…” he replied.

He kissed Rach on the cheek. She did the same to him. Their eyes met and they shared another one of their manic laughter sessions. But the profoundness of this particular one was amazing and they both felt a magic happening.

“Come on young man, now time to get home.”

“Aye Ma’am.”

The bond between the sibs now had a beautiful spark of electricity.

Reconciliations are cathartic. Catharsis sometimes is a source of energy. In this case, electrical energy!


That evening that electricity was making itself known. The sibs seemed to tacitly acknowledge that something more than a brother sister was going on between them. The environment was charged and their talks were loaded. Both of their hearts were beating with purpose and it was almost like they were beating in sync with each other and more importantly for each other.

Graham and Georgia had planned for a week’s vacation and had left for the airport after dinner that night. Destiny was planning something for the sibs.

Dan planned for a movie night that evening.

Rach surprised Dan by not sitting beside and snuggling to him like she usually did, but plopping straight on his lap and locking her arms around his neck.

Dan was quick to wrap his hands around his sister’s waist and hold her tight. The hardening of Dan’s cock was felt on Rach’s upper thigh. Both the sibs felt it. Rach was the first to acknowledge it.

“Pervert!” She said.

“What? I have a beautiful girl on my lap… so why does relishing that closeness with her make me a pervert?”

“Yeah, because the girl in question happens to be your own sister!”

“Well that makes it way less complicated. Trust and faith of the girl is already earned and now the boy can make his move!”

“You goof! It makes it very complicated. Beautifully complicated…”

Nothing was said after that as the movie had begun. However, while the sibs were watching the movie, Rach was playing with Dan’s hair, hugging and cuddling with him and during the same time Dan was drawing imaginary figures on Rach’s tummy.

Once the movie was completed, the sibs discussed the plot points, fan theories, easter-eggs, references, deep dived further into certain aspects of the movie, just the things they always did after watching a movie together.

Even after the post movie discussion, Rach did not drop off of Dan’s lap, not that he wanted to of course. Dan placed his head near Rach’s shoulder very near to her chest and she had her arms wrapped around him. Neither of them wanted this moment to ever end.

Rach let go of Dan to study his face and looked at him. Dan looked at her as well. Their gazes lingered. Their embrace felt holy. How can something so holy, so spiritual can be viewed so damned…

Their eyes were locked with each other for another fifteen seconds or so, before the sibs started furiously blushing and smiling. Rach turned a bit and then straddled Dan. She started playing with his hair and stroking his cheek. Dan meanwhile wrapped both of his arms around Rach’s waist tighter and started nuzzling her neck with his cheek.

The smouldering heat emanating from Rach’s nether regions was felt on Dan’s painfully hard and throbbing cock. None of the sibs spoke and just felt complete with each other revelling in the beautiful intimacy they were sharing.

Rach gently cupped Dan’s cheek and started stroking his moustache. Rach then realised that she was feeling so good and thought about that aspect of being complete in a relationship that Danny was talking about earlier. She never experienced fulfilment of this kind anywhere else before.

She wanted to express the host of emotions that were going through her, but words weren’t coming to her. However, she suddenly remembered Dan’s favourite song and started singing:

“Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find

That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time-“

Dan experienced a wave wash over him at that moment and felt goose bumps all over his body. He then joined in and then the sibs sang together:

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