The Ultimate Trust


They had an incredible relationship. Tricia had only known this man a short time, but there wasn’t a thing she would deny him. He awakened so many feelings long ago forgotten.

Tricia was far from insecure, success had found it’s way into her life more than once. Blessed long ago with intelligence and charm, now only her beauty surpassed her charismatic personality. She set about carving out a career for herself once in the ranks of the gainfully employed. Respected and revered by both clients and coworkers for her dedication and drive, Tricia was also admired by her male clients and coworkers for her feminine charms. While petite, she had a striking presence. Long curls framed her beautiful face and brown eyes, cascading well down her back. Only a hint of her figure came forth from her wardrobe. Only a hint of her ample cleavage, only a glimpse of her tanned thighs, and one could only imagine how her firm bottom looked without its traditional attire. Tricia starred in more than one of her male coworkers’ fantasies, although they never let on except in their hearts.

Tricia met Davis at a corporate function and at once, all her professional demeanor vanished. He looked right through her, deep into her soul. Not an incredibly sexual being, the feelings Davis stirred with his gaze confused her. Tricia suddenly behaved like a school girl. Laughing out loud at his jokes, touching his arm to accentuate her points in conversation, this was not her normal behavior. While always friendly, rarely did Tricia display her affection for a man so brazenly. His effect on her bordered on intoxicating. She only wanted to be closer to him.

That first night Davis took her places she had never been. Tricia had been with men before, but his hands on her body sent her to the moon. Forever burned on the back of her mind was her orgasm that evening. The rest of the details escaped with it’s intensity. She remembered being undressed by him, his large hands caressing her searing flesh. She remembered his lips on her, all over her, trailing soft wet kisses as she squirmed with delight. Davis took her so completely that she could never hope for more. She only remembered his soft kiss as he left her, and his scent on her pillow.

The relationship progressed rapidly from that first night. They spent every waking moment together. Fortunately he took his career as seriously as Tricia did hers. While their time together was never enough, the desire mutually felt ran deep. Stolen moments on the phone during work, frantic love making in the early morning, that last kiss good-bye never seeming to end, not a moment passed that Davis wasn’t in her thoughts. Her desire for him knew no bounds, Tricia was mere putty in his hands, eager to try anything that would please him.

It was during one of those frenzied encounters that Davis first touched her there. His lips danced over her folds, his hands teased her nipples to torture, Tricia was right on the edge. One of his hands slid down her ribs and around her behind. She felt him gently caress her firm bottom as his lips and tongue serviced her. Tricia was not accustomed to being touched there, but for some reason it added to her pleasure. Only when his fingers found her cleft and trailed lower did she become distracted. He broke her concentration, Tricia could not figure out why he was touching her like this. It was the taut bud nestled in her soft curls that cried out for his touch, her opening gushing with sweet dew that craved his attention. Both of his hands were on her bottom now, grasping each globe firmly. Tricia felt his mouth leave her throbbing nub and trail wet kisses down her furrow. Only when his tongue touched the tight rosebud nestled between her firm cheeks did Tricia stiffen. Before she knew what she had done, she was bolt upright on the bed, pushing his face away from her. Tricia hugged her knees to her naked breasts and looked back at Davis. “Please don’t ever touch me there” Tricia said, “You can have every inch of me but that.” Davis tried to comfort her, asking her to relax and trust him. That touch had shaken her deeply, the moment was gone.

Davis knew better than she ever would how much pleasure they could give each other. Before Tricia had invited him to her bed, she had never had an orgasm by a mans mouth. She had only had two other lovers in her life, both as inexperienced as she. Tricia had been an avid pupil, willing to try anything with the promise of pleasure. Davis only desired to please her more, to take her to greater heights. Her enthusiasm vanished so quickly it only increased his resolve to prove her wrong. Tricia would experience this pleasure with him. Knowing how apprehensive she was, he summoned up all the patience in his being. The only way to go beyond this barrier was to make her ask for it, make her beg for him to pleasure her in any way he desired.

Davis avoided the subject for weeks after that, not to mention avoiding her bed. Tricia had become accustomed to their frequent encounters, and felt frustrated at their escort service sudden absence. She knew that he still adored her, things must have gotten crazy at work. Davis still held her close in stolen moments, still kissed her the same way. But when it came time for the passionate coupling she had grown so fond of, an excuse always reared its ugly head. Davis promised a weekend just for them, away from all the distractions of the world. As Tricia became more and more frustrated, the thought of this encounter was all that got her through the day. She counted the days, unable to wait to finally feel him next to her again. Her memory of the night he touched in her most intimate place was gone, Tricia never made the connection, however Davis had not forgotten. A plan took shape in his mind, Tricia would beg for his touch. She would beg and have no control over where he touched her. Everything had to be perfect, but first Tricia had to be beside herself with desire. The weeks of waiting had seen to that, he made the arrangements for their getaway.

Tricia received a call at work the day before their meeting. Davis told her that packing would be a short job, for all she needed to bring was her personal effects. All clothing would be brought for her, and she would be picked up from work on Friday afternoon. He knew all the right things to say to her, Tricia anticipated the weekend, the unknown igniting a flame deep inside her.

The call came late on Friday afternoon, her car was waiting. She gathered her things, just her purse and a small overnight bag. Tricia wasn’t sure where she was going, but after all the waiting she was ready for anything Davis had in store. Tricia was surprised to find the car empty except for the driver, and promptly asked after her Davis. The driver provided no information, only that he was to take her to an exclusive hotel downtown. Tricia settled back and enjoyed the ride, along with the champagne chilled and waiting for her. Half of the bottle had disappeared by the time she arrived, and she exited the car on shaky legs. The doorman knew her, although Tricia had never seen him before in her life. He called her by name, and called for the bellman to escort her up to her suite. This was too much, being pampered like this, she reveled in all the attention.

As the door to the suite opened, Tricia was startled to find someone waiting in the room for her. Not the person she had anticipated, but a young woman, again calling her by name. The bellman set her bag down on the bed and disappeared. The young woman introduced herself as Maggie, and explained that she worked for the salon in the hotel, and was here for her. Tricia was to have a massage, but only after her bath. This turn of events was not what Tricia was accustomed to. She was used to being in control, calling her own shots. Things were so lovely, so perfect that Tricia could only consent. Maggie showed her to the bath, already drawn and waiting for her. She excused herself while Tricia disrobed, and reentered when she had submerged herself in the bubbles.

Having another woman in the room while she bathed should have made Tricia feel uncomfortable. But Maggie was so sweet, it was just like having a little sister there. Maggie poured her more champagne and asked if she would like a manicure. This was really too much, but none the less Tricia complied. She sipped champagne and relaxed while Maggie administered to her work. Finishing the job with a scarlet polish that set the rosy glow of Tricia’s flesh off nicely. Maggie handed her a towel and told her she would be waiting outside when she finished. Tricia admired herself in the mirror as she dried herself. The champagne had given her a rosy glow on the inside, and now the bath had done the same for the rest of her. She could get used to this, she decided, now the only thing missing was Davis.

When she exited the bath, she found Maggie setting up a small table in the suite. Wrapped only in a towel, Tricia waited patiently. The bath had relaxed her nicely along with the champagne, this would only wash away the tensions of these past weeks completely. Maggie asked her to get on the table, and lay face down. She kept the towel tightly clasped around her while she climbed onto the table. Maggie started on her shoulders, pausing only to reach for some scented oil. Tricia’s eyes were closed now, basking in the glow. She slowly descended into a fog as Maggie’s small hands worked all the tension from her body. She thought of the evening to come, Davis, and how long it had been since she felt him next to her. Maggie rubbed every bit of that oil into her flesh, leaving her skin as silky as the day she was born. From her shoulders down to her ankles, Tricia had been touched and caressed. Maggie had not intended to touch her in a sexual way, and Tricia did nothing to let her know that she had become aroused. But Maggie’s soft hands on her body had reminded Tricia how long it had been since another had touched her. When Maggie had finally finished, Tricia london escorts felt the pressure of her waiting, her nipples throbbed, her thighs tensed to quiet the desire there.

She rose from the table to find Maggie pulling some packages from the closet. Remembering that Davis told her he would provide her wardrobe, she rushed over to see. Maggie sighed as she removed the garments from the package. There was not much here, but just enough for an intimate dinner and evening with a man like Davis. All the garments were white, virginal almost except for how they were cut. A bra, really a half bra, all lace and satin, along with a lace and satin pair of white g string panties. A garter belt and lace topped stockings completed the set, not to mention the pumps, heels higher than she had ever seen in her life. Maggie opened the last package, oohing and ahhing over the tiny white silk robe. She joked that this probably not would be on for long, but that she was to put it on nonetheless. Tricia excused herself to the bath to try on her new attire, and Maggie waited. When Tricia returned she felt sexier than she had ever felt in her life. Her skin was as smooth as the garments caressing it. The lingerie was tight, but not uncomfortable. The bra hugged her breasts snugly, and the panties were securely nestled in her cleft. Her legs looked longer than ever, and the heels while not her usual footwear, complimented her ensemble decadently. Maggie whistled, telling Tricia to open the robe. Tricia blushed but complied. As the soft silk slid off her shoulders, Maggie told her how incredible she looked. Tricia was not accustomed to feeling this way, so confident in her body. Clad from head to toe in lace and satin, she turned to admire herself in the mirror. The short robe barely showed the lace tops of the stockings, and if she loosened it just right, her ample cleavage peeked through the top. Caught up in her new sensuality, Tricia hardly noticed Maggie gathering her things. Maggie wished her luck for the evening, and again told her how sensational she looked. Tricia went to grab her purse, planning to tip Maggie well for her pampering. Maggie waved her off, telling her that Davis had more than taken care of her. Maggie was gone but a moment when a knock came at the door again.

Greeted by a room steward pushing a huge cart, Tricia stepped aside to let him in. The cart was piled high with silver serving pieces, roses and a small white envelope. Before Tricia had a chance to look at the card, the steward set about setting up the meal. Davis was on his way, so the card said. Tricia felt so much passion building in her now that she could hardly wait. The steward placed her roses on the table, and set the crystal, china and silver for their dinner. He pulled a chair out for Tricia to sit, and admired her legs as she crossed them. With that he was gone, and Tricia sipped champagne awaiting her mans’ arrival.

Davis came through the door like the wind, sweeping Tricia up in his arms and kissing her deeply. He filled her arms completely as she parted his lips with her eager tongue. Davis ran his hands down her hips, sliding over the silk robe to the tops of her stockings. She pressed her breasts into his chest and ran one stocking encased knee up his inseam. She could feel his manhood there, ready to fulfill her every desire. He broke the kiss, caressing her cheek gently. As he stepped away to remove his jacket and tie, Tricia remember all the things that had attracted her on that first night. Davis stood a good foot taller than she, he had an intimidating presence that served him well. From his broad shoulders to his square jaw, she loved every inch of him. His dark hair and eyes contrasted well against his tanned face. He returned to her, kissing her softly before he sat down across from her.

While they ate she told him of the wonders that she had experienced since her arrival. Davis only grinned at each detail, for the afternoon had effected her in just the way he had hoped. Now on their second bottle of champagne, and the meal but a memory, Tricia rose and came to him. She sat on his lap and held his face between her small hands and kissed him. He told her how incredible she looked, how she filled out the lingerie so nicely, and how soft and silky her skin felt. He asked her to stand and show him the complete package, and blushing she rose and stepped away from him. Davis sat back in his chair and drank in her beauty. He watched her stocking clad thighs walk away from him, only to remember how high those heels were. She looked incredible, but more importantly Davis thought, she felt incredible. He watched as her crimson painted nails reached for the tie on her silk robe. She looked deep into his eyes as the robe parted to reveal the tiny bra beneath. The white against her tanned skin was striking, not to mention how the lace and satin held her sweet young breasts there for the taking. As the robe slid from her body she turned for him, showing him the object of his desire. The white satin of the london escort g string disappeared in the cleft of her behind, only showing her two firm globes and a small piece of lace in the small of her back. She flipped her long hair over one shoulder and looked back at Davis, to find him staring at her sweet little bottom. She bent slightly at the waist, further pushing back at him with her blushing cheeks.

Davis rose and brought her to the long mirror on the wall and stood behind her. He circled her waist with his large hands and brought his lips close to her ear. He told her how much he desired her, how she excited him. Her arms rose and embraced him around his neck as he kissed and gently licked her ear. She felt Davis’s hands sliding up her ribs now, just below her breasts. She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was slightly ticklish, or just the feel of his hands finally on her, but her nipples suddenly tightened. She could see in the mirror that her hard nipples were pushing back onto the lace of her bra, and each time she took a deep breath, the lace rubbed them wonderfully. Not accustomed to wearing panties like this, she realized now why women wore them. The g string was nestled so tightly against her it was like a satin hug. All she needed to do was move her hips slightly and her taut bud received a little tease. Davis looked into her eyes through the mirror as his hands covered her breasts. She pushed her firm behind back to find him hard and waiting for her. She moved until his manhood was nestled between her cheeks as firmly as her panties. Davis reached for the small clasp on the front of her bra. The lace and satin confinement fell from her breasts. Davis touched her more lightly now, tracing around her breasts with just the tips of his fingers. He caressed every bit of each of her breasts, except for the nipples. She whimpered slightly, wanting him to caress the nipples as he had done so many times before. He however had other ideas, and slowly slid his hands back down her ribs.

He grasped the string of her panties on each hip firmly, pulling the garment further into her folds. She let out a low moan and rocked her hips to meet his gentle tugging. She felt her own hands go to her breasts involuntarily, seeking out her aching nipples. She held her breasts for but a moment when she felt Davis pulling her hands back around to his neck. She pushed her hips back against the panties he held so firmly in his grasp. She could not figure out why he was torturing her so. She had waited so long for his touch, she needed him now!

Her reply came as Davis led her to the bed. He gently urged her onto her hands and knees, pushing her face gently into the mattress. She didn’t want this, she only wanted his kiss on her gushing flower. She complied however, hungry for any touch that Davis might offer. He trailed wet kisses on the small patch of flesh showing above her stockings. When his kisses finally reached the insides of her trembling thighs, she thought that her moment had arrived. She quivered as his warm breath washed over her Venus, she felt a bit of her sweet nectar run down the inside of her thigh. She felt him grasp the string nestled in her cleft again now, pulling it aside gently. He was kissing all over her tight little behind as he pulled the string out of his way, sending little shocks through her each time another of his wet kisses found their mark. Tricia’s flesh was on fire now, she was his for the taking, however he chose to have her.

She felt his lips on the very top of her bottom now, his tongue sliding lower down her cleft. Just as she was about to protest, he reached for her aching nipples. As his fingers closed on her aching nipples, she came, the tension from the last weeks vanishing. When she realized again that his mouth was still on her, the pleasure he gave her was far better than her hesitance to his kiss there. She gasped as his tongue found her little pink rosebud, circling it gently. He still held her nipples firmly between his fingers, rolling them gently. Beyond her own accord, she pushed her tight little bottom back to his mouth. Davis knew he had her now, she craved his touch, but more importantly any touch he chose to give her.

He rolled her over onto her back now, dropping to his knees beside the bed. He asked her to hold her trim thighs open for him and she readily complied. With her nipples still firmly held between his fingers, he dropped his face to service her again. She spasmed violently when his lips touched her folds, his tongue seeking out her aching bud. He lashed it mercilessly, never stopping, never pausing. She writhed in ecstasy under his mouth, grinding her hips up to meet him. When she had finally reached the edge, she felt his hands leave her breasts again. He took her by the wrists and replaced his hands with hers on her breasts. She was on automatic now, she dug her crimson nails into her throbbing nipples as his hands slid down her hips yet again. She felt his hands on her bottom again, while his tongue still washed through every one of her folds, always returning to her aching clit. She felt herself climbing towards orgasm again, from his tongue and her hands. Tricia was almost there when she felt his fingers tracing through the cleft of her behind.

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