Two’s Company, Three’s Chaos Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are 18 or above.




Chapter 2: Come Play Wiz Me




“Now, some of you might be thinking ‘But wait, aren’t some sexual fantasies evil and immoral? Surely we don’t want rapists or pedophiles to embrace their fantasies.’ And you would be right. Yet, as with everything else on God’s green earth, things aren’t as clear-cut as we want them to be, especially in the realm of fantasy. For example, let’s say a man has fantasies about torturing and raping women but does not actually commit any of those acts, or perhaps he practices them in a scene with consenting partners. Then, can we still judge the man’s fantasies as ‘evil’ or ‘immoral’?

“The truth is: what makes sexual fantasies so enticing and arousing is often none other than its transgression of morals. They often represent the dismissal of the limits that we’ve set up for the functioning of society, morals being one of them. When you were a teenager, for example, you might have had thoughts about your friend’s mom or dad or older sibling, even though, or precisely because of, engaging in sexual activity with them would violate an unwritten rule of friendship. I like to say that humans have to care too much. Sexual fantasies allow us to not care, let loose, and revert to our primal, animalistic selves.

“Then, I propose, instead of attaching a value judgement to one’s sexual fantasy, what’s more important is what they do with it. Whether a person manages to keep their fantasies under control or allow them to seep into reality unchecked, that’s the real measure of a person’s so-called ‘morality.’ In reality, most of us manage to keep our fantasies in check, especially the more quote-on-quote ‘evil’ ones. Of course, that also means that when we do get reckless and decide to step over the edge, we are presented with the most fascinating case studies.”




Fuad Hussain likes Gabriel.

He isn’t sure when it happened. He just knows that more and more, he feels drawn to Gabriel. When he watches Luke and Gabriel have sex, his attention is almost always on Gabriel, though he tries not to make it too obvious in front of Luke. He likes the way Gabriel’s taut body moves and flexes. He craves Gabriel’s thick and luscious lips. He imagines Gabriel’s cock sliding in and out of him. What gets Fuad off during their sessions, as he’s come to realize, is Gabriel.

It doesn’t help that the three of them have been hanging out more. Sometimes they’d chat about random things and joke around before Gabriel and Luke get in on. Other times, after they’ve finished cleaning themselves up, Gabriel would stick around for a round of video games, or Fuad would join them for lunch or dinner. Luke doesn’t seem to mind; neither does Gabriel. And even though Fuad knows his feelings might make things complicated, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Gabriel. He’s confident, but not in Luke’s cocky jock way. There’s more of an effortless, exuberant charm to Gabriel, one that Fuad can’t seem to escape.

Fuad has been mesmerized by Gabriel, which is why he’s utterly shocked when Gabriel suggests that they fuck.




“You seem shocked,” Gabriel says.

“B-but you… you and Luke…” Fuad stammers. “You guys are… dating.”

“We sure are. But since I’ve been, say, actively accommodating his needs, Luke has suggested that I also do whatever I want.” Gabriel’s lips quirk into a grin. “In this case, what I want to do is fuck one of the hottest guys I know.”

“Oh, um, that’s… uh,” Fuad struggles to find words. So Gabriel thinks he’s hot?

“Fuad, you like me, don’t you?” Gabriel folds his arms and cocks his head to the side.

“What?” Fuad swears he can feel his heart stop.

“Maybe I’m wrong but something about the way you look at me when I fuck Luke just tells me you want the same… treatment,” Gabriel smirks.

“Um… I, well, you’re… not wrong,” Fuad utters, his face hot with embarrassment.

“Great, because I like you, too,” Gabriel says and takes a step towards him. Fuad instinctively moves a step back.

“You… you do? But you’re with Luke. How can you-“

“Humans can like more than one person at a time, you know, and I happen to like both of you. Emphasis on… you,” Gabriel says as he takes another step. Fuad backs away, but he realizes he’s now against the door.

“But… won’t this make things weird?” Fuad gulps. “Does Luke know you’re here right now?”

“Of course he does. Why do you think I came here while he’s at practice?” Gabriel moves forward, closing the distance between them. Their faces are mere inches apart. So are their chests. So are their crotches.

“Oh, right. That, uh… makes sense.” Fuad says. His cock is chubbing up inside his shorts. If he can, he’d rip konya escort Gabriel’s clothes off right now and jump on top of him, but the shock of the situation seems to have paralyzed his muscles.

“You can say no,” Gabriel puts a hand on Fuad’s chin and tilts his face up. “But I don’t think you want to.”

Fuad swallows. Gabriel’s breath caresses his face with a warm and inviting touch. An intensity fills Gabriel’s eyes as he stares at them.

“If… if Luke is okay with it, then I… yeah.”

“Trust me, Luke is more than okay with it,” Gabriel says with a mischievous smirk. “So, can I kiss you now?”

Fuad nods, albeit stiffly, and closes his eyes. When Gabriel’s lips land on his, Fuad tenses but then immediately relaxes. He lets Gabriel push his body against the door and enjoys Gabriel’s weight pressed onto him. He’s been dreaming of this kiss for weeks, kicking himself out of guilt towards Luke, but now all he wants to do is thank Luke because damn, Gabriel is a good kisser. His lips are thick but soft and juicy, tugging at Fuad with a gentle bite. Gabriel’s tongue works its way inside his mouth with ease and dances with his own tongue in the most sensuous way. When Gabriel pulls away, Fuad is left wanting much, much more.

“Did you like that?” Gabriel asks with a smile.

“Fuck yeah,” Fuad answers breathily.

“Hey, have I ever told you how much I like your beard?” Gabriel says as he rubs a finger across Fuad’s cheeks and chin, feeling his curly, scruffy hair.

“You do? I always thought it’d be better to groom it like yours but…”

“Nah, don’t. It looks good on you and I like how it feels when we kiss. Speaking of which,” Gabriel presses his lips against Fuad’s again. Fuad wraps his hands around Gabriel’s neck as their mouths move together in a steady, controlled rhythm. At some point, Gabriel’s hips begin to grind against him. The friction from their hard boners rubbing against each other sends jolts of electricity across his body. Fuad is just about to reach a brave hand down to Gabriel’s crotch when he feels Gabriel’s arms spin him around. Their lips still tightly locked, Fuad finds himself being dragged across the room, his back ending up on a bouncy mattress.

“Wait,” Fuad breaks the kiss. “This is Luke’s bed.”

“Does it matter?” Gabriel lifts an eyebrow.

“Um… I’m not sure…” Fuad’s voice falters.

“Hmm, you worry too much, Fuad. Sometimes it’s best to just… let loose,” Gabriel says and stands up, the tent in his shorts unmistakable. Fuad stares as Gabriel strips off his tee to reveal his toned body. Fuad has seen it many times, but never at such a close distance. Gabriel’s torso is beautiful, his skin dark and smooth, his chests bulging and his stomach flat. Fuad has always liked how Gabriel’s smaller frame looks against Luke’s bulkier athlete build while they fucked.

“Your turn,” Gabriel tosses his tee aside and lifts his chin up at Fuad.

“Right. Okay.” Fuad sits up and takes a deep breath. As his nerves dissipate, Fuad slowly takes his t-shirt off.

“Nice,” Gabriel says once Fuad’s torso has fully been exposed. “Huh, I just realized that this is the first time I’ve seen your body. You never take your top off when you’re watching us.”

“Oh, um, I don’t really like to show… this off, so…” Fuad says, looking down at his stomach. The truth is, Fuad has never really liked his body. He doesn’t like how skinny he is, nor is he fond of the messy, uneven patches of black hair across his chest and stomach.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I like when you show it off. You’re sexy as fuck,” Gabriel smiles. Fuad feels the butterflies in his stomach flutter through every single vein in his body.

“Thanks. And, uh, you’re sexy as fuck, too,” Fuad says.

A twinkle appears in Gabriel’s eyes. “I can get even sexier if you want,” he says. Gabriel takes his phone out of his pocket and casts it onto the bed, before moving to the waistband of his shorts. Fuad watches the pink fabric drop to the floor, before his eyes shift their focus to one and one thing only.

“Wow,” Fuad swallows. Again, it’s not like he hasn’t seen Gabriel’s cock before, but looking at it up close makes all the difference.

“What do you wanna do with it?” Gabriel smirks, giving his boner a few tugs.

“I, um,” Fuad mutters and scooches forward so that his face is right in front of it. “I don’t think I’ll be as good as Luke though.”

“In that case, practice makes perfect, wouldn’t you agree?” Gabriel says. He puts a hand on the back of Fuad’s head and gently strokes it. Fuad has hooked up with a few dudes throughout college but in general, he’s more of a porn-and-bate guy. Yet, as Fuad feels Gabriel’s encouraging fingers snaking through his hair, he remembers what Luke said about senior year. Time to live a little.

“Mmm,” Gabriel purrs as Fuad takes the head inside his mouth, which immediately salivates. Fuad sucks on it like a pacifier, coating the spongy crown with a seemingly unending stream of liquid. konya escort bayan As Fuad swallows his spit, he notices a strange taste. The realization that it must be Gabriel’s precum excites him.

“You’re doing good. Real good, Fuad,” Gabriel says. “You can go deeper if you want.”

Fuad glances up and sees Gabriel looking down at him with a satisfied smile. Deeper it is, then. Fuad inches his head forward to take more of Gabriel’s cock, trying his best not to graze his teeth against it. About halfway through Gabriel’s length, Fuad feels the tip hit the back of his throat and chokes. Instinctively, he pulls back and starts to cough.

“Hey, you’re good, you’re good,” Gabriel leans down and kisses him on his wet lips. “Just remember to breathe, okay?”

“Breathe, right, okay,” Fuad nods and takes another turn. With slow, steady breaths, he manages to move past that halfway point, letting Gabriel’s hot and hard rod fill his mouth and throat. Before he knows it, he’s already at the base of Gabriel’s cock.

“There you go. Fuck, that feels nice,” Gabriel groans as Fuad’s nose meets Gabriel’s trimmed bush. He clumsily tries to move his tongue around Gabriel’s shaft in his mouth, thinking that it might perhaps feel good. But before Fuad can gauge Gabriel’s reaction, his head is being pulled away from his cock.

“Oh, did I do something wrong? Was it the tongue thing?” Fuad asks, searching Gabriel’s face for a sign of discomfort.

“Nah, nah, that was fine,” Gabriel waves it off. “I was just wondering if I could eat your ass.”


“You do want me to fuck you, right?”

“Oh, right, yeah, totally,” Fuad sputters. “But… I’ve never seen you do that to Luke.”

“That’s because your roommate is a cockwhore who needs his ass to be filled ASAP all the time,” Gabriel chuckles. “Besides, you deserve something… special.”

Fuad feels himself blush. “Okay, so should I get on all fours or…?”

“How about this?” Gabriel says and jumps onto the bed, lying down on his back. “You can sit on my face while you keep sucking me. Sounds good?”

Fuad’s eyes widen at the straightforward suggestion. “Yeah, sounds good.”

“Nice,” Gabriel flicks his chin at him. “Take those shorts off and get over here, then.”

Fuad does as Gabriel says and quickly removes his shorts, his hard cock springing forward. He turns to straddle Gabriel’s chest and carefully moves backwards, looking back at Gabriel as he goes. The similarity to backing up a car into a parking spot almost makes him snort.

“Fuck, you got a nice ass,” Gabriel grabs Fuad’s cheeks as they make contact with his chin. “Luke is smooth all over but gotta say, I do love myself a furry hole.”

“Oh, uh, g-glad you like it?” Fuad says. Why does every compliment Gabriel gives him makes him weirdly nervous?

“Ever got your ass eaten before?” Gabriel asks, his index fingers tracing around Fuad’s opening.

“Yeah, but that was in, like, sophomore year.”

“You’re in for a ride, then,” Gabriel says. Then, Fuad feels a tongue swipe across his hole. It’s one simple lick, but it’s enough to make Fuad’s eyes roll to the back of his head.

“Fuck!” Fuad gasps. He didn’t expect that he was so sensitive down there. As Gabriel continues to lap at his opening, Fuad’s thighs squirm and his torso descends on its own. When his face meets Gabriel’s cock, he remembers his task and puts the engorged member back into his mouth.

Yet, Fuad finds it difficult to focus on the job at hand. Every few seconds, Gabriel’s cock falls out of his mouth to make way for Fuad’s moans. Gabriel’s tongue is strong and lithe as it swirls against the ring of muscle and pokes into his hole. It’s like Gabriel is awakening his long-untouched nerve endings with every flick of the tongue. Unable to keep sucking Gabriel no matter how hard he tries, Fuad resorts to licking instead, whimpering as his own tongue travels across Gabriel’s length and spins around the head of Gabriel’s cock.

“Damn, you’re gonna be a fucking tight fit,” Gabriel says as his tongue leaves Fuad’s hole and in its place, a wet finger enters.

“Oh shit,” Fuad moans as Gabriel pries into him, his thick digit pushing into the hallway of muscle and rubbing against spots Fuad didn’t even know existed. Fuad finds himself again unable to control himself, his tongue giving up on licking Gabriel’s cock and his head falling onto his forearm. Now, Fuad can only keep his hand on Gabriel’s shaft and lightly stroke it while he sputters with yelps and groans. It’s as if Gabriel truly has Fuad wrapped around his finger.

“Fuck me… fuck me…” Fuad hears himself saying. His cock is twitching against Gabriel’s chest, while his ass feels like it’s ablaze with need. The need to be filled.

“Easy there, baby. You’re gonna get hurt if I fuck you right now,” Gabriel says. Another finger manages to worm inside, but Fuad can tell that there’s barely any space left. Still, he feels the walls of muscles being stretched open as Gabriel escort konya presses into him, his fingers forceful and deliberate.

“Fuck yeah… fuck me…” Fuad continues to moan while his hand mindlessly pumps Gabriel’s cock. Gabriel was right. He does need to just relax and let himself be overcome by pleasure.

Fuad hears a soft chuckle. “Damn, you’re just as impatient as Luke, huh? Two fucking cockhounds in the same room together,” Gabriel says.

“Yeah… cock… need cock…” Fuad says. He’s drooling onto his arm. His mind is blank.

“Hey, Fuad!” Gabriel calls out and pulls his fingers out. “Snap out of it!” he says, then Fuad feels a pair of hands slap violently against his ass cheeks. They sting as Fuad snaps back into attention.

“Huh? What?” Fuad lifts his head and turns around. Gabriel is grinning at him.

“You were like a fucking zombie, man. It’s hot but I had to wake you up,” Gabriel says. “So that I could ask you how you want to take me.”

“Huh? Oh, right,” Fuad blinks and shakes his head. “Sorry about that. Your fingers are… magic or something.”

“Oh, these things?” Gabriel holds up the fingers that were just inside Fuad. “They’re alright,” Gabriel says and puts them into his mouth, looking directly at Fuad as he sucks on them. Fuad almost creamed right then.

“Now,” Gabriel says once the fingers are out of his mouth. “How do you want me? You can ride me if you want to take things at your speed.”

Fuad considers it, but he knows how he wants Gabriel. Of all the positions that he’s fantasized about, one always stands out to him.

“No, I want you to fuck me. Doggy style,” Fuad says.

“Ah, so that’s why you were so eager to get on all fours earlier,” Gabriel throws him a smirk. “Alright, I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Yeah, I trust you,” Fuad says as he moves into position. Gabriel follows his lead and kneels on the mattress, cock aiming right at his hole.

“Wait, lemme get lube.” Gabriel gets off the bed and runs to Luke’s desk, retrieving the familiar bottle from a drawer. Fuad realizes that they’re about to fuck on Luke’s bed using the lube that Luke and Gabriel usually use with each other, but he doesn’t dwell on it. If anything, he’s turned on by what’s about to happen.

When Gabriel hops back on the bed, Fuad hears some sloshy sounds, then feels two slick fingers slide into his hole. They wiggle around inside him, coating the folds of muscle with the cold, slippery substance before pulling out. He is now ready.

“You don’t know how much I’ve been wanting to do this,” Gabriel says. Before Fuad can answer with ‘Me too,’ Gabriel has already begun his entrance and all that comes out of his mouth is a sharp gasp, followed by a deep groan.

Gabriel has indeed prepared him well. Though it’s been a long while since he last bottomed, Fuad doesn’t feel that stinging or burning sensation, only pleasure. Gabriel sinks into him with a single smooth thrust, like two puzzle pieces that fit right into each other. Fuad feels full and complete. His dream of having Gabriel’s cock inside him is finally reality.

“Fuck… feels… so fucking… good,” Fuad moans as Gabriel begins to slide in and out of him. Each movement Gabriel makes sends his brain into overdrive, it seems. Just like before, Fuad feels his muscles slacken and his torso sink down into the mattress. His elbows are now on the bed, his face planted into the sheets, his back arched like a well-trained whore to take Gabriel’s cock.

“Damn, you don’t know how sexy you look right now, Fuad. Taking my cock like a fucking champ,” Gabriel says, putting a hand on Gabriel’s hips while he continues to make deep, thorough pushes. Gabriel isn’t being rough, but Fuad feels his light, lanky body shaking and banging against the mattress with every thrust. If Gabriel were to pick up his speed, Fuad thinks, he’d turn into some kind of rag doll, a mindless sex toy for Gabriel’s perusal.

“Your ass is fucking amazing, baby. Mmm…” Gabriel purrs. “You like my cock, Fuad? You’ve been dreaming about it, haven’t you?”

“Fuck… yeah… so good… fuck me Gabriel,” Fuad grunts. Gabriel’s cock feels hot and heavy inside him, much like the current state of his own dick swinging between his legs.

“I fucking knew you wanted me, Fuad,” Gabriel says, pantingly. “I always see how you look at me when I fuck Luke. You never look at him. It’s always me you’re checking out, yeah? Checking me out and wishing you could take Luke’s place on my cock.”

Fuad whimpers into the mattress, lost in pleasure. Sounds are emitting from his mouth, but he can’t tell if they’re even forming words.

“Does it feel good, Fuad, huh? Does it feel good to finally get to live out your fantasies about me?” Gabriel taunts. Fuad feels the hand on his hips reach for his cock. He jumps to attention as Gabriel wraps his fingers around it.

“No, don’t!” Fuad calls out. “I’m gonna cum if you…”

“Cum, then,” Gabriel growls, his hand pumping Fuad’s cock with a firm grip. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep fucking you after you cum. Might even make you bust a second load. Or a third one, who knows?”

“Oh, fuck… Gabriel… I can’t… I can’t hold it in…” Moans after moans escape Fuad’s lips. He doesn’t even think about the fact that he’s about to cum on Luke’s bed. He just needs to cum.

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