Victoria Justice – Playboy shoot

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Victoria Justice – Playboy shootI couldn’t believe it when I got the call.It was something that most every straight man walking the face of the Earth, and certainly in the States, would kill for, and I was going to get the chance to do it.I’m talking about getting the keys to the “Playboy” kingdom, and everything that goes along with that.You hear stories all the time about people who fall Into a lot of money, or the opportunity of a lifetime in part due to them having a rich, long-lost family member who leaves them that stuff in an inheritance, but I never thought it would happen to me.Until I discovered that my long-lost uncle happened to be Hugh Hefner, and he decided that due to my background in photography and business management, that he was choosing me to leave his empire to.For most people it was a somber moment knowing that the Hef wasn’t in fact going to live forever, but I took the challenge and met it head-on, starting with vowing to my uncle that I would continue the longstanding tradition of getting the biggest celebrities in the world to drop their clothes for the magazine.And the one that they had been after for quite a while at that point had been Victoria Justice.And from the minute that I was put in charge of all things that had to do with the magazine, I immediately started putting the full-court press on Victoria, leaving her messages both on her phone and on social media in hopes that she would take our interest in her seriously and decide to do the right thing by all of her male fans and show them what she was working with.I was working out of my own personal home office one day, talking to my two chief photographers Joe and Mike, when I got a call on my phone from a number that I knew looked familiar.”Hi, is this John? It’s Victoria. “Eye Candy” was canceled, so I have decided that I’ll do the Playboy shoot anytime you’re ready for me,” she told me, waiting for me to pick my jaw up off the floor and respond to her.”I know this was a tough decision for you to make, Victoria. But thank you for trusting me, and the Playboy brand to do this with,” I told her as we talked for a little while longer, setting up the appointment for the shoot for a few weeks later at the Playboy Mansion, which is where I had decided to do all shoots from under my management of the magazine, to help make the girls doing the shoots feel a little more comfortable.When the day of the shoot came, I made sure to close the mansion to anyone who was not to be involved in the shoot, which meant that Victoria would be alone with Joe, Mike and myself for the majority of the day, but she didn’t seem to mind the thought of being alone, and naked, with three horny guys all that much.”Okay, before we begin this shoot Vic, I need to know if you’re comfortable showing everything to the camera. If you’re not, we can discreetly make sure your pussy isn’t shown to the world,” I told her as she looked at the basic layout we had drawn up for the shots.”I’ll show it. I’ll only be this young and hot once, so why not right?” she told me, winking at me in a way that made my cock stand at attention in my shorts as she removed the robe and started walking around the set naked, her firm tits jiggling as she walked and her tight little ass and perfect little pussy visible to us just as they soon would be visible to the world.”God I wonder if she’d be willing to play around with us after the shoot?” I thought to myself as we set up the first shot, which was a nice little shot of Victoria laying spread-eagle on a bed with her smooth pussy slit showing for all the world to see.”And we’re done Vic. Good job,” Mike told her when we finished the first shot, the three of us noticing that Victoria was so turned on by showing her goods to the world canlı bahis that she was fingering herself on the bed, squeezing her legs shut when we told her to get ready for the next one.”UH,” she whispered, fighting off the urge to cum as she walked over to the back wall of the room we were in and took the water hose we had for her.”That’s it Victoria baby. Be nice and playful with the hose,” I told her, chuckling under my breath at what I had said as Mike and Joe took several shots of her hosing herself down with it, which is the shot we were hoping to use for the cover.The rest of the shoot went just as well, with us getting shots of Victoria toweling herself off and standing in a shower stall, as well as a shot of her bending over a chair to get her luscious ass some exposure, and after it was all over with, it was fair to say you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.”Hey boys. Mind if I take a look?” she playfully said to us as she walked over and started looking at the pictures over my shoulder, resting her head on it and sighing in a way that made me think she was in need of some sexual relief.”Damn I look hot,” she whispered in my ear as she looked over the shots, one of her hands finding its way between her legs, “I wish there was some way I could thank you boys for making me look that good.” “I can think of a few ways Victoria. We closed the mansion during this shoot for a reason, you know,” I told her as Joe and Mike looked over the shots, not noticing Vic and I sneaking off to the bedroom upstairs while they decided amongst themselves which shots to use for the magazine.”If we’re going to do this, then you’re way too overdressed John,” Victoria whispered to me as we entered the bedroom, coming up to me and kissing me on the lips as she pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me back down onto the bed.”It made me so fucking horny doing a naked photo shoot like that. And knowing what magazine it was for,” she whispered to me as she crawled between my legs and pulled at my shorts, yanking them down and disposing of my underwear as she wrapped her hands around my cock.”Relax and let me do all the work,” she whispered, both of us getting more turned on by the minute as she wrapped her mouth around my dick and started sucking down on it, moaning the whole time, which only made the experience better for both of us.”GODDAMN. Suck it Vic,” I hissed, my hands running through her hair as she worked over my dick, her head bobbing back and forth on it as she wrapped her hands around it, digging her nails into my ball sack as she sucked down on it.”OHGOD. Gonna cum soon Victoria,” I hissed, throwing my head back as she gobbled down more of my dick, deep-throating me as I lodged my dick at the back of her throat and lurched my hips into her face.”FUCK. Swallow it you horny bitch,” I teased her as she wrapped her hands around my dick again, holding it in place as I came down her throat.”MMM,” she moaned as she swallowed down my load, drinking it down in one motion and allowing me to guide my dick out of her mouth before making out with me again.”I am so horny right now. I need some dick inside me,” she whispered as she lowered herself down onto my dick, both of us moaning when we felt our nether regions making contact with each other.”SHIT. Ride me Victoria,” I whispered as she began to rock back and forth on my dick, throwing her head back as she rotated herself on it.”FUCK. So tight. I’ve been looking at that thing all day. I can’t believe I’m actually fucking it,” I said to myself as Victoria bounced up and down on my dick, her eyes starting to roll back in her head.”OHGOD. There…” she hissed, her body starting to go limp as she drove her hips into mine, my dick thrusting away inside of her as she bahis siteleri started to cum all over it.”Yeah, you cum on that dick, Victoria. Gonna cum soon, baby. Where do you want it?” I asked her, not wanting her to feel like I was taking advantage of the situation I was in as I pounded away on her cunt, her walls squeezing tightly around it as she went limp and struggled to keep her eyes focused on me.”P-pussy,” she softly purred, barely able to get the word out as I gave her one last thrust and blew my load into her, her walls milking my dick of every last drop of my cum as I sent it rocketing deep into her pussy.”OHGOD. Feels so good,” she whispered as I pulled her hips down into mine, filling her up with a few more loads of my cum, feeling her finally slide off of me when I stopped thrusting into her.”Damn that was hot. Maybe you’d like to share some of that with us too Vic?” Mike said to her from the doorway of the bedroom as he and Joe started to disrobe, Victoria laying down on the bed and spreading her legs for them.”Which one of you boys wants me next?” she teased them as Joe came up to her and started making out with her, Victoria wrapping her legs around him as he lined his dick up with her tight cunt and slid into her.”She’s gonna need something to suck on Mike,” Joe told Mike as he plunged his dick into her pussy, Mike coming over and jamming his dick down her throat as Joe started ramming his in and out of her toasty cunt.”MMM,” Victoria moaned as she got fucked by the two dicks in her pussy and her mouth, throwing her legs on Joe’s shoulders to give him the deepest penetration possible of her as Mike fucked her throat just like it was her pussy.”I’m gonna probably need to get at that again when you guys are done,” I said to them as I rubbed my dick, starting to feel like I could go for another few hours as I watched Victoria get double-penetrated.”Not now,” Mike told me as he thrust his hips into Victoria’s face, wanting to focus all of his attention on her as Joe pounded away inside of her and started sucking on her tits.”Cum for me Vic. Gonna cum soon baby girl,” Joe whispered to her as he drove his dick in and out of her, her back arching and her eyes rolling back in her head as Mike held her head in place in his dick.”UH,” she moaned from around Mike’s dick, still sucking away on it, as she came all over Joe’s dick, lifting her hips in the air as he grabbed her hips, gave her a few more thrusts, and came deep in her pussy.”FUCK you feel good squeezing on my cock baby,” Joe moaned as he thrust into her a few more times, shooting a heavy load of his seed into her each time he did, and then finally pulling out of her right as Mike came down her throat.Switching places, Joe took his cum-covered dick and slapped Victoria’s face with it a few times before letting her wrap her lips around it and suck it as Mike parted her legs and slid his dick into her tight pussy.”MMM,” she moaned as she wrapped her hands around Joe’s dick and started slurping away on it as Mike thrust in and out of her pussy, my own orgasm nearing as I watched the two of them continuing to double-team her.”Your body was just built for sex Victoria,” I whispered in her ear, walking over to her and jerking my dick over her tits, “we’re not anywhere near being done with you yet.””UH, OHGOD. Fuck me,” she whispered to Mike before going back to work on Joe’s dick, her back arching and her legs wrapping around his back as she twisted her hips around it.”OHGOD. Gonna cum,” she hissed, her head jerking back as Mike buried himself balls-deep inside of her, her body going limp as Joe placed his hands on the back of her head to hold her in place on his dick.”SHIT. Here it comes Victoria,” Mike whispered as he shot his wad into her bahis şirketleri cunt, both of them moaning out in joy as he filled her pussy with his thick, sticky baby batter.”YEAH, swallow it all baby,” Joe whispered as he shot his down Victoria’s throat, her eyes closing as she started drinking down his cum while Joe planted a few more loads of his cum into her and pulled out.”Bend over and give all three of us some of this ass Victoria,” I whispered to her as she made out with all three of us on the bed, pulling herself together enough to do as we asked her to do as I came up behind her and grabbed her hips as I slid my dick into her ass.”OHGOD. YES. Fuck my ass,” she hissed as I started thrusting my dick in and out of her ass, her hips pushing back into mine as I tore up her backdoor.”OHGOD. Not gonna last too long Vic,” I warned her as I drove my dick in and out of her ass, the pressure that her tight ass was putting on my dick too much for me as I buried it deep inside of her anal cavity and gave her one last deep thrust.”FUCK,” I hissed as I pushed my dick into her ass as deep as I could go, cumming deep within her bowels as she threw her head back and came, squirting out gobs of her cum out down her sexy long legs.”My turn,” Mike told her as he slapped her on the ass and slid into her, thrusting into her a few times as I came around in front of her and slid my dick into her pussy, wrapping her legs around me as we started rocking her back and forth on our dicks as I attached my mouth to her tits and sucked on them.”OHGOD. I’m such a naughty slut,” she moaned as we moved our dicks back and forth inside of her, Mike’s dick filling up her ass as mine filled up her pussy, both of us feeling our orgasms ready to overtake us.”Cum for me Victoria,” I whispered in her ear as I buried my dick balls-deep in her pussy, followed by Mike burying his balls-deep in her ass, both of us rhythmically pumping in and out of her as we neared climax.”OHGOD. Give me your cum,” she whispered to both of us as she came all over my dick, going limp and throwing her head back as both of us started to thrust in and out of her even harder.”FUCK,” all three of us grunted as Mike blew his load in her ass, followed a few seconds later by me blasting her pussy with another load of my cum as her tight body continued rocking back and forth on our dicks until we had both emptied ourselves inside of her and pulled out.”I’m gonna go clean up,” I said to them as Mike came around to Victoria’s front side and parted her legs, sliding his dick into her as Joe came up behind her and slid his dick into her ass.”YES. YES. OHGODYES,” I heard Victoria cry out as Mike and Joe double-teamed her, her ass being stuffed by Joe’s dick while Mike’s beat up her pussy, all three of them losing themselves in the moment.”UH. OHGOD. Cum in me,” she moaned as Mike and Joe beat up her pussy and her ass respectively while I started tidying up the area of the mansion we had used for the shoot (and the sex).”Cumming you sexy bitch,” I heard both of them say to her, Victoria moaning out in orgasm as Mike filled her pussy with his cum and Joe filled her ass with his.While Mike and I got the mansion ready to be open to the public again, we heard the springs on the bed squeaking to their hearts content as Joe fucked Victoria, both of them moaning for another 10 minutes before they suddenly shouted out in orgasm as Joe dumped another load of cum inside Victoria.”Thanks guys. For everything,” Victoria said to us as she wobbled into the main room of the mansion, kissing all three of us on the lips and then leaving the mansion with a copy of all the photos we were going to use for the spread.”No Victoria. Thank you. You were a perfect first subject for the “new” Playboy magazine,” I told her as we walked her to the door and watched her go, all three of us looking at the next name on our list of desired celebs for the magazine and wondering which of us was going to make the first call to her.

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