Subject: What I Saw 25 Here is another chapter. Hope people are still enjoying the series…not sure how much longer it will go on…though I know I keep saying that…this time I mean it!. Please remember this is strictly fiction and don not read if you are offended by explicit content. Lane the film star stayed at my house through the long holiday weekend. He often had a look of dazed confusion on his face and my mother whispered me once when we were alone in the kitchen if I though he was on drugs. I laughed and ld her no…he wasn’t in anything like that. She would have choked if she knew that the kid DID have a serious addiction… cock. My father was only around sporadically and seemed make a point of avoiding the kid. I could see that Lane, despite what I witnessed at the book sre, still was trying get my Dad alone and throughout the next day or so he seemed have a constant semi hard penis. It was with a look of incredible sadness and frustration on his face that Lane boarded the train when my Dad and I dropped him at the station on Monday evening. I knew Lane was heading back the sticks and a prep school where he couldn’t get his insatiable appetite for huge cock and rough trade satisfied. Over the next couple of week I kept my eyes and ears open trying see what my Dad might have up his sleeve. Once I heard him on the phone with someone and I crept close the door of his study listen the one-sided conversation, “…yeah…I know…he’s incredible…I ld you you wouldn’t believe it…how does the footage look?…great…great…are they interested in seeing the kid in another movie?…yeah, I’ve got an idea…give me a few weeks set it up…you up film again…” I heard my Dad laugh,”…yeah this time try not participate and just keep the camera rolling…I gotta keep in uch with the little slut…make sure he’s not getting any action so he’ll be so cock starved and desperate that what happened last time will look like nothing compared the sequel…yeah…I’ll be in uch.” I heard the phone go back in its cradle and I quickly moved away from the door in case he was coming out. When I heard no footsteps I went back and listened again…he was dialing the phone, “…Hey Kid, how are ya? Kid you are like a broken record…again, it’s not my fault you’re the biggest slut this side of the eastern seaboard…yeah, yeah…I ruined you, blah, blah…listen you little ungrateful bitch, I’ve helped you out…three times now I`ve made sure you’ve gotten as much hard man cock as you could handle…well there’s nothing I can do about that…listen I’ve got another proposition for you…you interested? Ha I thought you might be…but you gotta do exactly as I say though…you understand…you want another group thing?” my Dad’s voice got all husky with excitement. “You want a line of huge hard dick all lined up fuck that hot ass and sweet mouth of yours?….good, Kid, good…first things first…STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF RIGHT NOW”…I heard yelling come through the other end of the line…”That’s the deal…starting right now until I set things up no jerking off…no, none…no matter how fucking horny you get…and no hooking up with any of those little school chums of yours…I don’t give a flying fuck, take three cold showers a day if you have …I mean it kid it’s a deal breaker…I have rely on the honor system obviously, but if I even suspect you’re not abiding by the rules, I’ll call everything off…oh it’s going be good alright…YES I plan on having it filmed…why waste your talent…Listen don’t start…Ryan ld me about your “conscience”… about what happened at the book sre, it lasted all of two seconds. He ld me how the minute you knew there was hard cock available you threw your fucking precious morals out the window and acted like the biggest fucking whore around…whatever Kid…you have now been gangbanged how many times? And don’t forget I have one of those events captured on film…so just remember who’s in charge here…I mean you are of legal age but I am sure that pretentious prep school and your snooty parents would still be pretty disturbed if they happened get wind of your budding film career…” I heard Lane’s muffled voice come through the phone, he was obviously pretty upset. “…well then forget it…I’ll hang up and cancel any plans I’ve made…no…no” My Dad interrupted him…”your right it’s o risky…alright kid…good luck getting your needs satisfied out there…no …bye.” I heard my Dad slam the phone down. I froze waiting. The phone rang immediately and I heard him pick it up and then immediately replace it back in the cradle. This happened two more times before my Dad mad shuffling sounds I his study. I fled the hall knowing that he was leaving the room; he walked out and went down the hall living room a mean smile crossing his face. He made lane wait two full days before I heard him take one of the many hang up calls our land line received. I was once again skulking outside the door of his study late at night when I heard him pick up the phone on the first ring, “Listen Kid, I’m not dicking around with you… you either play by my rules or the whole thing is off…yeh?….,ugh shit…I am putting my neck out for you …so you up for making another movie or what? …o.k. then I’ll call you on Wednesday night check in and let you know a few more details…but remember don’t you dare fucking get off…alright… bye.” When my Dad joined my Mom and me in the kitchen he could barely contain his smile. Over the next week I caught him on the phone with both Lane and Ryan a few times. The kid was clearly going insane. One conversation I caught had me so fucking hard I couldn’t believe it. I was outside the kitchen, mom was out somewhere and dad was sitting at the breakfast bar lazily tracing the outline of his cock with his finger as the talked in a low voice on the phone. He obviously didn’t know I was home, “yeah…so I hooked up with this young piece of ass day…rules don’t apply me Whore…yeah I was in a bathroom at the mall…caught the little fucker checking out my dick at the urinal…I don’t know about 19 or 20…hot, lean…clean shaven…preppy looking little college boy…just him looking at my dick made it start harden…the kid gestured the stall and by the time we were in there gether my cock was raging…kid seemed really like my big dick…he was fucking moaning and slobbering all over it in a matter of seconds…yeah…my cock head was so fucking huge and dripping…the little whore was lapping it up…when he finally made me cum I thought I was gonna drown the little fucker in jizz…what?….STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF…NOW! Christ kid, show some self-restraint…you disgust me.” And I heard him hang up the phone. What an asshole…he was teasing the kid mercilessly. About two days later I overheard my dad give him permission edge himself, again being brutal about the fact that if he let himself cum the entire thing was off. Ryan also seemed be getting more and more worked up and though I didn’t catch all the details what my dad had planned, it sounded risky because I heard my dad respond Ryan questions about the police possibly being called. The next phone calls from Lane sounded more and more desperate and I didn’t know how long my dad was going keep stringing him along, but the kid was clearly hurting. Even I could hear it in his voice on those one sided eaves dropped sessions of mine. My own dick was paying a price for this as well. There was something about watching Lane take on a group of men that got me going almost more than all the other scenes I had witnessed and I was edging myself right along with kid until my balls ached constantly, much as I expected Lane’s did. About three weeks after that first conversation, I caught my Dad in his study late one night and heard him whispering on the phone. I crept the door and listened hoping this was it…the time was finally here. “…I know it’ been ugh…but trust me it’ll be worth it Kid…I know the slightest little thought or sensation is causing your cock stiffen and leak like crazy…I know your balls are swollen twice their normal size…but just think about all the hard dick you’re going get…think of all the cum…” I heard a loud moan come through the phone. “Alright listen closely, Saturday at 2pm you need go this address.” I committed it my memory immediately, “It is a theater downwn, he mentioned a bigger city near-by…”they show porno’s 24 hours a day…just show up and do your thing…someone will be there in the back with a camera start filming once the action gets started…really let yourself go Kid…you’ve been holding back for so long…go nuts…yes…I put the word out that there’d be a tal whore there…willing take on all comers…yes…God… you fucking pig…I specified only hung men should show.” He paused, laughing and I heard Lane interject, “Well there’s no guarantee kid but I also called a couple of friends who are willing get the ball rolling…yes it’s open the public and yes someone might call the cops…listen if you get arrested I’ll bail you out…promise..” my Dad laughed. “Well if you think it’s o risky, I’ll post on line right now that it’s a no go…tell all these horny bull studs get off somewhere else…” He laughed evilly again. “Calm down, calm down…just be there at 2 and Kid…don’t where anything o..plicated…if you know what I mean…” That Saturday could not come fast enough. I did my prep work early. I looked the place up on line and truthfully it looked pretty sleazy, a definite hold over from a different era. The place was one of the last surviving adult movie houses around and looked like it was limping along ruin at a pretty fast pace. I made excuses my parents that I was doing a road trip with some friends for the day and left well before 2 so I could get there and find a place watch and not be seen by Lane. The theater was about 40 minutes away from my wn and I was somewhat familiar with it as it was the only big city near us. I parked my car in a parking garage and walked the section of the city that seemed designated adult book sres, strip clubs and dive bars. The theater was down a trash strewn side street. The old cracked marque blared “triple XXX features…all day and night.” Crumpled up newspapers swirled around in the wind at the set back entrance. This place was really a dinosaur; I mean how many people would even go a porn theater any more what with the internet? I went in musty urine smelling lobby and paid for a ticket. The guy working the counter barely looked up I went back behind the counter through a set of swing doors in a dark dank theater. The projection of the movie up on the big screen in front cast the only light and because of the cheap quality of the film even that was pretty dim. There were a few dark shapes I ok be men scattered about the medium sized theater and several heads turned when I walked in. I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea…I was young and if I did say so, not bad looking, but I wasn’t the person they perhaps were waiting for. I scooted up the aisle and ok a seat in the bursa escort corner, second last row…deep in the shadows. I had a clear view of the entire theater and actually my vantage point made use of the little light in the place as I could now clearly see the men sitting in the seats in the rows in front of me. At this point there were only maybe three or four other men in the theater. I checked my watch it was still well before 2pm so maybe more would show up. The men that were there all seemed older…forties or fifties and fairly non-descript. They stared ahead at the screen in sort of glazed attention. For the first time I glanced up at the screen and saw the wering image of a giant penis being fervently sucked on by a heavily made up woman. The speakers blared out muffled slurps and moans interspersed with pops and cracks. I noticed that most of the men had their hands in their laps and poor quality movie or not the hum of sexual energy was in the air. I was sitting there for about ten minutes or so and was shifting around uncomfortably in my seat, my hard on trapped tightly in my pants. My head snapped up when I heard the door open and footsteps coming down the aisle in the theater. I strained my eyes in the dim light then sank lower in my seat when I saw that it was Lane. Holy shit… he was definitely early and absolutely ready. He was wearing a tight undersized powder blue tee shirt and a pair of loose faded jeans. The tee shirt barely reached the waistband of the jeans and though they were baggy around his thighs, there was no disguising that ass. It swelled out filling the faded denim admirably. The short sleeves were stretched tight across the muscles of his arms and the material was so soft that it was apparent that his nipples were super hard. The clear outline of his already fully engorged erection could be seen in the crotch of the pants and I could see the wide white band of his underwear as the loose jeans slid lower on his narrow hips. On his feet he had thrown on a pair of rubber flip flops. He looked obscene…barely dressed and like the whore I knew he was. He hesitated when stepping in the theater and looked around nervously; I shrunk down further in my seat hoping that he wouldn’t notice me. His eyes were scanning the theater…looking for Ryan I assumed. When he didn’t spot him he went up a couple rows and ok a seat mid-way down the aisle. When he sat he spread his legs and stared up at the screen. He sat there staring as the wering erection on the screen in front of him began ejaculate huge jets of semen, great white ten foot arcs. He swiveled his head, looking around and then from where I was sitting I could clearly see him slide his hand his lap and start stroke himself through his pants. It wasn’t long before his chest was rising and falling rapidly and he was clearly already super excited and very nervous. The few men in the theater were hyper aware of him, all were looking at him at this point and not at the porno crackling along on the big screen. I could feel the tension build; men shifted in their seats, mouths began open in soft moans and then suddenly an older man with greying hair a couple of rows behind Lane got up and I gasped, a huge hard-on could be seen bulging out the front of his brown dress pants. He sort of walked hunched over hiding his erection and moved in the aisle with Lane. He at first sat a few seats away, every now and then looking over at the kid. Lane seemed hold his breath… he was so horny…but freaked out being out in the open. He let the hand he had quickly pulled out of his pants stray back his lap and began surreptitiously rub his aching cock through the jeans. The guy was now not even pretending look at the screen he sod up and ok the seat right next the kid. Lane flicked his eyes the man and swallowed hard, his arm resting on their now shared armrest. The guy began ske the huge bulge in his pants while he stared straight ahead. Lane couldn’t help himself he let his eyes drop the guys lap and I saw his breath catch. He was finally near enough hard cock uch it…after weeks of rture. He knew he was supposed wait for my father’s friend be there film but I don’t think he would have been able , even if the man hadn’t just then, reached over and gently guided the boy’s hand on his massive erection that was straining at the front of his pants. Lane groaned and I saw him shiver. His hand rested on the cloth covered mound feeling the heat come through the pants and his eyes closed, overwhelmed with lust. I could see his hand tremble slightly as it worked its way up and down the considerable length of the man’s trapped cock. Lane’s own dick jumped in the faded denim and a dark bead bloomed on the front where his cock head began leak in excitement. The guy stared straight ahead but put his hands down I heard the sound of a snap popping and his zipper being lowered. Other men in the theater were aware of what was going down in the row and a couple moved their seat also get a better view. Now free, the man’s cock was truly massive, it sod at least eleven inches from his lap and the blunt purple looking head was already smeared with a streak of clear fluid. Lane’s hand fluttered over the hot head and jerked back as if it almost burned him. He groaned again and shakily cupped the huge bloated head in his palm smearing precum all over his hand. The older man groaned and shifted around in his seat trying give the kid more access. He arched his hips causing his enormous cock bob and sway from his lap, clearly visible all the patrons in the theater, caught in the bluish cast of light from the screen. Having his cock out exposed and the light uches of the kid’s hand caused a huge bead of precum ooze out and trickle hotly over the taut flesh and slowly trail down the thick veined shaft. The guy still facing forward, whispered, “Hurry up Kid, suck it…get me off.” Lane just moaned and used the flat of his palm stroke up the full length of the underside of the heavy erect cock, his palm shuddering and dragging wetly across the skin. “C’mon…put it in your mouth, Whore…” He whispered urgently. Lane groaned and shifted in his seat. He looked around the theater again and I could see how desperately he wanted oblige this man…but he was nervous and not sure what was supposed go on, Lane had come like direction and he seemed rn, unsure. The older man made the decision for him. He reached up one hand and grabbed a tight handful of hair on the back of Lane’s head and forced his mouth down his lap. Lane had his mouth open and the man thrust his hips up off the seat as the boy’s open lips descended. The huge cock swayed unsteadily and the wet slippery head glided along Lane’s cheek missing his mouth. Lane moaned and reached a hand out steady the base. His fingers could barely get around the considerable girth of the older man’s shaft. Lane’s neck muscles strained against the pressure the man was applying in his eagerness get the kid’s mouth on his rampant cock. Lane stared down at the throbbing, straining eleven inches. He savored the sight of the huge bloated, rock hard head and then acquiesced and let the man force his open mouth on the dripping glans. The man gasped as Lane slid his lips wetly over the head and forcibly flicked his ngue against the frenulum causing the head bloat even more. Lane opened his mouth wide and groaned as he let his lips fully enclose the entire glans. He made a lewd slurping noise and pulled the tight seal of his mouth back causing wet pressure on the man’s coronal ridge. He let the erection pop free of his mouth and pulse wetly against the man’s shirt. His lips were red and were starting get that puffy look. The older man looked around the theater and saw a couple of the men watching intently, `C’mon kid…put on a show for these guys…suck my dick.” He whispered. Lane shifted over in seat, adjusting his visibly erect cock in his jeans with a painful wince. He furtively looked around before ducking his head down and firmly taking the older man’s erection back in his mouth. He swirled his the entire hot wet surface of the interior of his mouth languorously over the huge glans and then tilted his lust filled eyes up watch the man’s face as he slowly, deliberately slid his lips down the impossibly long shaft, inch by inch, the head distending his throat further and further, until his lips were buried deep in the dark thatch of the mans’ pubic bush. The man slammed one hand in the back of the seat next him, causing a puff of dust illuminate in the dim light being cast by the screen. His head was rocked back on his neck and he gasped out, “HOLY FUCKING SHIT…kid…no one has …uhhh…ever taken me that deep…FUCK.” Lane moaned, glorying in the feeling of the wedged in cock, at long last his throat so full of the hot hard shaft. He breathed heavily through his nose as he slid his head back letting the cock slide up the slick channel until just the head remained in his mouth. The shaft glistened with saliva and Lane sucked powerfully on the corona that thoroughly filled his mouth. He let the head slip free and pulse wetly, strings of spit hanging from his lips and then groaned and deep throated the dick fully once again. The men in the theater watched as the boy got in a rhythm of deep long strokes, his mouth gliding up and down the long cock with wet slurping noises. The older man was insensate and was gripping the back of the next seat in one hand and a sweaty ball of Lane’s blue t-shirt in the other causing the shirt pull up and exposing a tans strip of muscled lower back. His cock had, if possible gotten even harder. It was straining and arching back wards his heaving smach and Lane had compensate by angling his head even more as he repeatedly deep throated the erection balls deep on each stroke. The shaft had swelled an amazing thickness and the veins sod out prominently along the entire stalk. The man’s cock positively vibrated and his balls hardened. Lane’s pace quickened as he felt the man reaching the brink. I could see he was desperate for his first taste of semen; his mouth was wet, panting in excitement. The man tipped his sweaty face down, “Kid…ohhh quick…pull off…pull off….I’m gonna cum. “he croaked out. Lane responded by firmly cupping the man’s swollen balls, attempting get him off even faster, and jammed the head hard and deep as far back as it would go. “OHHH…shiiiit!” the man groaned and I could see his balls jump and harden in the kid’s hand as he began fire hot thick ejaculate deep in the back of the boy’s throat. Lane ok a few big shots then let the jerking cock slide free and a heavy splash of cum hit his lips. He moaned at the taste and sank his mouth over the coated trembling head letting, sperm smearing along the shaft, the cum filling his mouth as he held the cock steady. A younger guy, maybe mid-thirties with sandy blond hair and a trimmed beard had been watching from his seat in the same row. He had on a hooded sweat shirt and a pair of baggy loose sweat pants. He was clearly incredibly aroused from watching the kid blow the older man and a wet spot was clearly visible bursa escort bayan on the front of his pants. He sod up now, his pants bulging out obscenely and moved the seat right next Lane. He pushed his back hard against the seat and lifted his butcks easing his sweats down over his ass. His cock sprang free, precum spattering the grey material in the jerkiness of his motions and eagerness free his cock. Lane was still licking cum off the oversized penis of the older man, oblivious anything going on around him. The bond grabbed the kid roughly by the hair and forced his body around so his face was over his lap. The older guy sat up and craned over look, “Ohh nice Kid…another big dick for you…suck him…let me see you blow him.” He said in a low voice. The blonde’s cock sod up straight as an arrow, nine of so inches from his lap. It was flushed deep red and the head was widely flared and a deeper shade then the shaft. His lightly hairy thighs were spread as wide as his shucked down pants would allow and two huge balls rested against the rough fabric of the movie seat. Lane had a bead of semen clinging the corner of his mouth and groaned when he saw the man’s cock. His face was flushed and sweat was already dripping off his nose. He didn’t even pause he just sank his cummy mouth down and deep throated the erection in one smooth fluid motion. The guy in the baseball cap moaned and put two hands on the back of Lane’s head forcing his cock in deeper. Lane gasped and pulled back sucking powerfully on the stalk the entire way. When the man’s cock popped form his mouth Lane rturously lashed his ngue back and forth over the wet spongy head collecting a huge amount of clear precum. There was so much of it that thin streaks striped his chin and one cheek. “Mmmm” he moaned wiping his lips with the back of his hand make sure he got it all. “Suck him Bitch.” The older man whispered gutturally and grabbing Lane’s hair slammed his head down impaling his throat on the nine inches of rock hard cock. The older man ok over now and directed the blow job, guiding the boy’s gasping sucking mouth slowly up and down the full length of the younger guys vibrating hard on deeply impaling lane’s throat on each thrust. After a few intense minutes he pulled Lane’s head all the way off. Lane groaned and tried lean forward, frantic get the hot hard dick back in his mouth. “No…hold on…” He said in an excited voice. “Let him suck those gigantic balls.” He instructed the blond. The blond guy shakily rose up and sod in front of his seat, he pulled his sweats down lower, his shiny dripping erection gleaming in the light from the screen. He was so hard his cock pulsed against his hairy smach in time his racing heart beating as he pulled up his sweatshirt. His balls were truly amazing heavy, round and almost golf ball sized. They hung low suspended in his scrotum; Lane stared at them in lust. The guy grasped his cock right behind the head, holding his shaft out of the way while the grey haired guy directed the boy’s head low those two huge orbs. Lane opened his precum smeared lips wide and captured first one then the other in the hot wet confines of his mouth. The blond moaned loudly as Lane began suck and swirl his ngue around the man’s sensitive testicles. He would trap them firmly and then pull his head back stretching the man’s scrotum as far as possible and then letting the swollen balls pop free. A big dark haired trucker; forty or so with longish dark hair, baseball cap and heavy stubble on his square jaw, moved in the row and ok the seat next the blond watch and wait his turn. He was rubbing the front of his incredibly packed looking faded jeans and murmuring encouragement the trio. The blonde’s legs started tremble and shake. He was close. His cock had lengthened and thickened and the head now looked carved in sne. All the indirect stimulation had served engorge it beyond belief, precum coated the shaft and ran down the balls the boy was lovingly rturing. He was so close…right on the edge. The older guy saw it o…the blond was going shoot any second. “You want his cum, Kid?” the older guy asked quietly. Lane groaned and slowly let the heavy balls slip from his mouth He leaned up and carefully ok the dripping head in his mouth, that was all it ok, the blond let out a gasp and then a loud groan as those huge testicles jumped up tight his body. Lane’s groaned as his head rocked back with the force of the man’s orgasm. He kept the head firmly trapped as his mouth first filled, then overflowed with semen. He couldn’t swallow fast enough and thick ropes of sperm dripped off his chin the dirty floor. Lane had his eyes closed in ecstasy as he swallowed convulsively. He began run his spermy lips tightly sealed, up and down the first few inches of the blonde’s cock and firmly over the shooting head, coaxing the cum out of those huge balls. Finally after what seemed like minutes, the blond finished ejaculating and fell back in his seat, his spent dick flopping free of the kid’s sucking mouth. He hastily pulled up his sweats and eased past the big presence of the trucker and fled the dim theater. Just then as the dark haired guy moved in the now vacant seat and began struggle unzip his pants, footsteps could be heard. I recognized the thin dark form of Ryan entered the theater as he immediately ok in the scene, “Shit Kid…you started already…holy fuck what a pig…How many has he taken?” he asked the older guy still sitting and watching as the big dark haired guy freed a huge cock, the aggressive mushroomed shaped head twice the width of the ten and half inch shaft. The grey haired guy re his eyes off the kid, who was staring in unadulterated lust at the newcomers erection and wiping stray cum form his chin and answered, “Two so far…but he’ll keep goin I’ll bet. Ryan laughed and said, “Shit two…I’ve seen him take on fifteen, sixteen guys and still be ready for more.” All the men in the theater seemed breathe in at once at this. I mustn’t have noticed but there were now two or three more men in the room. I noticed a big black guy watching from a seat up front his hand squirming in his lap and a couple of nervous looking middle aged men in the back as well. This was shaping up Lane’s kind of party. “Trust me with this kid this is just the beginning.” Ryan said and pulled the small hand held camera out the deep pocket of the tan trench coat he was wearing over his tight punk tee shirt and skinny jeans. The older guy’s eyes widened, “You going film this?” he asked incredulously. “Shit yeah…that’s why he’s here…fucking little whore likes be on camera when he’s making a pig of himself…isn’t that right, Kid?” Ryan said smiling at Lane. Lane turned and barely registered his presence. He had a dazed look on his face and I could see that the front of his baggy jeans was tented out with a noticeable wet spot; he was so fucking worked up from sucking off these two men. The dark haired guy was staring at the kid slowly stroking his huge hard on, “You can get him blowing me… I don’t give a fuck…I just want fucking get off…watching the little queer sucking dick had gotten my fucking worked up…I read on line that something like this was going down here…but…” he swallowed, “I didn’t believe it.” his voice throaty. The guy was so eager he gripped Lane by the front of his soft blue tee shirt and pulled him forward, trying get the kid’s hot mouth on his cock immediately. Lane struggled and pulled back. “What the fuck…kid?” the older guy said. The trucker leaned forward getting eye contact with Lane, “You’re going get me off Faggot…there’s no backing out now.” He said through gritted teeth. Lane looked at the big dark haired man and said in hushed nes, “No…I…want…need something else.” He said his voice choked with lust. “What?…You want me fuck you…right here?” The trucker threw his head back and groaned. OH you fucking filthy whore…get me off, Faggot…any way you want…but hurry, I don’t have all day!” Lane looked around at the dark theater, He wanted it so bad, he didn’t care who was watching at this point. The camera man, Ryan was just hurrying get the small hand held on and focused, but Lane couldn’t wait, he was o far gone slow down now. He turned his back on the big man facing the screen and in one smooth motion undid the butn and slid his pants down, he was wearing a jock strap and the thick band and thin leg straps framed those perfect ass cheeks as they shook in excitement. He sod in front of the big dark haired man, placing both hands on the arm rests of the seat, he held himself poised over the man’s lap. The man swore under his breath and used considerable force slap his huge wet cock against the kids trembling ass cheeks. His cock had grown even more since he freed it and it now wered a full eleven inches of hot hard cock for the kid. Lane moaned and I saw a glistening bead of cum fly off the rock hard cock enormous head and spatter against the white quivering flesh of Lane’s ass. The blunt slapping noise of the man’s turgid erection whacking against the kid’s taut ass seemed almost echo through the theater. Lane leaned further forward and tried aim his now exposed asshole at the man’s dick, he was desperate be penetrated. The man would have none of it though, he placed a big hand on the small of the kid’s back pushing him forward and continuing smack his big heavy cock against the kid’s ass, putting on a show for the two or three other men in the theater watching from their seats with burning intensity and for Ryan, who now had the camera trained on the scene capturing every filthy lurid moment. Lane was super excited, I could see the front of the white jock straining against his rampant cock and he had already leaked so much fluid form the excitement of the first two blow jobs that the pouch was soaked through. Lane gripped the armrests convulsively and the man muttered, `What a fucking hot ass…it’s fucking perfect…gonna let me fuck you right here…with these other guys watching…letting this guy film it?” he let his hand slip off Lane’s back and cupped one perfect cheek in his palm, pressing his now sopping wet head in the deep cleft, smearing hot sticky precum directly over the kid’s perfect hairless asshole. He groaned and said, “I gotta fucking taste this!” He pushed him roughly forward and used two big dark hands spread his ass cheeks. Lane’s asshole was shiny and pink…perfect. The trucker leaned forward and extended his fat pink ngue. He formed it in a point and lightly flitted it across the kid’s exposed hole. At that first contact the Lane almost screamed and I saw a thick glob of precum ooze through the webbing of the jock pouch. Ryan swallowed hard and the camera shook. The older guy said, “Fuck yeah…lets loose some of these clothes huh? Whore?” and forcefully pulled the now damp blue shirt over Lane’s head. Lane lifted his arms and let the fabric slide off his body. His back muscles flared out widely from his narrow hips and his chest glistened and heaved in the bluish light. The trucker groaned and slid a big hand up the kid’s back. escort bursa He continued just flick the tip of his ngue over the exposed pink hole over and over. He didn’t push any of its length in or even directly lick it. Lane was so fucking horny he was gong nuts was going nuts with this fluttering, teasing contact and was moaning so loud I thought for sure the ticket seller would hear and come in investigate. The sitting man’s own cock was pulsing in rhythm his rapid heartbeat and a steady stream of precum had pooled between his thighs on the cloth of the seat. He had shucked his jeans down his ankles in his excitement. As the black guy, the grey haired guy watched intently and Ryan filmed the trucker kept up the teasing for another few minutes and then seemed almost lose control. He moaned, “Tastes so fucking good…hot hole…oh fuck!” and began give the kid more and more of his ngue. He would alternate between the fluttering tip and then flatten out the entire wet member and run it up and down the shining pink lips. Lane was stretching his neck over his shoulder watch the big guy tease his ass and he was biting his lips in an agony of pleasure. Soon the man was forcing the full length of his thick ngue deep up in the kid viciously ngue fucking him, and precum was running out of Lane’s cock in an almost constant stream saturating the cloth pouch. The trucker groaned again and ground his stubble covered chin deep in the kid’s ass. Lane jumped and moaned. The trucker slid his big hands down Lane’s smoothly muscled thighs and pushed the kid’s jeans his ankles, never losing the contact between his ngue and the kid’s now spasming hole. Lane looked down and stepped out of the pants and was now standing spread eagle in the theater in just a jock strap while a big burly trucker drove his ngue deeper and deeper in his asshole. Lane couldn’t take it. His whole body tensed and he moaned, “Please…I’m begging you… FUCK ME!” Ryan laughed under his breath and muttered, “That’s my boy.” The older guy gripped the truckers shoulder, pulling his face out of the kid’s ass crack, “Make him sit on your dick.” The trucker sat back in his seat, “You heard the man…you want me inside you…sit the fuck down!” he said. His face was wet with spit and his cock was incredible. It was so big and so hard it was almost purple and that head looked wicked; huge and round and slick with fluid. Lane looked back over his shoulder and spread his thighs. He adjusted his hands grip the armrests of the man’s seat. His arm muscles flexed beautifully. He craned his neck looking down over his drenched swollen jock pouch and pressed those two sweaty perfect cheeks against the man’s heaving chest and then slowly slid down the guy’s body. When the gigantic blunt head butted up against his sopping wet asshole, Lane jumped at the hot contact. He gritted his teeth and brought more of his weight down. A huge drip of almost white precum oozed out the distended piss slit as gravity forced the tip start parting the tight lips of his ass. Ryan zoomed the camera in catch the slow agonizing penetration. Lane’s breath was coming out in huge gasps as his ass opened and the head finally popped in. The kid moaned and his whole body began shake. Ryan moved the camera up a fragment of an inch catch the pouch of the kid’s jock start fill with a huge amount of hot semen, he had waited o long and he was o aroused. The feeling of the huge granite-like head entering him sent him in a powerful orgasm and he continued shoot as he slid further and further down on the man’s huge cock. “Fucking cumming already…what a slut!” the older guy whispered. Ryan said, “That’s nothing he will get off four or five more times…just wait.” Lane had now sunk as far down as he could and the trucker’s balls were pressed tight Lane’s body. The kid had all eleven inches in him; the head was jammed in so far and tight. His head as thrown back in ecstasy and his cock was jerking in the dripping cloth. The trucker groaned, “It’s o fucking tight…I can’t hold out…this is o fucking sick…o hot…awwwww” and his balls began churn. Lane tried sink lower and grind his ass against the man’s testicles get him shoot NOW…deep inside him, but Ryan said urgently. “Pull him off…I want get the cum shot.” “Ohhh…I’m gonna shoot…”The trucker said and gripped Lane around the waist and lifted him up in a convulsive jerk, the kid’s ass slickly gripping his shaft the whole way. When the bloated oversized head popped free, he let go and a big splash of semen arched up and hit Lane’s across a perfect trembling ass cheek. “Oh shit…!” Ryan breathed out as cum continued fly out and spatter the kid’s ass cheeks and lower back. “Shoot some in him.” Ryan said thickly. The trucker guided Lane’s ass back down on his jerking cock head. Lane groaned when the hot sperm began blast his insides and his sank down lower letting the big head fire off deep inside him. The trucker finished his orgasm and roughly pushed the kid off his lap. Lane groaned and slumped over the seat in front of him. His ass cheeks quivered and were dappled with heavy splatters of semen. A big streak striped the heavy elastic waist band of the jock and stuttered up the middle of the boy’s back. Ryan scanned the camera around, making sure get all the hot sperm on film. One of the nervous men, who had been watching, shuffled forward gripping his long thin erection in his hand. He went in the row in front of Lane and said, “I’m going cum.” The older guy reached over and gripped Lane by the hair, “Eat it kid!” he ordered. Lane looked up, his face sweaty and flushed and reached forward grabbing the man’s hips. He pulled him forward and let the man force his cock in his open mouth. As Lane deep throated the erection and gulped down the man’s ejaculate the older guy roughly pulled the wet jock off the kid’s hips and over his feet. Lane offered no resistance he just groaned as the man came in his mouth and Ryan filmed his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed the load. Lane’s cock was jutting out from his bent over body a big drop of cum hanging off the turgid head. The guy finished cumming and pulled out of Lane’s mouth. The kid fell back on the seat and groaned. He was now tally naked, the remainder of his clothes in a crumpled heap on the dirty floor, a light sheen of sweat covered his rounded chest muscles and ran in a rivulet down his ridged abdomen. He lay back in the cloth movie set and spread his legs wide, his painfully erect cock lying hot and sticky against his smach. “Someone fuck me.” He said through gritted teeth. The older black guy who had been watching the whole scene stepped up, his long thick erection bobbing in front of him. Lane let a fleeting smile cross his sperm dappled lips and reached up and ran his hand in a twisting motion up and down the thick dark veined shaft. He pumped his tight fist behind the deeply flushed head and was rewarded with a thick bead of almost opaque precum. He attempted lean up lick it off the man’s cock but the grey haired guy placed a hand on his sweaty chest holding him back. “Ohhh…God…just fuck him…now!” he moaned. The big African American man gripped the arm rests of the seat and looked down between his fully clothed body and the naked kid. He lined his hips up and let the head of his cock bump and skid along the boy’s exposed asshole. He removed his hands from the seat and let his blunt thumbs slide and skim over the boy’s painfully erect nipples. “You like being all fucking naked in a room full of men? Huh, Whore?” he said. “You like getting fucked?” he spat out. Lane moaned and gritted his teeth looking up at the guy, “C’mon…put it in me…I need feel a hard cock deep in my ass…please!” he gasped out the last word as the man brutally twisted his nipples and ran the head of his dick along the kid’s trembling ass lips…teasing the little whore. “Nice” Ryan groaned panning in for a close up of the big purple cock head sliding, slick with precum all around the kid’s sopping wet asshole. Lane’s hands were gripping the thick biceps of the black man tightly as the man entered him. The head slid in smoothly and the guy huffed and moaned at the tight slick feeling. Lane dug his heels in the black guy’s hips, urging him forward. The man’s cock was long, at least ten inches and seemed take forever fully penetrate the prone kid. Ryan ducked down get a clear shot them. Lane moaned and almost wept at the sensation of the thick hard cock inexorably driving forward in him. Soon the guy was in balls deep and Lane began shake. His cock jerked across his smach and he began shoot big ropes of semen up on his chest and even hitting his own chin. The black guy watched hunched over the kid his pant slipping lower exposing his round sweating ass and swore, “Fucking faggot!” and began pump his hips in big deep thrusts. He would pull back until just the tip of his dick was still in the kid and then slam forward, Lane moaning and ejaculating the whole time. It was an incredible fuck and within minutes the black guys thrust started get shaky and erratic…he was close. Just then the theater door burst open and two flashlight bearing cops waked in, “What the Fuck is going on in here?!” One of them shouted. Ryan and the older guy jerked up but the black guy couldn’t seem sp…he was teetering on the edge of a huge orgasm and couldn’t hold back, Lanes legs still wrapped around him…urging him on. One of the cops ok in the scene in a second, he noted the camera and the kid writhing and moaning under the big black man. He was a younger guy, maybe thirties and very rugged looking with a big lantern jaw and deep set blue eyes. “Fucking little whore…what are you doing…where are your parents?” he said in disgust. “Holy FUCKING SHIT.” The other officer said. He was older…forties or so and was swarthy with a heavy beard shadow and wide mouth. The black guy just kept pumping away. “Hey…break it up.” The older cop said stepping forward. The other cop put a hand on his partners arm, “let him finish…shit lookit that kid…then we’ll take the kid in…fucking little whore…gonna be arrested for soliciting.” his voice sounded strange. The two cops watched in silence as Ryan pointed the camera back on the pair. Lane was sweating profusely and moaning, his fingers digging in the heavy muscles of the man’s arms. “You gonna cum in him?” asked the younger cop, standing close the two men. “Ohhh fuck yeah…never felt anything so good…tightest little cunt I’ve ever breed,” he moaned. The man squeezed his eyes shut and his mouth fell open his cock was buried the hilt deep in the kid, He was clearly orgasming. “That’s enough.” The young cop said quietly and pulled the man back by the shoulder. He stumbled back a half step and his cock slid out of the kid. It snapped up tight his body as a huge jet of cum flew out, arched over the squirming kid and rained heavy thick droplets of sperm on Lanes face and chest. The two cops watched as the man finished his orgasm cumming all over the kid’s naked body. When he was done and contemptuously flicked a bead of cum off the end of his dick in the kid’s face, the older cop ok out a pair of handcuffs. “Get dressed you little freak…you’re being arrested. Lane had a stunned look on his face. Semen streaked across his cheek and up in his forehead and in his sweaty curls. “Wha…what…”

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