When It Rains, She Whores…

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My sister is a bitch.

Hmmm….when I say it out loud, the same thing always happens. I feel a little bad for it, but ultimately, I don’t think it changes anything. It’s like looking outside and seeing rain when you don’t want it; talking about it doesn’t change it. Difference is, Hanna doesn’t want to be a bitch. Really, she could be so much more than that if she could just embrace something different. But status is all she’s ever known; divide and destroy. Moments of peace…of love, or acceptance…she doesn’t know what to do. Happiness for Hanna…hurts.

I learned this one night by accident. It was one of the strangest nights I’ve ever known, and I still can’t make sense of it. It was perverse, it was passionate, and it changed how I view relationships while at the same time, changing nothing about mine with Hanna. It’s like the rain again…a beautiful thing, but still depresses you.

My life was rough. I was 20 and home for summer from college. My sister was also home, and the three years she’d spent at college had made her even more sarcastic and standoffish. Her sorority life was constantly pushing her popularity to the front of her mind. It consumed her to the point that family was good enough anymore.

None of us were telling how good she looked, or how awesome her wardrobe was. None of us were begging her to fuck, either. She had a reputation for being the holy grail of sex, like that chick in Cruel Intentions. From what I heard, she liked it rough, which fit into her outlook. Everything must be a fight, life must be a struggle.

My parents had even suggested counseling, but at 22, you’d have a hard time convincing a grown woman to undergo counseling. They kind of abandoned us now and then, her attitude being unbearable. I guess they were biding their time as helpful parents, waiting until she graduated and moved out. They would go out to eat or a movie, and leave me there with her. Not totally blowing her off; I was there! Which brings me back to my previous statement: my life was rough.

I’d tried to go out with Casey that night. She was a longtime friend of mine, and over the years she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. She had long hair of auburn, with a pattern of freckles on her nose and neck. I was certain they traveled further down to her firm chest, but I’d never find out. I was stuck solidly in the friend zone, and as another of my stuttering, fumbled advances was dismissed as friendly banter, I was walking though my door at 9:30 with strong winds and black thunderclouds rolling in at my back. My parents were gone as evidenced by the missing Tahoe, which meant I got to share space with my frigid sister another night. Maybe I could just hide out in my room.

I walked in and was greeted by her sardonic smile. “Either you’re a quick fuck, or you’ve just been dismissed again. So what shall I put my money on…hmm.”

“If you got money, I suggest you buy a bolt for that trap.” I snapped. In hindsight, bragging to my parents about Casey wasn’t the best idea. They’d talk about anything to try and reach Hanna. And now, armed with my repeated failures, she was feeling particularly vicious tonight. I guess we were all in a bad mood.

“Touchy!” she said, obviously not hurt in the least by my crack. “I was just saying that the likelihood of your being a quick fuck is just as good as being turned down, and I want to think about my options.” I wasn’t in the mood, and I turned on her.

“You want options, I’d go with penicillin.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It may just cure whatever VD you picked up from your random college fuck buddies!” I shouted. I felt unusually mean, and I decided not to hold back. A good defense, they say, is a good offense.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think college life is about,” I began, walking toward her.” But around here, none of us give a shit how witty you are, how quick you can open your mouth, or how fine you think you are. You know what you are? An emotionally distant bitch who thinks life’s a big popularity contest, and to fill your empty space, you fill your cunt with any cock that’s willing!”

“You little bastard!” she shrieked, swelling to her full 5 feet, 4 inches. “You haven’t got a clue about me or any kırıkkale escort other woman out there! You may not know it, but a pitiful asshole like you would give his left ball to fuck me!” She launched off the counter and came marching across the room.

“So you shut the fuck up!” She almost screamed the last two words, and punched me hard in the chest. I blinked, and grabbed her by the throat. I’ve long since been bigger than she is, and if she wasn’t going to remember I was her brother then I’d forget it too. I closed my hand around her little neck and tightened my grip; she squeaked, and fear sprang into her eyes.

“You offering, sis? No thanks — I ain’t catchin’ a case from you. But if you ever fucking hit me again, I will be happy to slap your ass around.” I let her go, and she fell to the floor. Now free from my grip, the old hate came back to her eyes, and she stared up at me through angry tears. I turned and went upstairs.

I was in my room when I heard a knock on the door. Hanna came in, meekly and slowly. She’d changed into some shorts and a t-shirt, and looked like she’d been crying the twenty minutes since I’d left her in the kitchen.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You don’t know me,” she answered, calmly. “I’m under a lot of pressure. I have to be tough; I have a lot of things that I’m in charge of, and people are always trying to fuck with my life, and yeah, sometimes I sleep with people to get some release, but…”

“Stop,” I interrupted. “That’s the problem, Hanna. You don’t have to be attacking everything all the time. I mean, shit, what’d I do to you?”

She hung her head, and then looked up with a small smile. “You put gum in my hair when I was 10.”

We laughed. She came in and plopped on the bed next to me. “Look, it’s just that what you said down there was closer to home than I thought, ok? Now…I’m going to help you, if you’ll help me relax.”

I was cautious. “What do you mean help me?” I asked.

“I help you with your Casey problem, you help me relax.” She said. “Is it a deal?”

“Sure,” I said, slowly. “So what do I do?”

“First,” she said, “You help me relax.” She spun her back to me and pointed to her shoulders. “Rub.”

I frowned. “I ain’t rubbin’ your shoulders.”

“Look, I’m not proud, but I have had sex with several people and I know how to get into a woman’s pants. You want to fuck Casey, I want a shoulder rub.”

Something about the way she said that made me think she was very proud of fucking a lot, but I rubbed her shoulders anyways. It felt weird to be nice to her, and I wasn’t sure I liked it. And besides, I didn’t just want to fuck Casey. I liked her very much. For the next few minutes she told me about being assertive, about flirting, and about moving in for a kiss. At that point, she spun around to face me.

“Then you just lean in and do what you have to do.” She said. “Easy.”

“Not easy,” I replied. “I’m nervous around her.”

“Easy,” she repeated. And she leaned in and gave me a brief but strong kiss. I pulled away from her.

“Ok, weird!” I jumped from the bed, but she remained still.

“You…you have soft lips,” she said. “You’re going to be a great kisser.”

“Thanks,” I said, lowering my head in embarrassment. I noticed something when I dropped my eyes downward — her nipples were stiff, puffy and protruding from under her sports bra. I realized she was turned on, and what was worse, I was slightly turned on too! Suddenly the lights flickered, and went off. The storm had knocked out the power. I glanced around, and then back at Hanna, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.

“Yeah…it’s just that…” she began, “…never mind. Just, uh…do that and she’ll be putty in your hands.” She looked up. I quickly smiled and plopped on the bed next to her.

“Ok! Well, thanks for the tips. Anything else?” I asked, briskly. She looked back down again.

“Can I kiss you again?” she asked, quietly.

“Why?” I asked. “Don’t you think it’s kind of sick?

“Yeah,” she replied. “It’s just that…I like to kiss like that. Most guys want it so rough; I guess I like it that way, and it makes getting laid easier. But really, I don’t like having that kind of sex kırıkkale escort bayan all the time. I just liked being…gentle for once. Do you like being…gentle?” she looked up into my face again. My eyes flitted to her chest again, and in the dim light, I could still see her nipples very clearly.

“Yeah,” I replied, with a pitying smile. “I do.”

She leaned in and kissed me again, licking my tongue with hers. It was sick to kiss my sister like that, but it felt good at the same time, and my cock hardened as she climbed on top of me and began to bite and nibble my neck. She licked across my throat, and up to my ear. Then she began to whisper.

“I’m clean, you know. I always made them wear a condom, always. You believe me, don’t you? Oh, please believe me!” She almost sobbed, and I raised her up.

“I believe you,” I said, looking into her eyes. I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on; it was getting difficult to think. She bent and kissed me again, grasping my face with both hands. My fingers ran instinctively along her stomach; she had tight abs…then up over her bra and gently to her nipples. She exhaled into my mouth and sat up on top of me, then took my hands and helped me stand. She held her arms up and closed her eyes.

“Take my top off…but slowly. Gently.” I removed her shirt, then carefully removed her sports bra, running my hands along her firm breasts, her puffy nipples, and then up to gently rub her neck before going back down her chest. My hands rested on her chest, and I squeezed her breasts together. She sighed in contentment as she pulled her scrunchie out of her hair, letting her long black hair fall around her breasts.

I fondled her full tits, watching her eyes close and her head tilt back in pleasure. I was giving her a slow chest massage, and she was loving it. She unzipped my pants, and started to rub my cock. I felt my stomach lurch. My sister was palming my dick, and I was letting her. It was sick…but she knew what to do with a cock, and as I bent forward, cupping her breast and bringing her nipple to my lips, she slid her fingers down my hips, sliding my shorts and boxers down to my ankles.

After a few more seconds of rubbing my dick, she placed both hands on my chest and pushed me gently back on the bed. Before I could say another word she had my dick in her mouth, moving slowly up the shaft to the head, and then back down again. It felt fantastic, and I was easily able to push past the uneasy feelings and enjoy this. She was licking my cock like a popsicle, massaging my balls and bobbing her tongue on the tip. I was feeling close, and I guess she could tell, because she took my dick all the way down her throat then. I jumped, grabbing the sheets in both hands, arching my back. Hanna was deep throating me, gagging on my cock; each time her throat tightened, it felt like a tight pussy cumming around my shaft. I came forcefully, and she took all of it down her throat.

When I was done, she quickly slipped her shorts off and climbed on me. I sat up to meet her, and she slid my cock inside her, then placed her legs on either side of me, sitting deeply in my lap. I was beginning to get hard again, though she’d put me in her cunt so fast I barely had time to relax. She wrapped her arms around my neck and drew my lips to her chest. The she arched her back, putting all her weight on my dick. She moaned, and shuddered as I bottomed her out.

“Fuck…oh shit…” she whispered, as she ground on my cock. Her pussy was very tight, which I didn’t expect, and I found myself almost about to make a sarcastic comment. I pushed it out of my head, and grabbed her ass, moving her up and down slowly. She reached forward and held my neck, letting me fuck her deep and hard. I took one hand and placed it on the small of her back, gyrating her as she slid up and down on my shaft. My other hand found it’s way to her neck, and she licked her lips and I rubbed her neck. It also gave me a kind of handhold to press myself deeper inside, and she rested her forhead on mine as she began to pant. Our chests were pressed together, and her eyes were closed. “You’re fucking me so deep…” she whispered between gasps. “I’m going to cum…ahhhh…I’m almost escort kırıkkale there….” She entwined my hair in her fingers and shuddered with her orgasm, arching her back and moaning loudly. Her juices flowed down my thighs, drenching my ass. She was bucking against her every contraction, grinding my dick for all I could give her. Once she was done, she leaned on top of me and kissed me again, pushing her tongue inside. Then she held my shoulders as she gently rolled me over on top of her.

I never slipped out. I thrust in and out of her slowly as we kissed, each time feeling my dick stretch her walls, each time listening to her whimper as she was filled. The rain beat against the windows outside; I pushed up and took her legs on my shoulders, and began to fuck her harder. She was moaning again, pinching her tits and arching her back with pleasure. She was beautiful, if I had to say it; the lightning from outside laminated her body in flashes of bright light. She was curvy, and her breasts were firm and perfect. Her tight snatch shone with each flash, and her eyes rolled with ecstasy as I entered her again and again. I pumped harder and faster…she began to whine, wrapping her legs around my hips, thrust up to recieve me as I slammed her pussy. She began to arch her back as she let go of her breasts. One of her hands grabbed the sheets, and the other began to work her clit furiously. I could feel my balls tightening as I was getting close…

“Cum in me…please…ohhhh shit….shit…ohhhh…!” she screamed as she began to cum. She was squirting all over me, her fingers flicking her juices in every direction as she fanned and worked her bare pussy. It was such a turn on and it felt so good that I almost came inside her…almost.

At the last second I pulled out and came on her stomach, leaning into her wet cunt and panting as I jizzed on her flat abs. She continued to buck, but took her hand from the sheets and began to work my dick, milking every last drop. She pulled her clit tight, sending a spray of her juice up my stomach.

As she finished, I laid her legs down and sat on the bed. She rested for a few moments too, her eyes half closed staring at the ceiling. I looked to the floor, thinking about what had just happened. She was the first to speak.

“You were supposed to cum in me, silly,” she said, smiling. “It would have been perfect.” She wrapped her arms around my neck. I stood and walked across the room.

“What?” she asked. “Look, it’ll be our secret, I swear.”

“No…” I said, slowly. “I mean, yeah, I’ll never tell anyone. But this won’t happen again.”

“Why? Wasn’t it good for you?” She stood, wiping the cum from her stomach with my shirt. I grimaced. I thought of telling her the truth…that she was right; I would have begged to fuck someone like her. Her cunt was fantastic. But when I was about to cum something crossed my mind, stopping me. I realized something…no, I remembered something.

“Yeah, it was good,” I said. “But it doesn’t change anything, Hanna. I don’t know what you thought you’d be getting from me…and you’re my sister, and I love you. But Hanna…I don’t like you. You’ve been a bitch for as long as I can remember. This…this was…a nut. A pump. A great fuck. But you’re not who I want to be with.”

She looked down, and then looked up at me with tear filled eyes.

“But…you love me, right?” She whispered.

“I love you. But not like that.” She looked down again, and then began to dress furiously. As she stamped across the room, she paused at the doorway. The she spun around, her hair framing now furious eyes; I was looking into the face of the Hanna I knew.

“Well I hope you enjoyed it, you little shit. Consider it a pity fuck for a pitiful fucker. And let me tell you something else; you breathe a word of this to anyone, and I’ll have your fucking cock on a plate, you hear?!” And she stormed down the hall, slamming her bedroom door as she went in.

Her words didn’t anger me. Rather, I sort of pitied her and her anger. I dressed slowly, then walked down the hall to her room. I reached out for the door, but stopped; I could hear her in her room, sobbing.

So…Hanna just wanted something better than the world she built around herself. I guess she thought I understood that. I wished I could tell her. Better to leave it alone, I though, as I turned to look out the hall window.

“Son?” a voice said. I turned to see my father at the head of the stairs. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, Dad.” I said. “Just…listening to the rain.”


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