White Girl Fascinated by BBC PT2

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White Girl Fascinated by BBC PT2Amy lay on her back while her husband thrust away at her pussy, wishing he would finish soon. She felt guilty for not being more into it. After the two amazing orgasms she had given herself with her huge black dildo that day, however, sex with her husband just seemed like such a letdown. The dildo could touch places inside her that her husband’s dick could never hope to reach.”I wonder if he can feel how stretched out I am,” Amy thought. “Maybe if I cum it will hurry him along.” She grabbed her heavy tits and began to pinch her nipples. She thought about the video she had bought, and how excited it was going to be to see more of Jackson Hammer’s beautiful black cock. She tugged at her pierced nipples and began to thrust her hips back at her husband as she fantasized. She thought of Treyvon, the black man she had served at the coffee shop. She couldn’t believe she had actually masturbated right in front of him without getting caught. She had been so horny that morning, thinking about big black cocks.The chant she had first heard in the BBC hypno video came into her head again. Only this time it was in her own voice. “Big black cock,” she thought to herself over and over again. That was what turned her on. That’s what she needed. She could no longer cum without thinking about big black cocks.Her fantasies were having their intended effect. Amy pictured Jackson’s massive black cock clearly in her mind as she felt her orgasm approach. She focused on the image, squeezing her big tits, trying to push herself over the top. Her husband sensed her arousal and sped up his pace. She imagined her placing her hands on the enormous dick, and bringing it to her mouth. She thought of looking up into the black man’s eyes as she sucked him, but instead of seeing Jackson’s face, she saw Treyvon.”I’m cumming, babe,” her husband grunted as he flooded her pussy. In Amy’s mind, it was Treyvon who said the words. She pictured his black shaft pumping his cum into her pussy.”Me too!” Amy gasped as her orgasm washed over her. It wasn’t as intense as the two the dildo had given her, but it was still a good one. She gave her husband a kiss, mostly to assuage her own guilt. That was twice in a row she had thought about black men while having sex with him. Maybe she needed to slow down with these fantasies? She didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “Tomorrow I’m not going to masturbate,” she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep.The next morning, Amy again awoke with her hand on her panties. She was resolved not to touch herself though, and decided to finish the errands that she was distracted from completing the day before. It was a warm spring day in May, so she got dressed in shorts and a thin pink shirt that stretched tightly over her big tits.The supermarket was just down the street, only a five minute drive from her house. As she was parking the car, her phone buzzed with a notification. It was an email from her interracial porn website. She must have accidentally subscribed to their mailing list when she signed up to the site.”I should just delete it,” Amy thought. “I can’t spend all day touching myself again.” But somehow she didn’t delete it. She just put her phone back in her purse and walked towards the store.She hadn’t made it halfway to the door before pulling it out again. “Just a peek,” she thought. “That can’t hurt.” Amy opened the email and saw a photo of a white girl on her knees, the now familiar black cock of Jackson Hammer pressed to her lips. “New scene today!” the headline said. She looked around the parking lot, but it was deserted. She muted her sound and clicked the preview. It was similar to the one she had seen, but it looked like at the end he would shoot his load inside the girl’s pussy instead of on her face.Amy’s pussy was instantly wet. Her hand moved towards it as if it had a mind of its own. She remembered where she was and stopped herself just in time, as an older couple walked out of the store. “Control yourself, dummy,” she thought. “What did you think was going to happen when you looked at that email?” She composed herself and put the phone away, but the damage was done. Her hard nipples were obviously visible through her top, and her panties were soaking through with every step.She tried to focus on her shopping, but sexy thoughts kept creeping into her mind. At the produce section, she tried to pick out a zucchini. All she could think about was how much they reminded her of the enormous black dildo that had made her squirt the day before. She ran her fingers over the biggest one.Out of the corner of her eye, Amy spied someone looking at her. An older black man was staring at her from across the room. She blushed scarlet as she felt his eyes on her body. The man grinned at her knowingly. He reached down, tugged his crotch, and nodded to her.”What do I do?” Amy thought to herself. “Do I flirt back?” She knew she should walk away, but her throbbing pussy was making it hard to think clearly.” She licked her lips, almost u*********sly. “What the heck. It’s just a bit of harmless fun.”She locked eyes with the man and stroked the vegetable in her hand like it was a penis. The black man’s eyes went wide. He began to walk towards her. “Oh, my gosh, is this really happening?” Amy thought. She stood up a little straighter, pushing her big tits out.”They didn’t have it, honey,” said a black woman as she came around the corner. “Let’s go check the d**gstore.””Alright, dear.” The black man gave Amy a dejected look as he followed his wife out of the store. She let out a breath and dropped the zucchini into her basket. She couldn’t believe she had done something so wild. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She no longer cared about her vow not to touch herself. She needed to relieve herself.”Pardon me, but where can I find the restroom?” Amy asked the stock boy loading carrots onto bursa escort the shelf nearby.He looked up at her, his eyes stopping on her tits. She cleared her throat. “Far right corner, Ma’am.” he stammered, pointing to the back of the store. Amy walked as fast as she dared without drawing attention to herself. She was terrified someone would notice the thin wet stream coming out of her shorts and running down her leg.When she got to the restroom she was annoyed to discover that it wasn’t a single. She had been hoping to be able to lock the door and be alone, but she was too far gone to stop. Amy set her basket down next to the sink and locked herself into one of the stalls. It was passably clean, so without wasting another second she pulled her pants down and attacked her pussy.Three fingers went quickly inside as she thought back to what had just happened. She had pretended to jack off a dick for a black stranger in public. What was happening to her? She was five minutes from her house, what if one of her neighbors had seen?This thought actually made her even wetter. Amy switched hands so she could taste herself. She loved the way her pussy smelled and tasted. “He was walking towards me,” she thought. “What was he going to do? How far would I have gone?” She pictured herself getting down on her knees for the black stranger, and pulling out his cock. In her mind, it looked just like her Jackson Hammer dildo.As she thought about the dildo it made her pussy feel empty. Her fingers felt good, but there was something about how the dildo made her feel as it stretched her that she now craved. She wished she had it here now. Then she remembered the zucchini in her shopping basket. It was certainly big enough.”Am I really going to do this?” she thought as she stood up. She knew there really was no question. She unlocked her stall and glanced outside. The bathroom was deserted. Amy shuffled out, her panties around her ankles, and grabbed the vegetable. She stopped to rinse it off in the sink, and darted back into her stall.She sat and spread her legs, then rubbed the end of the zucchini against her lips. She was so wet that there was plenty of lube. She pulled out her phone and opened her photos. Staring at a photoshopped picture of herself squeezing her big tits around a long black cock, she pushed the makeshift dildo inside her pussy.It wasn’t quite as good as the dildo had been, but it was just what Amy needed right then. She began to slowly work it in and out, letting her pussy adjust to the girth. It seemed to her that it went faster this time. Maybe the zucchini just wasn’t as wide as her dildo. Soon it was sliding in all the way.She looked at another picture. This one was a close-up of her pussy with a fat black shaft planted between her lips. A white trickle of cum flowed out of her down the black dick and made a puddle at its base. Amy fucked herself deep with her surrogate dildo. She could feel herself beginning to cum. A throaty moan escaped her lips.”Oh, my god, really?!” she heard a voice exclaim. Someone was in the bathroom with her!It was too late for Amy to do anything, she was already cumming. She bit her knuckle to stop herself from making any more noise, and let the pleasure wash through her. Her pussy clenched down on the zucchini so hard that she was afraid it would break in half. She pulled it out, sending more shudders through her body. “At least I didn’t squirt this time,” she thought as she recovered. “That would have been messy in this stall.”There was no sign of whoever had spoken when she opened the door. She rinsed her zucchini again and dropped it back in the basket. As Amy left the restroom she tried to keep an eye out for the person who had overheard her. She couldn’t see anyone acting suspiciously, or staring at her. She finished her shopping quickly, her lust satisfied for the moment.The rest of her errands were uneventful. She stopped at the bank, then the post office. Amy was half hoping to see a sexy black man at each stop, but she was disappointed. She wasn’t sure exactly what she would do if she saw one, but flirting with the man at the supermarket had exhilarated her. She still couldn’t believe her own boldness.Amy arrived back home and began to put away her groceries. She smiled when she picked up the zucchini. Her pussy started getting wet again as she remembered masturbating with it in the public restroom. “It was only like an hour ago,” she thought. “Do I really need to do it again so soon? I need to get a grip.” She had a few hours until she had to start her shift at the coffee shop, so she decided to get some housework done.As she vacuumed the house, Amy let her mind wander. “I wonder if Treyvon will stop by the shop today?” she thought. “I could just stare at him for hours. He’s so sexy.” The “big black cock” chant came into her head as she pictured the black man.Her phone buzzed in her pocket. It was an email from work letting her know her shifts for next week. As she scrolled through it, she accidentally clicked to the next email, which was the one from the porn site. The massive black dick appeared on her screen again. Her pussy gushed in response. Amy decided she couldn’t wait any longer to see the video. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist touching herself again while watching, either, but she didn’t care. All of her self-control crumbled when she saw that black shaft.”Maybe I should do it here in the kitchen in case I squirt again,” she thought. “I can’t be changing the sheets every day or Trent will wonder what’s going on.” Amy stripped naked and dug out her dildo from her underwear drawer. Sitting down at the kitchen table, she logged into the interracial porn site.The girl in this video had smaller boobs, but her ass was rounder. She started by pulling out Jackson’s cock from his pants. Amy lined up the dildo and was surprised at bursa escort bayan the ease in which it slid inside. She began pumping it in and out of her wet pussy.”Your cock is so big!” the girl said. She stroked it with both hands before bringing it to her lips. Amy pulled the dildo out of herself and sucked it, tasting her pussy. She followed along with the girl, pretending it was her sucking Jackson’s dick.On the screen, the girl continued her blowjob. “This is hot, but I need to see it go inside of her,” Amy thought. She clicked the video forward a bit until she found what she was looking for. The girl straddled over his lap, the immense cock pointed at her pussy. Amy stood up and squatted in the same position, holding her dildo beneath her. As the girl lowered herself onto Jackson’s dick, she did the same with the dildo. The moment his dick parted the girl’s lips, Amy felt the dildo hit hers. It was almost like she WAS the girl in the video.She felt the sweet pressure of the dildo stretching her pussy to her limit. On the screen, the black man said, “You feel that black dick resizing your pussy, girl? You won’t be able to feel your husband’s prick after I’m done with you.””Yessss,” hissed Amy. That was what the dildo was doing to her. Resizing her pussy for black men. She knew it was already happening. When she fucked her husband the night before, she knew she couldn’t cum from just his cock. She needed something bigger now.She drove her hips down on the dildo in time with the girl’s ass bouncing on the screen. The huge black shaft’s girth was stretching her pussy as she rode. “It’s too good,” the girl was saying. “Your dick is amazing!”Amy knew how the girl felt. Her own pussy was stretched wider than she could have ever imagined. Every time she moved it deeper, she felt fresh waves of arousal ripple through her body. She was getting close.Jackson and the girl had switched positions on the screen. He was fucking her slowly, pulling his long shaft almost all the way out of her, letting her feel every inch of his impossibly large black cock. Amy licked her lips as she watched it slide in. She shoved the dildo into herself greedily, forcing it deeper than she had gotten the day before.Jackson pulled out of the girl and teased her clit with the tip of his cock. “You want my cum, girl?” he asked.”I want it so bad,” she answered. Amy wanted her to have it, too. She was moving her dildo faster now. She was getting close.”If you want my cum, make yourself squirt.” At this, the girl started desperately rubbing her pussy. Jackson kept teasing her, sliding inside her every few seconds. After a long minute she finally sprayed his cock with her juices.”That’s a good girl,” he said. “Now take my cum.” He rammed his oversized black dick back inside her, and after a few strokes began to cum. The camera zoomed in close. Amy watched with her mouth open, almost drooling. She could see his balls contract and his shaft pulsate with each jet of cum her pumped into the girl’s waiting womb.Her orgasm burst through her suddenly, and her pussy began to squirt as it clamped down on the dildo. Amy’s fingers found her clit as her pussy sprayed cum all over the kitchen floor. As she started to come down she rubbed her clit hard and fast, pushing her back over the edge. Her pussy let out a final squirt as she collapsed against the wall.When her knees were strong enough to support her, Amy got to her feet. The dildo was still inside her, with a good 6 inches sticking out. “That means only 8 inches are inside me,” she thought as she pulled it out. It had felt to her like more.She closed the video, cleaned up the kitchen, and hopped in the shower. As she washed, Amy couldn’t help lingering on her pussy. She was surprised at how open it still was. She was half tempted to keep playing with it, but she knew she didn’t have enough time before work. She reluctantly got dressed in her work uniform.The coffee shop was busy that day. Amy barely had time to catch her breath for the first two hours of her shift, let alone daydream about black men. She was wiping down tables in the front of the store when she saw Treyvon walk in. She dropped her rag and ran back to the counter. She bumped her coworker Mara out of the way and got on the register as Treyvon walked up.”Hi Treyvon,” Amy said, bouncing on the balls of her feet and making her big tits jiggle. “What can I do for you today?””You can show me those tits,” he said in her imagination. Then he unzipped his pants and took out a cock that looked remarkably like her dildo. “Then you can get on your knees and suck this dick.””Amy?” The real Treyvon’s voice snapped her back to reality. “You ok?” She realized she had just been standing there staring at him. Her pussy was soaking wet again.”Sorry,” she giggled. “What can I get you?””A black coffee today, and a couple donuts.”Embarrassed, Amy quickly made the coffee and grabbed the donuts. As she glanced back, she could see him check out her ass. Her stomach tightened. “What should I do?” She thought. “Should I flirt with him?”The coffee shop’s work shirts were not especially low cut, but Amy’s tits were big enough that she could show cleavage in just about anything. She pulled the front of her shirt down as far as it could go, and turned around to give Treyvon his order.”Here you go!” she said, handing him the coffee. Amy saw his eyes widen as he stared down at her tits. Her pussy was aching for attention. He lifted his eyes to meet hers and smiled, making her blush. She broke the contact first and turned away.”Thanks Amy,” Treyvon said and sat down at one of the tables. She had never seen him stay to eat at the shop before. As she went back to cleaning the tables, she could feel his gaze on her.Suddenly, Amy found she couldn’t take being in the same room as Treyvon anymore. She needed a release. She walked quickly escort bursa past his table to the bathroom. When she tried the door, she saw it was occupied. Cursing under her breath, she headed back to the stock room. It was more dangerous since it had no lock, but she didn’t care.She made her way to the back corner, behind the second row of shelves. Amy didn’t dare take any of her clothes off here, but she squatted down behind a box and slid her hand into her panties. If anyone came in, they would not be able to see her right away, giving her time to compose herself.For the third time that morning, on a day she swore not to masturbate, her fingers were inside her pussy. The thrill of Treyvon staring at her tits had been too much. What would it be like when he touched them?Amy stopped. Where had that thought come from? She had thought about Treyvon touching her boobs like it was inevitable, like she was looking forward to it. But she would never really do that. Surely this was all just fantasy.Was it, though? That morning, when the old black man had started walking towards her, Amy hadn’t known what he would do next. If he had tried to touch her, would she have stopped him? “Of course,” she told herself. But she wasn’t so sure.She looked in her pockets for her phone, needing something to get her back in the mood after those sobering thought. She couldn’t find it. Swearing again, she stood and walked towards the door.Before she could get around the corner of the shelf, the door opened and her boss Janice entered. But she wasn’t alone. Amy darted back to the corner and hid behind the box as they entered. She saw Janice through a gap in the boxes, and then the other person stepped in front, blocking her view.Amy could hear them talking, but she was too far away to make anything out. “I should just wait it out,” she thought. Her fingers were covered in her pussy juices, and she was afraid they would guess what she had been doing if she walked past them.Their voice grew louder. She could make out that one was masculine. That was strange. None of the guys on staff were working that day. “Do it, girl,” she heard the man say.”I… I can’t.” came Janice’s voice, weakly. Amy could hear there was something off about it. Fear? Arousal? She couldn’t tell.”We both know you’re gonna do it,” said the man. “Why put up this act?” Whatever Janice said next was muffled. Amy could hear clothing ruffling, and then the man’s voice came again. “Yeah, that’s it, girl.”What was going on here? Amy knew Janice was married, having met her husband at the Christmas party a few months back. She couldn’t tell if this was his voice or not. She had to get a better view.Amy crawled to the edge of the shelf, careful not to make a sound. She peered around the corner. A tall man was standing with his back to her, and she could see Janice kneeling in front of him. Was she giving him a blowjob? Amy leaned a bit further to get a better look.The man definitely wasn’t Janice’s husband. Amy’s stomach knotted as she realized that this man was black. For a split second she felt a hot flare of jealousy. Was it Treyvon? Then she noticed his clothes. Treyvon was wearing a polo shirt and khakis. This man looked like he had just come from the gym. The black man stood with his legs splayed and his hand on top of Janice’s head, who Amy could now clearly see was sucking his dick. She was rocking slowly back and forth with her hands behind her back, a glazed look in her eyes, the black cock sliding between her lips.”Yeah, that’s my girl,” the black man said. Amy started at his cock, the first real black cock she’d ever seen. Her fingers were back inside her pussy. He was not as big as the dicks she had been getting off to these past few days, but she could clearly see he was much bigger than her husband. “Of course he is,” she thought to herself, like it was the most natural thing in the world. “He’s black, isn’t he?”The black man grabbed Janice’s head and began to fuck her face. Amy thought it looked uncomfortable and waited for her to protest, but Janice didn’t make a sound.”Here it comes, girl. Get ready for it,” the black man grunted. He gave one final thrust and stood still as blasted his load down her throat. Amy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She eagerly pumped her fingers into her pussy. The scene in front of her was so erotic it almost had her cumming already.Amy was hoping the black man would fuck Janice next, as she longed to see his black shaft penetrate a white pussy, but she was disappointed. He put his dick back into his basketball shorts and said, “You’re getting better at this, girl.””This was the last time,” Janice said. “I can’t keep doing this with you.”The black man laughed at her. “You know you say that every time, right?” He smacked her on the ass as he walked past. “Next time maybe I will finally have that pussy,” he said as he walked out the door. Amy was already imagining his dick impaling Janice’s married pussy as she squirmed. Her orgasm was close, but she needed to be careful now that her boss was no longer distracted. She ducked back around the corner and waited until she saw Janice walk out of the room, and then went to town on herself.It didn’t take much. The thought of her married boss reluctantly sucking a black man’s cock on the job had already done its work. She came, her fingers searching inside herself for the spot that would make her squirt, but in vain. “Only a black dick can reach it,” she thought as she writhed in ecstasy on the stockroom floor.A few minutes later, after stopping at the bathroom to clean up, Amy walked back up to the counter. Mara stopped her, and handed over her phone.”Where did you find it?” Amy asked her.”I didn’t. It was that guy, the one you pushed me out of the way to serve. He found it,” Mara replied.Amy looked at her phone. Treyvon had found it. She must have dropped it when she ran past his table in her rush to play with herself. Had he looked through it and seen her interracial porn? She couldn’t tell. But when she pulled up her texts she saw that Treyvon had sent himself a message and programmed himself into her contacts. There was a text from him, too.”Whenever you’re ready,” it said.

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