Who’s Who of Family Sex Ch. 02

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Dhanalakshmi and Govind were exchanging romantic glances, after what has been a wonderful day for them. They were hardly thinking about Usha, Govind’s mother who was still waiting with Sabari, her brother at the advocate’s office.

“We still have some time left,” Sabari began talking to Usha with a tempting prelude. “I don’t mind apologizing to the advocate if you don’t want to meet him.”

“It isn’t necessary,” Usha retorted instantly. “I am serious about it. I need divorce.”

Sabari sighed out of desperation and decided to let his sister have her way. He was more anxious to know about her reasons for seeking divorce after almost two decades of married life. He always knew that Mohanraj was an unkind husband and hence he couldn’t see anything beyond. However, it never sounded like a wise decision as his sister had two grown up children at home. Honestly, Sabari was more curious about the sudden rift in his sister’s family life as he was led inside the advocate’s room, after a good hour or so.

Ravi, the advocate looked surprisingly young for all the goodwill he had earned in the family courts. The young professional immediately grasped the surprise glowing in Usha’s eyes as she sat on the chair with a strange look. Both Sabari and Usha were in for a shock as the charming advocate shot his first question.

“How are you Mrs.Mohanraj?”

Sabari and Usha glanced at each other unable to believe what they had just heard.

“Do you know me?” Usha sounded extremely surprised.

“Of course I do,” Ravi quipped with a flashy smile. “I am afraid you haven’t recognized me yet.”

“I am sorry,” Usha stammered with embarrassment. “You look rather familiar to me although.”

“I am sure you know my Dad,” Ravi said with a gentle chuckle. “Dhanpal.”

“Oh Yes!” Usha exclaimed. “Is it you? Ravi!”

“Thank God,” Ravi smiled at once. “I thought you forgot your erstwhile neighbor.”

Sabari looked at his sister who was smiling broad for the first time ever since she landed up at his place. He soon became a mute spectator as both Usha and Ravi began exchanging some of their past memories and querying about their family members. It took a while and a couple of teas before Ravi eventually started asking about the purpose of their visit.

“I know that people don’t come to my office in a happy frame of mind,” Ravi said and paused for a while before continuing. “What made you look out for an advocate like me?”

Usha glanced at Sabari who looked very keen and anxious to hear his sister’s problems. It was another moment of thorough embarrassment for Usha. She wasn’t yet willing to discuss the matter in the presence of her brother. Sabari had been showing keen interest in getting Mithali, his daughter to Govind, her son. She feared that her brother would surely have second thoughts about the proposal once he knows the clandestine relationship between her husband and daughter.

“Do you want me to stay outside?” Sabari suggested although he was actually keen to be around with his sister during the discussion. He wished his sister would reply in the negative so that he could stay and hear her exact problem.

“Yes, if you don’t mind,” Usha replied pleadingly. Sabari smiled in an attempt to confide his disappointment and nodded his head in agreement. As he walked out of the chambers, he feared that his sister might be having some extraordinary reasons for seeking divorce. He decided to move around the busy shopping area for an hour or so before returning to the advocate’s office, thereby giving his sister ample time to discuss her problems. His favorite coffee shop was just at the end of the road and he couldn’t resist the temptation as his feet began moving involuntarily. He was lucky to find his most preferred table vacant at the extreme end of the restaurant and swiftly settled down to order some south Indian coffee.

As he began sipping the coffee, he thought of Usha and wondered what would be she doing in the advocate’s office. He was convinced that she was damn serious about the divorce although she never seemed to have the courage to disclose the reasons. Divorces have not been heard in their family although he knew that all was not well with some of his close relatives. He wished his sister was willing for some compromise rather than breaking with her husband at such a crucial phase of her children’s lives.

“Good Morning Sabari.”

Sabari looked up hearing a voice which sounded very familiar. His face stiffened seeing Girija, his sister-in-law.

“Hello Girija,” Sabari greeted her with no real enthusiasm. Her face shrunk at once seeing the unfriendly expression on his face. She braved to force a smile on her face.

“Can I sit?” Girija queried pleadingly.

“Yes, of course,” Sabari quipped. “I don’t own the shop.”

Girija sat right opposite to Sabari and began glaring at him who pretended as though he was more interested in his coffee.

“I know you don’t like to talk to me,” Girija murmured. “But, I don’t deserve to be treated so rudely.”

“I kırşehir escort am not your sister to treat you gently,” Sabari retorted with fire in his voice.

Girija’s head bowed in humiliation realizing what Sabari actually meant. She was married at the age of 19 and her married life didn’t last long enough. Her husband was convicted in a murder case soon after her marriage and his life imprisonment brought her life into shambles. Although, she could find a decent job to lead a dignified life, she really had nothing worthwhile in her life. She wasn’t the sort of an adventurous woman who would look out for sex from strangers. Strangely, her frequent visits to Dhanalakshmi began igniting her passion for sex, more so after watching her younger sister’s fulfilled life. Finally, when her emotions cut loose, Sabari became the sufferer.

“Even after so many years, I can’t forget what you did,” Sabari fumed. “It is disgusting even now! I can’t believe that a woman could become so desperate to entice her own sister into lesbian sex.”

“Please,” Girija mumbled. “Let’s stop talking about the past.”

“It isn’t easy to forget,” Sabari was quick to dismiss her suggestion. “It is never easy for me.”

“Why? If I can forget a few things of the past you can do as well,” Girija said with a wry smile.

“Now, what does that mean?” Sabari sounded nervous as he spoke.

“I still remember what you did to me,” Girija spoke with increasing courage in her voice. “I was lucky and somehow I survived your sexual assault.”

“But, I never forced you. Did I?” Sabari refuted with mounting tension.

“You didn’t,” Girija smiled again. “You thought that I wouldn’t protest. I was weak and depressed. You tried to make use of my situation.”

“Girija, should I order something for you?” Sabari interrupted. It wasn’t comfortable listening to an incident which he thought was worth forgetting.

“You can’t face realities,” Girija smiled wryly. “The reality is that you still have something going through your mind.”

“You are right,” Sabari admitted. “But, I know it is wrong and that is why I am trying to stop me from doing.”

“You need not,” Girija winked at him. “I wasn’t protesting. You were frightened and fled the room. I would have loved letting you take me.”

“I can’t believe this,” Sabari hushed and looked stunned.

“I hope you know this restaurant has a few rooms upstairs,” Girija winked again. “Let us move and finish what we started years ago.”

Sabari was naturally excited. It was a perfect way to relax on a day that had begun with extreme anxiety because of Usha’s problems. He couldn’t believe that Girija was such an ‘easy woman’ and cursed himself for having tried to force her once. Suddenly he lost his interest in his coffee and began thinking about moving into some room upstairs.

“What are you thinking about?” Girija asked with a funny smile.

“Errr..nothing,” Sabari mumbled. “I have left Usha at the advocate’s office. I know it would take at least an hour for her to be through.”

“We don’t exactly need an hour,” Girija smiled naughtily. “Call her and tell her to wait just in case we get delayed.”

“Yes, I will better do that,” Sabari said and pulled out his handset. He dialed Usha’s number and began waiting for her to pick up. Soon, his face began showing signs of restlessness as he realized that his sister wasn’t picking up the phone at the other end. For a moment, he thought that she might be in a really serious discussion with the advocate. He tried a few times in vain before nervously pushing the phone inside his pocket.

“What happened?” Girijia queried anxiously. “Is she not picking up the phone?” “Yes,” Sabari replied with a hint of frustration. “I don’t know why she isn’t picking up?”

Sabari obviously couldn’t know that Usha was not discussing anything with the young advocate. A few hundred meters away from the restaurant, Usha was still gazing at the youthful advocate whom she had seen as a little naughty boy several years ago. She was watching and wondering how the boy had grown into such a handsome and strong young man, apart from being such a successful professional. Inside the comforts of the posh office, she was sitting after placing her phone on silent mode. She realized that Ravi closely resembled a movie star with his blue eyes, curly hair and a neatly done thin moustache.

“Mrs.Mohanraj,” Ravi, the enterprising advocate began talking after a few minutes had gone past in an uneasy silence.

“Don’t call me Mrs.Mohanraj,” Usha said quickly. “You can call me Usha, if you don’t mind.”

“I can’t call you by your name,” Ravi said laughingly. “I am as young as your son.”

“You are,” Usha replied at once. “You are still the kid I used to know years before.”

“You are right,” Ravi said and laughed again.

“Do you remember?” Usha asked with her tongue in cheeks. “I have bathed you a few times when your mother was ill.”

“Is it?” Ravi stopped laughing and kırşehir escort bayan asked with genuine surprise in his voice.

“Yes Ravi,” Usha said in a hushing voice. “I have seen you naked several times.”

Ravi couldn’t stop blushing like a girl. Usha’s eyes were quick to catch his youthful nervousness after hearing her mentioning about his nudity.

“Well, I was a kid,” Ravi said with a strange smile.

“You are still a kid,” Usha said and laughed. “I won’t mind seeing you naked even now.”

“What?” Ravi looked stunned. He obviously couldn’t believe his ears.

Usha wasn’t replying. Her hands gently reached towards Ravi’s zipper.

“Let me see your tool.” Usha said in a husky voice while she close her fist on his crotch.

Ravi, the handsome advocate felt his nerves heating up with just the one spark of Usha’s sensuous touch. He stood unable to believe the prospect of receiving a wonderful ‘fee’ even before he had begun his legal services. He wasn’t naïve to refuse a woman who seemed more than willing to seduce him. However, as a professional, he couldn’t resist thinking about the dignity of the profession he belonged to and about Sabari, the gentleman who had brought such a voluptuous client to his office. He had always remembered Usha as a pleasant woman who had the looks to slay any man but he had never thought that his childhood fantasies would come true after many years.

“U..S…H…A..!” He whispered.

“Hmm! I like that,” Usha admired and pulled his waist towards her. Her face soon got buried on his waist with her arms going around resting on his strong ass cheeks.

“Uncle Sabari might be arriving anytime,” Ravi whispered again.

“Let him wait outside if he comes,” Usha murmured letting her breath fall on his stomach. “Get the room secured at once.”

The gentle cool air blowing inside the room was about to be set on some fire. Usha’s hands were gripping the young man’s waist harder as moments ticked. She had for all practical reasons forgotten the purpose of her visit. She had forgotten her concerned brother who had brought her to secure her future. ‘Sabari, I am sorry,’ she told herself.

She hardly had any clue about what her brother was doing a few hundred meters away. Sabari and Girija had occupied a secluded room on the first floor of the hotel. Sabari almost pushed the helper out of the room as he wasn’t willing to wait anymore. He was to accomplish his long cherished desire; have sex with his wife’s sexy sister.

“You have less than one hour,” Girija cautioned to him as she crawled onto the bed with a vivacious smile.

Sabari hurriedly removed his shirt, undid his pants and leaped onto the bed like a panther. His hands were trembling in excitement as he tentatively hugged Girija. His hands began rubbing her back for a while before he leaned forward to kiss her. Girija willingly let her tongue inside his mouth and they began kissing passionately. Girija’s hands ran up and down the back of Sabari’s head while his hands began kneading her ass cheeks. Girija was moaning on his mouth, and ground herself against his crotch. Sabari’s hands inched up to her chest and fondled her breast against her blouse and soon tightened his grip as he could feel her nipples harden against his fingers. Girija was moaning aloud letting one of her hands slid towards his crotch and gave his growing bulge a gentle tweak.

Sabari ran out of patience in seconds as he pulled off her sari drapes from her tight petticoat. Girija kept flexing her body to let Sabari draw the whole length of her sari without any fuss. She was pushed against the pillow as Sabari’s hands began lifting her petticoat hem well above her waist. She heaved as his fingers began brushing her pussy through her lacey panties. She felt his warm lips kissing her panties once before she could feel his mouth crawling up through her stomach before they rested in between her breasts. Girija’s arms gripped his shoulders and pushed him harder against her body.

Sabari’s hands searched for her blouse and got rid off the hooks within seconds. Girija was breathing hard letting her breasts swell in and out uncontrollably underneath her tight bra. He quickly unclasped her bra hooks and let her marvelous melons free from the captivity. Sabari’s eyes grew in size as he gazed at her perky nipples and dark brown areola. He leaned forward and suckled her nipples making them even harder. Girija was moaning in high pitch while she pulled Sabari’s head harder against her breasts. She shook in excitement as he held each one of her nipples between his teeth and let his tongue tease the top of them. She quivered feeling his fingers intruding inside her panties and moaned heavily as he began rubbing her slit slowly. His fingers soon got quicker and suddenly he let two fingers sliding into her wet pussy. She let out a groan as Sabari’s finger kept probing her pussy in an amazing speed. Sabari turned Girija around making her bent over the bed. She realized that he was escort kırşehir desperately trying to pull down her panties through her legs and moved just enough to let him draw the lacey panties through her legs. Sabari quickly pulled down his own brief and stood right behind her positioning his dick against her moist pussy. He paused momentarily before lunging forward and letting his gigantic dick invade inside Girija’s pussy. The impact of his huge dick penetrating inside her made Girija scream in joy as well as a gentle pain. Sabari’s hands were holding her waist with animated strength as his dick went about plunging into her cunt with thunderous thrusts. Girija was rocking back and forth with the momentum of his pounding and screaming in absolute delight.

“Ohhh, it is huge,” Girija screamed. “I want to suck it.”

Sabari stopped at once like magic. He easily withdrew his meat from her soggy pussy, turned her around again and let her on her knees. Girija leaned forward before pushing her long hair on either side behind her shoulders and reached towards his upright dick. Soon, she began taking his dick into her mouth by devouring the huge head inside. Her head began moving back and forth as her mouth slid up and down his wonderful dick. She was accelerating her speed sucking the huge meat with absolute relish. Girija’s quickening pace was sending Sabari to the tip of excitement as he realized the imminent explosion. Within seconds, thick loads of semen exploded inside Girija’s mouth quick and fierce enough to fill her throat. Girija kept stroking his dick till she knew that she had swallowed the very last drop of his warm cum.

Sabari’s body froze after rather an extravagant explosion into Girija’s mouth. His eyes involuntarily gazed at the wall clock and sighed in relief knowing that he still had some time to go before leaving the room. He hoped that his sister might be crying in full throat about her problems with her husband at the advocate’s office.

But, it was a totally different scenario in the advocate’s office.

Usha wasn’t doing anything close to what her brother hoped. She had managed to induce Ravi’s youthful fascination for an erotic encounter in his office, of all the places.

“When you were a naughty little boy, you once said you wanted to marry me,” Usha said with a laugh. “I remember we were all laughing for days together about that innocent statement.”

“I don’t remember,” Ravi said as he couldn’t honestly anything.

“You were a very little boy,” Usha said with a hint of impatience creeping in her voice. “I was actually looking forward to your growing up as a man. What if we can’t get married? You can always be my man in some other sense.”

Usha dropped to her knees. Ravi’s eyes looked down to have a look at her cleavage, well exposed after her sari had gone ajar. He kept looking at her while she pulled down his zipper and began rolling down his pants through his strong legs. She looked up and flashed a naughty smile before quickly bringing down his brief letting his dick bounce into her view.

“I think you are not used to this,” Usha said with a chuckle. Her head soon tilted and took his dick inside her mouth. Ravi’s eyes closed unable to cope up with the sudden excitement as he held her head with both his hands. Usha wasn’t lagging behind in excitement and her deep breathes were getting harder and harder. Her hand wrapped his dick and started stroking it. Ravi sailed through the clouds feeling the warm of her mouth on his young meat while he felt like standing on his heels as her tongue stroked all around his shaft until his hot semen blasted down her throat.

“I thought you might have taken off your clothes,” Usha said smilingly, after brushing her lips with her tongue and cleaning the odd drops of cum. Ravi sheepishly got rid of his shirt and stood completely naked.

“Now, it is my turn,” Usha stood up and began unveiling her body by stripping her sari, followed it by taking off her blouse, removing her bra and pushing her panties through her marvelous legs.

She moved close to him and let their lips meet. A few seconds later, he began thrusting his tongue into her in thorough enjoyment. Usha presumed that Ravi might be inexperienced and decided to get on with him proactively.

“Usha,” he murmured feeling her intensity. His hands quickly reached either side of her waist. They hugged and went down onto the cushy carpet on the floor.

“It is my turn to reciprocate,” he said looking at her public hair so close. He leaned towards her to get a feel of her moist pussy. Usha wasn’t expecting him to get there so soon and she readily pulled him towards her cunt. Her legs went apart giving enough space to let him move inside. She jumped feeling his tongue brush her pussy lips for the first time. He was soon going quick and hard with his mouth dancing on her pussy. Usha’s excitement was building up all the time as her hands began fondling her perky nipples. He went about sucking and licking her with great passion letting his rough tongue slurp her sexy juices. Usha was moaning in joy and pushing him further against her pussy. Her eyes closed soon as waves of pleasures began overriding her body bringing her to a quick but huge orgasm. She convulsed and gushed her juices on his face while the eager youngster kept licking her all the way.

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