“Wonder Woman” Rides Again

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The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

This is a sequel to “Wonder Woman” Takes it in the Ass, which is in the Anal Sex category. If you aren’t into anal sex, you probably won’t enjoy this story.

* * * * *

I felt like there had been two fateful days in my life, and both of them involved that sexy Wonder Woman costume. I never really had a “thing” for Wonder Woman before that, but afterward…well, I would sport a boner when I walked out of the theater after that first Gal Godot movie, that’s for damned sure. And, no offense to that actress, but it had nothing to do with her.

I returned to the apartment my sister shared with my new girlfriend after my jog and workout on campus. They had been roommates for over a year, but Sherry and I had started “dating” less than a week earlier. I put it that way because we hadn’t actually gone out on a date at that point. My sister, Karen, had basically dragged me along to a “cosplay party” she and her friends were having. Our parents had been there, and the three of us had dressed up in costumes we had rented from a shop in town just a mile off-campus.

I had been dressed in a dorky Captain America costume, and had felt awkward the entire evening until that first magical moment that forever changed my life. I’d had two big cups of beer, and had been looking for the restroom. I thought I saw a guy leaving a restroom, and headed for that door. Instead, I had walked into a bedroom and found a woman in a Wonder Woman costume bent over the side of the bed with her bottom exposed and her asshole lubricated and ready for action. The costume had a stylized Greek helmet with a black wig built into it, so I couldn’t see her face.

For months before that moment, I had been obsessing over anal sex. It had started when I saw internet porn for the first time, and I couldn’t believe how turned on I had gotten from watching that particular act. The way we had been raised, it seemed somehow dirtier and more taboo than “regular” sex. The girls I dated wouldn’t even consider letting me try it, and I knew I couldn’t even outright ask to. Even so, my last two high school girlfriends had broken up with me, and they strongly suspected I wanted anal sex even though I protested that I had merely been “curious if girls liked that sort of thing.”

I felt like I was in a dream as I stepped up to “Wonder Woman” and pulled my hard dick out of my costume pants. Then we were moaning together and I was fucking a woman in the ass for the first time. I had no idea who this Amazon goddess was, but I was certain she had a boyfriend and had mistaken me for that guy. I didn’t care. At that point, I was just living out my ultimate fantasy and she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

The tight, round globes of her ass felt incredible in my hands as I spread her open and fucked her tight little asshole. She moaned and thrust her hips back to meet me, and it was simply perfect. All too soon I reached the point of no return, and I gasped as I drove my cock balls-deep and erupted inside her. She cried out and came when she felt it, and slumped forward onto the bed after we finished coming.

I managed to get out of that bedroom before she could turn around and see me, and nobody else seemed to notice me leaving that bedroom. Still, I was extremely paranoid afterward. I felt like I had taken unfair advantage of that poor, unsuspecting woman and feared what would happen if anyone ever found out.

Later that night, I was dumbfounded when I finally met my sister’s roommate for the first time. Of course she had been the one wearing that Wonder Woman costume. It took another day and a half before she figured out it hadn’t been her long-time boyfriend, Darren, who had “given her what she always wanted” at that party. Then later that night I found myself in her bedroom, and once again could not resist when I saw her naked, lubricated ass in front of me.

That time she knew it was me and when we got close to orgasm she realized it had been me at the party as well. Instead of being upset, she was glad after she figured it out. That night and the following two days we had sex nearly non-stop, but then she and my sister encouraged me to get out of the apartment and go for a jog. It had been my routine for years, and I was happy to get back to it.

Sherry and I would have sex all night, and in the morning after breakfast I would go for a long jog and work out at one of the smaller gyms on campus. Half the time my sister was at work when I returned. Sherry loved having sex with me after my workouts. It turned her on something fierce just to see my muscles bulging out after I returned from the gym.

When I came back that particular afternoon, Karen was out of the apartment and Sherry greeted me with a deep, thorough kiss as soon as I walked in the door.

“Go ahead tunceli escort and grab your shower,” she murmured, rubbing the muscles on my left shoulder. “After that, come into the bedroom. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She gave me another searing kiss and I wondered about it as I showered quickly. After everything we’d done the past week, what could she surprise me with? When I walked into the bedroom and saw her dressed in that same Wonder Woman costume, with her sexy, heart-shaped ass pointed right at me, I let out a groan. She shivered when she heard it, and I pushed the bedroom door closed behind me. After all, I wouldn’t want my sister to come home and see me fucking Sherry in the ass again.

She shivered again when she heard my towel hit the floor, and then reached back with both hands to spread her cheeks open. Her fingers trembled and her breath came in quiet gasps as I guided my cock into her slick, tight little asshole.

“This is quite a surprise,” I chuckled.

“Oh, God, you’re actually doing it!” she gasped into the sheets.

I started fucking her in the ass, and it was simply superb. It was clear she was even more turned on than she had been before I left that morning, but I may have been even harder. When I grabbed her hips to pick up the pace, she reached down to brace herself on the bed. Her voice got louder and louder as I fucked her sweet ass harder and harder.

When I finally shoved my entire length into her and held it there, she popped up from the bed and cried out, “Oh God yes! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me in the ass!”

I froze and stared at her backside in disbelief.

“Karen?!?” I croaked.

It was my sister in the Wonder Woman costume! I had been fucking my own sister in the ass!

* * *

It seems obvious now, in retrospect. The evidence had been clear enough, but I had stubbornly refused to acknowledge what was really going on.

My sister wanted me.

If it had been any other woman, I would have recognized it immediately. Instead, I was uncomfortable with how affectionate she was, and I tried my best to keep our hugs and kisses “more appropriate.” After I had noticed her staring at my body I made sure I wore more conservative, concealing clothing around her.

All I managed to do was frustrate her, and she just became more determined. When I think about it now, several glaringly obvious events stand out, and I wonder how I could have failed to put it all together.

Sherry had stated clearly that my sister had gushed about how “hot” she thought I was, and after she had seen my laptop she was well aware of my obsession with anal sex. When Sherry made those comments, though, I had been distracted. At the time she was pushing her hips back insistently and my dick was in her ass. Afterward I didn’t really think about it, because all I could think about was how incredible the sex had been. Plus, I had been troubled because I had let my sister watch—at least for a little bit.

The first time I had taken Sherry from behind at that “cosplay party” she had that lubed, metallic butt plug sitting on the bed beside her, and I had overheard her mention that it was my sister’s. She had borrowed it for the occasion. When she’d said that, I had briefly pictured my sister putting it into her ass, but I had immediately squelched the thought and refused to think about it again. Somehow I missed the obvious implication: my sister had a horny little asshole and she was using a butt plug to stimulate it.

But, come on, this was my sister! I loved and respected her, and I did not want to think about her that way. It really bothered me that I had let my sister watch while I fucked Sherry in the ass a couple of times. I was preoccupied with enjoying it and couldn’t tear my eyes away long enough to say anything the first time. The second time…I guess I was teasing her? It’s tough for me to say, now. Certainly Karen took it that way—she thought I was doing it to tease her.

I was falling madly in love with Sherry and we were having sex nearly non-stop now that she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Darren. We didn’t make any effort to hide what we were doing, but I was closing and locking Sherry’s bedroom door so my sister wouldn’t try to watch us again. I didn’t think about my sister or what she was doing while I spent hours pounding her roommate’s horny asshole.

I realize now that she was listening to us having sex. It was obvious from her expression and her constantly-hard nipples that she was turned on, but I was just trying not to stare at her when I noticed. Sherry understood immediately what I refused to acknowledge: my sister desperately wanted me to fuck her in the ass. For her it wasn’t just some guilty little fantasy that she tried to suppress. She had seen my dick, seen it pumping in and out of Sherry’s asshole, and she wanted to experience it for herself.

However, both of them knew I was not entertaining that same fantasy. They watched the way I covered my body in loose-fitting, baggy tunceli escort bayan clothes when I was around my sister, and neither of them could miss it every time I locked Sherry’s bedroom door. I thought I was just trying to be a good brother, trying not to tease my sister. I had no idea how my actions affected her.

To Karen, I was suddenly locking her out of a part of my life that she really wanted to be a part of. Sherry got it, of course. They were much closer friends than I realized. Again, I should have known. After all, how close do you have to be to trust someone else with as intimate an item as a butt plug? I guess a big part of my ignorance stems from being a guy. I had never discussed with other guys the kinds of things that turned me on, or what I fantasized about. Apparently, girls who are close friends can talk about that kind of stuff.

There was another factor that I didn’t consider, and this one wasn’t obvious. Sherry was grateful to my sister for setting her up with me. Sherry felt like she “owed” Karen because I was making all of her sexual fantasies come true. However, Sherry didn’t have a brother to set Karen up with. She didn’t even know any guys who were interested in anal sex…except one.

Sherry couldn’t help but notice what I refused to recognize, and it turned her on to think about getting me together with my sister. The more she thought about it, the hotter it got her. I was doomed but had no idea until it actually happened.

* * *

For the first two days we were together, Sherry and I barely left her bedroom other than to shower or eat. The third morning, after breakfast, the two of them basically shooed me off so they could talk. They were polite about it, of course, but I knew they wanted to talk without me there. It was fine with me; I hadn’t gone for a jog or lifted weights for two days and my body longed for that return to my routine. I kissed Sherry and bent to hug Karen before I headed out the door.

I started humming as soon as I began to jog. My life felt so perfectly amazing that I could scarcely believe it. For three days in a row, I had woken up with my cock still inside Sherry’s insatiable asshole, and we had started the morning with a nice, leisurely ass-fuck. We followed that up with a shared shower, and then a nice breakfast with my sister. As I stretched out my legs and began my jog, I smiled and thought how nice it was that my girlfriend and my sister got along so well.

I returned to the track I had used three days earlier and jogged three miles. There were nine or ten other students using it this time, and I smiled and occasionally waved when I passed one of them. After that jog, I headed across the street to the gym and got in a light workout. It was open, but only the student who ran the place was there that time. I was pumped following that workout, and smiled as I jogged back to the apartment.

Karen was gone when I got there, but I knew she was working that day. Sherry greeted me enthusiastically and joined me in the shower. Afterward, she pushed me onto my back in her bed and sucked my dick like she was starving for it. She had taken me in her mouth briefly three or four times before, but it had always been a prelude to the next round of fucking. This morning she was in the mood to have my cock in her mouth as the main course.

I lay there and watched her suck my dick. She stared into my eyes repeatedly, then she would look down at the wet, throbbing head of my cock each time she pulled her mouth off of me and caught her breath. She did that three times, and I expected each time that she would want my dick inside her asshole—or perhaps her pussy—but that was not the case. After that third time, she fixed me with a piercing gaze.

“I want to taste your cum, Bobby,” she growled at me before she eagerly swallowed my dick.

It sent shivers right through me when she did that. She continued to look right into my eyes with that same hungry expression as she moaned and worked her lips up and down the shaft and swirled her tongue around the head. It was an impressive-looking blowjob as well as a sensual delight for my cock. Since she had told me she wanted it, I felt no need to hold back.

I barely managed to grunt, “Coming!” before she got that thick mouthful she was craving. I shivered all over again and again as she moaned lustily and gulped down every drop. She continued to nurse more of the stuff out of my sensitive shaft after I had stopped erupting between her lips, to the point that it felt almost ticklish.

I shuddered helplessly as she kept right on moaning and feeding on my dick juice. At that point I couldn’t even form the words to ask her to stop. I think I even reached down to try to push her away from me, but I just moaned weakly and my fingers trembled in her hair. It was without a doubt the most intense and thorough blowjob I had ever received.

When she finally released me from her lips, she gazed at my throbbing cock in her hand and licked her lips.

“Damn, escort tunceli that was incredible,” she whispered.

I was still panting, trying to catch my breath, and could only nod in agreement.

She licked her lips again. Her eyes returned to my face and she slowly shook her head twice as she worked her tongue around inside her mouth and swallowed. I was just starting to get my breathing back to normal.

“I can’t believe how much I love the taste of your cum,” she murmured. She gave my sensitive shaft another squeeze, sending another tremor through my body. “I want more.”

“Oh, God,” I moaned weakly, staring at her in disbelief.

There wasn’t a damned thing I could do to stop her as her mouth once again slurped in the head of my cock and started sucking hungrily. She moaned and sucked harder when my dick started rewarding her with a fresh trickle of pre-cum. I squirmed and shuddered and moaned, and that only seemed to turn her on more.

* * *

It turned her on to have me helpless and completely in her power like that, but it didn’t cross my mind that she and Karen had talked about sucking my dick while I was out jogging. My sister had been the one to bring it up, talking about how she kept staring at my obvious erections in my shorts. She had been the one to groan and say that she wondered how it would feel to have me in her mouth. Karen wanted to taste my cum.

After that conversation, Sherry had been completely aroused and couldn’t stop thinking about it. But what really got her off was seeing how helpless I was once she had me in her mouth. She was imagining my sister sucking my cock, and me squirming and protesting but powerless to stop her.

It wasn’t like I figured it out from watching her suck me and listening to her horny moans. I was still clueless what was really going on inside Sherry’s mind. Two or three times that afternoon, she made some kind of comment about my sister while we were having sex. It really bothered me, and I swatted her ass and growled “I thought we weren’t doing that anymore,” or something to that effect. I blocked it out of my mind immediately afterward, so I don’t recall any more detail than that.

That should have clued me in, but I thought it was a game she was playing with me—a game I didn’t want to play with her. What stood out most in Sherry’s mind was the way my dick swelled and lurched inside her each time. Even though I protested and told her I didn’t want to play that game, she was certain that it turned me on to think about fucking my sister in the ass.

* * *

That evening, Sherry followed my sister into her bedroom as soon as she got home from work. I started to follow them, but stopped in the doorway when my sister started stripping off her work clothes. She lifted the dress over her head, leaving her in just that lacy bra and matching panties. My eyes were huge when I saw her standing there like that, but she was already reaching back to unclasp the bra. I stepped back and quickly closed the bedroom door.

It didn’t even cross my mind that my sister wanted me to see her tits, wanted me to look at them. I just assumed she did not realize I had been standing there because she wasn’t looking at me. I assumed one of them had said something funny when they laughed softly, right after I pulled the door shut.

Their voices carried through the closed bedroom door, but I couldn’t make out enough of their words clearly and so could not follow the conversation they were having. I went over and sat on the couch, turning on the television to find something the three of us could watch together. Meanwhile, Sherry was telling my sister in detail how she had sucked my cock, how my cum tasted, and how hard I got every time she brought up Karen’s name while I was buried in her ass.

When they finally joined me on the couch, my nostrils flared at the smell of wet, horny pussy. I looked up at Sherry’s flushed face as she circled around to my right and I gave her a smile. She smiled back sexily, distracting me as Karen slid into my lap from the left. I turned my head to face her, and tried to murmur in protest as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I thought it had to be my imagination; surely she couldn’t be grinding in my lap as much as it felt like she was.

I broke off the kiss and shook my head, giving her a smile.

“It’s good to see you too,” I joked.

She smiled back at me, until I lifted her from my lap and slid her over to the seat next to me.

“I guess I’ll get started on dinner,” I continued, standing up and turning. I gave Sherry a kiss before heading out to the kitchen.

I hummed to myself as I got everything out and started cooking. A couple of times I glanced over to see the two of them whispering with their heads close together on the couch. Each time, I smiled.

I completely missed the disappointment on both of their faces.

* * *

Dinner was nice, but I had the nagging suspicion that I was missing something. That feeling persisted over the next two days. Karen seemed far more affectionate than I was comfortable with, but I kept thinking that it must be my imagination. One incident particularly stands out in my mind now—I mean, it would stand out anyway, but I should have really figured out what was going on when it happened.

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