Subject: Work & the New Walls (5) This is a fictional story about the hot crew of guys that were at my office some time back. The company was redoing some if the interior. New rooms and walls. Basically a renovation of sorts. This story is for all the hot hunks involved in the placement of walls and cubicles and all the work in the Reno. These guys are probably straight. So I would not assume their sexuality. Again only fiction. And a shame couldn’t have even one of these hot hunks. Hope you all enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Work & the New Walls (5) …. I stood there a bit freaked from my current situation. There I was at someone house, about to have a 3 way with two of the contractors that had come to my job recently and a third one that I hadn’t seen before. He was the crew manager. His name was Eric. He was beefier than the other two. Thick and had a great ass. He unlike Brian was still in his jeans. And those jeans were straining against his thick lower body. I looked behind be and saw Jimmy standing there rubbing at his pants. His dick was already pushing at them in his growing excitement. “Yeah” he huffed “Gonna have a real good time this time” “Yeah. No quicky blow jobs” Brian added “Gonna enjoy this fucker” Eric stepped over to me and came in closer.he was pretty good looking actually. His face round and unshaven. But it was an almost clean and trimmed look. He had soft brown eyes and a nice smile. The polo shirt he work hugged his thick meaty frame. And the jeans below were stretched over his thick thighs. And his forearms had a nice coating of fur on them. A tell for kocaeli escort what may lie beneath his shirt. “He may be a bear” my mind conjured “Lets hope so” I was excited and cautious at the same time. These three men planned on making me suck their dicks and take them up my ass tonight. My thoughts lingering on Brian’s huge dick and how much it would hurt. He was the smallest man, but had the largest weapon that I saw. And he was a mean fucker at work. So I surmised he would be a mean ‘fuck’. My ass twitched at the thought. “Yeah. He is cute” Eric said “Let me look at you man” Then he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his crotch. I could feel Eric’s dick start to pulsate against my palm. He was obviously getting excited too. I quickly gave in to his advances and started to rub at the nice feeling lump in his jeans. “Yeah. That feels good” he said “My dick is gonna get big and thick for you” Then he grabbed my head and turned me to him. His eyes looked at mine. He was hungry. So i leaned in and kissed Eric. And he let me. We made out as I felt Jimmy move in behind me. I could feel his big cock pressing against me. I turned to see that in the few moments I was looking at Jimmy, he had dropped his pants and discarded his shirt. He was but in his boxers now. And they were tenting severely. “Time to suck cock faggot” he growled. I turned to Eric who smiled at me. Then I was pushed to my knees by both men. I looked at the protruding tent in Jimmy’s underwear, then the nice meaty bulge growing in the other guys jeans. “Get on this” Jimmy growled “Suck my big dick” Jimmy grabbed at his tenting crotch and squeezed at it. It pushed at the material kocaeli escort bayan of his boxers. Then I saw Eric as he reached for it and grabbed at the head of the covered dick. “Yeah. Suck in Jimmy man” he said And then he reached for the boxers and pulled them down icer Jimmy’s hardened cock. It jumped out at me. I was instantly hungry for it. Then I grabbed the shaft and quickly went to work in his dick. Opening my mouth and then sliding down several inches of his cock. Jimmy moaned in delight to having my mouth on him again. Hos big hand teaching for my head as he began to thrust his hips at me head to get more suck action from me. “Yeah fucker. Yeah” he huffed “Such a great cock sucker” “Eat my big fucking cock” I looked over to see Brian had gotten up and was standing near me now. So I was surrounded by the three hot men and their crotches. He then shoved his huge crotch at my face. I had to pull from Jimmy as the other guys dick was straining those briefs to bursting. He then yanked down his briefs. And out fell his monster. Hanging there curving downward by its sheer size. “No me fucker” he growled. “Get on this” He grabbed it and swung his log at me. It struck my cheek as he flung it towards me. Hitting me with a heavy thud. So of course I could not refuse his offering. I grabbed it and then swallowed him down now. Slurping up about half of Brian’s huge dick. Je moaned in his delight now. “Yeah Jimmy” he added to Jimmy’s comment “Best faggot mouth” He just let me go onto his cock as I wanted. Not trying to shove it into my face. At least not yet. Right now he was content with letting my mouth slide up and down izmit escort his huge dick. I still hand one hand on Jimmy’s cock and was stroking him. Keeping his dick hard as I sucked his buddy. My other hand was still rubbing at Eric’s crotch. And I knew I had to get at the fresh new dick soon. So I pulled from Brian’s dick and turned my attention to the delicious bulge Eric had in his jeans. I licked at my lips for a moment. Then shoved my fave to the beefy bulge. There was a heat coming off his crotch that was intense. But that bulge felt fantastic. So I opened my mouth and chewed on that bulge. Moving my mouth over his covered dick. Feeling as his dick started to push at the material. I knew he needed to be freed of his confines. So as I licked his crotch and chewed on his crotch I went to the jeans and zipper. Then pulled it down. “Lets get these down” I said “Wanna see your dick” Do I pulled down his jeans. Peeling them down his meaty legs. Below was a pair of briefs. They were stretching over a hefty looking bulge. I looked at his legs. They were thick, thicker than both the other guys. And hairy. And the bulge although smaller than the other men was nice. He looked like he had a nice sack. Full. So I pushed my fave to his briefs now. Inhaling Eric’s stink now. And it was rich and manly. “Hmm. Smells good” I said I began to lick at the bulging shaft. Kissing and sucking on his covered dick. Spitting and drooling in the thing through his briefs. Soon I had his briefs damp with saliva. “Hungry” I finally said “Gimme this cock” So I then pulled down his briefs. And out fell his thick near 7 inches. Eric’s dick was pretty thick. And there was a curve to it. The mushroom head was full and meaty. “Nice” I said. Then I grabbed for it and went down on the new cock….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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