You Know that This ain’t Right Ch. 03

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I began sucking on her juicy full lips, as slowly kissed her down to her neck. Proceeding to kiss her up her neck on the left side, all the way up to her ear. Biting and nibbling on her ear, I began to suck on her ear lobe, licking behind her ear and to the back of her neck. Then, following over to the right side to do the exact same thing. Moaning and groaning, was the only noises that either of us could make at this point! My huge cock throbbing with rage as it laid against her stomach, and pressed into her navel. Her hair, wrapped between my fingers, with every pull of it, her moans got louder, and louder. Kissing from her neck, back up to her lips, I had one hand gripping the side of her face with her hair in it. While my other one, was gripping, and squeezing her thick thigh.

Now, slowly, kissing her from her lips, to her neck, and down to the base of her chest, I licked my lips as they rubbed all over around the outside of her breasts. Then, with my tongue, I licked every single spot on her boobs! All over her breasts, until I got down to the nipples. I rolled up my tongue around her fat nipples, and began sucking on them.

This alone, caused her to scream out with moans and laughter, as her hands crept up the back of my neck and she cried out “Yes!” loud.

I repeated the same thing for the other one. I licked her nipple and then licked it very soft and slowly with the tip of my tongue barely touching the tip of her nipple. She couldn’t even speak as the rush of excitement, lust, and pleasure filled her body. Goosebumps covered her.

Next, I started slowly kissing down her stomach as I began to advance down her body. I did it very slowly. I got down to her navel and let the tip of my tongue get soaked and wet, before I swirled it around the outside of her navel, before I stuck it inside of it. Now, this is where all of the magic happens! mardin escort I push her legs up in the air, and bring them down onto my shoulders. With both legs now up I slowly kiss her down both legs, to her feet, and then all the way back up, as she gasped for air. When I poked my head up, and gazed into her eyes, she was biting her bottom lip, staring right back at me heavily breathing.

Legs up, wide open, tongue soaking wet from my saliva, my adrenaline pumping, blood rushing all over my body, “Seems that most of it, ran right into my big dick!” I thought to myself.

Taking my tongue out, I slowly began to lick her pussy lips from the outside of her pussy. Taking slow stroke after slow stroke like Picasso when he paints a picture and he moves the brush one stroke at a time on the canvas, was exactly how my tongue was on her pussy. I had begun tongue kissing her pussy. Squirming, jiggling, and trying to move I simply wrapped my arms sturdy and firmly around her thighs to hold her still.

“Oh no! You ain’t goin’ nowhere, baby!” I said in a muffled voice as I squeezed her thighs and began to continue tongue kissing her pussy, now, applying more pressure with my tongue.

Through her panting and gasping for air, and all of the moans, I heard her continue to say “Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy!”

“What’s my name?” I said to her.

“Daddy!” she said back to me leaning up on her elbows so she could see the work that I was doing.

“Lay back, girl!” I said to her.

Without using my hands, I let the tip of my tongue work its way inside of her pussy lips. I licked her all the way up and all the way down! I licked her from her clit down to her booty and back up to her clit, as her booty jiggled on my face. I grabbed her waist and held her down, as I spread open her pussy! I took my tongue and shoved inside mardin escort bayan of her pussy hole as far as it would go. Taking my hands off of her waist, I grabbed her breasts, one in each hand and began squeezing them, and playing with her nipples, while I was still sucking and licking on the inside of her pussy. Withdrawing my tongue, the panting, and the moaning, grew uncontrollably louder! I slapped her thigh, and then I started tongue kissing her clit. She reached down, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved it deep inside of her pussy. Now, I know how to control my breathing very well! So, with that being said I ate her pussy for about 3 hours straight. I LOVE EATING PUSSY, LADIES!! I made her cum about 10 times, however she said she lost count, so it must have been more.

“I want to feel you inside of me!” she screamed.

I got back on top of her, and slowly, put the head in, and I slowly inched in each and every inch, until all 11 was inside. She screamed it was too big, so I took some of it out! Starting out slow, I began to slowly stroke her tight, wet, hot, pussy! Her eyes, rolling back into her head now, as I began to speed it up. I am in pushup position on top of her, stroking that pussy away! I started biting, kissing, and sucking on her neck. Once, I started kissing her, I wrapped my hand around her neck and began to apply pressure. Not too much! Just so she could feel it!

“Let me ride you! I know you want to watch this big ol butt, don’t you?” she said laughing through her moaning and panting trying to catch her breath.

“Hell yeah!” I said laughing as I withdrew my dick and sit down on the bed.

She came and before sitting on my lap she began to suck on my big dick! Her big fat lips, wrapped around my dick! She was sucking, smacking her lips, slurping, just eating my big dick! escort mardin I laid back and could barely even move, she made my whole body go numb!

Then, she comes and sits on my lap! Finally, it’s going down! Just as you expected, booty was just ridiculous, bouncing, shaking, like it ain’t make no sense!

She said “Oooh boy, had I known you was like this, I would’ve fucked you a long time ago!”

“Why do you think I used to always want to just be around you?” I said biting my lip watching those big boobs as with each bounce they hit me in my face!

I grabbed her big booty, and looked and me and said “I know baby, but you know we family! This is so wrong but it feels so right!”

“I know, and I mean, it’s cool, you can’t fight your feelings or emotions, everybody got somebody they attracted too in their family!” I said sucking on her titty.

“Yeah I know, and I do have to admit something!” she said smiling as she bit her bottom lip from my hard cock getting deep inside of her!

“What is it?” I asked.

“I used to get so wet, at the fact that you used to get away all those times with grabbing and smacking my booty!” she said trying to laugh, but the dick cut her laugh into a moan.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“Hell yeah baby! That shit was like a tease! Remember, I would be in the shower, and you’d come in and just take my towel and clothes out of the bathroom?” she said grinding on me.

“How could I forget! Then I would come in, and open the shower curtain, and smack your booty!” I answered.

“Oh baby, yes, keep going! I’m about to cum!” she screamed.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and grabbed her big booty, and started making it jiggle. I started clapping the cheeks together, moving one at a time up and down, all while I was kissing on her neck! Moaning at the top of her lungs, she screamed out and fell up on me, as she climaxed all over my big hard dick!

“Damn, boy! I got to go take another shower, well, I guess we can take one together!” she said laughing.

“No! You have to clean off my dick first, before you go anywhere!” I said as I shoved it into her mouth.

The End!…

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