Subject: Young Ballers 13 Thanks for all the emails and encouragement. I always worry about jumping the shark (or the boy loving equivalent) with such a long story. My thick pervy cock gave birth to this one. The idea popped in my head and my boy loving cock twitched in approval. Also please find a few bucks to donate to Nifty to ensure that this archive keeps entertaining our cocks for years to come. None of the figures in this story are real people, nor should anyone try to do what’s depicted in this story. It’s just fantasy, so enjoy. **************************************************************** The stocky 6’2 linebacker stepped out of his Mercedes and looked up to the house. A questioning look at the relatively modest house. Todd had just started house hunting after finishing his rookie year. It was a very successful year that finished with his first big contract. His owner didn’t want to risk letting the amazing player loose anytime soon. The team had recommended an agent to get him set up. The house was nice, but certainly not a palatial home he had expected. With seven million guaranteed each year, he could definitely afford the home. He liked that it was a secure gated community, but he obviously needed to let the agent know he expected something more impressive. He shrugged and walked up the path. He stood on the porch and knocked. The door quickly swung open, revealing the young agent he had only talked on the phone with before now. “Mr. Lee! Welcome! Come on in, such a pleasure to meet you. The team let me know what they think would interest you, and I think you’re going to really enjoy this home.” Carter said. The agent was 27, a former soccer star for an ivy league college. The pros weren’t in his future, but instead he parlayed his business degree along with a real estate license into a position at a premiere LA real estate firm. When not showing homes to the stars of film, tv, and sports, you could still see his slender 5’10 physique running up and down a soccer field. “Carter, thanks for helping. I’m not sure though this is the house for me. I was expecting something nicer, bigger.” Todd responded trying not to seem ungrateful. “Well this a two story 3,800 square foot house, four bedrooms, an office, several living areas, 3.5 baths, and a great outdoor space for entertaining. It’s a traditional home, but the house has been completely updated to modern amenities. No expense was spared.” Carter explained walking him through towards the kitchen, “There’s also an unfinished basement you can turn into whatever satisfies your interests or needs,” he said with an odd wink. “I guess it’s worth a look, lead the way.” Todd responded trying to keep an open mind. Carter talked about the kitchen amenities and the two dining areas. Walking through the dining room, he explained the upgraded air and heat systems. Todd had begun to tune him out. He wanted the wow factor, not great heating and air. “Let’s step outside and see the backyard before looking at the rest of the house,” Carter explained as he led Todd out two beautiful french doors. Todd took in the immaculate and massive lush green back yard. The porch was indeed set up for entertaining, and everything was brand new including a massive grill. Todd looked out and realized someone was laying out on the far side of the large curvy pool. “Someone still living here?” Todd asked. “That’s Julio, he also lives in the neighborhood. He also has a very successful lawn care service, and takes care of most of the yards. He’s a great kid.” Carter explained leading Todd over to him. “How old is he to be taking care of lawns?” Todd asked. “14, he does an excellent job.” Carter said. Todd had to admit the lawn looked perfect. As the two men grew closer, Todd realized that the kid was lying in the sun, the heat of the midday sun bronzing his already brown skin, was totally naked. “Dude, why is the fucking kid naked?” Todd asked, stopping Carter a few feet from the kid. “He’s getting a sweet ass tan. I mean just look at the little brown butt glistening in the sun. Good enough to eat, no?” Carter laughed. “Dude, that’s not funny. He’s just a kid.” Todd warned. “Calm down bud, Julio has no problem with me admiring his butt.” Carter said walking over to Julio, “Looks like he fell asleep.” Carter turned the 5’8 brown boy over, the sexy little fuck only stirring briefly before returning to his sun bathed nap. Todd was struck by the thick uncut cock lying across the boy’s thigh. Julio was still totally smooth, and his hard work showed in the deep tone of his skin and the lean but strong body that was on full display. Carter let his hand slide down the boy’s abdomen, his hand sliding easily along the layer of 14yo boy sweat. He gently caressed the fat cock before wrapping his hand around it. A couple of pumps and Todd realized there was a nice pool of shiny liquid on the boy’s crotch, and that bubbles of precum were oozing out Julio’s cock. “Carter man, this is fucked up. I’m not down with this. I need to go.” Todd asked. “Todd, you don’t have to pretend with me. I know you’re a boy lovin’ pedophile,” Carter said looking up at his client, 14yo uncut underage cock in his hand. Todd moved quickly as professional athletes are trained to do and grabbed Carter by the shirt, slamming him up against the side of the pool house. “I’m not a fucking pedophile, faggot,” Todd hissed, venting his fury quietly so as not to disturb the boy. Carter was taken by surprise, but regained his command of the situation. “So I guess that nine year old last month just imagined your cock probing his colon?” he asked with a sly smile. The look of fury in Todd’s face slowly faded to shock and humiliation. A month ago, Todd has been at a party thrown at the owner’s massive home. Late in the evening after multiple drinks, two of the veterans clued him in that the owner put some entertainment up in a few of the bedrooms. The way they grabbed their massive crotches full of young black cock, Todd knew what kind of entertainment they were headed for. Todd followed, glad to have a place to unload a load. He resisted the groupies, wanting to stay “baby momma free.” As they walked into the door, the two black receivers shed their clothes and crawled quickly into bed. It took a few moments before Todd’s alcohol impaired eyes realized that it was a nine year old white boy tied to the bed. He watched in stunned silence as the shaking little 4th grader felt large rough black hands roam over his body. He wanted to leave the room, but his 22 year old cock was hard as fuck. When his new teammates pulled the boy’s legs back exposing the tiny pink hole, cheering him on to fuck the kid, he did just that. He pulled out his straight cock and rammed it inside the whimpering helpless little boy. The fuck was brief but ball draining. Todd sat back and watch the two large black men spend almost an hour molesting and fucking the boy before he took one more turn before going home. He had felt guilty as hell the next day, but the experience still prompted a serious erection. “That was a mistake,” Todd managed to whisper. “Yet your hard just thinking of that 14yo little fuck,” Carter said as he grabbed a handful of professional linebacker crotch. Todd moaned, his eyes closed, and he tensed up as he realized the truth of what Carter said. “We can’t just molest a sweet helpless little boy,” Todd said, loosening his grip on the boy. Carter laughed, “You don’t understand, the boy sunbathes in the nude on purpose. I think you’ll find him willing to offer many services other than lawn care for a price. He’s an excellent businessman.” Carter slid away from Todd and resumed his crouched position next to the young teen. His strong hands slid up and down the boy’s young body before grabbing the thick uncut 14yo cock in his hand. Carter smiled up at Todd, shaking the young dick at his client. “Come on man, you know you wanna taste. It’s ok, come one,” Carter coaxed. Todd hated himself as he took the steps toward the boy and kneeled, his pants stretching around the thick white cock in his pants. He reached out and slid his hand around Julio’s cock as Carter let go. “That’s it bud, have some fun.” Carter encouraged as he leaned down and put his nose next to the boy’s balls, “Mmmm man, get a whiff of his body. It’s fucking amazing,” the agent commented after inhaling deeply. Todd leaned in and smelled, the sweet funk of sweaty boy filled his nose. “Now just imagine how more imazing that will be after he’s worked up a good sweat mowing your lawn under this hot sun. Layers of sweat and funk just waiting for your tongue to clean up.” Carter teased before running his tongue along the boy’s sparse pubes. The agent pulled his clients head down to Julio’s cock. The uncut head rubbed against his lips. “Taste him bro, taste that 8th grade precum,” he commanded. Todd allowed the cock to enter his mouth, his body coming alive feeling the underage boy’s manhood fill his mouth. `Fuck this, I’m straight, I like girls, what the fuck is wrong with me’ he thought as he began sucking the little boy off. The boy shifted as he received head from a ProBowl linebacker.”You like sucking my little boy cock Mr. Lee?” Julio said as he propped himself up and looked down at the professional football player giving him some nice head. Todd bursa escort looked up, embarrassed at how he’d allowed himself to give into his urges and not believing that he was again molesting a little boy. “You fucking pedophiles love my cock don’t you.” Julio moaned as Todd sucked his latino cock and Carter licked his balls. “Fuck yeah you little stud, show Mr. Lee what a delicious little boy he can molest if he gets the house,” Carter encouraged, always working the sale. “Let him taste that funky latino boy butt,” he said to the boy, “you’re gonna love how intense he tastes,” he commented to Todd whose nose was buried in the kid’s pubes. The kid raised his legs and spread them, pulling his cock from Todd’s disappointed mouth. The strong scent of sweat and latino butt hit Todd quickly. Carter grabbed the back of his client’s head and shoved it into the boy’s ass. Todd and Julio both moaned as the football playing pedophile’s face was surrounded by warm moist 14yo ass. Todd licked up and down, savouring the flavors of this beautiful underage stud. He could feel his own cock, his pedophile cock, throbbing in his pants as he tongue went wild exploring the brown hole. “Ok bud, Julio has to get to work and we have a house to see,” Carter said pulling his client back. Todd looked confused having assumed they were about to have a little boy threesome in the back yard, “There’ll be time later if you wanna come back down and enjoy his body.” Carter reassured. Todd was disappointed but too ashamed of his extreme hunger for little boy to put up an argument. The men walked back to the house. Todd occasionally looked back to see Julio slowly dressing, covering up that amazing little body he wanted so much. “Let’s go check out the office space, I know that was important to you.” Carter commented leading the way, “You watch a lot of kiddie porn by the way, even more than I do. You not able to get any?” Todd was shocked and confused how he would even know, “No, I’m not a child molester. It’s just hot vids, and how…?” “How did I know you spend a lot of evenings stroking that big linebacker cock watching little boys get molested and raped?” Carter laughed, “The team keeps tabs on its promising prospects, especially rookies. That kid you fucked that night was the owner’s grandson, they’re cool with their players needs. You had a great first season, and I’m sure the team wants to protect their investment and keep you happy–hence me.” Carter explained. Todd didn’t respond, just processed the fact that his employer knew he was a nasty pedophile who liked to molest little boys….yet still was paying him. Carter opened a door and guided Todd into the room, “This is your office space, and those two little naked boys on the desk are Kyle and Josh Flynn. They live next door and love visiting.” Todd looked at the two naked white boys, maybe 5 or 6 laying on the desk. Their legs dangled on the far side of the desk as their heads dangled on the other side facing the two horny pedophiles. He could see the boys smiling with their mouths open, tiny little pink tongues swirling about. The boys softly giggled as their small hands played with their hairless little cocks. “Those mouths have the skills of a well seasoned whore. Give `em a try,” Carter encouraged. “Yes Mr. Todd, molest us, do dirty things to us. We LIKE IT!” little Josh said as he brother laughed. Todd swooned at the intensity of the moment, the opportunity that lay before him. So many nights fantasizing, stroking his cock, watching illegal porn, pushing his desires to the deep dark parts of his mind, and there they were, two perfect little boys, begging to suck his cock. He felt his zipper being pulled down as Carter pushed him forward. The moment his crotch was within reach, two sets of grimey little boy hands pulled him in, searching for the hard cock they wanted. Todd felt the soft cool hands of a 5 and 6yo boy wrap around his cock and his knees almost buckled. He hesitated to even look down, afraid to confront the reality of his pedophile desires that he had tempered so long. The boy in the yard had been a teen, almost driving. As wrong as that was, these were two very little boys, boys who didn’t even know their multiplication tables, and they were nursing on his fat adult 8 inches like hungry little puppies. Todd did finally look down, slowly opening his eyes, and seeing little Josh nursing on the first couple of inches of his nasty pedophile cock. Kyle was using his tongue to lick up and down the side of his prick, both had huge smiles as he molested them. “See, they love it buddy. What you didn’t realize all those lonely nights stroking this amazing cock to kiddy porn was that a lot of little kids love when we use them like fuck toys, let them do very adult things,” Carter said rubbing the pecs of his client. “I can’t even think, this is so wrong and so hot,” Todd managed his eyes now locked with Kyle’s. “It’s not wrong if they love it as much as we do,” Carter said as his hand caressed the stubbled cheek of the hefty linebacker, “kiss me you fucking pedophile.” Carter pulled the man into a long soulful kiss, their adult tongues fighting for space in each others mouths as Todd enjoyed a dual blow-job from kindergartners. Carter reached up and began tweeking the tiny nipples on his massive pecs, pushing the man closer to hosing the boys down in child molesting cum. “I’m gonna cum,” Todd mumbled into the mouth of his real estate agent. Carter pulled back and looked deep into his client’s eyes, “Fuck yeah bro, feed those sweet little boys your pedophile load, let them drink down that football player cum.” Carter turned Todd’s head toward the boys, “Look at the sweet little slutty angels, see how much they want it, give it to them. Let them taste it.” Todd watched as both boys eagerly sucked on his cock, their tiny hands caressing his thighs and balls. Their tiny tongues flew all over his cock, sending shivers down to his toes. Kyle locked eyes with Todd again. “Feed us your pedo juice Mr. Todd, please!!!” the boy whined. The insanely dirty and perverse comment sent lightning to his prostate and his whole body seized up as thick creamy linebacker cum coated the faces of the two sweet boys. Kyle and Josh frantically stroked the adult cock, hoping to milk every last drop into their mouths. The salty funk of adult cum filled their tiny mouths. “That was yummy Mr. Todd. We want lots more of that,” Little Josh commented scraping the adult cum from his face into his small mouth. “Mr. Carter can we have some of your yummy cum too?” Kyle asked reaching out for Carter with his hands and tongue. “No baby boys, I need to finish showing Todd here the house. You boys run home. Tell your daddy I may be over later to fuck those beautiful butts,” Carter said shooing the naked and giggling little boys out of the room, smacking their butts along the way. “Their dad knows you molest them? That’ you’re fucking them?” Todd asked as he pulled his pants up, stuffing his still firm jock cock into his boxers. Carter laughed, “Yeah bud, you’re gonna love this neighborhood. There are three guest bedrooms other than the office space. Two of them have bathrooms, the half bath is off the entryway. We’ll take a look at one of the bedrooms just so you get an idea-they’re all almost exactly the same,” Carter explained pointing to the door. Todd smiled and gave Carter a questioning look. He wondered what awaited him on the other side of this door. So far he’d sucked and eaten the ass of a little sweaty latino stud and fucked the mouths of two little kindergartners and fed them his cum. Todd turned the knob and walked in. The heat of the room struck him first followed quickly by the intense smell of sweat and funk. He figured it was close to 85 degrees in the room, and as for the smell, he assumed it was from the writhing mass of black bodies on the queen sized bed. The sounds of murmurs and moans filled the room. Big round black butts, heads with clean fades, and smooth muscular black backs was all he could see. “Coach, how’s it going? Fine set of hot naked boys you got there. And you got it nice and hot and sweaty in here just like I asked,” Carter said. It was only then that Todd noticed the large black man standing off to the side. He towered over the two men, was shirtless, and a large bulge was visible through satin silver shorts. “Thanks bud, my boys are always ready to entertain. I worked them out for a good hour before bringing them over. They were soaked in sweat even before they started to fuck,” the man said, “Mr. Lee, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Coach Davis. I’m a big fan, so are some of my boys.” Todd shook hands with Coach Davis, exchanging smiles. “Todd here has a taste for little nigger boys, gets his pedo cock all hot and bothered,” Carter laughed, grabbing Todd’s cock that indeed was still very hard and now throbbing as he watched what must have been a dozen black boys writhe on the bed. “How…?” Todd gave his agent another questioning look. “Everytime you watch kiddie porn, the last one you watch, the one that makes that fat linebacker pedophile cock blow its load, is one with little black boys. Like I said, your team has been watching,” Carter whispered into Todd’s ear. “Well, if you like hot little nigger boys, I have a lot of them, the little sluts.” bursa escort bayan Coach Davis laughed. “Coach here works at the local junior high and coaches a club basketball team on the side. He has all kinds of hot little jock boys at his disposal, from about 8 to 15. His program stays very well funded thanks to his generous friends. You want to be one of his friends Todd?” Carter asked. “Fuck yes,” Todd whispered as he focused on a young black boy of about 10 worshipping the thick piece of meat of a 14yo under him. The linebacker was memorized watching the tiny pink tongue and thick lips of the boy glide over a hairless dark brown cock. “Javari, get that sweet butt over here,” Coach Davis barked. Oh and what a sweet bubble butt it was. The 14yo slid from the mass of squirming naked black flesh and jogged over to his coach. His butt bounced in time with the thick 6 inches of boy cock in front. The kid was already six foot, and still growing. He’d be a massive kid in just a few years time. The picture of masculinity in his muscular smooth body, his face was dreamy, sultry, a boy lovers dream. “Yes coach!” the boy remarked.” “Down on your knees fag.” Coach softly ordered. The boy dropped to his knees, admiringly looking up at his coach, “You a faggot Javari?” The boy hesitated, “No sir.” “Then why you over there doing all that fag shit? Why you enjoy taking care of my nigga cock so much?” Coach asked with a laugh. Again the hesitation, a look of embarrassment on the boy’s face. “Cause you let me start, and you’re gonna make me a NBA star.” the boy admitted. Future dreams trumped the boy’s sexuality. Coach laughed, “Oh yeah, that’s the only reason Javari. Is that why I woke up to find you bouncing up and down on my cock last week during the team sleep over. You shot that little kid load all over my abs.” The boy just lowered his head, embarrassed even more to admit that he did like all the sex, but couldn’t wait to have a girlfriend to fuck. “Nice, you’re a hot little slut,” Carter said rubbing the top of the kids head. “You wanna fuck Mr. Lee’s butt?” Coach asked. The boy perked up, a huge smile on his face. “Really?” Javari said looking from his coach to the rookie linebacker. “Yup, time to put that fat cock to work,” Coach said to the boy, “You ready for some hot boy meat?” he turned to Todd. “Yes please,” Todd answered as he began to strip. His muscular white body was revealed to the admiring adults and black boy. Todd was naturally smooth except for a patch above his cock and his pits. Tight smooth abs flowed up into the rounded pecs with tiny brown nipples, a sexy V torso that rested on powerful legs. Javari drooled, his cock throbbing at the thought of sliding his 7th grade cock between the muscular cheeks of a real professional football player. “Go jump on the bed “Romeo”, let your hot black boy treat you like his little bitch,” Carter joked as we swatted his client’s butt. Todd walked over to the bed, Javari close behind. Todd slid onto his back into the pile of black bodies on the bed. As he nudged further into the pile, the sweaty warmth surrounded him until he couldn’t see much except sweaty skin and cocks and balls. Todd’s mind reeled at the intense smell coming from the boys. Javari could only see the bottom half of the adult man he’s was about to fuck. The boy was excited as normally adult men just wanted to fuck his bubble butt. He rarely got to fuck anyone except some of the smaller boys that hung around Coach Davis. Javari raised the man’s legs and dove his tongue in impatiently preparing the hole for a serious fuck. Todd felt the boy’s tongue enter his adult butt, his hole loosening to welcome more of the boy’s saliva and soon, his cock. An 8yo moved gently above Todd, and the boy’s cock and balls slid across the man’s mouth. Todd closed his eyes and sucked both into his mouth, savoring the taste of sweaty little nigger boy. So many times he sat in his bed, black kiddie porn on his huge flat screen, and dreamt of the day he’d get to taste the smooth funk of a little nigga boy. He didn’t think it would ever happen, but it had. Fuck, thank God it had. Javari got Todd’s ass nice and sloppy wet before pushing the linebacker’s legs farther back and pointing his six inches towards the slightly hairy pink hole. Javari’s hands wrapped around the man’s ankles, spreading them wide apart. Todd felt the thick cock press against his hole. His man cock twitched and throbbed. “Fuck me kid,” Yodd yelled from the pile of writhing bodies. Javari barely heard the man, but he was more than willing to comply. The boy pushed his cock all the way in, balls deep, without hesitation. Javari clearly wanted to do to Todd what so many pedophiles had done to him over the years. The boy smiled as he heard Todd cry out before returning to pleasing one of the younger boys on the bed. The boy’s slender fingers wrapped around Todd’s cock, stroking him as he fucked him. Todd was in heaven. The smell and taste of sweaty black boy surrounded him and he had a young boy’s cock deep in his butt. Carter slid behind Javari. “Don’t let him cum kid. Fuck him, edge him, breed him, but don’t let him cum. I haven’t made the sale yet,” he whispered before leaning down and kissing the boy’s shoulders. Carter also enjoyed the taste of a sweaty black jock boy. Carter’s hands roamed over the naked teen as he licked and sucked on the boy’s soft skin. “Yes sir,” Javari moaned. He could feel Todd’s cock tightening up and twitching so he released his grip as he fucked even harder into the adult butt. Javari loved the hot tightness and the feeling of getting off in an adult’s butt. The boy was getting closer to breeding Todd, and then Carter helped out by dropping to his knees and shoving his relator face into the bouncy black butt. Sweat and ass juices coated Carter’s face as his tongue dug deep. Javari moaned out as he felt the man eat his bouncy black 14yo butt. “Fuck yes man, I’m gonna blow.” the boy moaned. As Javari filled Todd’s welcoming hole with 14yo cum, Todd could also feel the 8yo he was sucking off start to shake and twitch as he rode out a dry orgasm. Todd desperately wished 8yo’s could cum….like all pedophiles. Coach Davis walked over, his 8inch cock hanging out, “Get down there and clean out that sexy man-hole buddy,” he said pushing the boy down into Todd’s ass. Coach Davis held the boy’s head down there as he stroked his cock, getting off on watching one of his stars eat out his own load from a man butt. The coach grunted and aimed his cock down into Todd’s butt crack. Thick jets of white cum shot from the large veiny white cock into the crack of the linebacker’s ass, dripping slowly down to where Javari was eating out his own load. “Eat it up buddy, eat your coach’s cum.” he commanded. Javari quickly complied sucking down the thick spunk dripping down to the kid’s thick sucking lips. His cum, his coach’s cum, and a professional linebacker’s ass juices coated the 7th grader’s tongue. Carter and the coach pulled on Todd’s legs, pulling him from the pile of boys. Javari slid into the hole, the coach’s 6yo son finding his slimy cock and sucking it down his throat, cleaning it for his dad’s star. Todd whimpered as he wanted to remain surrounded by the heat and sweat of those beautiful black boys forever. “Sorry bud, we need to finish looking at the house and see if you wanna still see something else,” Carter counseled. “No need to get redressed. You’ll probably wanna take a shower before going home. Let me show you the master and then you can go home and think about it while I check out some other properties.” “Fuck, I’m so hard. Can’t I just fuck one of these amazing black butts first?” Todd begged as he caressed a butt sticking out from the group, a slender 10yo who’s brown hole was dripping cum already. “Don’t worry, your pal Carter will make sure you’re good before you leave.” Carter explained guiding Todd from the room. He looked back one last time to see Coach Davis slide his massive cock into the 10yo he wanted to fuck. The two men walked down stairs and around the corner towards the master. Todd looked out back and could see Julio mowing shirtless, the sun glistening off his sweaty brown skin. “The master is a very large bedroom. With enough room for a custom bed and a sitting area. The ensuite includes a jacuzzi tub big enough for a huge fucker like you, in fact two huge fuckers like you if you wanted. Or maybe someone your size and a couple of very small bodies,” he suggested with an evil grin,”There’s also a large four person shower with multiple heads. The previous owner decked out the bathroom with everything you could want.” Carter explained as he opened the door. Todd walked in, admiring the massive four post bed sitting high up off the floor. “I also added an important accessory for any master bedroom of a superstar like you, something to let you think about what this would be like if you owned it,” Carter said pointing to the bed. Todd realized that in the middle of the bed was a small boy, maybe 7, naked, blindfolded, gagged, and his arms loosely tied to the posts. “What the fuck?” Todd asked. “This is little Mason. He just turned 6. His dad’s been molesting him since he was a toddler, but hasn’t popped his cherry. I just sold him his house, and he gave me his boy’s cherry for escort bursa a price.” Carter explained as he led his client over to the small perfect little boy. The boy was writhing on the bed, shivering from the cool air, and grunting through the ball gag. “Do you want his cherry Todd?” Carter asked. Todd looked down at the perfect little boy. He reached out and felt the softness, the innocence. He leaned in letting the clean freshness fill his nose, the beautiful sweetness competing with the funk of the black boys still smeared on his face. “Yes I do, fuck me…it’s so wrong, but yes I do.” Todd admitted. “Get up on the bed, feel him, kiss his sweet little body.” Carter suggested. Todd didn’t hesitate, quickly placing himself between the 1st grader’s legs. He leaned down, feeling the soft skin meet his own. The boy enjoyed the warmth surrounding him, but still didn’t know who was there. The linebacker gently kissed the boy’s lips stretched so obscenely around the ball gag. Mason thrashed about. Todd lovingly lifted the blindfold, his adult eyes meeting the beautiful blues of his bedmate. As the boy saw him he calmed. Todd caressed the boy’s cheeks as they stared deeply at each other. “I want to fuck you Mason. Is it ok if I fuck you? If I slide my fat adult cock inside your beautiful body?” Todd asked politely before molesting the boy. Todd was so horny, but the boy was stirring his deeply romantic pedophile fantasies. The boy just stared. He was used to his dad just using him, day and night, using him as a sex toy. Mason nodded slowly, not exactly sure what he was agreeing to, but he found himself mesmerized by the professional player hovering above him. Todd smiled as he leaned down, pulled the ball gag free, and deeply kissing the boy. “That pedophile cock wants that cherry hole bad doesn’t it?” Carter asked caressing the linebackers sweaty back. “Fuck yes, god forgive me, yes I do.” Todd admitted never breaking eye contact with little Mason. The little boy licked his lips, that tiny tongue sexily tracing his thin lips. Todd’s cock throbbed, desperately wanting to shove his cock past those lips and down the boy’s throat. “So you want to buy the house?” Carter asked. “What?” Todd asked finally looking at his relator. “Like I said, his cherry came at a price. You buy the house and his ass is all yours. If you want something bigger and more gaudy, it’ll have to be outside this neighborhood and I can’t promise the same amenities.” Carter explained placing a contract and a pen on the bed in front of Todd. Carter smiled at his client, realizing that there was no way Todd’s cock would let him walk away from the house. “What about the price?” Todd asked a perfectly legitimate question as he hovered above a little boy he desperately wanted to fuck for hours. “Full price, you can definitely afford it, and are you really going to disappoint this beautiful little whore over a few dollars?” Carter offered. Todd looked at the boy for a few seconds, then reached over and signed his name. “I knew this was the perfect house for you. The trick will be making sure all the boys don’t drain your energy during the season.” Carter said stuffing the contract into his jacket pocket. He leaned down and kissed Mason on the forehead, “Have fun kid, would have loved to pop your cherry, but business always comes before pedo pleasure. Besides, I have two boys waiting for me next door who need some Carter cock.” he said grabbing his crotch. Todd ignored his agent as he vigorously attacked Mason’s body with his mouth. He licked and sucked every inch, wanting to taste the sexy kindergartner. Todd’s long repressed pedophile desires were finally let loose, his massive hands and thick adult tongue caressing the boy with love and lust. Todd wanted to make love to the small bound boy, but his cock ache too much. Too many nights of lonely frustration were pent up in his balls and his soul. He pulled up and placed his mouth on the boy’s. HIs thrust his tongue down Mason’s throat as he positioned his cock at the boy’s hole. He paused for a moment, opened his eyes, and looked deeply at Mason as the two kissed. And then with one solid thrust, Todd pushed all eight inches deep inside the boy. Mason screamed into Todd’s mouth, the pedophile cock ravaging his tiny butt, the boy sacrificing his comfort for the pleasure of his child molesting lover. Todd couldn’t get over the feeling of a virgin butt on his cock, so tight and welcoming. Todd thrust his tongue even farther down the kid’s throat as he thrust his cock deep into the kid’s body. “Fuck I love your ass Mason. I love taking your innocence, you’re mine now. I know it hurts some, but just hang with me little buddy,” Todd reassured, his voice ragged and raspy as he fucked the ass of a six year old boy. Todd looked down into the teary eyes of the young boy whose ass he was raping. “You ok buddy?” Todd asked. The boy hesitated but then reached out with his tongue wanting to kiss his molester more. Todd eagerly assented the man and young boy made out and rutted like long lost lovers. Todd’s thick cock head dragged back and forth over the kid’s underdeveloped prostate. Little Mason began shaking, his voice filled with desire and confusion as to what was happening to him. Todd didn’t stop fucking, forcing the cock inside Mason harder and harder. Todd looked down and saw Mason’s little cock bouncing all over the place, the boy was just so fucking adorable. Down farther the scene got more obscene, Todd saw how stretched out Mason’s tiny hole was, every time Todd pulled his cock out the rim of the boy’s ass pulled back with him. The moans of pain and lust clearly were warranted as the linebacker pounded the boy’s butt. Todd grabbed the boy’s ankles bringing the tiny soft feet to his mouth. He licked and sucked those tiny 6yo toes as his balls rose steadily, the head of his cock thickening and hardening. Todd’s abs convulsed, his body shook, and he forced himself in balls deep. The boy screamed out as Todd released years of pedophile desire into Mason’s butt. Todd let out a manly roar of his own, filling the bedroom with the sounds of boy loving ecstasy. Todd collapsed onto Mason, his cock still firmly inside the young boy filling him with linebacker cum and pedophile love. Todd found the boy’s mouth and kissed him deeply. Mason was physically exhausted after enduring his first time being violated by an adult. His ass felt full, his body warm. He eagerly kissed his molester back, his tiny tongue dueling with the fat tongue of the man. Todd heard the door to the bedroom open and the sound of feet before someone jumped on his muscular back. Todd smelled the sweaty funk of earlier and knew that it was one of the black boys from the guest room. “Mr. Carter said you bought the house. So can I come over and fuck you a lot?” Javari asked as his sweaty black body sticking to Todd. The hyper little boy began playfully humping Todd’s butt while grunting and giggling. Todd laughed, “oh yeah buddy, you and all your friends.” ******* “Hello? Todd?” Carter yelled as he walked through the front door of the home. It had been several months since he closed the home through his own special way. Carter knew how to tap into his clients’ most important wants. He wandered through the house looking for Todd finally finding his way down to the basement. Walking down the stairs he admired Todd’s finishing job on the basement. He could hear moaning coming from behind a large sliding door. He opened, and what he saw surprised even him. Three teen black boys were secured to Saint Andrew’s crosses. Their dark skin glistened and dripped with sweat. All three boys look exhausted which made sense given the milking machines attached to their smooth underage cocks. “What the fuck bro?” Carter asked with a smile to Todd who was straddling Javari bouncing up and down on the black boy’s cock. Todd pulled off the cock to greet his new guest. Javari moaned as the muscular tight adult ass left his cock. “Hey bro, good to see ya.” Todd said extending his hand. “Fuck, you really let loose. I think I created a monster,” Carter laughed shaking Todd’s hand, “Those some of Coach Davis’s boys?” “Yeah, thirteen year olds. They’ve been attached to those milking machines for almost an hour. Here taste,” Todd said handing Carter a glass container filled with creamy teen boy cum. Carter took a gulp and his whole body felt warm. The cum was salty sweet with that fresh innocent taste that only young boys produce. “Fuck man, love it.” Carter said. “Thanks so much man for selling me this house, I’ve been able to explore every sick fantasy I’ve ever had. You wanna fuck one of their nigger butts?” Todd offered. “Nah, but I’d love to ride your linebacker cock while Javari there fucks you,” Carter said unbuttoning his shirt. “Dude, you a fag?” Todd playfully asked. “I don’t know, are you a child molester?” Carter asked. The two laughed before the naked jocks walked over to Javari and a hot threeway as the three helpless black boys looked on, their balls aching from the milking. ************************************************ Thanks so much for reading and being patient. The stories often pop into my head as I jerk off, but not all of them seem as awesome as they do when my cock is greased up sliding through my hand. It takes time to make sure I get you something good. I love hearing from you guys, it inspires me to write more. Please check out my other stories Adult Youth – Taking It Young Ballers Lucky Bastard Junior High Coach’s Perks Incest- Finding Home

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