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Zoë was an eighteen year old rebellious teenager. Like most other rebellious teenagers Zoë had done drugs, skipped school, broken curfew and came home a few times drunk. Zoë’s parents had divorced when she was twelve, and since then she had not seen her dad. Zoë’s mom had remarried three years later to Zack. Zack was thirty years old with black hair, blue eyes and a killer, rock hard body. At first when Zoë met him, she didn’t like him. She wanted her mom and dad back together. After her seventeenth birthday and her dad didn’t contact her once again, she lessened her dislike for Zack.

Zoë isn’t exactly sure when the sexual thoughts started about her step dad, but she was almost sure it was after she heard her mom and Zack fucking one night. She wasn’t sure what the noise was right away so she had to go investigate. She eased her way down the hall to her moms bedroom, the noise was getting louder and louder. So it had to be coming from that room. What she saw took her by shock! Her mom was on her knees and Zack was behind her, they both had their backs to the door. She knew instantly that this is what everyone her age was talking about. They were doing it! They were fucking! Zoë didn’t know if she should run or stay. Her head said run! But her body was saying stay! She chose to listen to her body. Zoë could see Zack moving his hips back and forth, she couldn’t tell what her mom was doing. But she could hear her mom moaning and talking to Zack. She was telling him how good his cock felt inside her, and telling him to go harder and harder. It wasn’t long before Zoë could feel a funny feeling in her pussy. Her hand traveled down to the funny feeling and she placed a hand on her pussy. She was playing with herself and watching Zack. She has started to imagine that she is her mom and it is her that Zack is fucking. A few minutes later Zack cums and he starts to move away from her mom. Zoë runs quietly back down the hall. All night she tosses and turns, thinking about what she saw.

The next morning Zoë decides to be nicer to Zack. She talks to him with respect now instead of all the time glaring at him. She even gets brave and ask him about doing some things with her. Her mom is finally glad that Zoë has come around and quit being such a little witch. Over time Zoë and Zack grew close to be only step dad and daughter. Her mom was glad for this because with the new job that she recently started she will be spending some time out of town. Her first trip was coming up right after Zoë’s eighteenth birthday.

For Zoë’s eighteenth birthday she wanted to have a pool party. A few of her friends, pizza, drinks and swimming in the back yard. Zoë went and bought herself a wicked 2 piece bathing suit that she knew would get some attention during her party.

Later that night during her party she excused herself from the crowd and went to change.

Her mom and Zack kept her friends company while she changed. Neither one of them had seen her new suit. Minutes later Zoë came out of the house with a wrap around her. She walked up to her mom and Zack. She hugged her mom and whispered in her ear… “mom, don’t freak out, this is the style that all the girls are wearing”, and then she kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for my party Mom.” Then she turns to Zack, she gives him a hug and whispers in his ear, “this is for you, all you have to do is ask.” Then she gives him a kiss on his cheek and thanks him also for her party. Zoë turns around and walks to the diving board. She climbs up and slowly takes off her wrap, throwing it to the ground. Her moms mouth opens in shock, and all Zack can do is stare! The suit is barely there. The top barely covers her ample breast, her mom is thinking, where did they come from, she has matured a lot in a short amount of time, and the bottom is cut so her ass cheeks peek out of the bottom and the triangle alsancak escort bayan barely covers her pussy. Zoë jumped and dived in to the pool. The party continues in to the night. Her mom and Zack excuse themselves and retire in to the house. Zoë see the light come on in their bedroom. Minutes later she sees Zack standing in the window looking out at her. She can’t be sure but it looks as though he is licking his lips. Time comes for everyone to go home and she locks up and goes to her room.

There that noise is again, she knows they are fucking. She eases by their room and peeks in. Zack is laying back and her mom is riding his cock. Zoë can see it sliding in and out. She can tell that he has a big cock. No wonder her mom loves him so much, she would to if she could get that big cock anytime she wants it. Her hand starts to travel down to her pussy and inside her bathing suit. She has her fingers on her pussy and is rubbing it good. Zoë looks at Zack and to her surprise he is watching her, looking her straight in the eyes and smiling. She is in horror knowing that she has been caught, she runs to her room. Zack continues fucking her mom.

The next morning at breakfast her mom tells her that she has to go out of town on Monday for three days. “I expect you to be a responsible young lady and respect Zack while I am gone!”

“Don’t give him any trouble.”

“Yes Mom, I will be good.” She can’t wait for her mom to leave, she knows while she is gone that she is going to make her move on Zack, she has to have that big cock in her.

Monday morning she kisses her mom bye and wishes her luck on her trip. “Zack won’t be home until eight tonight baby, so order you a pizza for supper.”

“Yes Mom.”

All through school all Zoë can think about is Zack and his cock. She walks around all day with a wet pussy. When the final bell rings she is out the door before any of her friends can catch her. She flys home and in the house with the thought of getting herself off. She throws her books on the table and runs to her room. Coming down the hall she has started getting naked. She has her shirt and pants off, in only her undies and bra she steps in to her room. She gets the shock of her life! Laying on her bed naked is Zack! He is laying there with his hard cock in his hand, slowly rubbing himself back and forth. “I have been waiting for you.”

A smile crossed her face as she entered her bedroom. Zack sat up, his massive cock staring at the young virgin. “I have seen you peeking in the bedroom Zoë. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Can I touch your penis? I haven’t ever seen or felt one in person.”

“Of course you can, sweetie” he said with a fatherly smirk.

Zoë was tentative at first. Barely putting any pressure on her fingertips. She couldn’t imagine how something so large, at 8″ long and 2″ inches around could fit inside a young woman her size. Zack saw the astonished look on her face and suggested that perhaps they take things one step at a time.

“Zoë, honey, let me take off your bra and lie back on the bed. I’ll show you how you can get comfortable with a man’s penis without actually fucking.”

As she laid back on the bed, Zack straddled her rib cage. With either hand he gathered up her massive breast. Tweaking her nipples into utter hardness he wrapped her orbs around his cock. “As I move my penis through your tits, open your mouth and let the head brush across your tongue..” Again after a few tentative moments, Zoë began swallowing more and more of his manhood.

It didn’t take Zack long to feel the orgasm begin to rumble deep within his loins. It seemed as though Zoë could tell that Zack was getting ready to explode. She starting sucking harder and longer as Zack was manhandling her breasts and nipples. On a particularly alsancak escort bayan deep thrust, Zoë could feel and then taste Zack’s sweet, hot cum. She swallowed it all and was milking the head of his penis as Zack slid out her mouth.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Zack said. “That was wonderful and you still have your virginity intact.”

“But Zack, I don’t want save my virginity. I want you to fuck me just like you do my mother.”

“I’ll tell you what, Zack said as he ran his hand over the side of her face. “Take off your panties and sit on the side of the bed and let your legs hang over. I’m going to kiss your pussy for awhile and you just lie back and see how you enjoy that.”

As she reclined, Zack got on his knees and put her feet on his shoulders. At first, he tickled her button slowly and gently. In no time at all Zoë was moving her twat all over his face, moaning just like her mother. Zoë started bucking a little so Zack slipped a digit inside her wet and sloppy pussy. This simple act must have pushed Zoë over the moon because she began yelling his name as she had her first orgasm that was not self induced.

When she caught her breath she looked like a tiger in heat. She said that she was going to turn over and that she wanted Zack to fuck her from behind just like he did to her mom a few nights ago. “I tell you what, Zoë. Let’s both shower and wash up. We’ll have dinner and then if you still feel like you want me to take your virginity, we can talk about it . You can only lose it once, so I want you to be sure.”

After dinner and the dishes were cleaned, Zoë walked up to Zack and said”, “Zack, I have given this a lot of thought throughout supper and I have decided that I do want you to take my cherry!”

“I want that hard cock in me, shoving in and out, getting me wetter and wetter by the moment. I want you to make me cum on your cock, I want to coat it in my juices.”

“I want you to be the one that shows me what fucking is all about, teach me, teach me please.”

Zack tells Zoë that he will be right back, he needs to run to the store, he has to have condoms for what he is going to do to her. “No Zack, you don’t need condoms, I started birth control pills last year, please don’t tell mom.”

“I have been thinking about this day for a while and I wanted to be protected when the time came.”

Zack took Zoë in his arms, “you sweet girl, you really do want this don’t you?”

“Yes Zack, yes I do, more than anything.”

Zack takes Zoë by the hand and leads her to the bedroom, but they are not going to her room, they are going into his and her moms bedroom.

Zack takes Zoë in his arms and guides her into the Master suite’.

“You said that you wanted me to get you from behind like your mother and I were doing the other night.”

“Oh, yes, please Zack! That is exactly what I want.”

“Well, I will agree to that, but I am not sure that you fully understand what we were doing.”

“Teach me! teach me!”

“This may be painful, you know?”

“I know. They say the first time always hurts but that after that it is great!”

“I want you to lube my cock with this KY jelly.” Zoë began smearing the liniment all over his massive member.

When it was good and greased and shiny and hard, Zoë laid over on her stomach with her legs parted. Zack began stroking her pussy and caressing her ass. The more he slid his hands around her buttocks and lips the more she began to push into his hands. She again started to sound like her mother with the moans and growling. This only made Zack that much harder. After 10 minutes of hand play Zoë was begging him to put his dick inside of her.

Zack moved his body up onto hers. He grabbed a handful of her luscious blonde hair in a simple but controlling way. As he kissed escort alsancak her neck he angled his manhood right into her ass. Startled and uncomfortable Zoë exclaimed, “Zack, what are you doing!?” His hand firmly controlling her head and his body now pushing down on her entire body, he simply whispered into her ear, “I’m doing what you saw your mother and I doing the other night.”

With a few aggressive strokes he had managed to bury his dick in Zoë’s ass up to the hilt. Her cries of discomfort quickly turned into the guttural moaning reminiscent of her mother. Before long she was on all fours and begging him to hit it harder and deeper. “Zack, make me your slut!” she yelled. With one hand still controlling her head with her hair he reached around her waist with the other. As he slipped his index finger into her twat, the idea that she was being double penetrated pushed her over the edge of ecstasy. But Zack wasn’t done himself.

Zoë was sweaty and spent. She just wanted to lie down and rest. But Zack would have none of that. He began to fuck her as with long, measured strokes that drove his dick into her stomach. Was she moaning in pleasure, or was it pain? To Zack, right now, it didn’t matter He had lifted her upper body by her hair so that she was only kneeling on the bed. He drove himself into her as hard as he could. She was making a lot of noise, but Zack was focused on his own pleasure. Again with his free hand he pinched and pulled at one of her nipples.

He couldn’t tell if it was him or her, but there was a wiggle, a movement that sent him over the edge. He unloaded what seemed like a gallon of his cum in her ass. As he opened his eyes he saw Zoë fingering herself and at the same time explode in an orgasm. They both fell forward. Spent, sweaty, and satisfied.

“Zoë, honey, are you okay?” Zack ask her. “Oh yes Zack, I am just fine, that felt so fucking great to me, no wonder my Mom loves your cock so much.”

“Now Zoë, aren’t you glad I fucked your ass instead of your pussy? You still have your cherry.”

“Not for long if I have my way about it!” she tells him. “Now Zoë, don’t you go giving that cherry to anyone else!”

“Why not Zack? You won’t take it so someone has to, I need to be fucked like a real woman, it’s what I want!” No sooner than the words were out of her mouth, Zack pinned her down and was on top of her in a flash! Zoë taken completely by surprise, started to yell, “ZACK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Well you said you wanted me to pop your cherry damn it so I am going to do it!” With those words his mouth was on hers, crushing it, kissing deeper and deeper. The entire time Zack is rubbing his cock back and forth across her wet pussy. Zoë is moving her hips with his, trying to get him inside her.

Zack breaks the kiss and looks at Zoë. “Are you sure you want this Zoë, do you want me to take that cherry?”

“YES ZACK!” With those words Zack buried his cock deep inside of Zoë’s tight virgin pussy!

“Oh fuck!” Zack froze and started apologizing to Zoë for being so rough. “Oh Zoë, baby I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Zack, shut up and fuck me!”

“Make me your slut!”

“Fuck my tight pussy!”

With those words all Zack could do was smile and start driving his cock in and out of Zoë’s tight pussy. He fucked her slow and fast. Soft and gentle. He fucked her until they both exploded into earth shattering orgasms.

Later while laying in each others arms Zack tells Zoë, “Now that I have gotten your cherry, you know now you are my little slut?”

“I am going to fuck that pussy and ass anytime I want to!”

“Yes Zack, you can fuck me anytime, I love the way you fuck me.” Zoë and Zack fell asleep in each others arms, only to wake the next morning and fuck the entire day away. The only time they weren’t fucking was when they had to eat to gain more energy.

Zoë’s Mom never found out what happened the first time she went out of town. Every chance they had Zoë and Zack were fucking. Years later Zoë moved away and got married. She still comes home with her new husband to visit, and whenever they are alone, Zoë and Zack still fuck like they did on the first night they were alone.

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