18-Year-Old Marc Learns About Real Sex

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So that is why and how I have become an exhibitionist, voyeur, bisexual old man, who likes his partners young and naïve.

So, like the title says, way back at the top of these long stories, I learned a lot from my son, Marc, and his friends Dan, Pat and Kevin.

After all, I had experienced, sex with three and sometimes more people, cocks and pussy and likely more stuff that in drunken stupors I have forgotten, you would think I and my wonderful wife would have learned enough to be ‘on-top-of’ any situation our son would encounter and, directly or indirectly ask for our help or advice.

Well, we sent our young man off to his last YMCA summer camp the year he turned 18, as a counselor and he fell in lust. His buddy, Dan, told me that while on a field trip, my naive son, Marc was ambushed by four girls, who pinned him to a tree, arms behind his him and had their way with his lips, slipped open the zipper on his jeans and enjoyed his 10+ inch swelling cock, all because he is “the most well-endowed and sexiest boy in camp”.

When I heard this and confronted him with it, he just blushed and said, “Yea, it was fun. I haven’t had a blow job before and there I was with four girls all going down on me. That was just great. I hope they do it again.”

“Marc that is considered rape. They have no right to do that.”

“That’s OK Dad, I liked it. I want to invite one of the girls from camp home for dinner one night but Mom needs to call her mom and get permission”.

And so it was that this young girl, Kelly was picked up by my wife, at camp, and as Liz was fresh from an overnight shift at the hospital, allowed the two of them to be in our finished basement, for an entire afternoon, alone.

They were there for several hours, unsupervised. My wife left them on their best behavior while she slept, two floors above.

When I came home, parked the car in the driveway and made my way to the house, I noticed through the basement casement windows that the TV was on. Getting down on my hands and knees, I got quite an eye full, as my son was naked and on top of a naked Kelly whose legs were spread wide and Marc was obviously pumping into her pussy.

Being an accomplished voyeur, I could not miss this opportunity to capture some lustful behavior, out of control. I quickly walked back to the car, retrieving my camera and changed the settings as I returned to my vantage point, and began taking pictures of the scene before me.

Kelly had her eyes closed, arms wrapped around Marc’s back and her legs wrapped around his hips; it appeared her nails were digging into his back. I could see deep red scratch marks on his back, but no blood. After a few minutes of his pumping his cock into her pussy, I saw her eyes fly open and her mouth let out a small yelp, she bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes tight in what appeared to be a rocking orgasm. Marc pumped a few more times and I saw his hips push into her and stay there, like he was emptying his nuts, fully, deep into her body.

He lay there, dropping his head onto her shoulder and she opened her eyes and canlı bahis began to nuzzle into and kiss his neck. He slowly got off her, both of them dripping with sweat. She was a beautiful young girl, a real blond, even to the thick, now matted in sweat, pubic hair. Grapefruit sized breasts with nice sized nipples and very, very pink areolas. Marc leaned over and kissed her nipples, slowly sucking each one as his hand went for her pussy, managing three fingers into her wet. She squirmed her hips, lifted them up to meet his hand and sucked in a large breath of air. Marc moved his mouth to hers and locked her into a deep tongue kiss.

As he broke contact with her and headed for the stairs to the main level of the house, I hurried to the garage, tossed the camera into the back seat and entered the mud room and then the kitchen. Marc was caught unaware of my arrival as he opened the door from the basement to see me and the expression on my face.

“Is she of legal age?” I asked him with a gruff, tone to my voice. “She looks like she is only, what 15, 16?”

“Dad, don’t worry, she is just 18, and a virgin. I… how do you know what… were you spying on me… us?”

“I would hardly call it spying, more like observing your style, your technique in love making.”

“Dad, I was not making love to her, I was just fucking her. She and three of her girlfriends at camp have been teasing me, grabbing me and just tempting me all month. They are the ones who set this up, knowing that she was a virgin and she wanted me to pop her cherry.”

“You know your Mother is going to kill you if she finds out what you have done.”

“Dad, Mom knows. When I asked her to call Kelly’s mom and tell her that Kelly was coming here for supper, and to pick her and me up from camp, I told mom that Kelly wanted me to pop her cherry. Mom told me how to do it and that I need to be extra gentle and most importantly to wear a condom, which she gave me from your box. When we got here she pulled Kelly into the bathroom and talked to her about what she taught me to do and that Mom had shown me the right way to do this. Kelly thinks Mom is the greatest Mom, ever for being so understanding and for teaching both of us. I didn’t hurt Kelly, but we did make a mess on the couch, lots of blood and pussy fluid, at least that’s what Mom called it.”

“So, now where are you off to?”

“Upstairs to get another condom. I still haven’t cum, and my balls are full. You going to continue to watch us?”

“Does Kelly know I was watching?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t think so, at least she didn’t panic over seeing you, so go ahead and watch, I want to hear what you thing.”

So, off he went to get another condom and no mention of being naked, with sweat on his body, smelling of the sweet smell of sex or of sporting a slowly softening, red streaked cock. He bounded down the stairs, smiled at me as he shut the basement door and was off to relieve his inner tensions.

I was back at the casement window, camera in hand, watching Kelly being taught how to suck a cock back to hard and to apply a condom, properly. bahis siteleri Marc found a large bath towel and placed it under her hips, on top of the already bloodied and stained couch pillows. He re-entered her and began again. After a few whispered words in Kelly’s ear, he pulled out of her pussy, re-adjusted the condom and assisted Kelly in turning over on her chest, ass in the air. What a view he was giving me, even to turn around and make sure I was watching and getting a good view of her ass and pussy. His cock re-aimed at his target, and he slowly pushed into her new pleasure center. I could see her eyes cringe as he slowly re-entered her tender pussy. They continued to fuck for some time, Marc moving a hand down under her hips to play with her clit and cause her to experience another serious orgasm. Soon, Marc arched his back, pushed his cock in deep and I watched his ass cheeks flex as he unloaded his seed into the condom.

At some point, they both looked up at the ceiling, as they must have heard footsteps. I then saw feet descending the stairs, and they belonged to my wife Liz. She was bringing warm towels (I was later told) to minister to the newly initiated woman in the basement.

Two VERY surprised heads popped up as Liz descended the stairs, Kelly scrambling to find clothing to cover herself. Liz was smiling as she set the warm water and towels down on the side table and told Marc to go clean himself up. He headed for the stairs as Liz began to talk softly to Kelly and to get her to unfurl her legs and let Liz see the bloodied, damaged, gash between her legs. Kelly was turning a bright red as Liz softly wiped the blood and womanly emissions from Kelly’s legs, ass and stomach. She had Kelly lift her hips from the couch and stained towel covering the original stains and set her down on fresh, clean towels. She rinsed the small towel in more warm water, returning to Kelly’s pussy and the sensation of warmth and clean was showing on her face. She noticeably began to relax, most likely having never been ministered to like this before in her life. After all, Liz is an ICU nurse and able to minister to the sickest of humanity as well as be a teacher of the womanly arts to the young, naive and virginal.

I was curious as to if my bi-sexual wife was wanting to sample this newly initiated pussy, and, sure enough as all was cleaned, just before she set Kelly to dressing herself, Liz brought her finger to Kelly’s pussy, slowly inserted it and moved it in and out, curling it up to the “G” spot and leaning into Kelly’s ear, whispering something to her, causing a big smile to appear on Kelly’s face.

Liz cleaned things up, removed the soiled couch cushion and allowed Kelly time to dress and return to the upper floor for dinner. I returned my camera to the car, only to discover Marc, there, waiting for me.

“I want to see the pictures you took.”

“Not now, fool, tend to your ‘date’ first.” I said and headed him into the house for dinner.

Dinner seems to have been the last thing on my or Liz mind, so, having nothing prepared, we decided to call out for bahis şirketleri Pizza. As I was changing from work clothing to more casual shorts and Tee shirt, I wondered to Liz if we should treat our new dinner guest to the ‘real’ family which she was sharing this evening.

Liz looked at me and said “You are bad, really bad, but I like it. And I know Marc will have a fit over us showing up for a pizza dinner naked. OK, go for it.”

So, off came the cloths, and I walked over to Marc’s room, opened the door to find him also naked and toweling off, fresh from a shower.

He looked at my naked state and said “Oh, you’re not, are you? Mom in on this too?”

“Yes we are both into this. Now how much of our personal life have you told Kelly?”

I asked as he dropped his towel and headed for the door.

He turned and looked at me and said, “Nothing, she is going to freak if you two, no, we three show up for a meal, naked. Yes, I know this is how we live, in this house and with some prepared friends, but why do this to this new girl friend of mine?”

I replied, “Maybe Mom and I want some repayment for what she and her friends did to you, even though you enjoyed it. She has to learn to respect other people, in the same way your Mother and I have shown her respect and a bit of healthy caring. And besides, we three will get a bit of pleasure from it. No one will get hurt.”

The doorbell rang, Marc headed down the stairs as I went for my wallet. I followed Liz down the stairs, admiring her well-shaped ass and legs. We were both at the door as Marc and Kelly came around the corner from the kitchen. Kelly stopped dead in her steps at the sight of both Liz and I naked, and as we opened the door, accepted the pizzas from the delivery boy whose eyes bulged at the sight of my wife’s naked body and my rising cock. I paid him and gave him a sizable tip, turned and headed for the kitchen, hungry for food and whatever else presented itself.

As we all entered the kitchen, opened the pizza boxes and the three of us began to enjoy dinner, Kelly remained standing and asked “Do I have to get naked to eat with you?”

Marc looked at Liz and me and replied, “Of course not just sit and eat.”

“Not so fast” Liz replied. “You are a guest in our home. You have been ministered to by our son who accomplished your wishes and were treated to my medical treatment of your situation. The least you can do is to join us in our ritual. It certainly won’t hurt you.”

With that motherly statement of expectations, Kelly began to undress, exposing her lovely pink breasts and somewhat raw looking pussy to us as she sat and was served several pieces of pizza by our son.

After dinner, we all dressed as I escorted Marc and Kelly to the car and proceeded to drive them back to camp. Marc walked Kelly back to her bunk house and was greeted by three other lovelies, all clamoring to find out how the evening went. He hurried back to the car as I drove off, chauffeuring him to his counselor’s hut. He wondered aloud what the next few days would bring as a reaction to what Kelly would tell her girlfriends. He discovered the camera in the back seat and began flicking through the memory cards images of his earlier antics, from my view point at the casement window. “She sure is beautiful, but, boy is my ass big.”

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