A Good Teacher

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I run a clinic for women to help them learn their bodies. You’d be surprised how many women have never experienced an orgasm and don’t know how everything works. I don’t know where they learn it but somehow they get the idea that it’s up to the man to give them pleasure. My job is to unlearn that behavior. I teach them that they have to know what gets them off in order to tell a man how to do it.

Women that have come into my clinic have written me letters praising me for the change in their sex lives.

What we do at the clinic is;

(a) Discuss masturbation. We talk about issues of shame and things like that.

(b) Watch a film about masturbation.

(c) Look at the female atomy and discover where everything is.

(d) Have a live masturbation demonstration.

It is explicit, but that’s what most of these women are lacking. They need to know it’s ok to be horny and want to orgasm. It’s natural. So while my technique is a bit unorthodox, it works. I get them so worked up, that they don’t care who’s in the room, they want to feel what they are watching that other person feel. They want to orgasm. They want to cum. Hard.

Why the movie and the live person? Well what’s the difference between watching a concert on T.V. and being there in the front row? You can smell and feel everything that is happening. You are a part of it.

What I’m confessing only happened once but it was….amazing.

My clinics are a maximum of five women plus me and the model. For this particular appointment, two women were present. Oh and during these clinics everyone is nude. This is a requirement because, again, I’m teaching these women about being comfortable with their bodies.

So after we had our discussion, we watch the movie. I have several that I can choose from. In this particular one, a woman appears on screen, naked on her bed. She rubs oils on her breasts and plays with her nipples. She then moves to her cunt. The camera shows her pouring oil onto her pussy and rubbing her clit. She rubs faster and faster until she cums. For all of our movies, we show a split screen. Half is a close-up illegal bahis of the vagina and the other half is showing the pleasure on the woman’s face.

The purpose is so the women can see how happy these women are during and after having their orgasm. Who doesn’t feel amazing after an orgasm right?

By this time the two women were horny but a little uncomfortable about it. So we move right into our anatomy discovery. The women are on cots on the floor with mirrors, so they can see their cunts. I have a diagram hanging on the wall of the model’s vagina so they can see where everything is. We point out the lips, vulva, vagina and the ever important clitoris.

This is when the model, Cindy begins to pleasure herself. Of course Cindy is turned on from the movie so she is immediately into it. Her vagina is already wet, so she dips her finger in to get it wet and pats her clit.

One of the women starts to open and close her legs slowly. I encourage them to mirror what Cindy is doing. Wet their fingers first and copy her. One does exactly what she sees Cindy doing and immediately begins to moan. The other calls to me because she doesn’t feel anything. I walk over to her with my oil, kneel down next to her and watch what she is doing.

She has a beautiful cunt, plump and already wet. She is rubbing her finger all around her pussy quickly. I tell her to slow down and stop on the spot that feels like a little bump. It will feel amazing when she finds it. Her finger slide across her clit, but she says she doesn’t feel anything.

I don’t know if I was just super turned on or what that day but I really wanted to reach out and touch her clit. It was light pink and glistening and begging for attention.

“I’m going to show you where to touch,” I tell her. I pour oil on my finger and place it on the small hard button, moving it in slow circles. Her breathing becomes faster as she closes her eyes.

“No no, look to see what I’m doing,” I tell her. She opens her eyes and watches my finger tease her clit.

“Squeeze your nipples,” I instruct her. She obeys, her hips now moving against my hand.

“Breath and moan,” I tell her. She exhales and groans her first official moan of pleasure. The other woman watches, illegal bahis siteleri working her own clit. By now I could have let her continue on her own, but I wanted to make her cum. She bites down on her lower lip as her pussy starts to contract.

“Something’s happening! Oh God!” she squeals. My own cunt was beginning to throb and I wished like hell that one of them would come and touch it.

“Can you help me too,” the other woman asks. Without waiting for my response, she maneuvers her body so that their asses are touching with their legs spread apart. I pour oil over both of their cunts and use my thumbs to rub their clits. I am on my knees leaning over, working two clits.


They are both moaning. Their shiny buns are smacking together gently.

Have I gone crazy? I’ve never ever wished I was with another women but their bodies and the noises…I just lost it.

Cindy has stopped masturbating and walks over to me to watch what I’m doing. I am obviously turned on as my legs are shaking and low moans are escaping my throat. Cindy moves behind me and buries her face between my legs. I gasp when her tongue touches my pussy. I remove one of my thumbs from one of the women and replace it with my mouth, while still fingering the other woman. She cries out and grabs the back of my head while my tongue lazily laps at her clit. The other woman tells me that she wants me to suck her too.

“I have an even better idea.” I tell them.

I guide them into a 69 position. When they locate each other’s clits, I hear the loudest chorus of screams and moans ever. They are enjoying their first oral sex experience. I lick two of my fingers and slide them into the hole closest to my face, causing the woman to cry out. I tell her to finger fuck the other woman then I close my eyes and concentrate on what Cindy is doing to me. She’s holding my lips open with her finger and rubbing her entire face against my cunt. I moan feeling her nose bump my clit before her mouth finds it again. Her face is slick with my juices so every part of it is gliding over my clit.

“Who’s gonna come for me?” I ask the women. They are holding each others faces and ramming their pussies onto each other, panting and squealing. canlı bahis siteleri I had never seen anything like it ever; two women, racing to have an orgasm.

I wanted to help them so I told Cindy to make me cum. She grips my clit with her lips and sucks hard and fast. I clench my teeth and shake as my juices fill her mouth.

Cindy and I move to the ladies and rub them all over while they hump each others faces. We want to make the one on top cum first. I hold her ass cheeks open and flick my tongue in and around it while Cindy reaches under her to stroke her breasts. She cries out and shutters. She rolls over onto her back and the other woman is now on top. We sit her up, kiss her and play with her breasts until she is shaking and slamming her pussy onto the mouth underneath her. They move to the side and its Cindy’s turn to orgasm.

“Get my bag,” she tells me. I go grab it and return back to the floor. She removes this huge 10 inch monster cock from her bag. She lies on her back with her legs spread and I slowly insert the dildo into her. She reaches down and flips a switch and the cock begins to vibrate.

Her pussy is being stretched and vibrated at the same time. I tell the women to help her cum and they oblige flocking around her to pinch her nipples and hold her legs apart. Cindy is spread wide and babbling words that none of us understand.

“Watch what she can do.” I tell them. I move the dildo in and out of her cunt quickly, pressing it up into her g-spot.

“Rub her clit.” I say drilling her pussy harder and harder.

“I’m coming,” she yells, “take is out”.

I remove the dildo as her cum squirts out of her pussy.

“Keep rubbing my clit,” she tells us as more cum shoots out soaking the mat.

After everyone has calmed down, the women dress to leave.

“Does this always happen?” one of them asks me, hoping my response is positive.

“No. This is actually the first time.”

“Oh well thank you. I’m sure I’m not going to need anymore help anyway.”

Now I have to say again that this type of group sex thing has never happened before and has not happened since. At first I was embarrassed about the whole thing, but then I thought about it. We were all just doing what we felt and being uninhibited, which is sort of what I teach. The orgy just happened. Everyone left happy so I just told myself to get over it. Eventually I did.


Copyright © 2012 by T.M. Williams writing as Adonna Lane

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