A Mom In Need Ch. 06

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Connie got out of bed on the morning of the fishing trip with a sly grin on her face the whole time, she knew that her sister was going to come over and her two studs were going to take of her. She put on the same bikini she wore the night her husband’s two buddies saw the night they were over. She then put on old sweatpants outfit on over top of it due to the fact it was a cool morning.

She packed the picnic basket and carried it out to her husbands pick up truck, he had already loaded the cooler full of beer and he took the basket from her. After he got it into the bed of the pick up truck they got into the cab and off they were to the lake for fishing with his two buddies who were going to meet them there.

A couple of hours later her son Scott got up and called up Jason right away to come over before his Aunt Colleen was going to arrive. He just threw on a sleeveless tee shirt and a pair of jean shorts; he went downstairs and sat on the couch in the living room. Ten minutes later his friend arrived at the house and the two of them got into playing a game on the video game system waiting for Colleen.

About a half hour later Colleen arrived and Scott got up to answer the door, he let out a wolf whistle when he saw his attractive Aunt standing on the front steps. She reached up with both arms and gave the young man a big hug; she then kissed him on the lips softly and let him go.

“My goodness Scott what a big strong handsome man you have grown into, you must be driving all of the girls crazy?” She asked him stepping back to look at him.

“I do my best.” He replied curtly. “Wow and look at you, every time you come over you look hotter and hotter, if you were not my Aunt I would try to drive you crazy.”

“Well trust me sweetie it would not be the first time I showed a young man a thing or two.” They both shared a laugh as she entered the house. “Where is my sister, she wanted me to come over and spend the day with her?”

“Yeah she had to run to the Home Depot store with my father to get a few things for a home improvement project they are doing. She told me and my friend in the living room to keep you entertained while she is out. I hope that will be alright with you that a couple of good looking young men keep you entertained?” He explained to her as he led her into the living room where Jason was sitting in a chair.

“No I do not mind at all.” She said following him in. “Now who is this nice looking young man?

“Aunt Colleen this is Jason, Jason this is my Aunt Colleen.” Scott said making the introductions.

“Nice to meet you Colleen, I’ve heard so much about you from Scott and his mother.” He said getting up and they gave each other a small hug followed by her giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you handsome, I know my sister mentioned the nice young man who lives next door, so I feel like I already know you.” She replied sitting down on the couch next to her nephew.

Jason took a few moments when he sat back down to take in Colleen, she and Connie looked a lot alike, Colleen however wore more makeup than he ever saw Connie wore. She is a little more bust than Connie, her breasts pushing out further in the tight tank top she was wearing, like her sister too she has long shapely legs. Jason found it to be extremely sexy that she also had tattoos, she had a large rose and stem on her right leg. On her left leg she had a snake that seemed to be wrapped around it and on her right arm she had a beautiful looking tiger, under it was written ‘on the prowl’. He also noticed that on her left shoulder was a very large tattoo of a beautiful colorful butterfly. He could feel his large cock stir in his pants, he never sat near a woman that looked like this and he wanted to get their plan in motion.

The boys went back to playing their game and making small talk with Colleen, she was really getting bored, and she had no interest in watching the game. She found nothing to read in the magazines that were on the coffee table, they were either women magazines, the ones that had cooking or crafts in them or they were sports.

“Well I must say this is really exciting guys.” She said obviously bored.

“Hey I know it is still morning but I could go fix us some drinks, you won’t tell my mom and dad if we have a drink to entertain you?” Asked Scott standing up

“Scott with all of the partying I have done in my life, the last thing I would do is tell your parents that my handsome nephew and his cute friend had a drink or two.” Colleen replied. “I’ll have a Jack and coke please.”

“Alright three Jack and cokes coming right up, I will be right back.” He said leaving the room and going to his father’s bar in the den.

While he made the drinks he slipped the aphrodisiac into his Aunt’s drink and he made it stronger than the other two, then he returned carrying them into the living room. He made sure he handed his Aunt the one made especially for her and then he gave one to Jason.

“Wow baby, if you were not going to college you would make one hell of a bartender.” His Aunt said after downing half of the drink.

“Thank casino oyna you.” He replied watching closely as she took only ten more minutes to finish the drink and ask for another.

He came back with another drink for her and he made it strong, he also added another dose of the special ingredient. Colleen could feel it she was getting a good buzz on and she was now unbelievably horny, her pussy was so wet and it felt as if it was on fire. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, the two boys watched her as she was getting flush; the drug was taking effect on her.

“Is it getting hot in here?” She asked.

“It only got hot in here when my incredibly sexy Aunt arrived.” Scott said.

He moved closer to her on the couch and ran his hand up her leg stopping just short of the hem, she moaned softly when she felt his strong hand on her hot skin. He got face to face with her, her eyes were now all glassy as she looked back at him, and he knew she would not be able to stop what was going to happen.

“Why don’t we kick this party up a notch?” He said to her softly.

Then he leaned in and kissed her on the lips, Colleen did not care that this is her nephew and she did not care that they were now kissing passionately in front of his friend. She had a fire that was now burning out of control between her legs and she needs someone, anyone to satisfy it.

Scott’s hands busily explored his Aunt’s sexy body as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth; he loved how firm her huge breasts felt. They were definitely bigger than his mothers as he squeezed them; he then slid his hand down and spread her legs apart. His hand instantly went for her pussy, he was surprised to find she did not have panties on and she was completely shaved as well.

His fingers parted her lips and rubbed gently up and down the wet slit of her pussy, Colleen let a moan escape as Scott broke the kiss off for a moment. Her skirt was now hiked up and exposed to view, Jason loved it, she had a tattoo where the pubic hair was supposed to be, and it looked like a big bouquet of flowers. His buddy was now vigorously fingering his own Aunt’s wet pussy and she was humping his intruding fingers back.

“Why don’t you take that tank top off and show us those big tits of yours” He said to her.

She reached down and pulled the tank top off she was wearing, and then she undid the bra, her big tits just bounced out of it crudely bouncing up and down. Jason gasped when he saw the beautifully done green dragon tattooed onto her right tit and the two golden rings that pierced her nipples.

Scott licked and sucked on the erect nipples and when he did Jason stood up and took off his clothes, he had his large cock out and went over to side of the couch waving it in front of Colleen. She was pleasantly surprised to see this young man had such a nice large meaty cock and it was now being waved in front of her face. She wrapped one hand around it and took it into her mouth slurping up and down on the monster. Jason moaned as her hot mouth took him into it, he was so excited that he took her from behind the head and began to vigorously fuck her pretty face.

Scott took the opportunity to get out of his clothes and he got down onto his knees in front of his Aunt, he undid her jean skirt and pulled it down off of her. He then spread her legs wide and buried his face into her pussy; he ran his tongue up her slit and flicked it over her sensitive clit. While he licked her clit and fingered her pussy at the same time he brought his Aunt to her first orgasm of the morning, the wetness of her pussy was now all over his face.

He made her stop sucking Jason long enough to get her up on all fours on the couch, he positioned himself behind her and began to fuck her doggie style. She could feel her nephews cock, it was not as long as Jason’s but it was nice and fat, and it stretched her pussy lips just going into her. He fucked her tight cunt from behind and she resumed to sucking on Jason’s large cock while he did.

Scott fucked his Aunt well and hard, he held on tight to her waist, she had to spit out the big cock in front of her and use Jason as support. Her nephew brought her off, her screams and sexual moans filled the living room as she came all over he own nephews cock, this was too much for Scott as well and he filled his Aunt with cum. He gave his Aunt a few more thrusts and then he pulled his deflated cock from her pussy making a big popping sound. The cum that he had shot into his Aunt was now coming back out and running down her leg.

“She’s all yours dude.” He said to Jason.

“Sit down baby.” She said to Jason.

He sat down on the couch and she climbed up on top of him straddling him, she used one hand to hold onto his big cock and she impaled herself down on top of it. She sat on top of it inside of her for a few moments, and then she slowly began to slide herself up and down it. She was now getting accustomed to the size of the big cock inside of her and Jason was now roughly playing with her massive tits.

“Oh god, you are such a huge fucking stud.” She canlı casino said. “I have never been fucked by such a huge cock.”

“You are so fucking hot, I’m going to fuck you all fucking day.” He grunted as she started to ride his cock faster and harder now.

“Oh god, oh fuck yes, oh fuck, yes, oh,oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck me baby.” She was now moaning loudly and fucking him hard.

Jason reached down and held onto her ass, she kept moaning over and over that she was cumming again and again, Jason was at first proudly keeping track of how many orgasms he was giving her, but then even he lost count. Now they were cumming together at the same time as he too was filling her with cum. He kept his deflating cock inside of her and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The two of them sat on the couch kissing tenderly and looking into each other’s eyes, Scott now felt like a third wheel as he gathered up his clothes. Then he slapped Jason on the arm and he helped her off of his cock, she sat on the couch as the two of them walked naked to foyer.

“Hey man, what about the plan?” Scott asked Jason.

“I think we need a new plan, I’m sorry just tell your mom that I got my money back, I want to fuck you hot Aunt all day if I could?” He said to his buddy. “Would you help me come up with a new plan that would let me do that?”

“Sure go back into the living room, I will call from my cell and tell you that my mom and dad are not going to be able to make it back. Then if you can keep Colleen here to fuck, you can go upstairs and do it in my parents’ room until they get home for all I care.” Explained Scott as he ran upstairs to make the call.

“Hey sorry about that beautiful, Scott had something to tell me.” He said seeing her getting her clothes back together.

“We better hurry up and get dressed, maybe spray some air freshener or something.” She said to him worried about her sister.

Then the phone rang and Jason yelled that he would get it, Scott mumbled a few thing and Jason pretended that it was her sister. He then turned to her to tell her that something came up while they were out and that they would not be home until later.

“Well shit, I guess I better get going then.” Colleen said to him standing up.

“Don’t go, why you don’t come upstairs with me, Scott say it would be okay if we took a shower.” He said to her.

“Wow you are really sweet and I have not been fucked that good in a long time, but I really should not stay, you are a nice young man and well I have a past.” She said plopping back down naked on the couch.

“I know I heard you are a party girl and you hook up with all of the wrong guys, well maybe you ought to take a chance and hook up with a right guy, even if it is only for the day.” He said to her sweetly putting an arm around her.

“Okay I will stay, but we have to let Scott know that I’m not going to do it with my own nephew again, that was an all time low, even for me.” She said to him as he took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

“Hey Scott, were going to take a shower if it is okay with you?” Asked Jason.

“No problem here, hey it was great seeing you again Aunt Colleen but I really got to run, you guys can stay here as long as you want, just pick up when you leave.” He said fully clothed now and running down the stairs.

“See I told you everything will be okay, shall we take that shower now?” He asked her.

“Lead the way stud.” She said following him into the bathroom.

Meanwhile on the boat the three guys were fishing and drinking beer, it was now starting to get warm, so Connie took of the sweat suit she was wearing and she spread a towel on the bow of the boat. She rubbed some lotion all over herself and then lay down on the towel to catch some rays. Hank and Mark were very happy to see that she was wearing the same bikini she wore the last time they had saw her.

Bill was happy too, he watched his two buddies ogle his wife lustily and he was hoping that today she was going to let her inhibitions down. His two buddies went over to where Bill was fishing on the boat and they talked about going to a secluded cove on the lake to do more fishing and have lunch.

“Hold on baby, we are going to a little cove we know of to do more fishing and it would be a good spot to have lunch.” He yelled to her as he started the boat and sped off for the spot.

“You know you could sunbathe in this spot either topless or nude if you wanted too, it is very secluded.” Hank said to her as he lustfully eyed her.

“Maybe I will do just that when we get to your spot.” She replied.

They reached the spot and it was nice, it was very secluded from the rest of the lake, they guys all cast their lines and then they raided the picnic basket. They stood on the deck eating sandwiches and munching on chips while Connie without saying anything reached up and untied her top. She set it down next to her and put some lotion on her exposed big tits, the guys looked at Bill to see if he would say anything yet he just smiled.

“Man that wife of yours really has a nice rack on her.” kaçak casino Mark whispered to him.

“Thanks buddy, if you two want to try and get anywhere with her today, be my guest, god knows I’ve partied with your old ladies often enough.” He said downing a beer.

“Sure she can be our dessert.” Mark said to him.

The two guys finished their sandwiches and then they strolled over to the bow of the boat where Connie was laying with her tits exposed to them. She just looked and smiled at them and then she looked over to her husband he was standing by the steering wheel of the boat and he nodded at her approvingly.

“You guys like what you see?” She asked them in a sultry voice.

“Sure do.” They both responded together.

“Guess what Bill doesn’t mind if we see or do more, he’s done a lot of things with our wives.” Said Mark who was now unzipping his jeans and pulling his hard cock out of them.

Connie knew that deep in heart this is what her husband wanted, she wanted to keep him happy, she wanted to stay married and wanted to keep the life she had built. The events with her son and his best friend, with these two guys, had made her realize that deep inside she was a very sexual person. If this is what her husband truly lusted for she was not going to disappoint her was going to give him what he wanted.

She got up onto her knees and pulled Mark’s jeans down and took his average sized cock into her mouth, Mark groaned aloud as she was now sucking him with vigor. Hank too got his average sized cock out and was standing there waiting for Connie to pay attention to it as well. She gave Mark a few more sucks and then switched over to Hanks’ she held onto Mark with one hand and sucked on Hank. She continued to alternate back and forth between the two men, finally Mark pushed her onto her back and pulled her bikini bottoms down, and he spread her legs and slid his cock into her hot wet pussy.

Even though she had gotten use to being fucked by Jason’s large cock and her son’s fat cock, she was enjoying the average sized cock Mark had. She was enjoying this even more as her husband watched her being fucked by a friend of his, Mark was holding onto her big tits as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Soon she had a small pleasant orgasm and he was also filling her pussy full of cum.

Hank knelt down by her head when Mark was finished with her and stuffed his cock back into her mouth; he played with her tits as she resumed sucking him. She reached up and fondled his balls with her long nails, soon she felt him tense up and he was filling her mouth with his hot cum. She swallowed it down her throat and then she took a very long drink of beer, she got up naked and walked to her husband.

“So is that what you have been wanting me to do over these last few years?” She asked him.

“Yes.” Was his answer to her question?

“Did you enjoy seeing your wife acting like a wanton slut?” She asked undoing his pants.

“Fuck yeah, baby and I want to see you do shit like that again and again.” He groaned as she pulled his pants down and took his hard cock into her mouth.

“Then from now on, I’m you slut, if you want us to swing, I will swing, if you want to bring guys over to fuck me, I will fuck them, if you want me to have sex with other women then I will learn to do that, I’m your slut now Bill if that is what you want and I love you.” She said to him taking his cock back into her mouth.

“Oh yeah Connie, that is what I want, I love you, I love my slut.” He moaned and then he pulled her up and turned her around.

He bent her over and rubbed his cock over her wet pussy slit, then he pointed to the bottle of suntan lotion and Mark brought it over to him. He rubbed it all over his cock and he rubbed the head of his cock over her virgin asshole, he eased the head of his cock into her making hold on tight to the control panel of the boat.

“I’m going to take your ass baby and you are going to love.” He grunted pushing the rest of his cock into her making her cry out loud.

Her husband was now fucking her hard in the ass, Connie could do nothing but grunt and groan, she stopped feeling pain and was now starting to like it. She urged her husband on and he was now filling her ass full of his cum, Connie felt relieved when he pulled his cock out, yet she was going to be willing to try this again if her husband or anyone else wanted too. They spent remainder of the day getting fucked or sucked by Connie and then they were home.

When they got home, she was able to take the time to talk to Scott about how things went with her sister; she was shocked to hear how Jason had a change of heart. He told her from all he knew that Jason and her fucked all day long, they were both gone when he got back from doing some things he had to do.


Connie continued down her path to becoming the woman her husband wanted her to be, he was always bringing guys over so they could either have threesomes or he watched have sex with them. She also had her first bi-sexual experience with Marks’ wife and would often spend time with her during the day while their husbands worked. When time aloud and both of them were together and horny she had sex with her son, this happened less and less as he went off to college and he got a steady girlfriend.

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