A Neighborly Sandwich Ch. 02

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And so began our tryst with sex.

We had to be careful, specifically me. She had little to lose, except maybe her reputation. Secretly, I doubted very much whether she cared too much about it now that she had found what she had been denied so far in her life.

Me, I had a beautiful wife and two lovely kids. I loved them too much to ignore the aftermath of possible discovery of my affair with Reena. In the beginning, Reena and me were perhaps a bit careless wanting to be with each other for as long as possible. Luckily, we weren’t caught.

Reena had given me a key as a spare and we used either the telephone or the Internet to fix up our meeting times. Earlier, my office timings used to be eight-thirty to six with a one-hour lunch break (for which I would come home) from one to two in the afternoon. My wife was no doubt surprised that I now left for work in the early morning at around seven-thirty and was home for lunch at a quarter to two. When she returned from her work at seven, I would invariably be home.

There were a lot of things that I learned about Reena, specifically her sex life. I was surprised that she had hardly experienced oral sex: both giving head and getting sucked herself.

“If I would wrap my lips around my hubby’s cock, he would push my head away within half a minute and sprout out his juice,” she told me. “As to cunnilingus, that word just didn’t exist in his dictionary.”

She therefore, loved the sixty-nine. Particularly when she would lie on my top, my legs wrapped around her head as she sucked my dick in fast and furious movements of her head while she would grind her pussy against my face.

I would really enjoy giving it to her. I loved smelling her exquisite and musky perfume. Her cunt was moist and soft and so hot that I would slide almost all of my tongue inside her. I would first run my tongue all around her cunt before licking those areas she liked being licked the most: her clitoris, the opening of her tunnel and the inside of her with the tip of my tongue. She would always move her hips, pushing herself down onto me for more.

This is not to forget that she would be moaning and sighing with her mouth wrapped around my throbbing shaft. She had learned pretty soon what I liked most; to begin with, just slide her mouth over the cock head, gradually taking more of me inside. She never forgot to add her tongue, and it sent shivers through me when I would feel that soft, velvety piece of her mouth licking my shaft as she buried more of the length inside her.

It took a few sessions before she learned to deep throat me. It was worth the wait. She had been curious about the art of taking the cock head inside her throat without gagging and was determined to master it. I was more than willing to guide her.

The first time she actually managed to do it was when I was seated on a chair in her living room. We had a rule; no clothes once they were off till it was time for me to leave. We just had a satisfying and a long fuck in the good old missionary position and were devouring the vanilla ice cream she had made, when all of a sudden she walked up from the bed to the chair and slid down on her knees.

“I want to eat the ice cream off your cock,” she giggled. When she coated my cock with the cold slab of vanilla, I shivered with cold. My dick was still shriveled after the hectic fuck we just had and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t about to get hard so fast. Boy, was I wrong!

“It looks like a cone!” she exclaimed, spreading the cold stuff over my cock. She leaned forward and licked the under side of the shaft, slurping the ice cream off. Then, she bent it down and licked off the topside as well.

“Mmmm, tastes divine!” she said, then took it inside her mouth. As I said it had shrunk, so that it entered completely inside her mouth till my balls were cradled against her chin.

She pulled it out. “Wait, I’ve an idea.”

I wondered what it was when she disappeared inside the kitchen. I thought I got the idea when I heard the microwave switched on.

I sat on the chair fondling my cock when she returned with a glass of steaming coffee. She smiled seductively and got back on her knees between my legs.

She smeared some more ice cream and took me back into her mouth. After licking off the stuff, she took a sip of the coffee and holding the liquid in her mouth managed to take my cock back inside.

The feeling was incredible. One moment my cock was cold and the next it was hot. She did this a few times and sure enough, my cock was soon at full mast again.

She set the glass and the bowl aside and got down to serious sucking. She opened her mouth wide, placed me in and gently started to move down on my cock. She managed to take in more than half before she pulled back again.

There was a look of intense concentration on her face when she took me back in. I felt the tip of my cock touch her throat and tensed as she continued going down. She was fighting the gag reflex, intent on taking me in all the way.

The canlı bahis third time she took me back in, I was inside all the way! I felt her throat working me in, slowly, milking at it and it felt like I was inside her cunt.

I reached below to grab her heavy dangling tits and began to squeeze them as she deep throated me. Then, gently and ever so slowly, I began to move my hips up and down, fucking her mouth. Her hands went around my buttocks and I felt her grasping my ass cheeks as she sucked on me. All this time, her eyes were staring at me.

It didn’t take me long to come. Almost coming off the chair, I let out a groan and erupted my cream inside her mouth. I watched her bobbing up and down over my cock, swallowing my juice. I guess there was too much of it, because, some dribbled outside her lips.

She was more astonished than I was by the fact that she had managed to deep throat me.

“My God! I actually managed to take you in my throat all the way!”

“You are something else, baby,” I told her.

At times, it was not possible for us to meet at her place. My wife’s presence for one thing. Or, her maid having to work overtime.

In the beginning, we suffered through such absences. But when such periods became too long, we managed to meet outside where I would pick her up on some desolate road. We would drive over to a few isolated places and make it out in my car.

My car had sun shields fitted on all the glasses except the windshield. So when we got onto the back seat, it was impossible to see from the outside what was going on inside the car.

Though she was a big woman, during these occasions, she wore skirts, which reached to mid-thigh, so that it would be easier to access her pussy. And she also made sure that her blouses would be those plain button-less types that I could easily whip over her shoulders. She never wore any under garments either, and neither did I.

Generally, she would back up against one door, raising her legs and resting one on the backrest of the rear seat and the other over the backrest of the front seat. By the time I would flash out my cock from inside the zipper of my trousers, she would already lift her blouse over her shoulders.

Crouching between her legs, I would slam my dick inside her, right to the hilt. Though we were well hidden, we knew that there would always be a remote chance that somebody would come sneaking to the car; so these episodes were fast and furious.

She was thrilled with the variety of positions I had brought to our fucking. The back-to-front was one of them where I would lie on my back, my legs spread apart, she between them, her back facing me. This way I could stroke her gorgeous, ample buttocks, while she knelt forward, using my knees as supports, occasionally bending down to mash her tits against my kneecaps. At times, when she would be astride me in this position, my cock buried inside her, I would slip one hand from under her buttocks and play with her clit.

Another favorite was when she would draw her knees all the way behind against her tits; legs open wide and resting on my shoulders while I would be between her legs, crouched over her, slamming my cock in and out of her. She would dig her heels into my back and I would use the sides of my hands to press her legs together. The sensation of having my cock buried completely was awesome.

She was a wild woman who was enjoying all this attention as if she had never been fucked before; and truth to tell, from what I had learned about her marriage, all that her husband had done was to fuck her in a standard missionary position, probably with just two reasons in his mind – one, for his release and two, for conceiving the two kids they had.

I hadn’t reckoned how wild she was till it happened. I was in my study room, door locked behind me and enjoying the porn on the Internet. I would, from time to time, look through the small window from where I could see her back yard.

When I saw somebody creeping furtively to her back door, I froze. My first impression was that the guy was one of her sons. But, on closer inspection, I realized that it was Anil. While I lived on one side of her building, Anil lived on the other. That was to say that Anil and me had a common neighbor in Reena. She was sandwiched between us.

Something akin to an electric current flashed through me when I saw Anil fumbling with the lock, a key in his hands. It took me awhile to realize that like me, he too had a spare set of her keys!

Anil was a young guy, probably thirty or so, married a couple of years back. He was about five-seven or so; slightly pot bellied and with the average looks of the typical guy-next-door. He was married to a rather attractive girl, some five years younger than him, who had borne him a son hardly a few months back.

My wife and kids were out, so by the time he was entering her house, I was out of my chair in a flash, shutting down the PC and grabbing the set of her keys that I kept hidden in my desk.

Suddenly, I wanted bahis siteleri to know what was going on, though I had a pretty fair idea of what exactly would be going on there.

In less than a couple of minutes, I was letting myself into her house, quietly locking the door behind me. They were of course in the living room.

“Come here, fatso,” I heard her whisper.

I suppressed my laughter and quietly took a position from across the kitchen from where I could watch them without being detected.

“Hello,” his voice was low.

Well, well, well! I thought. This was interesting!

She was seated on the divan, pretty much the same way that she had been when I had first come into her house. She was wearing a different bra however, smaller and flimsier: a kind of a Victorian push-up type with hardly anything in front to cover her huge tits. Her panties were hardly panties at all; more correctly, they were a pair of G-strings, a strip of cloth that covered her cunt lips and the crack of her ass behind.

“Is your cock hard and ready?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, it is,” he answered.

“What are you hiding it for? Show it to mommy,” she giggled.

Even as he walked over to the divan, he was frantically unbuttoning his jeans so that by the time he reached her, his cock was out.

It was erect all right. Only, it wasn’t as impressive. He didn’t hold it; just let it hang out there.

“You promise not to come too fast and quick today?” she teased.

God! How long had this been going on? And what exactly did she mean by saying that?

“I-I will try,” the poor guy was blushing. “But I can’t help it when your c-cunt swallows it.”

She laughed gaily, lifting her hips to whip her panties out. She threw it on the floor and faced him, legs wide apart on the divan, hands behind her.

“Get between me and put your cock in me. Hurry!”

The Lyons Stagecoach!

He stripped out of his clothes, eyes fixed at her gaping hole twinkling at him from between her legs. Naked, he looked fatter and clumsily, he got between her legs, his legs spreading apart as he scooted towards her. She reached out for his cock and drew him forward impatiently.

“Ugghhh!” he groaned, his body shuddering as her fist wrapped around his cock. “P-please don’t jerk at it or I’ll shoot!”

“Fuck me with it, then, hurry!”

He positioned himself on the divan between her knees and shifted forward as she guided his cock inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God, oh god,” he yelled as her cunt enveloped him inside her. I guess she was in real heat because she slid forward and wrapped her legs around him beginning to move to and fro.

She reached down with one hand and I saw her pinching the base of his cock. “Don’t you dare come soon again and keep me hot, fatso! Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me with your cock, harder and faster!”

She threw her head back, arching her neck, looking at the ceiling above as he began to move, his eyes closed, mouth open.

“Oh, oh, please, I can’t…slow down a bit, please,” he was begging.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The poor fat slob was trying his best and I knew he wouldn’t last. Slowly, I undressed till I was completely naked. My cock was long, hard and throbbing. Her voluptuous body did that to me. I walked in.

Neither of them saw or heard me. It was only when I climbed the divan and stood beside her that she realized I was there.

I had guessed right. She wasn’t shocked or embarrassed. She just smiled at me lazily. “Hi, lover boy!”

His eyes flew open and bugged out of their sockets. He froze, looking ridiculous, cock buried in her pussy, his mouth wide open.

“W-what the hell?” he stammered.

“Oh, c’mon fatso,” she giggled. “Fuck that cock in. This here is the boss who taught me all those positions. Perhaps you can get a few tips from him.”

I was standing on the bed, jerking on my cock and had to bend down only slightly to rub the tip of my shaft on her cheek. She swiveled her head around and opened her mouth.

“Yes, you fuck my mouth,” she said.

I slid my cock in her moist and wet mouth, winking at him. His eyes were rooted to the spot where my cock was going in and out of her mouth. I suppose he was stunned that she could so easily deep throat me. After all, I was a good two or three inches longer than him.

The sight also didn’t help his cause either, because, he groaned loudly and pulled out his cock from her cunt. I watched his sperm shoot out all over the pillow lying by his side on the divan. Maybe she had warned him not to come inside her, or maybe she had instructed him not to spill his load on her body. I didn’t care. Any which way, the sight was erotic enough for me to start really fucking her mouth. I grabbed her bra-encased tits and began to furiously pick up my pace.

Her eyes widened as I fucked her face and I smiled when I watched her hips beginning to grind with the rhythm of my thrusts in spite of the fact that his cock was no longer in her cunt. My balls slapped bahis şirketleri her chin whenever I slammed in her mouth and I trembled with uncontrollable excitement as she sucked me harder.

With her toes, she pushed off her other neighbor who was looking at us with glazed eyes, his cock shriveled and limp. He edged away from the divan giving me room to bend down and jam a couple of fingers into her hot pussy. She moaned, sucking me harder; her cheeks hollowed and then puffed, her lips lashing the entire length.

She raised and lowered her thighs, meeting my fingers with equal passion, at the same time, sucking me fiercely. Her tongue was now thickly wet with hot saliva and the drops of my pre cum. She reached up and gently pressed her fingertips on my balls.

I straightened, letting go of her tits and grabbed her head holding her there as I swung over so that I was now positioned right in front of her, standing between her legs, my back to Anil. Immediately, she took one hand away from my testicles, fingering her own cunt now that my hands were holding her firmly by her head.

My cock was as rigid as a steel pole in her mouth and I watched as Reena’s mouth worked back and forth on it, leaving saliva that dripped off the shaft and onto the top of her tits, which were bulging out of her bra. She finally closed her eyes and with her mouth firm around my cock, started to breathe through her nose. Her hand kept pumping with increased violence between her legs and she gasped excitedly from her throat.

I sensed her coming and she took her mouth away from my cock. She gripped the shaft with a saliva slickened hand instead as she cried out in ecstasy. She began to jerk me off now and for the moment we forgot about Anil’s presence. It was just her orgasm and the fact that she now wanted me to come as well.

Her fist became a blur and she raised her body up towards me. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra as she kept up the pumping motions. She wriggled her shoulders to allow me to slip off the bra.

I understood what she wanted and shuffled my feet to assist her in aiming my cock at her now bare tits even as she stroked me with her hot hand. She shook her big tits from side to side as if to make me realize how much they weighed. Her nipples were taut with arousal.

She tilted back her head and extended her throat, looking up at me. “Come on my tits, lover boy! Spray your juice all over my tits! Make them wet, now, now, lover, come on them!”

I shuddered and felt my sperm boiling from deep within my balls. I grabbed the sides of her tits, bellowed and arched back, not letting my eyes wander from the sight of her lovely tits, jiggling, as if with anticipation. And then, I erupted.

I watched as wads of my come landed on her heavy tits, running slickly over the soft curves of the flesh, leaving an oil-like gloss on her body. I watched closely as the sperm ran down over her tits and onto her belly.

I finally put my hands behind her head, pushed out my hips and dragged the wet spurting tip of my cock all over her face. It trailed over her cheek, onto her forehead, pushed against her ear and then her nose, before I slid it back into her mouth. She sucked the last drops of cum, her eyes now glowing as she stared at me.

She let out a sigh when I pulled out my now sunken cock from her mouth and collapsed onto the divan, my head resting on her hips. I watched with glazed eyes as she rubbed my juice off her body and raised her fingers to lick it off.

“Mmmm…I love your man juice,” she muttered.

“Oh god, what was all that?” Anil said from the corner of the divan and we both glanced at him as if seeing him for the first time.

His cock was slowly hardening again; I guess it was from having watched the two of us. There was something akin to awe in his eyes as he stared at us.

Her legs were splayed out on the divan in front of her and my head rested between them, facing up to gaze at her heavy, dangling tits. I was lying on my back with my own legs spread apart. She laughed, reaching sideways with one hand to take hold of my soft cock.

“Hey lover boy, this kid has a problem controlling the time he can make his hard on last. I was passing on certain techniques you use. Look fatso, I can tell you that you would be able to learn a lot by observing and sometimes maybe participating. That should satisfy your young wife; after all, you need experience, huh?”

I swear he blushed a bright pink when she made this casual remark.

“Though,” she continued, “I can very well understand why you can’t last that long. Your wife is very attractive. Am I right lover boy?”

“I think,” I answered slowly, gazing at him, “We should keep his wife out of this.”

“Oh come on,” she remarked. “It’s because of Aishwarya that he turned to me. He reckons I am experienced enough to teach him how to last. And with you around here, I reckon he will learn faster.”

“How long since you added him to your list?” I asked her, reaching up to fondle her wet tits, still glistening with my juices and her saliva.

She reached behind her to pick up a wet towel and began to wipe her tits. I wanted to stop her from doing that; I love to caress a woman’s tits when they are showered with cum.

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