A Nevada Brothel – My Initial Work

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For several months, I have been carefully considering if I should travel to Nevada to work in a brothel or continue to watch my money gradually shrink. It is a difficult decision. In a few weeks, I will have a vacation – – – – possibly I could work in the sex business at a legal Nevada brothel.

During happier times, my spouse and I vacationed in Nevada. As I recall, we drove north from Las Vegas to Reno, then East on the Interstate into Utah. My ex saw several ranches — actually, brothels — from the highway and decided he wanted to visit a brothel and have some sexual fun. I was naturally curious but did not want him to visit a brothel. We had a long discussion about sex, legal brothels, morals, etc. as we drove toward Reno, then East of Reno.

I don’t recall the name of the small town just off the Interstate in Northern Nevada but we stopped and got a motel room. I tried to entice him to love me instead of visiting the local brothel. But he left me watching television and went any way and was gone for almost two hours. By the time he got back, I was starting to use the third box of the motel supplied tissues. My eyes were red from crying. I asked myself where I had gone wrong in the bedroom but did not find a satisfactory answer.

When my now ex-husband returned, I asked him why he went to a brothel for sex instead of possessing me. He indicated that he wanted a brothel experience and a variety of sex.

Later, I was naturally curious about what occurred at the brothel. Gradually he told me — — about a line up of women wearing revealing lingerie, about his selection of a ‘girl’ for his party, about the dick check she gave and how he started to get an erection, about her body – her breasts and nipples – a tattoo of a flower above her slit, and about the sex — a hand job, a breast massage, how she put a condom on him, a blow job with ball sucking, and intercourse: rear entry, cow girl and missionary positions.

I still remember his exact words — like it was only yesterday.

He said: “That woman was wonderful in bed — many pleasing soft curves to touch. She very willingly allowed and provided me with sexual pleasures — pleasures that you refuse to give me. She drained me, twice, of all the cum I had. I am tried and going to bed.”

He did not even kiss me. Once he was sleeping, I wrote down those words on a piece of paper, and still have them. He slept for a long time. I cried myself to sleep.

He never told me how much he spent — just said that it worth the cost. That money could have been used to pay some of our bills. Or to improve our home. Or to buy some new furniture. Or to pay for some of our vacation expenses.

Later, he asked me to do some sexual things that he had seen in some porn videos. Initially, I refused. Also, I refused to watch any porn videos. I have really never understood how a woman would allow herself to be photographed having sex. My spouse even wanted me to pose naked and wearing very revealing lingerie. Even nude pictures while we were ‘doing it’. He wanted to use his new digital camera and even have the pictures on a computer.

But he continued to make sexual demands. I did some of the things he requested but never completely satisfied him. We frequently went to bed at different times — usually who ever went to bed first was sleeping when the other went to bed. Or pretended to be sleeping. If I had done the sexy things he requested, I possibly would still be married.

Later he told me that one reason we vacationed in Nevada was simply so he could have fun and variety in sexual practices. He planned on visiting a brothel. As I recall, I told him he could posses me in most any manner for a lot less money. He just laughed — and said something to the effect that he earned the money and he would spend it as he chose.

My financial problem really started a few years ago. Initially, we had a wonderful marriage, I thought. But in time my husband developed a drinking and gambling problem. He earned good money at work but not that good. His attitude toward me changed over a few years — — eventually he left me. It has been over one year since I last saw him. I have not been intimate with any man for almost two years.

By mail, with some prodding by my lawyer, he signed the house over to me. And the large mortgage that was still on the house. I had to sell the house, but after the real estate agent and mortgage bank got their money there was little left for me. Currently, I live in an inexpensive apartment in an average suburb of a city in the Northwest area of the United States. Soon I will need to buy a car, most likely a used older car. Also, I have some medical and dental needs.

My Father is deceased. But my Mother has helped me financially to some extent. I don’t really want her to support me — Mother has her own financial difficulties. My job as a clerk at a large box discount store helps but the pay and the hours are not quite adequate. Essentially, each month is too long for the money that I have. It seems that I canlı bahis always run out of money when five to seven days of the month remain.

I have stayed in contact with my girl friends from high school. Just by chance, in a letter one of my girl friends indicated that she had worked at a Nevada ranch. I am going to contact her and ask a few questions.

I sent this email to my high school girl friend:

Hi Marsha,

Money is tight for me right now — too many days in each month for the money that I have. I am considering ways to supplement my money by working. Probably in Nevada.

In one of your recent letters you wrote that you were working at a ranch in Northern Nevada. But you did not go into any details of what type of work you were / are doing. Coming right out and asking: Is this ranch a brothel?

I have many questions, but few answers, about the working life of a “girl” at a brothel. Would like to telephone you and have your comments. Are you willing to discuss this subject?

Many Thanks

Your Special High School Friend,


In a few days, Marsha replied to my email:

Hi Betty

Yes — the ranch is a legal Nevada brothel. Over the past two years, I have “worked” at this spread (LOL) about ten times, two weeks each time.

Love to see you, but not possible now. Yes, I will gladly answer your questions regarding brothel “work”. Suggest you telephone me some weekend in the early evening after 7:00 pm. Saturday would be best. Will send you, tomorrow, some brothel names and telephone numbers.

Best Wishes,


PS I used the word “spread” because that is what a brothel gal does. She provides sexual service that a man – a stranger, really – wants. Almost always, she spreads her mouth wide and sucks a penis. Almost always, she spreads her legs, gets her pussy lips spread, and gets her cunt penetrated by his cock.

Most erections can be easily taken inside your body — but I have had a few parties with men who have enormous cocks. Some men are gentle and easy, but other men are rough and fast on your delicate tissues. Intercourse can hurt your cunt!

A Telephone Call

I received Marsha’s list of brothels and telephone numbers, and waited. The month was ending, my financial status was poor. After work on Thursday evening, I made a list of questions regarding brothel work to ask Marsha. Saturday evening seemed slow in coming. Finally, it is just past 7:30 pm when I telephoned her from my apartment.

Marsha: “Hello, this is Marsha”.

Betty: “Hi Marsha. This is Betty. Thanks for the your reply to my email and the information listing brothel names and phone numbers.”

For several minutes, we update each other about our status and major recent events.

Betty: “I have some questions to ask about brothel ‘work’. OK?”

Marsha: “Yes. But please keep in mind that I can only answer your questions based on my experiences and knowledge.”

Betty: “Yes, I understand. What is the typical pay?”

Marsha: “You actually are considered to be a contract worker and only earn money by having parties and collecting money. Where I work, the money split is fifty percent to the ‘girl’ and fifty percent to the brothel. Other houses could have a different split arrangement.”

“Also, some houses give a girl an extra percentage for ‘repeat or regular’ customers who request her.”

Betty: “What type of woman does a brothel desire?”

Marsha: “Keep in mind that this is a service industry. The ‘girl’ is providing sexual services that the man wants. She needs to be willing to please, have a positive attitude, and be reliable. Have a good record and pass the required health checks.”

“The sex work is not physically hard — no ‘pun’ intended. But you need to be mentally prepared to suck a man’s cock and be fucked by him. You need to be mentally prepared to have intimacy with a man you have never seen before and probably will not see again. In and out within an hour, but most likely 30 minutes or so. In time you could have 3 or 4 parties a day.”

“All kinds of women work in brothels — — not just the young, beautiful and curving girls.

Some are skinny, some average, some are even heavy. Some are blond, some brunette, some are redheads, and some get their hair color out of a bottle. There is a man out there looking for a specific type of woman every day.”

“It takes all sizes, ages, and races of women to have a good varied ‘lineup’ at the house. It seems that each man has his own preferences about the type of woman he wants to ‘party’ with.”

Betty: “Where is the ‘work’ done? And the hours?”

Marsha: “At most houses, the girl sleeps and works in her bedroom. Usually there is a room for the girls to use as a lounge plus a kitchen and probably exercise facilities. Most houses are open 7 days per week and 24 hours per day — you may be on call all the time. You could be called for a line up in the early morning hours. When a man comes, the madam wants him to spend his money bahis siteleri at her house.”

But at the larger house, ‘shifts’ are setup. But, if you want to work before or after your shift it is usually OK.”

Betty: “What does it cost to stay at the brothel?”

Marsha: “It depends upon the house. Typically you pay for room and board on a daily basis. But if you book a certain dollar level — say, a thousand dollars in a 24 hour day — there is no charge that day for room and board.”

“Keep in mind that you pay for weekly doctor visits. Work permits are required. All of your brothel clothing / lingerie and cosmetics are your responsibility. Some houses supply condoms — others charge you for them. By law, condoms are required.”

Betty: “How is the woman selected?”

Marsha: “After a man arrives at some brothels, the ‘girls’ line up in the lobby and the man selects the girl he wants for the party. At other brothels, those with a bar, the girls can mingle with the men — but still line up when another man comes.”

“Where I have worked, during a line up when it is her turn each girl takes a step forward and gives only the name she uses at the brothel. Then she steps back. You need to be friendly with the other ‘girls’ but at the same time you are in competition with them.”

“Any business regarding money, type of sex activities desired, etc are done only in the girl’s bedroom. Clothing can vary depending upon the house policy and even the time of day. Most girls wear some type of revealing lingerie — opaque gown, bra, panties, hose and shoes. Men know what a naked woman looks like — a little mystery regarding her body is appropriate. But never street clothing — you want to advertise your body in a conservative but inviting manner — that is the policy where I work. But the Madam does permit semi-revealing lingerie or provocative clothing — with prior approval. As she says: ‘You want to get the man interested and get his rod moving’.”

However, a woman can be ‘requested’ by the man. If this happens, no lineup is needed.

Betty: “Have your parties been with only white men?”

Marsha: “No. I have had parties with black, Hispanic, and Oriental men. It does not matter to me the color of the man’s dick. Just as long as his money is green or a credit card is accepted.”

“Sometimes, I have had parties with a truck driver in the evening. After the party is completed the driver sleeps in his truck, then has an early morning party with me or another ‘girl’ before resuming his trip.”

“A girl does reserve the right to refuse. Usually if she does not want to provide service for a specific reason she just does not make that line up.

Betty: “Once she checks his penis, what happens.”

Marsha: “The woman checks the man’s dick and surrounding area to see if he is free of any sexual type of disease. In her bedroom, the woman asks what type of sexual activities the man wants and the time. She gives the cost — either the house minimum but she can go higher. Often the madam or shift manager is listening in her office to the initial discussion. If the man agrees, she collects the money and takes the entire amount of money to the office. Then she returns to her room. The man probably is already naked, she strips — — and the party starts.”

“A few times, I have had men who are not appealing to me. I give them a high price for my services — usually he rejects me and I suggest that he may want to negotiate a party with another ‘girl’. But if he accepts, I get more money.”

“Most parties are 15 or 30 minutes — this is pure physical sex. No romance or love involved. The man is using the woman’s body for his own sexual pleasure. Remember it is a service business. But sometimes a party could be one hour or even longer. In 15 or 30 minutes, the man will have an ejaculation into a condom — which is required by law. He will be satisfied. The woman probably will not have an orgasm. If the man wants to kiss or suck your cunt, a dental dam needs to be used.”

Some men have told me about using something to help an erectile dysfunction (ED) problem — like a herbal product or a prescription for Viagra or Cialis. If the man is in satisfactory physical shape and uses an ED product, he can really pound and ram your cunt for a long time without an ejaculation. If that happens several times in a day, your cunt can get quite sore — or at least my cunt gets sore.”

“Essentially you are renting your body for a specific period of time to a stranger. The renter does what he wants to do with your property — but within certain limits. You provide sexual services, then usually get your cunt fucked. But I have had some parties with only cuddling and talking — we were both naked and laying in the bed.”

“I have had some repeat clients, but often after the party is over the man thanks me and I encourage him to return. But, typically I never see him again.”

Betty: What type of sexual activities are done?”

Marsha: “Usually a hand job on the man’s penis. bahis şirketleri Then the man gets a blow job followed by intercourse — always with a latex condom. I like the missionary position as the man does most of the work. But sometimes a man wants cow girl and rear entry. For a few special and repeat clients, I have done anal sex — but very seldom.

“Most men want a blow job — guess they like their cocks to be sucked. You really exercise your mouth and fingers — when you fondle balls.”

“A few men have even given me a latex female condom — — then watch me closely as I insert it into my body. A few men have used some type of adult toy on me, then give me the toy.”

“The house minimum is usually for only a hand job or a blow job. Intercourse add more dollars.

Betty: “Have you ever posed for any nude pictures?”

Marsha: “I have concerns about getting my pictures on different web sites — — so I do not allow pictures to be taken. For some men, I allow them to take pictures of my cunt and breasts — but no face. I check the digital pictures to see what has been taken. But for a few special clients, that I trust, I have allowed nude pictures to be taken.”

Betty: “How can I get started at a brothel?”

Marsha: “If you telephone a brothel, they may ask for some type of resume or a letter expressing your interest. But actually the madam or manager does not provide too much information by phone. It seems that the standard answer is — when you are in the area just come in and ask for the shift manager.”

Betty: “Have you ever had parties with three people?”

Marsha: “Yes. I have had several parties with a couple. I pleasure the man while the woman looks at us, or she may participate sometimes.”

“Also, I have had several parties involving myself and another ‘girl’ and one man. The man gets lots of attention and pleasure. I have never had a girl – girl party. That is when a man just watches two girls play with their bodies and the other girl’s body.”

“These are called ‘fetish parties’ — — and much more is charged. Also, domination is another ‘special party’ that has a big price tag — — depending upon what the man wants or is willing to pay.”

Betty: “I would appreciate some general comments about your brothel experiences.”

Marsha: “You already have run up a big phone bill. I will just mention several:

** “Most men seek the services of a brothel ‘girl’ because they do not get the type of sex they want at home.

** “If the brothel has a bar, the girl is required to be there during her shift to visit with the men. Essentially, she is either near the bar standing or sitting and visiting or in her room discussing a party or in bed on her back getting fucked.

** “The first time — even the first few days — can be difficult. Not physically hard, but mentally hard. Even though I have had a number of parties over two years, when I go back the first several days are hard for me. A stranger selects you, a few minutes later both of you are stark naked. And you are giving him some type of sexual pleasure. It is a business — well paid, if the house has sufficient traffic.

** “Cocks come in all sizes and shapes. Most fit in a satisfactory manner, but I have had several parties with men that have enormous cocks. Intercourse can really hurt your cunt — either by having too many parties or being penetrated with a very large cock. Some men seem to really take pleasure in cunt pounding and ramming. Your legs can be really spread wide and may be put in a variety of different positions.

** “During a 24 hour time period you may have only a short party or possibly no parties. There is a lot of down time. At times, there can be lots of activity, but other times are slow. You really never know from day to day what the demand will be.

** “Some men like to give you pleasure, I have had some parties and have had nice orgasms — these are usually the one hour plus parties.

** “Other men are only interested in having their sexual needs satisfied — this usually happens with 15 and 30 minute parties. But most of your parties will be short. But you could have an hour or even a two hour party. I have had several over night dates.

** “A condom is required by law. A few men want to fuck you without wearing a condom. You need to make sure that his dick is covered before he enters you.

** “Some men come in, have a line up, look for many minutes but do not select a ‘girl’ — then leave. I think they just want to look at women in form fitting revealing clothes. But they may not have the money.

** “Some houses also have ‘out dates’ that are prepaid and arranged before leaving the house — — these could be several hours or even an extended period of time; a day or possibly longer. Again, this is a big dollar item. But the money is always collected in the girl’s room and taken to the office before any sexual activity starts.

** “Since sex is the business, every thing has a price or the house minimum. Always ask the man what he wants BEFORE talking money. Then, if he asks for more things after you start, you can get some more money and have a longer party. Be very clear about that up front so the man does not thing that he is being cheated.”

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