A New Direction Ch. 02

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Edited by ScarlettKisses

Bob came into Randy’s studio grinning from ear to ear.

He had just been E-mailed the first takings from the new web site. Interest had been high and Emma’s video had gone down well with the paying public.

“Well Randy I got to hear how you plan to follow that up.”

“Hey I wondered when you would show up.” Randy replied with a grin of his own. “It just so happens I have booked James and I into a holiday centre.”

“A holiday centre?”

“Yep a three-day break. I got a cheap deal on the net.”

“A holiday centre, words fail me I suppose you want your thousand pounds back then.”

“You have to re-invest Bob.”

“Ok. So what’s your plan then, guests or staff?” Randy looked at Bob adding “I’m not sure; I will see what happens when we get there.”

Leaving early the next morning James and Randy set off on the relatively short journey to a small holiday park. The park was situated on the coast, about twenty miles away from their studio.

Arriving in good time they quickly found the reception and presented their booking documents. A smartly dressed lady who looked to be in her fifties took the forms “Welcome to Baypark Mr Jones, I’m Marion the head receptionist. If you find, any problems with your accommodation, please pop back and see me and we’ll get it sorted out for you.” Pausing she added “You have been allocated caravan J9, here is a map of the site.”

Marion pointed out the direction of the caravan and also the bar and entertainment room “Any questions Mr Jones please feel free to ask any member of staff and have a nice stay.”

After finding J9, James suggested having a look around the site. Just to get a feel of the place. He popped his covert camera into the hiding place and followed Randy out of the door.

Walking back through the site it quickly dawned on the pair that this might be a tricky operation. The first guests they saw were either quite elderly or in family groups.

“Be careful with that camera mate. There are too many children around here, for my liking.”

“I have it with me but I’ve switched it off for now.”

“Let’s go into the bar and get a pint. We can ask the staff what goes on around here.”

Pushing through the double doors to the club house they came across a large room, with a DJ box on the left hand side of a fairly large stage and dance area. Two sets of doors on the right hand side of the room led to the bar.

They walked past some kids that seemed to be running a riot. They found the bar and ordered two pints of lager from the barman.

Reading the name tag Randy asks “Hey John, where’s the best place to get some action around here?”

“Well Sir that depends what you mean by action. This place is fairly low key definitely not your eighteen-thirty kind of holiday center”

“Yea I got that impression, where do you recommend to pull some birds then?”

“If its women you want then, it would be better to go off park. Torquay’s the best bet around here.”

“Ok John, we’ll see you later no doubt, thanks,” James says nodding a farewell to the bartender

After staying at the park and not filming a single frame of film, Randy decided to place some of his business cards around the adult areas of the center and call it a bad job.

Randy had left a card on the caravan table. Found by one of the cleaning staff it was this card that gave him his lucky break.

“Good afternoon, Randy Jones speaking, adult entertainment agency. How can I help you?” Randy says into the phone, totally at ease.

The person the other end was nervous and stuttered out , “Oh, err, hi my names is…. Err, Caroline; I acquired your card…. can you, ah, give me some details- of your agency I mean. Please.”

“Hi there Caroline please don’t be shy, its ok I don’t bite” he said soothingly “Firstly, please don’t think I’m being rude but can you tell me your age.”

Not expecting the reply he got her stuttering a bit more then she replied. “Oh, ok, sure. Err…. I’m twenty-nine that’s probably too old isn’t it?”

“Not at all, Caroline. We work with models a lot older than that all the time.”

Randy calmly and reassuringly went through some of the stuff the agency did. He was surprised to find that she agreed to come to the studio the next day to have a look around.

“James, canlı bahis get set up, we have a client from the holiday park coming to see us” Randy shouts into the kitchen where he could here James scavenging in the fridge.

“What? Really? I didn’t see that one coming. Ok, I’m onto it.” James claims as he wonders out of the kitchen, sandwich in hand.

“James we might have to play this slowly she sounded a bit shy,” Randy says instead of telling James he has some tomato hanging off his chin.

The next morning Caroline Atkinson found herself nervously ringing the studio door bell. James, his usual cheerful self, opened the door “Hi you must be Caroline come on in, I’m James. This way please.”

He cast his eye over her as he let her in. Her blonde hair cut in such a way it framed her face with light wispy strands. James guessed her height to be about 5 ft 5 inches with a petite build.

Her glasses gave her a strange innocent appeal quite different to anyone he had filmed before. Her blue eyes also searched around the place quickly as if she was afraid someone was going to mug her.

“Hi There my names Randy, please take a seat. Can I get you a drink? We have Tea, coffee, mineral water, cola or something stronger if you so desire.” Randy smiles at his client as she takes a seat across from him.

“Oh, water will be fine, thank-you.” She reply’s while avoiding to look at him head on.

“Well, how exactly did you acquire our card, Caroline?”

“I work at Baypark. One of my colleagues found it in a caravan-” Her voice cracking nervously “-and she said I was frigid. It might give me some lessons in how to please a man.”

A tear formed as she continued. “The hateful woman is dating my Ex you see.”

“Ok.” Randy quietly said as he let her continue.

Taking a gulp of water Caroline stuttered “Well they all had a good laugh at my expense. I was very upset.”

“Nice people you work with, I must say.” James added sarcastically.

“Yes, well, it was when I got home, I remembered I still had the card and thought screw them I’ll show them.” She says in a voice ruthful. But then the moment passes and she looks down again and her nervousness comes back.

“Do know what sort of modelling we undertake here Caroline?”

“Oh yes, I looked around online and found your website.”

Her reply stunned Randy for a moment. Not the response from someone who is supposed to be so scared and insecure like she’d portrayed herself to be he thought.

“That’s why I thought at my age I wouldn’t be any use as a model.”

“Well age is no barrier in our world, Caroline, Cougar and M.I.L.F. porn is all the rage at the moment.” Randy points out hoping to make her feel a bit better.

James again chipped in with. “Indeed there is good money to be made in that line of work.”

“Cougar, M.I.L.F.? what?”

“Oh just porn terms for certain types of film, don’t worry about that, I’ll explain later.” Randy pushed some release forms over to her, “If you want to have a go and do a screen-test I need you to sign these.”

“A screen test?” she asks fretfully.

“Yes, just some poses with the camera. To make sure you are comfortable in front of the camera.”

“Oh I see.” She said picking up the pen and signing the paperwork. “My signatures a bit shaky, I have never done anything like this before.”

“That’s fine we will guide you through it. Anything you are not happy with just say stop, ok.”

Whilst they were talking James had turned on the video cameras and loaded up his camera with a memory card.

“Caroline.” He yelled making her turn round quickly. There was a bright flash causing Caroline to blink and shield her eyes. “Got you.” He laughed as he showed her the picture in his view finder. “See the camera loves you. Want to have some fun?”

“I-ugh-ah-” she stumers so Randy held out his hand and gently pulled her out of the chair. He led her to a studio set up as a bedroom.

Stepping back from her he said. “Ok, listen to James, he will direct your poses. Just relax take your time and have some fun.”

“Ok Caroline smile.” James directs grinning at her. “That’s it turn to me, good, ok, now sit on the bed.”

James expertly guided her into simple poses and could sense her relaxing “Happy?” he asked. She nodded her head “Ok let’s step it up a little, bahis siteleri undo your top a little.Excellent give me a little sexy smile. You’re doing great. Undo some more buttons for me.” Without thinking Caroline found herself doing everything James asked. His calm manner had made her putty in his hands.

“It’s time to lose the blouse, Go on slowly slip it off look at me while you’re doing it, great. Smile”

She dropped the blouse onto the floor beside the bed.

“Lovely you are a natural at this. Right get up and kneel on the bed,” James orders. Again she followed his instructions without hesitating “On all fours please, great turn around and look at me. Excellent!”

From his position, watching the shoot, Randy admired her denim clad ass and bra covered tits. He wondered when she was going to call a halt to the shots.

James issued instruction after instruction calmly, letting her get used to each one before issuing the next. He now had her standing up by the bed “When you are ready slowly remove the jeans. Look up at the camera while you do it.”

Caroline took a deep breath undid the belt and complied. It dawned on her that she was standing there in just her matching pink underwear in front of two men she had only met about an hour ago.

Randy saw the realization hit her and thought this is the moment of truth. It was either make or break moment now. “If you are ok with it lets see those tits you’re still hiding.”

With her hands now starting to shake, she carefully clipped the bra and dropped it on to the bed. Randy gave a whistle “Beautiful, come on, and the knickers, be a good sport.” Caroline hesitated for a moment and with a sigh slowly pushed them down, revealing her shaved pussy. Lifting her legs out of them one at a time she dropped them onto the pile of her clothes.

Randy asks, “how do you feel about me joining you in this shoot?”

“Well…. I did came here to prove a point, and prove it I will. By all means Randy, feel free to join me,” she answers with her voice only cracking once.

Randy didn’t need asking twice with practiced speed he removed his clothes and stood by the bed. It was Caroline’s turn to gasp as she took in the porn stars body for the first time. “Oh my god that’s huge!”

“No not really it’s just average.” Randy said “If you want to see huge give it a kiss.”


“Go on just a little kiss, it won’t bite” He teases moving his hips towards her.

He felt her shaking hand slowly stroke his cock and her hot breath on the large tip. Pressing forward slightly he felt her lips wrap around his ever stiffening prick. “That’s it take your time, slowly take it deeper and lick underneath my dick.”

Half way in she started to gag, but game she kept on sucking on the huge cock. Within a minute it was erect and stood waiting. “Ok my turn now,” Randy pulled away and pushed her back on the bed.

Pulling her legs apart he reached down and flicked her slit with his finger. Kneeling down he clamped his mouth to her shaven cunt, pulled her lips open and sucked on her clit. She was wet and every few seconds her hips bucked under him.

“Oooh, ahh” came the gasps as he expertly carried on licking and nuzzling the sensitive clit. His nipped at her Clit and sucked it until finally she was shaking and trembling, her breathing hard and fast.

Slowly pushing a finger in to the hot channel he could feel her juices flowing.

“Oh- I’m going to cum.” Caroline gasped through ragged breaths. “Oh shit, oh shit!” Her legs clamped around his head as the violent orgasm shook her body.

After she had calmed down he crawled up her body and straddled her chest his large prick between her breasts. “Go on squeeze them around my cock.” He pumped the cock through the ample tits his pre cum lubricating the process. “Are you ready for the next act?”

“Oh yes but do you have a condom?”

Ever ready for the un-expected, James tossed a condom over to Randy.

“Ok Caroline you can put it on for me,” Randy asks kneeling up so his fat cock was out from between her boobs.

She opened the foil packet with her teeth and removed the contents. After the large cock was safely covered by the rubber she looked up and said, “Ok, please take it easy on me, you’re very big.”

Randy positioned her on all fours and climbed up behind her. He rubbed the bahis şirketleri tip of his cock all around her pussy coating it in her still gushing juices. Sensing the time was right he pushed the head into her channel and slowly began pushing in and out.”

Her head down between her arms she gasped as the large prick gradually pushed in deeper to her depths. She trembled under him, her muscles squeezing him as she grimaces in pain.

Picking up the pace Randy ploughed on. Deliberately not giving her all of his cock he carried on working her pussy. “Oh you’re amazing I’m Cumming. Oh, Oh.” Her mewing, music to his ears, he flipped her over onto her back. Pulling her legs up onto his shoulders Randy started fucking her fast and hard.

Caroline couldn’t believe his startling power. No one had ever lasted this long ‘surely he has to cum soon’ she thought. She felt so full, his cock sliding deep within her pussy. She couldn’t help buck under him, her breathing fast as he drove into her and her moans escaping. A hot knot formed in her stomach and it with a scream she felt it release and for a good 10 seconds all she felt was pleasure which make her muscles spasm and her pussy to become so wet she could hear it sucking as Randy fucked her.

He slowed his thrusts as she calmed down he smiled at her “Want to make it more special?”

“How?” She groans as he slows til her barely moving, his fat cock still inside her.

“It will feel even more amazing bareback.” With that he picked up the pace again he felt her tense up as another orgasm approached suddenly stopping his tip just in her. “Oh don’t stop, I’m so close,” She groans.

“Only if I can make it special,” He had her hovering on the brink. He knew she would give in, they usually do.

“Please I need to come.” Pushing in and out slowly Randy carried on torturing the overloaded senses. Finally she rasped “Oh for Christ sake, take it off. I need to cum.”

Taking his cock out and removing the hated condom was done in a flash. The uncovered flesh was placed back in front her channel “Ok here goes.” Pushing her legs off his shoulders and spreading them wider he pushed in, for the first time his entire length. Her eyes flew open and with she groans, “Oh my god!” the thrust sending her over the edge. She pushed back onto him, moan and grunting as he shoves his hard cock into her hot, wet core. She shuddered under him, her fingers and toes curling into the blankets as she let him fuck her.

After picking up the pace he could feel his balls churning. With no condom to deaden the sensations it wasn’t long before the full strokes began getting ragged and his breaths uneven. A hot ball formed in dick, begging to be released as pressure builds within it.

“Ready Caroline?” Only getting a loud moan as a reply Randy unloaded deep in her pussy, pulled out and shot the rest of his load onto her belly, the sticky goo collecting in her navel.

It takes five minutes before she catch her breath and got herself together. James had thrown her a towel and pointed out the shower room and just as Emma had done she limped over to the en-suit to clean herself up.

Back behind his desk Randy counted out some money ready for Caroline when she had cleaned herself up. Clutching her drink she approached the desk “Here have a fresh one that must be horribly warm now.” He said handing her a new glass of cold water.

“Thanks I have to say that was incredible.”

“Well I can confirm one thing, you are not frigid.”

Blushing she replied “I’m glad.”

Randy handed her the cash he had counted out earlier. Speechless she stared at it. “It’s all yours.” He said “And there’s more on offer if you want it, I can definitely get you some more work.” James added “It’s much more fun than cleaning caravans.”

“My god there is more money there than I earn in a month!”

“Exactly if you are interested there is another project I have on the go.”

“Ok, count me in.”

“Excellent we will call you next week.”

As Caroline turned to go a thought hit her “James do you have this stuff we shot today on a DVD?”

“Not yet, but I will when it’s been edited.” James reply’s while looking up from the camera . “Can you send me a copy please?”

“No problem at all.”

“Thanks I’m going to post it to that rotten bitch and the loser of an ex-husband of mine. I’ll give them frigid.” She laughed and left the studio with a new bounce in her step.

Randy and James exchange a glance before James gets started editing the tape and Randy wonders over to the bed to strip off the stained sheets.

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