A New Year, A New Perspective

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This is story is written from half truth. The other half is made up, mostly for literary reasoning. Reading a story with complete truth is not always the most entertaining (at least, not if it’s my life.) However, I will be staying within the realm of the possible and not too far from the truth where ever it is wholly entertaining. This is my first story of an erotic nature and I plan to write more if it goes well.


I have known this girl for almost two years. We had met in the September of my first year of college. I was not sure at first about her if I was perfectly honest. She was both outstanding to the eye and to the ear. The first thing I ever heard her do was let a squeal out of the top of her voice as she saw one of her friends who were also taking the class. The next thing I noticed was her choice of attire. She always chose to dress in the brightest colours. Often the colours would clash, blues and greens, pinks and oranges, it mattered not to the girl.

At first, it all rather annoyed me. It was too much for me. I am rather conservative myself and always did (and always do) choose to dress in dark and plain colours. Navy blues, blacks and greys. However, as the first year progressed the teacher imposed a seating plan on us. It essentially forced us to sit side by side albeit mostly in silence.

Now, one thing you need to know about me is my luck with girls. At eighteen I had had one girlfriend. This had been when I was sixteen and we really had not got that far. It had literally been nothing more than a few weeks of touching and heavy petting until we stopped texting and the relationship (if you want to call it that,) died out. I am not even one hundred percent sure of her name anymore in truth.

This girls name however is Lui. As can be assumed from the name, she is of Asian descent. Her complexion is fair and her skin fairly light. Her eyes are a deep shade of brown and her hair a slick black with a highlight of blonde through the fringe which she always wears over her left eye. I never really noticed any of the smaller things up until the past year however. She seemed to harbour a dislike for me last year. It may have been due to my quiet arrogance which I have been known to express to those who do not know me too well or maybe for reasoning I did not know.

Things changed this year and that is what this story is about. When I returned to class in September I found myself once again in the class with the Lui. I looked around the class and knew no one else; I did not even recognise the teachers this year. Lui and I caught each other’s eyes for a second and resigned to sitting next to each other again. Thinking about it now, it was probably at this point that I first began to notice the little things about her.

We did not speak to each other but nodded more as a polite gesture as we sat down and focused our attention towards our new teacher. He was a winner as far as teachers were concerned, that would come to play a pivotal role in this story – although, that is for later. At that current moment in time he was handing out pieces of paper to each person in the room. He handed one to Lui and then to myself. Coursework illegal bahis came as no surprise to anyone in the room; we knew we had to do it at the beginning of this year. What we did not realise was that the school was going to pair us up to do a bunch of assignments prior to the final piece… I was with Lui.

I would say ‘hate’ is too strong a word to describe how she felt about me. Far too strong, it was more a quiet distaste. Only not knowing anyone had lead to us even sitting together. When the teacher announced “you’ll be working with the person beside you,” I stole a glace to my left at Lui. She did so at the same moment and for the second time that day we saw into each other’s eyes. Her eyes had clarity about them. Like you see right through them and see exactly what they were thinking. Right now, her eyes told me she did not care for the assignments we had been set. I could not say I was either.

Our conversation for the next few moments was purely business. We traded numbers and agreed to meet the next day in the space in front of the school to get the assignment done with. That was all we were to agree.


The next day rolled round in a quick fashion. I had almost forgotten about having to meet the girl but remember with a few minutes to spare and walked a quick pace towards the benches. Lui already sat with her books open and seemed to be writing notes on the assignment already. ‘Less work for me,’ I figured. I sat down without speaking and pulled my books out. It took a few seconds before she raised her head and looked at me. She gave a courteous smile — not one of happiness but one purely of acceptance of my being.

It was then I noticed something for the first time. Her cheeks. This was to become some I loved about this girl. For now, they merely interested me. They were puffy and the high cheekbones meant her face was full. When she smiled they moved ever so slightly. I realised for the first time that this girl was beautiful. Not in the sense that I loved her, at least not yet, but in the sense of an animal attraction. I let the thought run through my head. It was the same fantasy I had had a million times before. Not her but others. No one in particular, just others.

A blank room stood before me. The walls were a bright white and clean. The lighting was natural. Before me stood Lui, her small frame about two inches smaller than mine. She wore her bright clothes, which for almost the first time, did not annoy me. They hung to her perfectly. She stood about a foot away, looking up at me. She brushed the fringe from her eyes and peered up, reaching up on her tip toes, closing her eyes as she did so. My own eyes closed…

“Neil!” I could hear her call as I shook my head and looked up towards her still picturing her leaning in towards me.

“Yes?” I asked in my usual monotone. I always kept my voice void of emotion. Emotions lead to things that I did not know about and I feared that which I did not know.

“Are you going to help me?” she asked, keeping her eyes fixed between mine, unblinking. I noticed from this point forth that she did this a lot. She would rarely keep any real eye contact when she was speaking illegal bahis siteleri to someone. Instead she would stare between the eyes. It gave enough respect to the person she was talking to without the need for the awkward stares.

Nonetheless, I nodded in the affirmative and we discussed the task at hand. At first, things were slow. Conversation was awkward even if it was predetermined about the History of Nazi Germany. The discussion got easier over time but as the conversation developed (never anything other than history however), as did the weather. At first it had been fairly sunny. The wind had rustled the few trees that lined the front of the school and it was bright. By the time we were moving towards the end of the assignment it got darker. Then without any warning it began to rain. We were about one-hundred yards from an entrance to the school. While this certainly does not sound far, it is when you need to pack your bags and get inside. When I say it began to rain hard on that day, you’ll have to take my word for it, it really was chucking it down.

I dumped all my things into my bag and she gathered hers and we began to run towards the school’s entrance. Half way there I heard a familiar squeal from Lui as she slowed down to a stop. I turned around and saw her papers flying around the courtyard. I wanted to laugh but I stole a glance at Lui and saw another thing I would come to notice more and more over the next few months. She looked angry, but her big cheeks made her look insanely cute as a result. I could not help but take that in for a few moments. I was most certainly beginning to see this girl in a different way, if only as an object of my sexual desires and imagination.

I helped her grab all her papers in silence. Natural conversation had still not been something we were able to do. I grabbed her bag she had set down beside her and flicked my head as if to say ‘let’s go!’ She obliged and we were soon running again towards the door. We broke into the warm that lay inside. I held the door open for her as she ran in and panted with exhaustion.

Then something strange happened, she laughed. I had heard her laugh before but it sounded different this time. It sounded somewhat sexy. When she laughed she would cover her mouth with her hand which only served to make her look as if she was trying to hide it. Her hair was wet and her clothes soaked. She looked damp and heavy and I felt like I should do something to help her out. Yet I did nothing. I would later come to learn that this put things between us a fair way back and should have realised the laugh meant she too had seen something different that day. Had I helped her that I day I stood a chance of getting with the girl much sooner than I did. Alas, I did nothing. I looked down at her for a few moments before sighing and going to turn away. Then I heard her voice. “Neil,” she said, slowly, as if trying to pick her own words carefully. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


That night my dreams changed. I rested my head and the usual place of random women I did not know were replaced with Lui. The dream continued. She leaned towards me, upwards. I leaned towards her. Our lips canlı bahis siteleri met. I could feel her full cheeks pressing against mine with warmth I did not even know they had. My hand planted itself to the small of her back. Her hands sat nearer my waistline.

Not once did either of us open our eyes. We continued to kiss even as I stepped forwards and her backwards until her shoulders met the bright wall. She moaned a small moan of affection into my lips as her tongue darted out for the first time circling my lips, tasting them, knocking for entrance. Asking for permission for my tongue to come out and play. I obliged, opening my lips to allow her tongue in. It circled in my mouth, mixing, dancing and fighting with my tongue as they wrestled over one another. My hand had not moved. Lui’s had however. It had begun to fidget with the buckle of my belt. Unable to see, not daring to open her eyes she fumbled until the clasp came undone.

I had seen this dream many times before of course but I when I was to wake up the next morning I would note how much more intensive this was. It was like being there. Since then, I have had real sexual relations with less tension and less feeling than me inside my own dream that night.

Following my belt came the button, and then the clear sound in the silence, only filled by the sounds of our tongues playing with one another, of my zipper. Already I was hard. My erection was held no longer as Lui wasted little time and resting a hand against my well toned stomach and sliding it beneath the waistband of my boxers. Her touch was cold, her hands small and delicate. I could feel it sliding along my hot flesh. Still kissing I could not see it but let out a moan of approval as her hand touch my erection for the first time.

Her fingertips danced along the edge, teasing it, making it pulse, before she wrapped one of her delicate hands around the base and tucked ever so slightly on it. More moans of approval would escape my lips. I could feel her own lips turn up into a smile before she pulled her head back for the first time.

There were never any words in my dream. Ever. The woman, now Lui, would simply smile a sweet smile and sink to her knees before me. A hand covered her mouth though in her usual fashion as she done what I had dreamt so many others had done before her. Once upon her knees she worked the trousers and boxers down until they were round my ankles.

She would then regrasp my shaft and tuck slightly, lowering her head towards it. Her hair fell over her face as she extended her tongue for the first time to poke the slit before her. Her tongue would then dance its way dance the shaft, then back up before finally her small, delicate lips would wrap around the head. She would carefully suck only the head into her mouth, her hands movements becoming faster as she did so.

I could not see her eyes; she was too concentrated on my shaft to look up at me. And soon I would be too concentrated on the same thing as I could feel the usual feeling of my balls tightening and her hands gripping the shaft, asking for the balls to release.

Then I woke. I never woke from this dream yet something had changed. It was almost too intense for my sleeping brain to handle. I had a raging hard on and gripped it with my right hand and sighed to myself. A single day had changed my entire way of looking at the girl. I wanted her now — a lot.

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