A Note From My Wife

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We are kissing very passionately. We are both so eager to fuck each other. I am grabbing your cock as you are squeezing my ass and my tits. We rip our clothes off. You tell me that it is your night and you will be in charge. I smile in agreement.

You lay on your back and tell me to give you head. I lay on top of you and kiss you. I suck on your earlobe and kiss your neck. I start moving down your body, kissing you all along the way. I run my tongue along your chest, down to your stomach. I kiss your hips and your thighs. I kiss the inside of your thighs. You can feel my hair brush up against your pulsing hard cock. My face is an inch away from your dick. You can feel me breathing hard on you. You flip my hair over so that you can see what I’m doing — you lookdown at me eagerly. I stick my tongue out and start slowly licking your balls. I run one of my fingers up and down your cock. I start licking your dick very slowly. I circle the tip and continue to run my tongue up and down. I take your dick in my hand and open my mouth wide. You see your dick go deep inside my mouth… as far as it will go. I slowly pull it out, then ram it back into my mouth, as deep as I can. I continue to deep throat your cock. You are casino oyna getting really worked up. I start pumping your dick with my mouth, faster and faster, using my hand to shove it into my mouth. You can feel my tongue flicking the tip. You want to cum in my mouth, but you know that you have to fuck me before you cum.

You order me to sit on your face. I move up your body. You are watching my pussy as it moves toward your face. You can see that it is dripping wet. I straddle your head and gently lower myself down onto your face. Your mouth is eagerly awaiting. You start licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. I start moving my hips around and moaning louder and louder. You can tell I’m about to cum. I start pushing my pussy down on your face… I want my clit as close to your tongue as possible. I start moving faster and faster, fucking your face. I’m practically smothering you with my pussy juices. I tell you that I love fucking your face and that I’m going to cum all over it. You get excited and lick and suck even faster. I start to cum, I’m screaming with pleasure, and I’m thrusting my pussy down really hard on your mouth. You can taste my cum as it spreads across your face.

You push me off you and canlı casino onto the floor. You tell me to bend over because I’m about to get fucked really hard. I smile and do as I’m told. You stand behind me and before I know it , you ram your raging hard dick all the way inside of me. The force pushes me forward. You pull out quickly and ram it back in just as hard as the first time. You keep fucking me harder and harder. You tell me that I’m getting what I deserve, that I’ve worked you up so much and I deserve a really hard fuck. You start spanking my ass. I’m so turned on and my pussy continues to get wetter. You’re fucking me hard, and you cock just slides in and out because I’m so we from the excitement. You reach forward and pull my hair, causing my head to go back. You are in total control of me. You hold my hair with one hand and spank me with the other, all while you continue pounding away at my cunt. You grab hold of my hips with both hands and push your cock into me as far as it will possibly go. I gasp as the force causes be to lose my breath.

You pull your dick out and flip me over. You rub your cock against my pussy and I am squirming with pleasure. You start playfully spanking my pussy with your dick. kaçak casino I am so turned on. You continue rubbing your dick on my pussy. You slide your dick inside me and tell me to rub my clit. I reach down and start rubbing myself while you are fucking me. You tell me to play with my nipple with my other hand. I do as I’m told. You are fucking me slowly and watching me play with my pussy and my tit. As you see me getting close to coming, you pull your dick out. You ask me if I want to cum. I say yes. You ask me how badly and I beg you to let me cum. You remind me that I can cum when you decide to let me cum. I beg you even more to let me. You start fucking me faster and I cum immediately. My whole body in trembling in ecstasy.

You tell me to squeeze my tits together so you can fuck them. You thrust your dick between my tits. You start moving faster and faster. You order me to open my mouth. You stick your dick in my mouth and start thrusting it in. You are getting close to coming. I am looking up at you, eager to do whatever I’m told. You tell me that you are going to cum all over my face, just like I did to you. You see my eyes fill with excitement. You keep fucking my mouth until you are on the verge. You pull your dick out and start stroking it. You shoot your cum all over my face and neck. I reach up and grab your cock and spread your cum around. I lick any remnants of cum off your dick.

Hope that worked for you…

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