A Passionate Quickie

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Author’s Note: This is a very short story, about 1,500 words, a quickie in every way. It is only authorized to appear on Literotica.com. If you see A Passionate Quickie on any other site, please notify madam_noe at Literoica.com right away.


“Excuse me, might be a few minutes in the kitchen. Greg will be out soon,” Lysa promised their mutual friends surrounding the TV.

She slipped into the kitchen and took note of what had to be done. Currently things were cooking on the stove and oven, there was time before they finished, but she needed an escape, something to do. Stretching, she rolled her neck, her long brown curls flopping around her shoulders.

She was stressed at this first mingling of her friends and Greg’s in their new condo. Her friends ran to the corporate type, anal retentive and suspicious of others whose path didn’t match theirs. Greg’s were the eternal teenage boys still happy playing games and sleeping until noon in their twenties, working retail and food service and playing in bands on the weekend.

Suddenly she felt a hand grab her ass, large and familiar, and she turned with a smile to her love. “Naughty, naughty.”

He pulled her into his arms. “How’s it going out there?”

“Nobody’s killed anyone yet. Nice of you to hide.”

“Hey, somebody had to get the movies loaded onto the server. I just got the first one playing. Hide out with me for a few.”

Stressed, her body tightened with his nearness and the promise of escape. “How about a quickie?”

He kissed the tip of her nose laughing slightly. “I can’t get over how direct you are.”

“Come on.” She pulled away and tugged him by the hand into their large walk-in pantry. Tugging on the swinging light she revealed the shelves crammed with food, and the large mini-fridge beneath the small window at the end.

Turning she sank her fingers into his shaggy brown hair, palms cupping his cheeks. He hadn’t shaved, and the slight stubble scraped along her palms making her shiver with tactile delight. His tall, slim body pressed into hers and between them she felt casino siteleri his cock thickening, slightly.

Their kiss was dizzying, slow and consuming, and easily lit the fires of wickedness deep inside Lysa. She pulled back and pushed him towards the fridge, kissing his neck. “I want to suck your cock,” she whispered into his ear, delighting at the tremor she felt from him.

Sinking to her knees she used the hem of her dress for cushioning as she raised his t-shirt and undid his belt. His cock was harder now and she stroked it through the denim. His groan made her mouth water, and she licked her lips slowly unzipping him.

He wore nothing underneath and his cock sprung free. Thick and covered in soft skin, she grabbed it with one hand and with the other turned his open zipper down, fishing out his balls.

Greg moaned and gripped the shelves as she began to massage them, hardening even more. He jumped when he felt her tongue lick around the head and moaned again. Jesus, it felt good.

Then she sucked on the frenulum, hard, and popped the entire head into her mouth. He felt precum leak and his balls tighten, body lurching towards her. She began to work his length with hand and mouth together, all the while massaging his balls.

He felt his toes curl, his breathing speed up. Pleasure radiating outward from her hot mouth as she sucked hard, stroked firmly. His hips began to move and Christ, it felt like heaven.

She took it all with ease, and he slid deep down her throat, feeling as if the top of his head might blow off. Sinking his fingers into her curly hair he followed her movements, urging her to slightly speed up which Lysa promptly did.

He looked down, saw her tits straining against her dress, above it her eyes were closed as she sucked and stroked. She liked it, he swore, almost as much as he did.

“Yesss,” he hissed out, hips moving faster. Her drool leaked down, lubricating her hand and he was helpless. Words spoken nights before echoed through his mind, how much she loved this power, how she loved to hear him beg.

His canlı casino sanity was near shredding but he remembered well enough what she wanted as she began to fight his urgings to speed up even more.

“Please, Lysa, please, suck harder. Move faster, please. Let me cum, please!”

She purred in delight and that did it. He felt his balls pushed tight to his body, his own jeans fighting them, her warm hands squeezing , that sweet little mouth sucking harder now. He came with a groan, biting his lip to keep from making a sound and spilled into her as chills and fire danced over him, and she sucked him dry, moaning all the while.

She let go of him as it passed, knowing Greg would be sensitive, and she kissed the taut skin above his softening cock as he panted. Her hands stole under his shirt, stroking and she straightened, following them, rubbing her face on his bared stomach like a cat, hugging him.

He grabbed a shelf for support and with his free hand reached down to stroke her head. “That was…amazing.”

“I know,” she said with a throaty laugh and stood. She kissed his neck and he felt a flash of teeth, shivering. “Lick my pussy good tonight before bed and I’ll fuck you just like that, hard and fast and pure.”

“Oh, god,” he groaned, and decided he didn’t want to wait on all that.

He stood and grabbed her, forcing her onto the fridge. She gasped and he smiled, enjoying the surprise warring with the hazy desire in her green eyes. “Grab the shelves,” he ordered and when she did he knelt down and tugged her dress down, freeing her breasts.

She liked it rough so he teased her with quick licks and slow sucking until she begged, and then he began to bite and nibble. Against him she squirmed in desire, moaning through clamped lips.

The moment he reached beneath her skirt and realized she wore no panties Lysa let a moan escape. Damn, she loved his hands. Thick, strong, rough, toughened by hours playing bass, they were dexterous and any protest she might have given over abandoning their guests died when she felt his thick fingers stroke kaçak casino her pussy. She was wet, aching, desperate.

He stroked her hard clit and teased her slowly, but his mouth was positively vicious now as she liked. She recognized what he was doing and, hell, it pleased her to know what they both needed.

“Please, Greg, lick me, please!”

He growled, forced her body back but then dragged her hips to the edge and bent down further. The first touch of his mouth was heaven. She felt so hot and wet and his lips were at first cool, thrilling her, then she felt his tongue.

His head turned and his tongued flicked sideways across her clit. One hand left the shelves to cover her own mouth, unable to stop her moans as pleasure swept over her.

Greg reached up and rolled a fat nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to suckle her clit. She felt her hips pump as her body tightened, dark whirling need dragging her down until the only thing real in the world was the feel of his mouth, lucking, flicking, sucking.

He licked quickly, lapping up her juices, and she balled her fists. Every muscle strained, shivering, twitching, and then his tongue swirled around her clit and she lit off like a rocket.

Fucking his face she rubbed wildly, head thrown back in claim and surrender as the orgasm exploded through her like fireworks, tendrils of pleasure spreading over her from where their bodies joined. Colors burst behind her eyelids and she wailed long and low as her entire being throbbed with climax.

Knowing she too got sensitive his hand left her aching breast and his mouth pulled away until Greg lay his head on her thigh. Lysa was still panting, coming down, even as her body screamed for more, for another climax, to feel that cock spearing her deep.

“God, why can’t we just send them all home?”

He laughed and stood, helping her right her dress. “Because we’ve been planning this for ages. Now you clean up in the bathroom, I’ll take the kitchen, I’ll join them first. Just do me one favor, babe.”

“For that? Anything.”

He smiled and kissed the tip of her nose. “Don’t put any panties on.”

They came out smiling and Lysa knew as good as a quickie might be, for the rest of the night all she could think of was getting Greg into bed, and not sleeping until the dawn came.

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