A Perfect Gentleman

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(This story is fiction, based on a loose extrapolation of real events.)

It was about 11 pm when I pulled up to the motel for the night. The sign said, “Vacancy,” which was a good sign at this point. I’d been on the road since I stopped for lunch ten hours ago, and was ready to be done for the night. As I stepped into the little front room, a woman followed me in. I stepped up to the desk and began the process of checking into a room.

As we finished, he said, “So, that’s $90 for double occupancy,” and I glanced back.

“Oh, no,” I said. “Just me. We’re separate.”

The clerk’s face fell. “Ummm,” he began. He then looked over my shoulder and said, “Hey, miss! We’ve only got the one room. Sorry, but there’s no vacancy, now.”

The woman’s face fell. She looked a lot like how I’d feel if I’d been told the same. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s my fault for not letting her go ahead of me. I spun. “Trust me, I’ll be a perfect gentleman. The room has two beds, right?” She looked confused, then grinned.

The clerk cocked his head, looked up to her, and said, “You okay with this?”

She nodded. “I’d really rather not go somewhere else. What’s my share of the room?”

We settled up, and then went up to room 213. “So, my name’s Kent,” I said. She smiled, “Lisa. Thanks for this.”

I opened up the door, and the obligatory blast of cold motel-room air greeted us. She stepped in, and immediately dropped her suit case beside the far bed. She flopped onto it, bouncing. I closed the door, set my own bag beside the other bed, and sat down.

“So, ladies first,” I said. “You can go ahead and get ready for bed, and I’ll wait.”

Lisa rolled onto her side and looked at me. She smirked, then said. “Okay. I might be a while, though,” she opened up a bag and pulled a few things out. One of them, a silver cylinder, she switched on, let it buzz a moment, then switched off. I looked at it, then up at her. She smiled and nodded.

“I’m going to go take a hot bath. And I’m going to use this at least a few times,” she nodded toward the vibrator. “If you’re being a perfect gentleman, I guess you’re going to ignore me. I just want to warn you.”

She stood up and gathered her things. “Or, I mean, feel free not to ignore me and take care of yourself, if you’d like,” she smirked, then glanced toward my groin. “If you’re feeling a little less gentlemanly, you’re welcome to come help me.” I felt my jaw drop and my breathing get a little heavy.

“Or, we could skip this thing altogether, …” she added.

“I …,” I started to respond. “Look, you don’t have to do anything. I mean, I just felt bad that you …,” I blurted.

“I know,” she said. “But I’m horny. You’re attractive, and I’d really rather have the whole experience tonight instead of just making myself come a few times.” She tipped her head to the side, “Well, probably a lot of times.”

She turned toward the bathroom. “Are you joining me?”

I stood up, kicked off my shoes, and followed her into the bathroom. She dropped her bundle onto the counter beside the sink, and I spotted the foil wrapper of a condom package wrapped inside her pajamas. “I thought you might,” she said. casino oyna She wrapped her arms around my neck, and planted a kiss that nearly blew me away right there. Her tongue pressed through my lips and curled behind my teeth, and we moaned into each other as she pressed up to me.

She pulled away, wiped her mouth, and said, “God, I need this,” she panted, and she pulled off her t-shirt, then stepped back up against me as she dropped it to the floor. I reached my right hand onto her side, and she shoved it down onto her ass. As I cupped it around the curve of her body, she pulled her mouth back again to say, “We’re doing this,” she said. “No need to be gentle. This isn’t a first date or something.”

I ran my hands up her back and unhooked her bra, though it didn’t fall with our bodies pressed together. She ground her hips against my erection as her lips trailed around the neckline of my own shirt. Her hands reached to my belt and undid it, then made quick work of the snap and zipper on my jeans. With a quick motion, she pushed her hands around to cup my ass, shoving the jeans down. She then brought me up against her, my erection rubbing against her leggings.

She reached back to turn on the shower, and her bra fell off in the process. The rest of undressing went quickly after that, and we were naked in the shower together in seconds. She poured her soap onto my hands, then held up her arms for me to wash her. My hands roamed all over her body, lathering her and flowing smoothly around her belly, up her breasts, to her shoulders, and down her back. My bare erection pressed hard against her leg as I rubbed her back and pressed her against me.

I took another handful of soap and knelt in front of her, running my hands down her legs, then up her inner thighs. I splayed them out as I passed over her crotch, and let my thumb linger as it stroked her clitoris. Then, I began to work it into a circle. She gasped and leaned back against the shower wall as I continued, then she pressed her arms to the side and opened up her legs, kneeling slightly. I pressed my face against her, then, and my tongue circled her clitoris. She pressed against me as her breathing picked up and she began to moan. It took only a few moments for her to cry out, and one of her hands pressed through my hair.

I started to back away, but she panted, “Don’t stop yet. God, I’ve needed this so much!” I went right back to her, licking again and running my tongue in circles over her nub. As she came a second time, I bought my left hand up and pressed a finger inside her. I felt for a moment until I found that circle of different tissue that held so much pleasure. When I curled my finger and pressed to her, she gasped again and her body began to shake. She pressed against the wall, and I used my other hand to try to hold her up as I brought my finger in and out, back and forth. She came again, then eased me back. She slid to the floor of the tub, the water running down her.

Panting, she said, “I haven’t had a good orgasm in a long time,” she smiled. “Thanks.” Then, she unwrapped one of the bars of motel soap. “I’m not sure I’m up to standing, yet, but let’s get you cleaned up.” I pulled closer canlı casino to her, my erection now pressing against her legs as she ran the bar of soap over my chest and arms. Then, she cupped it in her hand and brought it down to my balls. I shivered with excitement as her fingertips ran over them, and then she ran her hand over my whole length. Hurriedly, she pressed her hands back over my butt, rubbing the soap over me as she pulled on me to rise up. As I stood, she ran the soap up and down my legs, then leaned forward and took my erection into her mouth. I gasped with excitement, and then she pulled back.

“Not in my mouth,” she said. “I don’t know you, so you have to stop before you come,” she didn’t really pause for acknowledgement before she pressed her lips over me again, then again.

I grabbed at her hair, cupping my hands over her ears as she bobbed back and forth. I hadn’t realized how little endurance I would have, but it was only a few thrusts before I had to call out, “I’m about to …,” she pulled back and only ran her hand along me twice before I ejaculated. She kept on stroking me while my body pulsed and launched semen onto the floor of the tub and her belly. She stopped only when my penis was limp and had stopped.

With that, she rose and ran the water over her body to wash off what had happened, then stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel as I let the water run over me a bit, then followed suit.

“That was great,” she said. “I’ve barely even touched myself in a few days, and I didn’t realize just how pent-up my energy was,” she explained as she dried her hair, her naked body again fully revealed to me. “You, too?”

I nodded. As she glanced at the pajamas, she grabbed the condom, which turned out to be part of an attached set of wrappers. She then looked me over and said, “So, let’s get to bed for Round Two?” She tipped her head to the side and stepped out of the bathroom and lay down on the bed.

A moment later, I knelt in front of the bed, again eating her out. This time took longer, and her body built to the climax more slowly. As she got close, I slipped a finger back inside. When her body erupted, pressing hard against my hand and face, she hit more than once. I kept pressing against her as she peaked a third, then a fourth time. As she began to subside, she leaned forward and grabbed my shoulders. “Get inside me!” she hissed. She almost threw a condom at me, which I hurriedly slid into place.

I stood, and she pressed back from the edge of the bed. I crawled onto her, my hands running up her legs as they opened up wider. When I reached her, we thrust against each other and I felt my body inside hers. We rocked together, both grunting and gasping as our lust and need fueled us. The blowjob in the shower, though, kept me from coming immediately, so I pressed into her again and again, and she rolled us over so that she was riding me.

I held her thighs as she pressed hard and fast against me, and tried to sit up, reaching her left breast with my right hand just as I climaxed again, this time inside her. We pressed together again until my soft penis slipped back out of her. I rolled over and quickly dispensed kaçak casino with it, then rolled back and held her tight.

“God, that was fun!” Lisa whispered. “And, yeah. I needed to let that tension go, or I never would have gotten to sleep! So, thanks!”

With that, she nestled down and closed her eyes.

I’m not a total innocent, but I hadn’t had a lot of one-night stands, much less with women I just happened to run into. But I’m not going to deny, this was incredible. She hadn’t said anything, so I just stayed right there in the bed where we’d just pleasured each other and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up, very aware that Lisa was still there, and we were still both naked. Her hand was closed around my penis, which felt solidly erect. “Good morning,” she smiled, pressing her breasts up against me. “I hope you slept well, because I felt your morning wood and think we should put it to good use.”

“God, yes,” I gasped. Then, our mouths went together and we kissed furiously. I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her on top of me as she stroked my penis. She knelt on top of me, straddling my legs, as she unwrapped a condom and deftly slipped it onto me. She raised herself, then lowered her body onto mine, enveloping my erection inside herself. Then, she began rocking against me. Our breathing picked up quickly, and as she changed to a circular motion, she began to gasp and moan. “Oh, God, I’m coming!” she moaned against me as she changed her motion again, sliding up and down along me. The motion, combined with the rippling of her body, set off my own climax. She rolled off of me, and again I dropped a used condom into the trash can beside the bed. She handed me another foil wrapper and her hands pulled mine to her chest. I massaged her breasts, rolling on top of her as I did. I trailed kisses down her body, lavishly circling her nipples with my tongue and curling her back against me.

Shortly, I brought my kisses and licking back down her body, past her navel and to her labia and clitoris. She slowly built up this time, moaning and gasping as I touched her in each different way. When her climax closed her body around my finger, I kept licking her until she crested a second, then a third peak. Then, I withdrew my finger and grasped the condom. I rolled it on quickly as she rolled over and raised up onto her hands and knees. “Like this,” she panted. “Please.”

I rose to my knees and thrust into her, my hands reaching forward to stroke her gorgeous breasts as they hung in front of us. She thrust herself back against me as I rocked forward, both of us gasping and grunting with excitement as we did. Suddenly, she bent her body upright, pulling my hands to her breasts as she thrust her back against my chest, moaning, “God, I’m coming again!” The sudden change in motion sent me over the edge, too. We fell onto our sides, still thrusting against each other in a spoon position as the climaxes subsided.

When we finished, she rolled out of bed and looked back at me. “Thanks again!” she smiled. She disappeared into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she reappeared, wearing a sun dress and with her bag slung over her shoulder. “You were great, at everything!” She bent down to kiss me, one last time. “Such a gentleman.”

With that, she left the room. I managed to move far enough to see that she climbed into her car and drove away. That, I supposed, was that.

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