A Perfect Piece of Timing Ch. 01

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To put it bluntly, nothing about my senior year in high school was planned. It was my expectation that my parents would not get divorced in my junior year. I had not planned on my father to knock up his 23-year-old secretary and leave us twisting in the wind. My mother was not supposed to get laid off four months before graduation and I never thought that I would have to spend the last month of my senior year in a new high school in a hick town that celebrated a fucking movie.

My mother opted for a quickie divorce because no matter what was going on between my father and her, she didn’t want to spoil the relationship my father and I had. Before leaving, my father assured me that no matter what happened between him and my mother, he would always love me and would be there for me, no matter what circumstance. I believed him. After the baby he made with his new whore was born, he explained gently over the phone that he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted with me because “babies take a lot of time.” When I didn’t even get a phone call on my 18th birthday, I understood completely what my mother could never say to me. He didn’t just abandon her. He abandoned us both.

A month later, my mom was laid off from a company she spent at least ten years working her ass off for. The mortgage became impossible. The shitty child support she was getting from my father dried up right after my birthday, so from that at least I knew he remembered. We had to sell the house. It sold surprisingly fast. My uncle Jack had a house upstate that he offered to my mom. It had a school that was a sister school to the charter high school that I was attending, so it seemed to them both that this would be a perfect fit. He found a few jobs for her near the city as well. One, an entry level job that she had too much experience in and a night job as a waitress in a coffee shop right outside of town. She wanted out of this situation just as much as I did and was willing to do anything to speed us up leaving. When I heard the news, I couldn’t help but cry. None of this was fair. In my childish ways, I believed that I, and only I, was being punished. My best friend offered to let me stay with her and her parents for the duration of the school year. I happily asked my mom and she did say yes. Then I saw the look on her face and I knew I couldn’t go through with it. If I stayed, I would be abandoning her too. I would be just as much of an asshole as my dad. So we both began our journey together to Ozian Creek.

To be fair, the town was lovely. It looked like a vacation retreat. A place for honeymoons or a family vacation spot. My uncle usually rents the place out. Not like he needed the money. He was rich, but he always said that if you can make money or not make money, why not make money? Jack is my mother’s cousin. I’m not sure what the appropriate name for our relationship was. I always just called him uncle. He and my mom have been very close since they were kids and he was always a big part of my life. I had never been to this house of his, but he assured me that I would love it. In any other circumstance, I would have. I was angry and feeling very sorry for myself. Even the yellow brick road that led up the mountain pissed me off. We unpacked, and I prepared myself for the inevitable torture that would be June.

I arrived at the school early, as was requested, and I was assigned a class buddy. A senior, like me, that would show me the ropes. She led a tour through the high school, showing me the library, the cafeteria; like everything I don’t give two shits about. The person assigned was the epitome of a person who would volunteer for that shit. Peppy, bubbly; everything about a person I could never be. Someone offered her bubble wrap and casino oyna she lost her mind. She jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas. Over bubble wrap. I wish I was making this up.

She talked on and on about the extra-curricular shit she was into. Every single day, she was in some kind of club that met at lunch and each one, I just had to join. In the weekends, she volunteers for the school and cleans the bathrooms, classrooms, and whatnot. So, and I am quoting her, “the dirty immigrants can’t.” I said she was bubbly. I never said she was nice.

She asked if would like to come to her house after school. I really didn’t want to, but my mom asked me to try and make friends with people here. Since everyone else pretended that I didn’t exist, I accepted. It would be nice to have a homemade dinner that I wouldn’t have to make myself. Her room looked like mine when I was ten. Dolls everywhere. Unlike mine, pictures of Jesus. Like he was in a boy band, they were all over her room. She just kept talking on and on. It was hard to pretend to listen. The garage door opened and she sat straight up. Her father was home and she always, I guess, made a production out of it. I tried to keep my eye rolling to a minimum. If he was anything like her mother, an adult size version of her, I needed to be ready.

My eyes were down when she ran up and hugged him. She told him about her day and how exciting it was to have a new student in her school. She was technically right about that. This never happens in charter schools. She looked over at me and motioned with her hands for me to come forward.

“Daddy, this is Cassidy! She’s a senior and she just moved here!”

I looked up and I saw heaven. Standing over six feet tall, he had sandy blond hair, piercing blue eyes, a strong jawline, and a villainous smirk. I felt intimidated almost immediately. My hands didn’t know what to do except sweat. His shoulders were round, his biceps, not bulging, but plenty noticeable. He looked like an adult sized version of a ken doll. Unlike the ken dolls I used to have, I’m sure that man had a penis. When I started imagining what his would look like, my face felt hot. I knew that I was blushing, but I couldn’t control it. I was at a loss for words. I wiped my hands on my sides and shook his hand.

“Hello Mr. Kane.” I said meekly. He looked me up and down for what it felt like to me, an eternity. He knew what I was thinking. I felt so embarrassed. So awkward. I’ve never been that nervous before meeting a parent. I’ve never gotten so aroused before either.

He held my hand in his longer than any handshake ever given before. Like he knew what he was doing and was enjoying the power he had over me. He let go and I had to wipe them down again. What was wrong with me? Why was I so scared and turned on?

“Hello, Cassidy” he finally replied, while his eyes still kept up and down my body. “What brings you to this area?” Before I could answer, his daughter, Kelly, I think that was her name, cut me off.

“She just moved here!” She was jumping up and down, saying a lot more, but I couldn’t concentrate. His eyes were on her, but I could feel that he was still watching. I had to cross my legs to keep me from falling over. I felt so dizzy and alive and my panties were soaked. I wanted to flee. I was so out of control. He finally cut her off.

“Sweetie, I just came home. Let me settle, then I will meet your new friend properly.”

She led me back into her room, but I could feel his eyes still roaming as we walked up the stairs. After about twenty minutes, dinner was ready. She had me sit right next to her and he sat right across from me. When the food was at the table, we all joined hands for a prayer that she insisted that she would canlı casino lead.

“Thank you Jesus, for my life, my amazing family and the gifts that you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for the food you bring us, the love you taught us to have, and the never ending gifts that you bring us every day. Thank you for bringing my new friend Cassidy, and with your wisdom, will allow her to come with us on Friday to our retreat.” I stopped listening.

She kept going on, but at this time I opened my eyes. I was never brought up in a religious home, and was grateful for it. It all seemed so fake. My eyes kept roaming across the room, until our eyes met. Mr. Kane’s eyes were as wide open as mine. He kept that sinful smirk. His eyes looking me up at down, but primarily at my breasts. Like a man in search of food, or prey. I could tell what he wanted. It was what my body needed. What I couldn’t ignore.

When she casually mentioned that I would need a ride home, I felt mortified. She assured me earlier that it would not be a problem, but her mother felt otherwise. She had some kind of meeting with her church group and she went on and on how irresponsible it was for her to assume things like this without asking. Mr. Kane cut her off as well.

“I’ll give her a ride,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh really daddy?” the idiot replied. “Thank you so much.” She went back at her slight pressure on me to show up to a weekend retreat, just for women, that her church holds once a month. There would be so many “cool people” that she just knew that I would love. She went on and on. Personally, what she was describing, sounded like torture. I was trying to come up with the most diplomatic way of saying no, when he cut her off.

“Listen, sweetie,” he said forcefully. “She just moved here. She needs time to adjust. Wait until next month. Maybe then, she will be ready. You need to be patient. Our Lord did give you the gift of patience, am I right?”

“Yes daddy,” she said reluctantly. “But I think she would really like it if,”

“Enough!” he said. “Let her be!”

She finally relented. Most of the dinner after that was spent in silence. I ate as fast as I could. My ride, as he later stated, would have to happen right after. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Away from the blabbing moron and her twin mom, but mostly, I wanted to spend time alone with him. I spent the rest of the dinner trying to think of clever things to say. At the end, I still had nothing. I grabbed my backpack and waited for him next to the door.

The garage door opened and with the light, I saw his truck. When I climbed in, I reached for the seatbelt, and found nothing.

“Sorry” he said. “That seatbelt is broken. You have to move into the middle.”

I scooted over, now my legs stretched wide between the stick shift, my dress hiked up high. I left my cardigan off in a lame attempt for him to look down my top, but with this new angle, I felt slightly whorish. He got in and pulled his truck slowly back from the driveway. After he backed out, he turned to me.

“It must be horrible changing schools this late in the game” he said. “Leave any boyfriends behind?”

“Yeah.” When he looked away, I knew I had to sound suave. I did have a boyfriend, but I really didn’t care about him at all when I left. “I don’t care though” I added.

“Not the right one for you?”

“No. I’d rather have an older man anyway.” I was hoping what I said would impress him. Instead, he laughed mockingly.

“Oh really?” he asked incredulously. “How many older men have you fucked?”

He called my bluff. “None,” I said softly, my head down in shame. I felt so stupid. Why was I even trying to fool this man into thinking I was good enough for a kaçak casino man like him? Trying to change the subject, I gave him my address. He cut me off. He must really like to do that.

“You’re staying in Ozian Creek? Who’s place?”

“My uncle. Jack Spencer.” I looked away, hoping that the ride home would hurry up and end.

“I know exactly where that is.” He stated. He reached between my legs and grabbed the stick. We started our journey. I could feel his eyes down my top, but by then, I was too mortified to say anything. I felt like a dumb, awkward kid when I wanted desperately to feel like a confident woman. While we were waiting for the light to change, he spoke again.

“It’s completely natural for you to have these feelings for older men, even though you don’t know why you have them” he said so casually. “You have always looked to an older person to teach. Evolution brought you up to feel like this. Like math, English, or any other skill, people rely on the expertize of the generation before them to offer guidance. It’s a shame that our society can’t accept that sex is no different from any of those other subjects.” When the light changed, he put his truck in gear, then placed his hand on my knee. “There is so much that I can teach you” he said stroking my knee gently. “Are you ready for lessons?”

My breathing became heavy. His fingers shot bolts of electricity throughout my body. Just from a little motion with his fingers, I was in another world and I needed more. I nodded.

“Yes Sir.” He seemed like a man who commanded authority and I would not let him down. He didn’t either. His hand slowly crept up my thigh as we drove up the hill. His hand tickled and moved higher up and my head fell back. I was in another world as he slowly made his way up my thigh, close to the hem of my already hiked up skirt. Every touch was skillful. My body felt like an instrument played by a master. We stayed in silence the rest of the way home, minus my occasional moans. By the time we were there, my legs were stretched out as wide as they could and he was delicately stroking my dripping panties.

“You turn on easy, like a hurricane” he chuckled. “I think you’re ready.”

“Yes Sir” I said between heavy breaths. Without warning, he removed his hand. I opened my eyes and realized that I was home. My mom wasn’t home from her second job and I was about to ask him to come inside. Instead, he did what he always did.

“Listen, Kitten”, he interrupted me with. “As much as I would love for this to happen right now, this will not happen tonight or any other night until you agree to these terms. I am a happily married man and will continue to be a happily married man. Anything I do to you will be for instructional purposes only. I will not divorce my wife and there will be no other relationship between us other than a teacher/ student. This will end when I say it ends, and as your teacher, you will address me as either Mr. Kane or Sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”

“Can you agree to those terms?”

“Yes Sir” I pleaded. There wasn’t anything else I wanted more than his hand back on my leg. My body felt desperate. He seemed so masterful. I needed to please him any way I could. He smiled and squeezed my knee.

“Meet me at my place on Friday. As you know, my wife and daughter will be away. Arrive at five o clock sharp. Do not be late. Wear a dress I can easily remove and I want your pussy completely shaved. If I see even one hair, the lesson will be over. Do you understand?” He sounded very serious.

“Yes Sir” I replied, almost wary about was I was about to enter into.

“Good girl, Kitten” he cooed. “See you on Friday.”

I jumped out of his car and headed for the door. A small part of me was panicking, but I was far too excited to listen to those fears. My body knew what it wanted. My head will have to figure the details later. He was going to fuck me and I couldn’t wait.

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