A Private Self-Defense Lesson Ch. 02

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OK, truth be told, some of this story is based on reality. There isn’t even an attempt to hide the characters. After all, it has been a while and a lot of water has gone under the bridge.

One other warning, this is not a quick “tell all” story that leads to sex. If that is what you are after, this is likely to be a rather disappointing story.

You probably should read part I first, without it, you are likely not going to connect like you might otherwise.

It was Friday. Normally a day I would look forward to since it was the beginning of the weekend and I would meet up with my friends.

Today was different. Even though it was still the beginning of the weekend, and I would be meeting up with my friends later, I was thinking of last Wednesday, of my visit to Ann.

My mind had revisited the events a thousand times, and reverie had taken over from there… Oh, I used up plenty of tissues in the process, but that just might be TMI.

I was looking forward to next Wednesday and was hoping she would be attending class again. I was wondering how she would be, what her attitude towards me might be like, what might happen…

OK, I am kind of a serious fella, and while I like surprises, I also like to be prepared. So, just in case my cards fell just right, I wanted to be prepared and be able to go with the flow.

Granted, dreams are just that, but they are a good thing and I decided I better be prepared and buy some condoms.

It was Saturday, and crap there were a ton of people in the pharmacy. Luckily, I didn’t know any of them there. I read package after package, and even only in my hand, they were red hot. A package of three? No, that would look like I was way new at this. None of their business if that was true or not. A package of 48? Oh, now I would look like some kind of sex-god. I decided on a package of 12. Sort of in between.

That night, in the privacy of my room, I re-read the instructions, twice – at least. I didn’t need any real stimulation, I was way excited to try one on. Frankly, it wasn’t as easy as the instructions made it seem. The first one, I put on backwards, making my ooze show on the wrong side… Not to be wasteful, I tried it on the right way but in my mind I chalked that one up as a waste. I got it unrolled, but trapped a big bubble of air at the tip, just what the instructions warned against.

Next one, carefully figured out which way was in and unrolled it. No air at the tip, nice and snug at the tip, but somehow unrolled faster than rolling onto myself, which resulted in big crinkles halfway up the shaft.

OK, third one down. I better remember to take care of all this trash before my mother would find out.

Third one went on smooth. Snug, but smooth. Me, rock hard inside of it, it didn’t take much to see exactly how “waterproof” the thing was. I barely managed to slip it off before sliding in a very restful sleep.

Sunday, I rearranged the storage of the package. What if my brothers happened to stumble across them? No way.

Monday, I test fitted one in my wallet. It fit neatly next to my allowance. But, to make sure I wasn’t testing fate, I stored the one with the other ones behind some books on my bookshelf.

Tuesday, oh, how slow can a calendar go? The day was full of delays, and I bet the clock even went backwards when I wasn’t looking. I wanted it to be Wednesday already. I was ssoooo looking forward to judo practice, or better yet, to hopefully see Ann again.

Wednesday. Finally. School was slow, maybe even slower than it was the day before. But, I was walking around on adrenaline. Nothing could touch me. I even did well on a test that I really didn’t focus on preparing. After all, I had other things on my mind.

After school, I put one condom in my wallet, next to the carefully folded bills. In my pocket, it felt like I put a lit piece of charcoal in my pants. Oh, I can’t even begin to describe just how hot I was, and how it must have been super obvious to anyone that would even pay any attention. My jeans just seemed way small today.

Finally, finally it was time for judo. I was early. The rest of the class trickled in. Ann was nowhere to be seen. As the Sensei started the class, my mood sank. Maybe I really scared her away? Maybe she decided that she didn’t want to deal with this crap anymore? What?

There she was, rushed in just a touch late and joined the group. She looked good, with a fresh blush on her cheeks. She must have been rushing and is already hot from biking fast, I told myself.

The first practice I ended up with this loser kid that always seemed to talk too much. Luckily the opportunity to switch partners presented itself, and somehow, yeah really, somehow, I ended up with Ann.

“Glad to see you,” I said.

“Oh, really?” she replied, laughingly.

The Sensei gave the start sign. We grabbed each others’ coats and pulled and wrestled like it was a sport. Well, it was, but that was not what was on my mind. I pulled her close and was glad to catch casino siteleri just a whiff of the scent of her shampoo.

“You were almost late, I was afraid you wouldn’t show today,” I said between moves.

“Oh, and you would have been soooo sad,” she teased. “I am sure that you weren’t looking forward to see me again, after I squeezed you like that!”

“I thought of you every day,” I said as I pulled a move on her where she tumbled over and around me. It was a risky move with an experienced partner, but with her, I felt I could pull it off. She landed exactly like the textbook would have shown it.

However, what I did not foresee was that she wasn’t exactly born yesterday, and in the heat of the moment, she reached under all the clothing and quick like lightning gave me a firm squeeze before letting go…

“Crap!” It sounded louder than I would have liked.

“Sshhh,” she hushed. She grinned from ear to ear. “Seems like I surprised the expert,” as her blush came back to her cheeks.

“And here I was trying to be all inconspicuous and politically correct and shit!” I heatedly whispered in her ear while trying another rolling move on her.

The Sensei stopped the practice round, which really helped mask my failed move.

Ann was all smiles as we lined back up and with other partners started the training of new techniques.

After the training, it was me who was waiting in the half dark. Oh, I was so hoping that her friend had decided to go visit her boyfriend or wherever else she could possibly go.

She seemed to take her sweet time. Most of the crowd had already left by the time Ann walked out. Her friend was with her and they were talking, giggling as girls often seem to do.

“See ya!” Ann waved at her friend as she pulled her bike from the rack.

“Oh, you were kinda sure I would be waiting for you!” I said with a giggle.

“I sort of had a feeling you might, and my friend really didn’t feel like biking my way,” she replied with a big smile.

We got on our way, slowly pedaling down the road.

We were quiet. I was thinking of her quick grab in class. Oh, and I wanted to know what she was thinking of, badly.

“You are quiet,” I said.

She smiled broadly. “You too! Lots of thoughts on your mind?”

WTF. This chick is supposed to be the timid one, and here she is calling me out? “Yeah, I am way surprised, you grabbed me like that, during class!”

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget,” she giggled nervously.

By now, that condom in my wallet seriously had caught on fire. It was burning in my pocket. I considered mentioning it, but thought better of it.

“Forget!” I almost yelled out and continued softly: “Forget, as if I would have been able to think of anything else!” And with a big grin, “Oh, I did think of a thing or TWO else…”

Now it was her turn to shift on her bicycle. I couldn’t tell in the dim light of the moon and the passing street lights, but I would have sworn she was blushing now.

As we approached her apartment, she hopped off her bike and questioningly said: “Soda?”

Oh, how one simple word could sound like music. Some people would never understand.

I rushed after her and quietly closed the door behind me. No need to alert the nosey neighbor upstairs I thought to myself.

Ann was already hurrying to get two glasses and pour a soda. As she walked towards me, I took in every bounce of her shirt.

Was she doing that on purpose? I bet she was trying to make her boobs dance with every step. My mind was too full of thoughts before, but now I noticed she was wearing the lightest touch of makeup.

“We are not doing any self defense practice, just letting you know,” I said semi laughingly. “You just might get too good at it!”

“You scaredy pants!” as she hit me flirtatiously with a punch on the shoulder.

“You can’t handle it if I would win!” she continued, “You are afraid of losing to a girl!”

I tried to be serious, and tried to make a counter argument, I really did. But as soon as she took off her shirt, I am sure whatever I said was just noise, at best.

And here I was thinking this chick was timid. Oh, I know she is timid, way timid in front of everyone, in normal circumstances. But now, she just whipped off her shirt, and with both her hands on her back, let me say, she looked really good.

“Hggghh” that is probably all the sound I made, when she lowered her arms and it was obvious that she had loosened her bra clasp. Her big boobs relaxed forward and in her next move, the bra flew on the couch beside her, leaving her boobs hopping right in front of me.

“Still too shy to practice?” she whispered as she tipped her head forward from under the edge of her perm.

What the fuck was wrong with me? I wanted to get my hands on this chick whatever way I could get away with and here I was acting like some kind of stone?

With a wild move, I took of my T-shirt and while winging it over the canlı casino couch shoved the coffee table aside. In almost a fluid move – I really thought it was – I reachingly stretched out on the carpet.

The answer was perfect. She didn’t say a thing. But her smile, that said it all.

She crawled closer and grabbed a wrist, pulled it out and used her body weight to wrestle me.

“You are a quick learner!” I giggled and with great effort wrestled out from the beginning of her hold on me.

Out of no-where, a loud knock on the door stopped my happy thoughts.

“Crap!” Ann said, “Who in the hell could that be?”

“Your neighbors suck,” I said. “Why are they so nosey?”

Ann quickly grabbed my shirt and slipped it on as she walked to the door. She peered through the peek hole and with an obvious sound of disgust, said: “Crap, it’s my mom,” and opened the door.

Holy hell, I thought to myself, her mom is going to catch me here, at night, in her apartment, without a shirt? The thought to run crossed my mind, but the door was already open.

“Hi honey, I got that coat rack you have been bugging me about” a cheery voice said.

Without a delay however, the voice said: “You are not wearing a bra! Don’t you know that is going to make your boobs saggy? Don’t you listen to anything I tell you?”

By then she had worked her way inside, and dropped the coat rack, or whatever it was in the entry way.

“Who’s that? and why is he not wearing a shirt?”

Oh, this woman was intense. Was she ever going to let Ann answer a single question? I thought to myself.

Things were moving quickly. It hadn’t been even thirty seconds, but by now she started to realize what the haps was. She giggled nervously. “Am I interrupting anything?”

“Mom, you should have called, and no I am not looking for that ugly coat rack, and yes, I am old enough to deal with this myself.” Ann almost sounded aggressive.

“Oh honey, I know all that, but I couldn’t contain myself,” the woman said.

It sounded like that sentence had a lot of content, but I really didn’t have time to dwell on it.

“Hi, I am Ellen, Ann’s mom,” she walked straight at me, with one hand straight out.

“Nice to meet you Ellen, I am Paul,” I replied while taking her hand and really tried not to stare at her skin tight shirt.

Somehow, I think she saw my eyes wander. She grinned and while looking around, said to Ann: “Where did you find this cutie?”

Crap, I didn’t want to be a cutie, I wanted to be older than I really was. If she had to be like that, why didn’t she call me handsome, or good looking?

“Mom, I really think it is time to go,” Ann said. “And how is it possible that you decide to deliver that coat rack today?”

“Oh, Mr. Morrison from upstairs told me that someone might have been hassling you last Wednesday” she replied.

“I can’t stand that guy, he his such a creep!” Ann replied. “I bet he goes through my trash to find out about my period!”

Oh, I was still holding her hand, and by now, I really was wishing to simply evaporate.

“Oh, he is a sweet old man, and you are young and hot, so what is he to do?” Ellen said, and without a pause, continued: “Tell me Paul, what brings you around here?”

I was glad to get a chance to change topics. I had so much bottled up energy, I didn’t skip a beat. “Ann’s friend wasn’t able to escort her home, and since I live on the same side of town, I was happy to do so instead.”

I expected a reply. After all, Ellen was way high strung, but she just smiled.

I pointed at the two glasses, “we were just having a soda and … “

“Here I am, delivering a coat rack, in the middle of you two enjoying a soda.” Ellen chimed in. She was obviously enjoying this.

Not sure how I mustered the courage, but her poking got to me.

“You see, in most families, you can see familiarities between mother and daughter. You are blonde and your daughter is a brunette and just saying, you are not old enough to be her mother.” It was time to push back.

To my surprise, it wasn’t Ellen that answered, it was Ann that said: “My father remarried when I was five, and as you can tell, he married someone quite a bit younger,” and with dagger eyes looking at Ellen, “and most of the time, we get along quite well.”

Ellen chimed in: “And I am happy to see that my little kid now has a really cute guy in her living room! Now tell me, what exactly were you guys doing?”

Crap, this didn’t go as I had in mind it should go. But I actually managed to explain, fairly coherently, that we were repeating some of the judo moves we had learned earlier during class.

Ellen politely listened to everything I had to say. “So that is why she is wearing your shirt and her bra is on the couch?” she asked while pointing at her bra that had landed over the back rest.

“Maybe I should get into costume too?” Ellen said without much of a pause.

Before Ann got a chance to reply, she had her hands at the kaçak casino shirts hem and pulled her shirt off.

“Mom!” Ann said defiantly, “what are you doing?” as she watched Ellen unhook her bra and made it land next to hers.

Ann didn’t hesitate, she was not going to get out-done, and without hesitation, whipped of my shirt off her body and proceeded to beat her mom with it.

From where I was, that was a perfect spectacle. Four tits, all bouncing and right there? And they were busy so I could stare all I want?

Suddenly Ellen grabbed Ann’s wrist. “Now look at him, what is he supposed to think?” Ellen yelled at Ann at a modest, but very serious tone.

“It looks like he wasn’t too concerned! Actually, he is still looking at our tits!” Ann exclaimed, madly but also with a hint of a giggle.

Crap, I was, but I thought they were busy and wouldn’t notice.

“Isn’t martial arts all about respect and stuff?” Ellen asked Ann. “Right now, I don’t think there is much respect going on!”

Oh, I wish I had something meaningful to say, an explanation, some kind of explanation. Anything.

Ellen moved away from Ann, towards me. Ann really didn’t lag behind.

Oh, woe’s me, I saw four tits approaching? And I only had two hands?

Well, I didn’t have enough hands that is for sure, they put every bit of energy into holding me down. And Ellen, well she was even less shy than her daughter. In no time flat, she had both of my balls in what wrestlers call the: “squirrel grip.” It was a grip exactly like I had shown Ann, but this one I was still wearing my jeans. Not that it provided any protection at all. For sure, Ellen had larger hands.

And Ellen wasn’t simply gently cupping my nuts, she had a hold like she meant it. She raised her body, keeping full control – mind you, and whispered: “Now tell me, were you planning to fuck my daughter?”

I just died a thousand deaths. “NOO, what are you talking about? We practice at the gym and I escorted her home!” I tried to explain.

Her hand did not give me any wiggle room.

“Ann, check his wallet!” Ellen grunted at her daughter. “We will see just how much this boy is lying.”

I must have blushed a thousand shades of crimson. Here I was trying to be hopeful, and responsible, and prepared, and… Now I was going to look really bad.

“He has a condom in it!” Ann almost yelled. “He was planning to fuck me!” She sounded almost victorious, with a giddy hint in her tone of voice.

“I told you, boys can’t be trusted,” she replied. “So, Paul, tell me, were you planning to be fucking my daughter?”

“Oh no, I was trying to be responsible, if it happened, I wouldn’t want to be irresponsible, I wanted to be…”

“OOOUUCCHHH” her hand crimped around my balls. I folded over, I could barely breathe.

Sounds developed upstairs. Furniture got shoved aside. Rapid footsteps sounded on the ceiling. In no time, the door bell rang.

“Oh, I will deal with this asshole Morrison,” Ellen said as she got up and thankfully let go of my nuts. She walked straight to the door and without hesitation swung it open, one hand on the door, one on her hips, her bare tits provocatively pushed forward.

Mr. Morrison’s response was as could have been predicted. He stood as glued down to the floor, both eyes glued to her chest, stammering like a teenager: “I thought someone needed help.”

“No asshole, no-one needs your help. Go perv on someone your own age, the graveyard is just down the road,” Ellen said icily, as she slammed the door in his face.

Oh, was she some pissed. She walked with large steps back to us, her big tits bouncing to the rhythm of her steps.

“There, that will stop him from coming down again,” she said as she kneeled back next to us.

In all that commotion, I had forgotten about the condom and the embarrassment. Also, my dick had decided to retreat and tried to hide.

“I am sorry that I allowed Mr. Morrison get to me like this,” Ellen apologized to Ann, and to me. “I don’t want to end the evening on a negative tone like this.”

While she was saying this, she undid my belt, button and zipper. I didn’t know what was happening but surely wasn’t going to hold her back. After all, I had been as embarrassed as I could have been and being naked was a good thing with these two.

“Granted, I don’t know much about Judo, but maybe I can teach you a thing or two,” Ellen said to Ann. She continued: “while offering my apologies to you,” as she looked at me.

By now, I was completely naked. And even though I had four tits in front of me, my body wasn’t as awake as I was.

Ellen looked at me, at my body, and back at Ann. “Pay close attention,” as she grinned and slowly, smoothly started stroking my little dick. “Come on, sit up straight, he will like that” Ellen said to Ann while arching her own back. Ann followed her example and what was I to do? Let’s just say, nature took over with the sight of all that glory. “You picked a good one,” Ellen smiled at Ann, “see how big he is getting?”

Oh, it felt good, way good and with the view I had in front of me, what was I to do?

“If he wasn’t so nervous, he would already have come for us, but why don’t you give it a try?” Ellen asked Ann.

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