A Quick Introduction

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The summer after I graduated from high school proved very interesting and exciting. We had a basketball hoop on the garage in the alley where we spent many an after school and summer day playing ball. There were plenty of people who filed through while we were playing some we knew and some not.

One particular afternoon I was shooting baskets by myself when this one girl came by. Debbie went to a different school than me but the same one as some of my friends and she worked part time at a store where another of my friends worked. The friend of mine who she worked with didn’t especially get along with Debbie which was no concern of mine but it seemed like Debbie held that against the rest of us, she wasn’t exactly friendly whenever I saw her.

So I knew who she was but didn’t really know her. Except that I really thought Debbie was hot. Now Debbie might not appeal to every guy, she’s admittedly not real pretty with short straight brown hair, and at 5-9 tall and 195 pounds she’s built and much to my liking. With big full tits, a slight roll on her stomach, wide hips, a big ass and thick solid thighs. Yeah I like the big girls and Debbie is all that for a guy 6-1 and 205 pounds.

Well for whatever reason I decided today I would give Debbie a try. As she approached I said, “Hi do you have a minute?” and to my surprise she stopped. I said that I knew she didn’t get along with my friend but I hoped that wouldn’t mean she had to dislike me and we continued talking. As we talked it was a fun conversation and I concentrated on looking Debbie in the eye instead of at her huge tits since that seemed like it gave me a better shot.

We were laughing and really getting along when Debbie asked me, “Hey how would you react if I kissed you?” Well I resisted the urge to say my boner would grow even harder and replied, “I might just kiss you back.” And with that Debbie leaned into me and kissed me, and true to my word I kissed her back.

At that moment I wanted to grab Debbie but being out in the middle of the alley didn’t seem like the perfect make out spot so I said, “I think we could do that even better if we had some privacy.” Debbie casino oyna said, “Do you have someplace in mind.” I told her that there was a van in the garage that would offer some room where we wouldn’t be disturbed and off we went.

We quickly got into the van which had carpeting in the back with the seats out and hugged each other and kissed. It was awesome holding Debbie’s big body in my arms our legs intertwined and tongues teasing each others. We rolled while in our clinch Debbie on top of me which was just fine by me and she had no objection to me on top of her either.

I had gym shorts and a T-shirt on, Debbie was wearing a pair of jeans and a polo shirt and we both had gym shoes on. I was stroking Debbie’s back and eventually grabbing her big butt while she was doing the same to me. I did manage to almost get a hand between us to feel her fat tits which were quite firm for their considerable size. Debbie had her hands going too finding my stiff cock in my shorts more than once.

Finally laying on our sides we came up for air and after taking a breath Debbie reached into my shorts to pull out my stiff nine inches. “Damn Todd I knew I was feeling something stiff but you are packing some serious wood there.” Then she started jerking me off with her left hand and said, “I’d hate to make a bad impression on our first date so I’ll just do this.” Adding as she pumped my dick “Of course the second date we can do a little bit more if you’re up for it.” I kissed Debbie and said, “You can count on me being up for it.”

As we kissed I held out as long as I could before Debbie’s meaty hand had it’s affect on me, not to mention the handful of her tits that I was squeezing. When I moaned that I was going to cum Debbie bent down and took the head of my cock between her lips and pumped the shaft hard with her left hand until I shot my load into her mouth. I was stunned that she would jerk me off having just met basically but I was impressed that she swallowed every drop, damn what broad.

Debbie layed back and I quickly rolled on top of her to kiss her, I could taste my own semen in her mouth which was new to me but I was so canlı casino hot I didn’t really notice. Debbie said that she didn’t have to work the next day so we agreed to meet back here and see how our second date would go.

I was too excited to sleep or do much of anything until the next morning. I did make sure I had a couple of condoms. I went out and shot a couple of free throws to get my mind off Debbie for a few minutes but that’s all the time I had before she arrived. We kissed and went to the van which I had laid a comforter on the floor. Debbie appreciated the consideration, “We have taken a turn for comfort, very sweet Todd.” I was never so grateful that my dad never got around to fixing that thing.

During our initial hugging and kissing I started working my hands under Debbie’s shirt to get it off I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and we began undressing each other. Debbie had on a black t-shirt and when it came over her head my jaw dropped. Her huge tits were so full and firm not to mention the biggest I had ever seen. I took off my t-shirt and then went to help Debbie out of her shorts.

Debbie had on this tiny G string which looked microscopic on her thick solid body. I gently removed that to reveal her sweet brown muff and I playfully rubbed the inside of her thick thigh which was bigger than mine and oh so solid. Debbie then helped me out of my shorts and briefs all at once and took my balls in her hand saying, “I hope I don’t double dribble these.”

Debbie rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me in a 69 position. She was massaging my balls and quickly kissed the head of my stiffening cock before taking it between her lips. I tilted my head up to kiss her pussy before darting my tongue at it while I felt up Debbie’s meaty ass and thighs with both hands.

I was feeling good munching away at Debbie’s pussy while she gave me some first rate head. It was even better as Debbie settled her solid body on top of mine as I rubbed her wide back and big firm butt. I was doing my best to hold back and enjoy having Debbie suck my dick and I was proud of myself when Debbie’s body shuddered on top kaçak casino of me as I made her cum. Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer and hugged Debbie tight around the waist and shot my load.

We turned facing each other and hugged kissing and feeling each other up all over. Debbie was squeezing my ass and stroking my back while I had one hand full of one of her fat tits and the other rubbing whatever big firm part of her body I could reach. We were laughing, kissing and having a great time.

It didn’t take long for Debbie to reach one hand between us and not much longer after that for my cock to respond to the heat we were generating and stiffen. Debbie broke out lip lock and said, “I think we have brought my new friend back to life, let’s get a condom on this baby and put it to work.” Debbie and I both reached for our clothes and came up with a condom. I said, “I see you have come prepared as well.”

After opening her condom and rolling onto my hard cock Debbie laid back, spread her legs wide and said, “Climb on and give me that rod Todd.” We both paused for a second then laughed loudly and I said, “If you want the Todd rod here it comes.”

I slipped the head of my cock into Debbie’s pussy and slowly went in and out working more in on each stroke. That’s when Debbie put her legs around my waist and engulfed me in her massive thighs. I smiled at her and said, “I wasn’t going to try to escape.” She gave me a good squeeze with her legs and replied, “I didn’t think so I just wanted to give you an extra hug. Now I really need to get fucked, I want to get pounded good and hard. ”

So aiming to please I pumped my cock deep into Debbie’s wet pussy putting my weight into each thrust and it was just what she wanted grunting and groaning with pleasure.

When I finally shot my load Debbie, with my body still held firmly between her powerful thighs, reached up to hug me, I put my arms around her back and we were molded together in the tightest clinch I had ever experienced. We laughed, hugged, kissed and groped for the longest time until I got hard again and I fucked Debbie again.

After that we got together in the van, at her house, my basement several times a week. We didn’t go out on dates really just got together and basically became fuck buddies which was good for both of us so no complaints. And that was just the start.

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