A Quick Smoke

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You escape the heat and noise of the party, slipping away to the dark coolness of the back deck. Lights across the lake twinkle on the still water. The moon is full and bright.

You sneak a forbidden cigarette. I slip up noiselessly behind you and wrap my arm around your waist, my hips pinning yours to the railing. I’m already semi-hard.

I set my drink on the railing, pull your cigarette away and take a drag myself. I replace the cigarette with my left thumb, sliding it against the teeth in your mouth.

You swirl your tongue around my thumb and begin to suck.

I reach down with my right hand between us and lift your skirt, slide my hand up between your thighs, up into the crack of your ass.

Your panties are already wet. I force them aside and slip my middle finger up into you.

Your breath catches. Then you suck harder at my left thumb.

I’m gentle at first, slowly curling my finger up and in, as if I’m beckoning you. Then faster. More violent. I curl my bicep and lift your entire body off casino siteleri your feet. You hang, ass up, slowly rolling your hips, grinding against my hand, until you’re fighting to stand on your tiptoes in your high heels.

You start to rock back and forth and have to fight back whimpers around my thumb. Liquid lust runs down the inside of your thigh.

I slip my right middle finger away from your pussy, so fast it’s almost cruel in the abruptness.

You sink back into your high heels and bite my left thumb. Harder than necessary.

I try not to laugh and take a sip of my drink.

Impatient, you reach back and unzip me, fast. Your cool fingers struggle to wrap around me. I’m so hard it’s like my cock is angry. You can feel my heartbeat as the blood pounds along the length of my shaft.

I finish my drink, tilting it back and catching a large ice cube in my teeth. You can hear as I suck it smooth. Then, a gasp as I take it out of my mouth and force it up into your wet folds. I slowly, oh so slowly, work canlı casino it back and forth, side to side, until finally I slide it up into your pussy and you arch your back in an involuntary spasm. The heat of your juices makes it impossibly slippery.

The ice cube is now a rounded cylinder, like a sexy bullet. It’s fragile and won’t last long. So I don’t waste any time and slip it into your ass. You squirm.

You reach between your legs and aim my cock forward, then up into your tight, slick asshole. A grunt from me, and I’m inside. The heat is incredible. The ice cube is now only steam.

The sweet ache makes you tremble. You can’t help yourself and reach down, rubbing your swollen clit as I slowly, slowly push the entire length of my cock into your ass.

Behind us, separated only by huge floor to ceiling windows, the party rolls on. But with the lights on inside, and no lights outside, the windows are nothing but a giant mirror, reflecting the party. We are invisible.

You are so tight. So hot. My knees shake. kaçak casino The lubrication from your pussy is creating a delicious friction as I pump faster and faster into your ass.

A singular drive, an unholy NEED, takes over me and it’s no longer about you. It’s only me and my savage desire. I pull my thumb from your mouth and claw my hand down the front of your chest. I rip your blouse, popping your lace bra, exposing your hard nipples to the night air.

I clutch and squeeze at your breasts, pinching your nipples until I hear you cry out in agonized ecstasy.

I can’t stop. I keep slamming into you, over and over and over, crushing you into the railing. You will have bruises tomorrow.

Without warning, I erupt inside of you. My cum is like lava, burning up through your body.

You keep rubbing yourself, sliding two fingers deep into your pussy. Even in your ass, my cock can feel the pumping. Until finally, your orgasm leaves you gasping and throbbing against me.

But we are not finished. Not satisfied. It is time to go home and fuck each other like animals. We will only stop when we are too exhausted to continue, and can only lie back on the floor, sweating and making guttural sounds, incapable of words.


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