A Quickie with Lee

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You may already be familiar with my wife Irina and her sexual exploits when she was 24 and my delight in them. This was another sexual conquest of hers that I’d like to tell you about.

She had made friends with another Russian girl through Nadia. Her name was Anna. She lived in central London and was a nanny for a rich Italian family. She resided in their home but they would often have trips back to Italy and so she would have the house to herself. On such occasions, she would invite friends over and on the weekend in question she invited us for a night out in London. We didn’t actually stay overnight there but at Nadia’s place, but it was more of a gathering point before heading off for a night out.

We had a drink or two first at Anna’s. We were a small group but were to meet up with others later. Anna and her fiancé, Lee, Irina and I and Nadia. We decided to go to a pub just a short walking distance away where a small Russian contingent would meet with us.

Irina looked hot as usual with her short black skirt and black stockings and a tight pink sleeveless top. She wore a light jacket as it was a chilly evening and her long brown hair, curled at the ends especially for the occasion, flowed down her back. We all chatted happily and I could see Irina was flirting with Lee. I knew she’d fancied him from the first time she saw him and plainly he was attracted to her. Anna didn’t seem to notice as she chatted to Nadia and I.

When we got to the pub, we met another couple consisting of an English guy and a Russian girl and another girl called Katya fom Belarus. We’d had drinks at Anna’s and already felt slightly liberated as we ordered drinks at the bar. After finding a cosy table, Irina announced that she’d left her lipstick at Anna’s and women being women she had to nip back for it and make herself look perfect. She couldn’t remember how to get back exactly and Anna suggested that Lee should accompany her.

On the walk back , Irina flirted with him, telling him how nice he looked and he returned the compliments. At the house, we had all put our stuff in one of the bedrooms and Irina went in and searched the bag where she thought she’d left the lipstick. Whilst Lee waited in the living room, Irina took off her jacket and shoes and then her stockings and slipped out of her damp, skimpy knickers. She got on all fours, thrusting her peachy arse into the air and letting the casino siteleri skirt ruck up.

“Have you found it yet?” Lee shouted.

“No, I think I need some help,” she replied. Lee rushed in and was greeted by the erotic sight you can imagine. He looked straight at her sexy bum. She pushed out and spread herself so her sweet pussy lips were on display and he could measure her level of arousal by her gaping, glistening sex. “Oh yes darling. I definitely need your help,” she proclaimed in her sexy, Russian accent.

Before she could register anything else, his hands were caressing her bum cheeks. He didn’t even question if they should be doing this. Often if she seduced friends’ boyfriends they would be hit by some amount of guilty hesitation but it turned her on even more that he didn’t give his nearby fiancée a second thought and just needed her. It was a mistake of her friends to boast about their lovers’ sexual prowess as Irina would meet the challenge by bedding them. She had been wondering for quite a while what Lee’s erect cock looked like and now the anticipation was overwhelming. She moaned in pleasure and soon she felt his tongue. Her breath deepened and her heart raced as she felt his tongue snake along her wanton fanny. She pressed her cheek onto the floor and moaned louder and louder as he moved up to her plump, juicy clitoris and tongued it hard. Then he pushed it inside her, pushing it around frantically to enjoy all the sweet juice he could from my wife’s honeypot. He held her bumcheeks apart, fondling them as he ate her out. His hands left her hot rear and she could hear him undoing his trousers, the belt unbuckling and the zip being undone. She teased herself by not looking but she knew his cock must be out now. She gaped further and her vagina ached for him, juices flowing uncontrollably from her love hole. She couldn’t imagine what she looked like but she just felt so wet for him. Then his attentions ceased momentarily and her imagination raced. She still didn’t allow herself to look but he was quickly naked.

Her moans of desire continued even when Lee’s hands and tongue were no longer pleasuring her. She didn’t have to ask, she knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted. His firm,manly hands grasped her shapely, tanned waist and then his cock was inside her before she knew it. “Oh my God,” she gasped continuously as he started fucking her. Exactly canlı casino as Anna had described, probably the hardest cock she’d ever had and that was saying something. And the size! Pushing deep into areas where I couldn’t satisfy her. Long slow deep fucks, that was what she usually loved but not today. He was giving her exactly what she wanted today, fucking her hard and animalistically. Maybe how deep he was made the difference in her desire. She just wanted to feel like a whore for him today.

He’d probably only been fucking her for about a minute and a half and she knew she was getting close to orgasm and the extra tension in his body told her he was similar. Something had aroused her earlier before they’d all left the house. Huge plush, leather settees. She’d imagined the cool feel of the leather on her back as a nice, hard cock ravaged her.

“Take me and fuck me on the settee,” she demanded. She couldn’t have evaded his grip on her waist alone. Suddenly her cunt was empty and she felt incomplete. Although she felt it must have been impossible at that moment for her lust to be furthered, she saw him naked for the first time and she knew she was wrong. He was slim but not muscled, just manly with well haired legs and a gorgeous shapely bum. His chest was quite well haired but his cock was perfect. He wasn’t circumcised but his foreskin was rolled right back from the attentions of Irina’s cunt and the glans was bulbous and glistened with love juice.

“Take your clothes off. I want to see you naked,” he ordered. It was the first time he’d spoken since he’d been making love to her. She would’ve done anything he’d asked just to get that cock back inside her again. They looked at each other intensely as Irina removed her skirt. He stared at her thick brown bush and protruding labia as she pulled her top off.

She walked to the settee and Lee followed. “Unclip my bra for me,” she asked, breathing heavily. He pressed hard behind her pushing his hardness against her bum and removed her bra. He caressed her amazing breasts an she turned her neck to kiss him and they snogged hard before Irina fell onto the settee on her back. She spread her legs wide. She’d never wanted a man as much. In a flash, he was between her thighs, then he almost took her breath away when he moved back inside her so naturally. They didn’t kiss or caress, it wasn’t about that this time. It was purely kaçak casino horny sex, pent up inner desires. But they took in every inch of each other’s bodies as he fucked her and Irina’s erotic moaning reached breaking point as Lee’s glans pleasured her cervix like most guys couldn’t. Then she went into an earth shattering orgasm. She’d never experienced one quite like it. She screamed out and convulsed. “Just keep fucking me deep, darling! Don’t stop!”. He didn’t stop. He probably fucked her even harder.

“I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, yes darling. Please, just cum in my fucking pussy,” she screamed and the heavy splattering of spunk she felt deep in her belly only served to intensify and lengthen her orgasm. When their orgasms had subsided, they kissed more softly.

Knowing how little time they had, he pulled out and stood up. But Irina still had something to do. This time, it was for me. She sat on the edge of the settee, drew Lee towards her and enveloped her soft lips around his cock. His erection was still quite strong. She could taste the musky sweetness of her own aroused fanny but more predominant was the sweet creamy spunk that partly still clung to his manhood. She teased more drips of semen from his japseye with her skilled tongue and only stopped when she felt she had devoured every drop of their illicit love juices.

Back at the pub, I saw the glow on her face when she walked in. I couldn’t believe how everyone else missed it. Maybe they had drunk more than me. Irina sat calmly near Anna. She didn’t have an inkling, it seemed, that her friends cunt was dribbling her fiancé’s spunk. When Irina went to the toilet, I joined her in the corridor that led from the pub.

We put our arms around one another. The corridor was empty. “Did you suck his cock?” I asked.

“Yes, after we’d both cum,” she replied and we snogged deeply. That was my special treat. I found it so erotic, knowing Lee’s cock had been in her mouth only a few minutes ago. I searched every part for their taste. My hands moved up her skirt and I pulled he stockings down slightly and slipped my hand into her knickers. My fingers immediately detcted the texture of thick, creamy spunk and the look in her eye told me everything I needed to know at that moment. I scooped what I could out of her pussy and we took it in turns to suck my fingers dry.

When we got back to Nadia’s early the next morning, Irina told me every little detail and we had fantastic sex on the sofa bed, although she was probably thinking of going through the Kamasutra with Lee, but then again I could only think of her impaled on his perfect cock too.

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