A Randy Retirement Pt. 09: Mariah

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: Retired teacher runs into mixed race, flirty student and he calls her bluff, anally.

October, 2016 – River House

The leaves had already begun to change, some of them falling from the trees as mid-October had turned cold. Football weather. Randy usually went to one game a year at the last school he taught at before retiring. As he parked his car and made his way toward the gate of the stadium, he noticed that the hustle and bustle was more than what would be normal and realized it must be the annual Homecoming game.

He thought to himself, ‘Dammit, I picked the wrong Friday night. Already here now, no need to leave. I’ll just stay ’til halftime and go home ’cause I’m not staying through that long-ass halftime shit.’

He took up residence along the sideline fence near one end zone and settled in, saying hello to several acquaintances and former students but not engaging in extended conversation. He was trying to remain incognito even though he had donated a large amount of money to the school.

The home team had a good first quarter and if it kept up the game would be over by halftime, which suited his plan well. He was bent over leaning on the fence with his forearms folded upon it as the second quarter started when someone came up behind him and used their knee to collapse one of his and cause him to dip. He caught himself before falling and turned to see a former student from at least 12 years earlier and exclaimed, “Dammit, Mariah. You always was playing around,” and he turned and gave her a hug, careful not to slosh her cup of coffee on either of them.

She joined him in leaning on the fence and picked up right where she had left off twelve years earlier in flirting with him while catching up on what each had been up to in the interim. He noticed that her coffee had a touch of creamer in it, turning it a shade of brown that matched her skin. She began to surreptitiously rub the side of her hip against him as she continued, asking, “Coach, you fuck black girls?”

Briefly taken aback, Randy laughed at her and briefly, but overtly, glanced at her luscious, over-sized ass, coming back with, “I’m very picky Mariah. Very picky. But that’s not one of the things I’m picky about. It’s more about a certain look, but not a defined look. It’s more of a feel. I know when I know.” He paused, “Now, I have a question for you.”

“Okay,” she said quickly as she took a sip of her coffee and turned toward him.

“Why do most mixed-race folk always identify themselves as black?”

Her eyes ticked to the side in thought.

After a moment she looked at him, “I don’t know. Never really thought about it. Maybe because everyone else looks at us as black.”

“I think you’re right,” he agreed as the second quarter drew to a close. “Welp, this is where I depart.”

She looked disappointed, “What? You’re not staying for the Homecoming Queen and her court?”

He half-laughed, “Nah, not my thing. Always thought it was a waste of a good thirty minutes. It was really nice seeing you and your ass though Mariah. Thank you for stopping by to say hello and making my night.”

She hugged him tightly and he couldn’t help but feel her extra-large tits as he cupped her ass and pulled her in tighter. She took another sip of coffee as she watched him walk away and the warmth of it in her throat was no match for the warmth that had built between her legs and she decided.

As Randy exited the gate and headed toward his car, he heard her behind him trotting to catch up as she called to him, “Coach, wait up a sec!”

Almost to his car, he stopped and turned as she approached, “Yes Mariah?” and he watched her chest bounce as she slowed her trot.

“What are your gonna do, I mean, what are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

“Well, I was planning on going home and getting warm. Why? Did you have something in mind?”

She couldn’t bring herself to say it straight out, but she hinted all around it, “Well, it’s cold and you know, I thought maybe, you know, you could, ah, show me your house and warm me up, err, I mean let me get warm too. Yeah, maybe you could show me where you live?”

He smiled in satisfaction, casino oyna but mentally reminded himself that the fish wasn’t in the boat yet. She had always engaged him with flirting when she had been in his history class and he had always parried with her. Now retired, there was no need to parry anymore and he was too blunt for maybes, so her turned and continued to his car, holding a finger up behind him and beckoning her to follow.

Arriving at his Lincoln, he hit the remote and started it up before turning to her and asking for her phone.

“What’cha want my phone for?” she asked.

“You want to come to my house; you need the address. I’m going to put it in your phone and also my cell number, okay?”

She smiled and gave up the phone. He looked at the screen and immediately gave it back. “Unlock it.”

“Oh!” and she did so, “Here you go,” and she was bordering on being giddy and it was all he could do not to lick his lips.

He typed in the numbers and his address and then as he handed the cell back said, “Here’s the rules. No calls, only texts. You always were a flirt, you know that?”

Mariah smiled, “Yeah, Coach, I know.”

“Call me Randy from now on, I’m retired from coaching. This is how it’s gonna go,” and he did air quotes, “when I ‘show you my house.’ I’m going to play with those big tits of yours and that pussy,” and she looked at him and smiled even more, “and then I’m going to fuck that wonderfully big ass of yours,” and her smile shrunk. “I’m going to put you in bondage and make you beg me to let you cum and then I’m going to pound you in that big, round ass and you are going to cum to your heart’s content,” and Mariah began to look at the ground, but did not walk away.

He opened his trunk and then a gym bag, coming out with a small bottle of lube and a ruby-jeweled 1.75″-wide anal plug and gave it to her, telling her “Before you come to the house, put this in.”

“What? How?” she asked incredulously.

He opened the door to get in and closing it, he hit the switch and let the window down, “You always hinted that you wanted it Mariah. This is your chance to get it, but on my terms. I have wants as well,” and he nodded to the gold-colored silicone plug in her hand, “That’s the price of admission. You do not have to come. It’s all on what you really want. If you decide that you were always full of shit, that’s okay, you wouldn’t be the first, or the last. If that’s what you decide, just toss it in a dumpster and be done with it and we’ll still be friends. But this will be your only opportunity. Ever. I will not revisit the subject. I’ll be seeing you around,” and he slid the window up and drove away, leaving her in the dim parking lot and holding her ticket in her hands.

Mariah slowly made her way to her car, begin careful to keep the plug out of sight of the few people who were exiting the stadium.

She sat inside of her old clunker and fingered the plug, while she contemplated what to do. She had never done anal; thought about it, but never said yes. There was something about him that was alluring, and he was right, she had flirted with him every day she was in his class. ‘Now or never,’ kept running through her mind.

Breaking from her thoughts she found that her right hand had undone her jeans and snaked down to her pussy; it was very damp.

In that moment she convinced herself that she could make him hot enough to just fuck her and fulfill a fantasy that she thought was gone forever.


Randy had just gotten home when his cell phone announced an arriving text message. Mariah’s number.

‘I’m on the way, hope your ready.’

He shook his head at the misspelling and replied, ‘Don’t show up if the plug is not in your ass.’ and took a little blue pill just in case before heading upstairs to set up the playroom.

Mariah was still sitting in the school parking lot and when she read the text she exhaled in exasperation. By now she had worked herself up and would do what she had to do in order to get inside his house, and his pants.

She arched her back in the driver’s seat and slid her tight jeans down her hips to mid-thigh, taking her yellow thong with them. She opened the lube and put some on her fingers and started to work it into her asshole. Is wasn’t something she had not done before, but her own fingers were all that had ever been there. She rubbed some of the slick stuff on the plug and again arched her back to raise her ass in the seat and began to work it inside. Holding her breath, she grimaced as the tip parted her asshole. She moved her hand to hold the bottom down on the seat and slowly sunk onto it, and her ass stretched to accommodate it before it closed tightly around the inch-wide shaft and she exhaled.

Mariah arched again to pull up her jeans, surprised the plug did not slip out, but feeling it with every movement. She put the car in gear and drove by the directions from her phone, sucking air in through gritted teeth as every bump reminded her of the canlı casino plug in her ass.

Fifteen minutes later, Randy had just gotten downstairs when he saw the lights of her car reflected into the house and thought, ‘almost in the boat’ and switched on his recording system as he went to open the door.

She came in from the porch, curves in all the right places, but with a slight hitch in her gait. Her hair was jet black with big curls in it and her tawny skin color shone in the floodlights. With a grin she greeted him, “Hey Coach, err, I mean Randy!” and she wrapped both arms around his neck and he opened his mouth to envelop hers, pierced tongue and all.

He hooked an arm around her waist and shut the door with the other, before bringing it to her ass and forcefully checking to see if she had the plug in.

Mariah grunted into his kiss when he diddled the plug in her ass through her jeans and broke away, “Satisfied?”

“For now. You want something to drink?”

“Sure, you have vodka?”

Randy led her to the bar area on the left, “I do. Cranberry juice ok?” and she said yes. He made her drink, took a bottled water for himself, and then led her by her elbow to the sunken living room and they sat on the couch. He could tell she was really nervous as she took two large sips of the vodka and asked her, “What happened to the flirting Mariah?”

She sat the glass on the coffee table and turned to him before wiping her mouth and wordlessly climbing onto his lap to face him.

Randy could feel the plug in her ass through her jeans as she caressed his face and bent down to kiss him. She had a silver ball on the end of the stud in her tongue and it was about the size of a small peanut M&M. She like to use it to tease and he could only imagine what it would feel like rubbing on his dick later in the evening as he palmed her ass.

Mariah began to dry hump him as they kissed, the plug now moving inside her with the grinding motion and bringing the occasional moan from her throat. Randy moved his hands inside her sweatshirt and found the she had only a very thin bra supporting her massive tits that clipped in the front and deftly released them into his pawing hands and her breathing began to quicken. They were real and felt like soft balloons in his hands, with small but defined nipples. Briefly he considered her measurements before her body reclaimed his attention. His last calculation was 36-30-34 with at least a double D cup.

Mariah was really breathing hard by now and stopped to whisper, “Let’s go to your bedroom,” in his ear.

“Um, no, I have a playroom, but first we need to get you ready,” and he slipped her off his lap and led her upstairs to the guest bathroom while thinking, ‘the fish is in the boat after all.’

Randy had her undress in front of him and removed the plug from her antsy ass before instructing her to use the toilet. Once in the shower, he insisted she use the anal enema nozzle and she pouted and asked why.

“Cause I told you, I’m fucking your ass and I don’t want shit on my dick, and you don’t want to have to suck it off,” which ended her whining. The view from the side of her thick thighs and the curve of her ass when she squatted to release the water spurred his already raging cock onward, and he thought “I’m going to really enjoy this.’

When she was done and partially dried off, he made her spread her feet, bend at the waist, and place her hands on the bathroom counter when he reinserted the re-lubed plug. It seated with little resistance.

Leading Mariah to the playroom by her hand, Randy stopped at what seemed to be a weight bench to embrace her in the middle of the room. She was seething in heat and wasted no time in undressing him, pausing with his pants in her hands mid-air at the sight of his hard cock.

“Oh my gawd,” and she stared back and forth between his face and his dick before casually dropping his cargo pants and encircling his manhood with both hands. They rubbed their bodies against each other as they kissed, Mariah’s hands on his cock, Randy’s hands playing with the plug in her ass.

When her hand job became too frantic, he intervened and seated her on the bench, pushing her thighs back so that she lay on the bench and her pussy lips gaped open before him. Randy looked down at the contrast of the folds of her pink pussy set in her coffee-creamer skin and bent to plunge his tongue inside, lapping up her mounting juices.

Mariah brought both her hands to his shaved head and pressed his face deeper into her snatch, flinching as he sucked on her clit. When she moved her hands to cup and play with her own tits, the nipples hard enough to cut glass, he relented with his mouth and fingered her hard with his two middle fingers as he watched the plug move in her asshole and her muscles contract around his fingers.

She began to moan, “Ready. I’m ready,” softly as she continued to work her massive breasts with her own hands and Randy couldn’t wait to see them hang down heavily kaçak casino in the bondage he had planned.

When he began to thumb her clit, she arched her back and seemed on the verge of orgasm, but he did not let her cum, instead halting with his fingers buried inside her until she settled and looked at him.

Randy stood up between her legs and then reached down to grasp her nipples, gently pulling her upright by them and to him as she again gasped.

He took her chin in one hand and inserted a finger of the other in her pussy and told her, “I’m going to restrict you in that apparatus over there and make you cum Mariah. Do you understand?” and she nodded yes and he commanded her, “Say that you understand.”

A shiver went up her body from her pussy as she acknowledged haltingly, “I understand.”

The apparatus consisted of two four-inch diameter vertical pipes bolted into the floor with a horizontal pipe between them that would support her hips. He positioned her there and used the four additional pipes that extended out from the rear to secure and keep her thighs and feet from closing, effectively spreading her feet close to 45″. Randy then bolted two additional pipes into place, one went along her lower back and the second along her shoulder blades.

The second was long enough to hook her arms back and secure them with bondage cuffs. This put her lower back almost parallel to the floor and arched her upper back up at close to a 50-degree angle. Mariah kept turning her head back to try to see what he was doing and her breathing remained heavy. When he was finished with the pipes, her holes and tits were on full display and available for whatever Randy wanted to do and she was helpless to stop him.

She was about to explode and wanted him to fuck her badly. This was all new to her and she was apprehensive about the pipes and the intended anal, but she wanted his cock badly enough to have agreed.

“Open wide,” he instructed. As if in a fog, she did, and a two-and-a-half-inch ring-gag was secured behind her teeth and buckled tightly in place. She almost immediately started drooling and noticed that her jaw ached as she tongued the ring and ran her stud on it.

Next Randy clamped her nipples deeply with rubber-tipped duckbill clamps and she squealed. He then hung 3-ounce steel weights from them by short springs and observed that the drool was now coming in a steady, unbroken stream from her mouth as she complained unintelligibly.

“Now, now. Don’t worry Mariah,” and he fondled her breasts. “I’m about to make these gorgeous tits of yours bounce,” and she tested her movement in the pipes in need of relief. She found that there was none, movement or relief.

Randy disappeared behind her until the large flat screens around the room lit up with the image of her bound in the pipes. Her massive breasts hung down, the clamps pinching her tits tightly and causing a fire there in them that was slowly easing. She could see him now behind her as he moved a machine on a stand with a long, metal shaft and dildo attached toward her rear.

A little panic settled in as she realized he was going to set the machine up to fuck her and she began to try to beg him to do her with his cock. The result was more drool dripping from her wide-open mouth and a reminder that her jaws ached.

She felt the coolness of the lube as he spread it in her pussy and then she steeled herself for what she knew was coming. The latex phallus split her gaping pussy as he inserted it and turned the machine on. It slowly drilled inside her to its full length, which must have been seven or eight inches and then withdrew until only the tip remained inside. Mariah gasped through the ring in her mouth and let her head hang down, increasing the stream of saliva as it stringed to the floor.

The dildo was not unpleasant, other than adding to the fullness she felt between her legs because of the plug in her ass. The slow and steady feel as it expanded her pussy was stoking the furnace of her sex, but that only made her want that massive cock of his that she had played with inside her more.

Randy watched the slow and steady swing of the weights on her nipples as the springs stretched slightly with each sway. They were magnificent orbs of flesh, much more than a mouthful, more than a handful for that matter. He noticed that Mariah now had her head up and was watching herself getting machined on the TV directly in front of her.

The sight must have had an effect on her because her vocalizations began to anticipate each thrust from the dildo. He turned the dial on the machine higher and the clanking sounds of the wheel as it turned came closer in timing, matched only by the heavy grunts that were coaxed from Mariah.

The swing of the weights had increased as well, stretching her nipples down even more, gravity winning the battle with her breasts.

It was then that Randy slapped her hard on her right ass cheek. Mariah yelled through the ring in pain and her eyes flew wide, no more fog, as the fire in her ass spread. The echo of her cry had barely faded when he struck her left ass cheek with equal ferocity and she repeated the retort, her body jumping as much as the pipes allowed.

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