A Red-headed Woman

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Helpful neighbours can be a real nuisance. In our little cul-de-sac it is Vera, a middle-aged, stay-at-home housewife with just a bit too much time on her hands. She was very useful if the postman turned up with an expected parcel that she could take in for you or if a delivery needed to be signed for but her constant presence made it very difficult to have any secrets. I’d just pulled onto the drive when she came across to tell me she had a delivery for me but would need a hand to carry it across. I knew straightaway what it was and quietly prayed they had been discreet. As soon as I saw the large flat box propped inside her garage wall that hope was dashed. There right across it in letters so big they might as well have been written in fire were the words ‘Professional Massage Table’.

“Well, Tom,” she said with a conspiratorial smile. “You’re a dark horse, aren’t you? I never knew you were a masseur.”

I should have laughed it off, made some sort of wisecrack and left it at that. But I didn’t. Instead I started gabbling. “I’m not. Well not really. I don’t have any training or anything. It’s just a hobby. I just do it with friends. At the running club I mean.” The longer I wittered on the more she smiled and the more flustered I became. I explained that people at the club got stiff because of all the training but regular massage was so expensive that we had decided to do it among ourselves and learn how to massage each other. We were not professional but it was better than nothing. With relief I finally stopped blathering.

“So you just do the boys from the club?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“No, well not often, not the guys. It’s more the women. You know what men are like. We get squeamish if we are asked to rub sun tan cream into each other’s backs at the beach. The idea of your mate oiling your thighs is just too…well you know. So mainly it’s just the women.”

“I used to love a massage,” said Vera. “But you’re right, it is so expensive. I only used to get them as presents, spa days and pampering and all that. So if you need anyone to practise on…well just let me know.”

By now we’d got the box into my garage so I said of course I would, thanked her for taking it in and gratefully escaped into the house. I’d no intention of massaging Vera. She was old enough to be my mum but at least in all my babbling I’d not told her why I’d really got the table. Everything I’d told her was true, just not the whole truth. The fact was that I’d bought the table to get laid. When we’d first talked about massages at the club it had been completely above board but within the few months we’d been doing it I’d found it was also the passport to some casual fun too.

I don’t know how it works, whether the atmosphere of the massage room, the lighting, the nudity, the touching and, what had Vera called it? the pampering, made women horny or whether women looking for a bit of fun gravitated to massage as a way of getting down to business. It was not with everybody and nor every time but I’d had a few hand jobs (and given a few finger jobs) from it, as well as one or two blowjobs and even a couple of surprise fucks, both from married women. It may also have helped to pique their curiosity that I’m not badly hung. Not porn star hung, just an inch or so above average and I’m a shower rather than a grower so when I’m flaccid it looks reasonably impressive, so I’m told. It’s not usually much help in picking up girls because it’s a hidden asset. You can hardly go up to a girl in a bar and say: “Hi. I’ve got a big cock, Fancy a drink?” But when you’re being massaged it is more apparent.

So I’d invested in the table.

And that’s where it might have ended if I’d not bumped into Vera on my way back from the paper shop a couple of weeks later and she asked me how the ‘massage business’ was going. I was a bit frustrated, to be honest. I’d got the table set up in the spare bedroom (still with the handy bed in it) but for one reason and another had not given any massages so I told her I’d not had a chance to christen it yet.

Vera replied by reminding me of her offer and for some reason I said yes and asked when she’d like to come over. She seemed a bit taken aback but said that Billy, her husband, was out at darts match on Wednesday evening and somehow before we knew it everything was arranged. I think we were both a bit surprised and I immediately regretted it. As I said, Vera is old enough to be my mum. I’d guess she was early to mid-50s and I’m only 32. Still I’d agreed now so I’d have to go through with it.

When Wednesday came I watched through the front window at Billy went off to his match. He’d left the car at home so presumably was planning to make a night of it. A few minutes later Vera came across, looking a bit furtive and I was by the door ready to let her in. She was wearing a skirt, rather than her usual trousers and seemed to have a bit of extra make up on too. We both stood in the hallway looking and feeling a bit embarrassed. I asked her if she wanted a drink casino siteleri and she admitted she’d already had a glass of Dutch courage so probably better not.

I led her into the bedroom and she looked at the table. I’d also lit some candles and put on some soft music.

“This is all very professional, Tom,” she said.” What do I have to do?”

“Whatever you want,” I replied. “It’s entirely up to you. Do you want just a back massage, back and legs? Full body?”

“Oh, I think I’d like the full body if you don’t mind? What do I wear? Different places seem to have different rules.”

“Well one of the benefits of being at home is there are no rules. Just do whatever you want but if you want a full body massage ideally you need to take all your clothes off.”

“Is that what the other women do?” she asked.

“Yes, mostly they just strip off and hop on the table.”

“What? Starkers? Just like that?”

“Sportspeople, I suppose. You just get used to being naked in front of other people what with communal showers, changing rooms and everything. But it’s up to you. The idea is for you to feel completely relaxed at the end of it. The less you wear the better I can massage you but it won’t work if you’re feeling uncomfortable.”

“Well, I don’t think I’m ready to just sprawl out naked in front of my neighbour…” she said.

“That’s fine. I’ll pop out and get changed myself otherwise I’ll get too hot. The temperature is set for you to be comfortable so it will be a bit warm for me dressed like this. You just take off as much or as little as you want and get on the table face down. You can put this towel over you too.”

With that I left, closing the door behind me and changed into a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt. I gave her a few more minutes and then knocked on the door. She called me in and I saw she was lying under the towel which stretched from her shoulders to her knees. Since her face was pressed into the cut out ‘doughnut’ and she could not see me I glanced across to her clothes on the chair. Her bra was hanging over it but no sign of her knickers so I guessed he had kept them on.

I eased the towel down her back to reveal the start of the swell of her buttocks and began to spread the warmed oil at the same time telling her that if at any time she was uncomfortable or wanted me to stop a particular movement she should do so.

Then I began to rub her back. I was surprised to find I enjoyed it. Her skin did not seem old and wrinkly, as I’d feared it might. It was smooth and silky. In fact if felt very feminine compared to the runners I was used to. Where they were all muscle and sinew she had a little more fat and felt soft and womanly. I began looking at her in a new light. I told her there was tension in her shoulders and I could feel a few knots in her back which I spent a bit of time working and easing out. She gave little sighs. Then I gave some long sweeps going up her spine and coming back down her rib cage. After the first couple I let my hand drift lower down her side and my finger ends brushed the side of her breasts. I felt her tense but she did not say anything so I did it again and this time she sighed. Interesting.

Not wanting to push my luck I covered her back with the towel, pulling it up a little and revealing a bit more her legs. Then I moved to her legs, folding the towel up a bit further. Probably more than Vera realised. As I spread the oil on her calves and thighs I made two interesting discoveries about Vera. The first was that wherever her knickers were, they were not on Vera. The second was that she was a natural red head. The sparse hairs covering her neat little slit were the perfect match for those on her head.

As I carried on working on her calf I gently eased her legs a little more apart and feasted my eyes on her. The words of a Springsteen song came to mind

‘Your life’s been wasted

Till you’ve got down on your knees and tasted

A red headed woman’

So far I never had and I unconsciously licked my lips. Suddenly I wanted to taste this woman, despite our age difference. But bringing my mind back to the massage I told Vera her calves were tight, probably from years of wearing high heels. I worked them as best I could and then moved up to her thighs, pushing up the towel a little more. This time it was Vera who spread her legs a little more and the view got even better. I worked for as long as I dared before switching to the other leg, my fingers moving closer to her pussy but taking care not to actually touch it.

Finally I said: “OK Vera, it’s make your mind up time. What would you like me to do about your glutes?”

“My what?”

“Your glutes. Your bum. Do you want me to massage them?”

“Ooh I don’t know. Do most people, most women, have them done?”

“Sportspeople do, yes. They are a very large set of muscles and you had tension in your back and your legs. The glutes join them all together so not doing them leaves all the tension that’s probably canlı casino in there. But if you want them done the towel needs to come off. It’s entirely up to you.”

“It sounds like I ought to have them done,” she said, though still sounding a bit dubious about the idea before she said, “Oh, go on then.”

Before she could change her mind I folded up the towel and tossed it onto the chair. Now Vera, my next door neighbour, was lying in front of me, completely naked, legs apart, her bum waiting for me to stroke it and her pussy lips gently unfurling.

“Sorry about the view,” she said, with perfect timing.

“I’m enjoying the view,” I replied and since she could not see me I took the opportunity to move my stiffening cock into a more comfortable position.

“Oh sure. Young lads like you like nothing better than looking at old biddies’ backsides, I’ll bet,” she said but I suspected that beneath the sarcasm was the need for a bit of reassurance.

“You’re a long way off being an old biddy, Vera, and frankly I could look at your backside quite happily for a lot longer but instead I’m going to grab hold of it and give it good squeeze.”

She giggled. “Cheeky little sod.” And with that I began spreading the oil across her cheeks.

I kneaded her buttocks and then began rubbing them, sometimes singly, sometimes both of them so that I could see her puckered hole and beneath it the lips of her pussy. I finished with a thing I do tracing the spine with the fingertips of both hands doing little overlapping drags of an inch of so that slowly they work their way down into the crease of the bum. How far I go depends on what I think the person wants. Sometimes I go all the way down and massage the hole but in Vera’s case I stopped at her tailbone and she gave an appreciative moan. Finally I finished with some long sweeping passes running my fingertips gently in a random pattern over her back and legs.

“Oh I loved that last bit,” she said.

“Time to turn over and I’ll do the front.”

“I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that. Do you mind if I have the towel back on,” she asked.

I said no problem and held the towel up as she turned over, pointedly turning my head away so I could not see while she rearranged the towel. It was getting quite warm so I asked if she minded if I took off my T-shirt and she told me to go ahead. I’m no gym bunny but I do a few weights and the running helps to keep the lard off so I’m not in bad nick, even got a little bit of a six pack, thanks to my low body fat. As I pulled the shirt over my head I caught Vera having a bit of a peep and noticed her looking at where the hair circled round my navel before running down my stomach and disappearing into the waist band of my shorts.

“Well it’s a while since I’ve been this close to a body like that,” she said.

“I suppose running is a bit more cardiovascular than darts,” I smiled.

“Too true!”

To rebuild her confidence I massaged the side of her neck and shoulders and then switched to her arms and she quickly relaxed. I decided it was time to up the ante again. “Well, Vera, it’s make your mind up time again. Do you want me to massage your chest?”

“What? My boobs, you mean? Er…I don’t know. I mean whatever would Billy say?”

“I don’t know but I wasn’t planning to tell him. Were you?”

“God, no! What do other women do?”

“It varies. Some don’t have it because they find it too intimate but others say it feels weird to miss out such an important area. To be honest,” I said leaning forward conspiratorially, “I think most of them just like having their nipples played with.”

She giggled and said: “Well I can’t blame them for that. We all like that.”

Deciding to take the decision out of her hands I said: “That sounds like a yes to me. I took the corners of the towel between my thumb and forefinger and slowly started to lift it, my eyebrow raised questioningly. Vera said nothing as I eased the towel down and folded it over her stomach, leaving her naked to the waist. Her breasts looked lovely, certainly more rounded than the runners I was used to. They sagged a bit more but not too much and her nipples were large and pink. I felt myself starting to stiffen again. But I did not dive straight in. I started on her stomach, then up between her breasts and finally I began on her breasts themselves, cradling and gently rolling them. Her eyes closed and she pushed her chest upwards into my hands as I moved my thumbs across her nipples. Basically I was fondling them. I’m not sure which of us was enjoying it more but Vera was almost purring and said “Oh that feels so good. I love it.”

“Mmm. I could do this for hours but I suppose we’d better get on with your legs.”

I began with her calves but quickly moved on to her thighs, firstly doing the quads on the front and then moving to the insides. By now my fingers were working ever closer to her pussy and finally brushed against her pubic hair. She did not object so on the next pass I let the kaçak casino outside of my little finger touch her. Still no objection.

“Well, that’s about it, Vera. Unless you want the finger swirling you enjoyed so much on your back doing on your front too.”

“Oh, yes please.”

“Are you sure? The towel needs to go for that?”

No hesitation now. “Yes. Go ahead.”

I moved the towel away and there she was completely naked again, her thighs parted, her lips clearly moist. Vera was definitely feeling aroused.

At first I steered clear of her groin but let my fingers graze her nipples as they swept across her chest. We’d already been playing with them after all. She was sighing and giving little moans of appreciation so the next time as my fingers danced up her thighs I let them rake across the red bush on her mound but not getting between her legs. Still no objection so a couple of passes after that my hand passed up the inside of her thighs and up the length of her slit. A guttural moan escaped her throat and her legs opened a little further.

This was no time to be fainthearted. I took a deep breath and on the next pass slowly slipped up along her pussy and pressed my finger between them. They parted easily. She was wet and slippery and just whispered the word “Yes” and jumped as my finger dragged across her swollen clitoris. I moved it back down and slipped it inside her, looking for her G-spot while my other hand came over to take over on her clit, gently circling it.

“Oh yes,” she breathed. “That’s gorgeous.”

“I can make it even better,” I whispered and bent forward to let my tongue replace the finger on her clit. She spread her thighs even further and I broke off to tell her to move down the table as I got between her legs and resumed licked the length of her slit and flicking the little nubbin. Her knees came up and she was completely open now as I devoured her lips and clit, and resumed working her G-spot. I don’t know how long I was doing it but her breathing became ragged and panting until she began trembling and came in a huge orgasm, wrapping her leg tightly round my head. As she came down I eased off, just kissing her lips, almost as it if was a mouth, and avoiding her over-sensitive clit.

“Oh Jeez,” she said. “That was fabulous. I’ve not come like that in years. I may never walk again.” She lay shattered, her eyes closed as I covered her with the towel and asked if she would like a drink.

I left her like that while I went to get a glass of water and handed it to her. As she slowly came round she said: “I’ve never had a massage like that. No wonder you’re popular with your running ladies, you naughty boy. Taking advantage of an old married woman like that. And now I’ve got to massage you.”

I told her she did not have to but she insisted. “No, you said it was a swap arrangement and I pay my debts so come on, kit off and on the table but you’ll have to tell me what to do.”

“Do you want me to wear a towel?”

“After what you just did to me I think it’s a bit late for towels. Anyway, I’ve been married almost 30 years. I doubt you’ve anything I’ve not seen before.”

She looked at me expectantly so I slipped off my trainers and socks and then took off my shorts and pants in a single move and stood naked in front of her. My erection had wilted but I was still looking long and thick.

“Oh,” she said. “Well I was right. Nothing I’ve not seen before. Just rather more of it than I’m used to. You must have been near the front of the queue when they were giving those out. Anyway stop flashing me and get on the table.

I lay face down and she began massaging my shoulders and then my legs, having a little grope of my balls. “Mustn’t forget these glutes,” she said, stroking my backside. “When I’ve watched you coming back from your run and working in the garden I’ve always thought you had a lovely bum. I was right. This is a gorgeous.” She seemed to spend ages running her hands over it and into the cleft but I was not complaining. And I was getting hard. Finally she had had enough and told me to turn over.

When I did my cock was almost erect and as she stroked my chest and stomach she kept brushing against it until it was standing hard and firm.

“I suppose I ought to return the compliment,” she said, wrapping her hand round my shaft. “Oh my, I’d forgotten how hard young men get. This is a beauty.” She certainly knew her way round a man’s cock and soon the eye was dripping with pre-cum.

“Bloody hell, Vera, that’s fantastic,” I told her.

She sniggered. “I can make it even better,” she said slyly. And with that her head dipped forward and she ran her tongue the length of my shaft, from my balls to the tip, where she slowly and lasciviously licked the pre-cum before pulling away, leaving a viscous thread from the tip of her tongue to my cockhead. It was such a sexy sight I almost came. As the thread broke she smiled and licked the pre-cum from her lips before dipping her head again. This time taking the tip between her lips and then slowly swallowing the mushroom head. Her tongue swirled around, drawing patterns around it before she slipped her lips further down the shaft and began fucking my cock with her mouth.

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