A Revealing Experience

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After a hard day’s work there’s nothing like a drink and a chat with workmates before heading home. And that’s exactly what we did; Pamela, Martin and me, Alison. We work for a company that makes plastic thingies – don’t ask me what ‘cos I don’t understand it. I just answer the phone and direct calls to the various folk in our offices.

And we like a drink after a tough one – though Martin says they’re all tough!

He and Pam are a sort of item; I’m just her friend from way back. I’m 39, a widow, and I live with my son, Aaron, who’s now…wow, he’s 21. Where does time go? Aaron works, occasionally, in a local hotel, but he’s often just lazing around the house. He only seems to work when he has a female in tow – presumably he then needs more cash in his pocket. Oh, and he works out in a local gym, for free, because he sometimes acts as a bouncer at the nightclub in the same complex.

Anyway, after a couple of drinks we split – they were going to the cinema, I went homewards. As I entered the house I heard the TV playing – so Aaron was home. But when I pushed open the living room door and caught sight of Aaron he was working at the computer; working? Oh no – he was watching porn – and hadn’t heard me come in. He was sitting sideways on to me and I watched his face for a minute or two; boy was he enjoying himself! I decided to back up to the front door, and opened it quietly, then made quite a noise closing it again, and called out: “anyone in? I’m home”.

A pause – seconds only – and Aaron replied. “I’m in here, mum” and I walked somewhat hesitantly into our living room. Not to worry – the computer was off and the TV was on. Smart, rapid move!!

“Sorry I’m late, Aaron, went for a drink with Pam and Martin, “I said, setting down my bag and going over to kiss his cheek. He smirked at me. “What?”I asked.

Aaron just stared at me, then turned full on to me: “A drink? I bet you were with some new guy – some new ‘conquest’ who thinks you’re ‘hot’ ” For a second I thought I’d misheard. Then I re-ran the words. “Aaron, you think….you actually think….how dare you!” I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went to cuff him round his ear, but he grabbed my wrist and twisted so that I was forced to bend down to prevent him doing me a major injury. “You have the nerve to think I was …what … ” words failed me.

“Oh, come on, mum, I know you let men have you – I wasn’t born yesterday. You don’t lack for sex – probably just meaningless sex but sex nevertheless. You were even doing it when dad was alive.”

At this I pulled my wrist free and stood up. “How dare you, Aaron. What I do is my business. And anyway, what were you doing as I got home? Just watching TV were you? You were watching porn – why – can’t you get your own woman?” Even as I said this I inwardly cringed. One thing had nothing to do with the other, and anyway, what business was it of mine?

Aaron’s face twisted in anger at my accusation. I realised I’d insulted his manhood, but what happened next surprised me.

He jumped up, pushed me away from him and snarled at me: “I’ve had a girlfriend or two, mother, and I mean ‘had’ them. Perhaps if you weren’t so busy blatantly pushing yourself at any man mad enough to talk to you, you might have listened to anything I said.”

He strode out of the room, and stomped up the stairs, slamming his bedroom door behind him. I collapsed into the armchair and realised I was crying. We’d had arguments before, about all sorts of things, but never had we been so personal. So, I’d had men friends. But so what? I wasn’t some maiden aunt that was the eternal spinster. I had needs – just like I assumed Aaron had. For several minutes I just sat there, trying to get to grips with the reality of it. Then, somewhat reluctantly, I got up and went to go upstairs. Slowly I went up, then paused outside his room. Was this the right thing to do? I really didn’t want this argument to go on – it was dangerous. We had to live together. Resolved, I opened his door and went in, then stopped dead as Aaron shouted out “NO!” but it was too late – I was in the room, and there he was, sitting on his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bed, masturbating!

“Oh shit” I voiced, but continued to stare at him. At his cock, rampant and erect, his hand still gliding up and down it.

“Aaron, what…I’m sorry, I…”

He was red in the face, and plainly more angry than embarrassed. As I stared Aaron’s face suddenly changed – a hard look swept across it – and he sat up more straight.

“Since you’re here, mother, come here” he, quite literally, ordered me. “Come here, now!”

Bemused, I started across his room. His hand had left his cock, which was showing no sign of wilting, and he was holding his hand out to me. This homely gesture helped me keep moving, and as I reached him he grasped my own arm and pulled me to stand in front of him. My eyes were fixated on his cock. I’d not seen his since he had ceased to need me to wash him, all those years ago. How he’d grown!

Aaron gave me no time to think. “On your knees, mum, on your knees.” And I obeyed. Indeed, I did exactly as I was told, I dropped to my knees in front of my son. In the recesses of my brain I knew what was happening, but somehow failed completely to react in a maternal way. I was kneeling in front of my son, who was now handling his erection again, and using his other hand to grasp my hair and pull me down towards…..

“Suck it, mother, Suck my cock.”

And, to my shame, I did. I opened my mouth and allowed my son to guide his cock into my mouth. And I began to suck, to lick, to enjoy his cock.

Oh my God, what was I doing?! I pulled back, but Aaron had his hand in my hair, holding me down.

“Keep it up, mother, keep it up. You’re no stranger to this, I bet, I reckon you must be very experienced at keeping a man happy.”

I couldn’t believe those words; indeed at any other time I’d have been furious. But under the circumstances I could do nothing. Except keep pleasuring my son’s cock.

Aaron leaned back a little, and groaned, and began to thrust at me. As I pulled back he followed, as I went forward güvenilir bahis şirketleri again he retreated. I began to come to my senses, but what I felt was wrong. My panties were getting damp – my excitement was mounting. This was sooo wrong, but I made no attempt to stop. Then he pushed my head back, his cock left my mouth, leaving me gasping like a goldfish in its bowl.

“Oh, mummy,” he gloated, “I do believe you enjoyed that. Tell me, when was the last time you sucked a cock?” And like a robot I answered: “not for some time.” Then I realised the situation, and I moved to stand up. But Aaron held both my arms, his face opposite mine, grinning.

“Not yet, mummy dear, not yet. I’ve a little more I need from you” and he let my arms go and told me to stand up.

Obediently – it seemed right – I obeyed. I just stood there, waiting.

“Raise your skirt, please, mother.” I could hardly believe what he’d said. Raise my skirt? Why? Oh!!

“Now, please!”

As his mother there had been times in the last couple of years when, if I’d seen him coming or going partially dressed, to the bathroom, I’d wondered what he was like in bed, since I was sure he was no virgin. Now I was supposed to pull up my skirt and show him his mother with just her panties?

My hands reached down, I took the hem of my skirt, and pulled it up, up, till my hands were level with my waist. I knew that Aaron could now see my blue lacey panties. And I wondered if he could see the way the crotch was lubricated with my juices. “Turn around.”

Trance-like, I obeyed him, and stood very still as he looked at my bum.

“Turn back.” I did, all the time feeling my cheeks reddening with embarrassment at this display.

“Mother, to your room. I want you to take off the clothes you have on now, and put on the black bra and panties that you used to wear for dad. Oh, and that black suspender belt in the bottom drawer, with stockings. When you’ve done that, come back here. Since you chose to invade my room at a time that was embarrassing to me, I’m going to punish you.”

I gulped, and still held up my skirt. “Punish me? What.. what do you mean?”

“You’ll see, mother. And bring with you those panties you’ve got on now.”

I wondered at this.

“Go, mother, don’t be too long or I’ll make it worse for you.”

So I went, only remembering as I left his room to let my skirt go.

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