A Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the fifth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Chapter Four.

James brings home a housekeeper, Janice brings home a lover.


James suggested that we look for a house this weekend. The new sales office is up and running. The feds and I just settled. The company is doing well. I was expecting to look at quaint little houses but he insists we need something bigger if we want to make any money on it when we sell it. I explained that just the cleaning would take up most of a day. He agreed to find someone to clean it. With both of us working it makes sense I guess.

It took six weeks but we finally agreed on a nice four bedroom ranch in an established neighborhood. It has many younger families moving in as the older ones moved or passed on. I never knew James had such passions for decorating but he had strong opinions for the house especially the bedrooms. In the end I should have trusted him it came out beautiful. More feminine than I would have expected from a man. Only the master bedroom had the feel of masculinity. Robert and Russ swooned over the decor declaring their favorite bedroom as their place to stay when they were in town. I wondered if they helped with the color choices.

We moved in over a month ago. I love the house. It feels like ours. The neighbors have been great. It’s close to shopping and is still only three hours from the main office. I usually go every other week with Lisa and Tyrone the local sales people. We drive my company car.

They go to sales meetings and I catch up on any new developments. James has suggested I need to stop going. He reminds me I am the boss. He may be right on paper but Robert has done such a spectacular job I let him run everything. Only now I know how to read financial reports and cash flow projections.

I hired a cleaning service twice but James has promised to find someone private to do it so we have the same person each time. He says he has talked to a woman with cleaning experience. She came highly recommended but I am not sure when she is coming. In the mean time we spend weekends together shopping for furnishings. It has gone slow but I think he likes it that way.

The bedroom has been a special place. We make love several times a week down from almost daily. I am his slut in the true sense once a month at least. He ties me up in some fashion and torments me. He keeps me on the edge of coming for hours. Sometimes it’s dark before he brings me off. There isn’t a part of me that is off limits to him. James usually finds a way to stimulate them all.

I suggested more often but he worry’s it might become stale. Besides there are only so many ways to push the limits without going past it. I disagreed at first but with his usual wisdom the longer we are together I know he is right. Straight sex with him is always special for me.

When we have one of our super slut nights it lasts well into the morning. My body is usually so spent and wracked from the multiple orgasms I wonder if I could ever survive another one. But then my desires build and a month later the overwhelming need to be dominated kicks in. I let him know I am at that point by finding some way to get under his skin. James has learned to play along for several days then ‘snap’ taking me by surprise.

Last night was one of those. He usually waits for a Friday or Saturday night so we don’t have to work the next day but last night I must have pushed him far enough. It started earlier in the week I was hoping to build it up for the weekend but I was in the kitchen tossing a salad. Bitchy from a frustrating day at the office (I don’t even remember what it was about) I had thrown on a pair of work out shorts and a spaghetti string tee shirt to make dinner.

“Where is your dress?” He barked as he walked into the kitchen.

I thought nothing of it. It was Wednesday. I thought I would piss him off a bit by being defiant. I knew Friday night I would be begging for forgiveness.

“I decided to take it off!” I snarled.” Where have you been? You’re late?”

He really wasn’t but I was in a spunky mood. Without a word he reached for my shorts and panties and pulled them past my knees. Grabbing the oil for the salad dressing he poured it over my ass. With one hand he pushed me over the counter mashing my tits in the bowl of vegetables. With the other hand he unzipped his slacks. Pulling out his semi hard cock he slicked it up with the oil on my ass cheeks. I knew better than to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri say anything or protest. Thoroughly lubed he pushed me up until my feet left the floor then placed his cock at my asshole. Pushing past my lack of resistance he filled my ass.

“Oh god Jimmy that feels so good!” I swooned.

“Shut up slut you will not talk again or I will gag you!” He smacked my ass as he fucked me hard. “Top off now!”

I struggled to remove my top the counter was a mess with food and oil all over. He was struggling to keep me up.

“Turn over and on the island now!” He was as commanding as he ever was. I was well past wet now. I laid on my back he held my legs up ripping the remaining clothes from my legs. From there he shoved his hard cock back up my back tunnel. I moaned in pleasure.

“So you’re enjoying this slut!” He yelled. “We’ll we need to correct that!”

He looked around the counter and found a carrot. Picking it up he looked some more and found what he wanted. A cucumber. It was long and thick I could see the pimply surface. It too was covered in oil. Before I could prepare myself he started shoving it up my pussy.

“Don’t you dare cum slut! Tonight you are going to pay for what you did!” He seemed incensed.

My tits covered in oil and bits of salad clinging to my torso. The cucumber was almost all the way in my pussy he was jack hammering my ass as he held my legs up. I wasn’t sure if I had really done something. He acted really was pissed. This wasn’t his style. I wasn’t exactly scared but I was worried. He started looking around and pulled out the drawer beside him. A wicked smile crossed his face.

He pulled out the clips that hold the chip bags closed. He had one on each nipple and each pussy lip as fast as he could pull them from the drawer.

James pulled his cock from my ass and spanked my clit with the oily rod. It actually hurt as it pressed against the cucumber. I winced a couple of times but didn’t cry out. He shove his cock back in my ass and pummeled it again before I felt his hot cum filling my bottom. He cried out as his orgasm rocked through his body. He looked unsteady. I could feel his cock swell against the cucumber as it spurted deep inside.

“Stay there and don’t move. I will be back.” He barked as he pulled from my ass.

I lay on the counter covered in food and oil. A cucumber still stuffed in my pussy. Cum leaking from my sill distended ass. I thought I heard the shower running. I lay there not moving, not even cleaning my body. I did just as he told me to. He came back wearing a robe. He grabbed my tits and pulled me over the slippery counter until my head was hanging off. James opened the robe he offered me his growing cock. I took it in my mouth and sucked him in.

He wanted something more. He wanted to punish me I guessed. He gripped my nipples and held them hard as he fucked my mouth. He had never treated me this way before. Rough yes. Firm for sure. But he always mixed gentle pain with even more gentle pleasure. This was all about control tonight. I searched to try and remember what I had done to deserve this. He held my neck keeping me from breathing as he shoved his cock down my throat to places it had never been. Light headed and coughing he was relentless. Then I felt it coming. He was ready. Thank god I thought. I braced to take the load in my mouth.

James pulled from my mouth and jacked his cock covering my tits, neck, and especially my face. Cum was everywhere. In my eyes. Up my nose he even got some in one ear. It was dripping from my hair. I have never felt so violated!

Maybe if he had played some game with it. Maybe if he teased me? Maybe if he made me feel slutty I could have accepted it, but this was cold and calculating. I hated myself for letting him treat me this way. This wasn’t love!

“Get up you slut!” James was still pissed about something. I didn’t know what and he wasn’t letting me ask why. He took my hand and led me to the bathroom. He held me to the mirror and let me look at myself.

“I want you to look in the mirror what do you see?” I looked a mess. James cum was now dripping the other direction. The salad oil helping it find the tile floor.

“Your slut. Master!” I didn’t know what else to say.

“No mother what do you see!” I didn’t know what he wanted me to say. I almost started crying.

“I see myself with your cum all over me. I see someone that loves you. But I don’t understand what’s wrong?” It was all I could do not to break down crying.

“Who’s cum is that?” He asked sternly.

“Yours James!” I sobbed.

“Jan what did you call me?” He turned and kissed me gently.

“Yours Jimmy????” I asked now that he seemed nicer.

“And don’t you forget it!” He yelled.

He turned to the bedroom and indicated I should stay. He returned with a butt plug and lube. Coating the dildo he worked it in my ass next to the cucumber still deep in my cunt.

“Now go clean the kitchen and meet me back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri here. Be quick. And don’t clean yourself.

I waddled back to the kitchen and as quickly as possible cleaned up the mess. I had to keep pushing the cucumber back in my pussy and made sure I didn’t cum. It took longer than I had hoped but his cum kept dripping off me. When I was done it looked pretty good.

He saw me coming back down the hall to the master bathroom. I stopped in front of the mirror. He bent me over and pulled the butt plug from my ass and threw it in the sink. He reached down and pulled the cucumber from my pussy.

I moaned in frustration. I had hoped when he started fucking my ass he would let me cum. but as the cucumber slipped out I knew he wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Get cleaned up. I want to see you at your best when you come out. Nothing less!” James clarified. “And no cumming!”

It was almost an hour before I presented myself to him in the living room. There was a glass of wine waiting for me. At the dining room table was a salad at my place.

“Will you join me?” James was as nice as he always was.

He led me to the table and pulled out my chair. I flipped up my dress letting him see just a hint of my panties as my bare ass hit the seat. He served me a marvelous dinner. Simple but well prepared. When we were done he led me to the living room. I waited as he cleaned the table and loaded the dishwasher.

I heard him clean up then joined me in the living room. He sat opposite me never taking his eyes off of me once. It was like the earlier episode never happened. James picked up a book and started reading. I turned on some music and leafed through a magazine. It was getting late I was tired and confused. I was hoping he would take me to bed and this whole episode would just be forgotten. He looked at the clock and stood up.

“I suggest you use the bathroom before we turn in.” It was an odd suggestion. We each had our routine but I did as he asked.

“Please don’t remove your clothes.” James said. I thought this could get exciting.

I finished with my personal hygiene and met him in the bedroom. He led me down the hall to the spare room.

“Not a word. You will do as I say!” James removed my dress and shoes. He left on my bra and panties. Placing me on the king sized bed he had me lie on my back. James secured my hands to the head board and my legs to the foot board. They were loose enough I could move but not reach them to release myself.

“I will leave the doors open if you need me just call.” James stood over me taking in my form.

“Jan, you might not believe me but this isn’t to punish you. You have done nothing wrong. …it’s just that I love you too much to be with you tonight.” He started to walk away. James came rushing back. He kissed me quickly. “I do love you. You need to know that!” He got up and walked away.

Lying on your back restrained is bad enough. On your back restrained and confused is even worse. I desperately tried to think of what might have set him off. I couldn’t stand not knowing. I cried myself to sleep.

I felt the restraints being released. James was standing over me. I looked at the clock it was almost nine in the morning.

“You need to take a shower and get ready we have some shopping to do today.” He looked tired but seemed chipper.

“May I speak?” I asked not sure if I should.

“You may speak but ask no questions. Now get in the bathroom. When you are done I will help you to decide what to wear. Coffee is on the sink.” James explained. “I called Robert and told him you were not working today!”

Questions were all I had. That and a few choice words I wanted to say. But with age comes patience. I decided to do as he said and get ready. It took almost fifteen minutes for him to decide the perfect outfit I should wear for him today. It ended up not what I expected. A light print summer dress. The hem just below my knees. The sexiest g string panties and a thin but supportive bra. The shoes were conservative but stylish and comfortable to walk in.

It was about ten when his phone rang

“Right now. I am in the middle of something!” James spoke into the phone. “Ok I will come down and sign the papers but then I need to leave.”

He hung up the phone. James looked at me.

“Honey would you wait here for me I have to go by a client’s office and sign some papers I will be right back.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“Nah, but if you could move your car to the street we will take it since it has a bigger trunk. Then I can put mine in the drive when I get back.” James waited for me to nod then headed for the door.

“Do I even get a kiss?” I asked. He always kissed me before he left.

“How about two when I get back?” He dashed out the door and drove off. I rinsed my coffee cup and wiped down the counter one last time. I arranged the magazines in the living room and checked my makeup.

Finally I walked güvenilir bahis şirketleri out and moved my car putting it in the street. I was walking up the drive looking at the flowers around the house. This time of year they are so beautiful. It was so quiet I didn’t hear it until it was pulling up behind me.

It was a new SUV. James was driving it. There was someone beside him. The glare on the windshield blocked my view. The passenger door opened and she walked to the front of the truck.

“Mandy!” I yelled

“What are you doing here?” I stammered. I looked at James he grinned.

I walked slowly meeting her halfway as she ran into my arms. We kissed like two long lost lovers right there in front of the house. She felt so good in my arms. I pulled her tight. Feeling overwhelmed by the moment I looked back at James. I could see he was happy but uncomfortable.

I was still shocked she was here. It was great but why? Just looking at her made my heart soar. How did she get here? How long was she going to stay? Why now when James and I were doing so well? Sure I miss her. Just seeing her makes me feel queasy inside. But I love James. I need James. I was so confused.

“Whose car?” I have no idea why I asked that. He teased me for the next two weeks over that. But I did.

“Yours.” He grinned.

“Mine?” I asked shocked.

“Well if we are going to have kids living here we need something other than a convertible to drive around in!” He opened the back door. Moving to him I looked inside. There were two young girls sleeping in car seats.

I looked at Mandy. I could see she was waiting to see how I would react.

“James don’t play games with me! Mandy what is he talking about?” I stepped closer to the car and looked in at the baby. She looked almost like Mandy.

“I am asking you if they can come to live with us. You and me. In our house.” James looked at me with pained eyes. “You wanted a house cleaner? Well I hired one.”

You could have knocked me over with a toothpick. I looked at the sweetest two little girls in the car. They looked so peaceful.

“You wonderful, wonderful man. I pulled him next to me and kissed him not once but twice just like he promised.

“We should go in.” James suggested.

Mandy gently picked the younger girl from her seat and handed her to me. My heart filled with motherly instinct. Cradling her head against my breast it had been years since I had held an infant in my arms. Mandy went around the truck and picked up the older girl. James was in the back getting suitcases.

Once in the house Mandy looked around in awe.

“Janice it’s so beautiful. So big!” Then it hit me. This is why James insisted on such big house. He had this planned long before. Hell, we would could have lived out of his apartment just fine now that we had the office.

“Well it definitely is a surprise to see you here today! How long has it been since he started the process. Has it really been six months?” I asked Mandy.

“Oh longer than that! When I left Ama was eighteen months old. Hansi was just seven months old.” I glared at James he didn’t say a word.

“Oh how time flies.” I turned back to Mandy. “Let’s take the girls into the bedroom and lay them down.”

I took them to the very bed I was forced to sleep on last night. It occurred to me that her arrival had something to do with James odd behavior the night before. We laid the girls down so they could continue to sleep. I stood with Mandy and looked at them on the bed.

“Would you mind if I took a shower? It has been a long two days!” Mandy asked.

“Certainly dear!” I pointed to the bath attached to the room we were in. “I’ll have James bring in your clothes.”

Mandy kissed me then headed to the bathroom. James brought her bags in and closed the door.

“You have been working on this for almost a year and you haven’t told me. You said she was a house cleaner!” I let him have it the moment he entered the living room.

“First. I have been working on this for a long time but I told you the truth. It’s almost impossible to get them out of the country. Second. Mandy has been cleaning houses to pay the bills. It has been a real struggle for her.” James defended himself.

“So you don’t even tell me last week or yesterday?” I stopped. It hit me like a truck.

“Yesterday that is when you learned they were coming! Last night that was what freaked you out. You…you thought I might choose her over you?” I yelled at him.

James stood silent.

“If you think I would choose to leave you over her then send her back this moment. Don’t let her get her hopes up. Send them back now!” I was incensed he would think I would feel that way. “You put me through hell for a fucking maid?”

“Jan! She isn’t here to be a maid. She is here for you. You and just you!” James took my hands and looked into my eyes. “Sure I was hoping the kids would have a nice home to grow up in. We might have some sort of a family. But …”

“You mean last night you were marking me as yours? You wanted me to know you loved me so much you would bring her back in my life so she and I could be together?” I thought for a moment my finger to his lips. “You tied me down so I… so we couldn’t make love … so I would be… so I would be ready for her?”

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