A Short Confession

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The New Years eve when I was 18, I spent it with my mom’s family side (my parents divorced when I was younger) and it was the first year where I was allowed to drink alcohol with them to celebrate. Of course, they all proceeded to get me drunk.

It was alot of fun but since I didn’t drink often at that time, I got drunk pretty easily and soon enough I got sleepy. This was happening at my grandparents house. There wasn’t enough place for everyone to have a bed, so my mom and me had to share a bed. I said goodnight to everyone and headed to bed. I think I fell asleep pretty fast or I passed out drunk maybe, I’m not sure, things were hazy. I don’t remember if I undressed myself first but that’s irrelevant to the rest of my confession.

When I woke up later that night, I was spooning with my mom in bed. I was behind her, snuggled against her back, my arm was over her with my hand resting on her stomach. She was sleeping in a long t-shirt. I had only my boxers on.

I hugged her closer and tried to sleep again. Don’t know where that came from but after a little while I got an erection. It was pressing hard against my boxers and it was a bit painful so I shifted a bit and just let the head güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri poke through the hole of my boxers to relieve the pressure. There was no way that I was going to jerk off with my bed in the same bed, so I figured I’ll just let my erection go away on its own.

I was drifting off back to sleep when I felt my mom stir a little and her butt push back on me. I could feel my cock pressing against her butt. I couldn’t move, I was embarrassed. I grew fully hard in a matter of seconds. My heart was racing so fast. I could now feel the head of my cock pressing between her butt cheeks. Seems like her t-shirt had ridden up because I could clearly feel her flesh.

It dawned on me that either she was wearing a thong (not a common thing back then) or she was naked under that shirt. Either way, it was turning me on more and more. I slowly and carefully slid my hand from her stomach toward her sex. I felt the end of the shirt under my fingers. I took a deep breath and slowly slid down my fingers. I could feel hair, definitely her pubic hair. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I could feel the heat from her sex.

I think I stopped thinking at that moment and instinct güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri took over my mind.. I pressed forward and I felt the wrinkles of her ass hole against the head of my cock. I retreated back after a few seconds. I was sure she was going to wake up if I kept that up.

I slid down a bit to make sure my cock wasn’t going to be touching her ass. That was okay for a while but after a few minutes, my mom pushed herself against me again. This time I was lower so my cock didn’t go up her ass crack. I knew I was close to her because I could feel her heat on my cock but at least it wasn’t touching her. I managed to fall asleep at last.

I woke up again and she was slowly rubbing herself against my me. I could feel the tip of my cock against her pussy, the hairs were tickling me. I was still very horny and hard. I didn’t know if my mom was sleeping and dreaming or if she was awake and frankly, I think I didn’t care anymore. I slightly pushed forward and the tip of my cock went between her pussy lips. This was so hot I think I could have cum right there. I pushed a bit more and my tip went a little further. She seemed very wet and slick. Then I was surprised by her güvenilir bahis şirketleri reaction, she pushed back and the head went inside her pussy. I think this encouraged me to go all the way. I gradually pushed in the rest of my cock inside her. That felt so good. I started kissing her on the back of her neck. I heard her moan a little. My hand went to her breast and I began to move in her vagina, thrusting in and out. She moved back with me. I came quickly. My cock throbbed and I bit her shoulder. Her pussy muscles clamped against my shaft and I came inside her. We kept snuggling like that for a while until I went soft and slipped out of her. I fell asleep against her like that.

The next morning she was up before I was. I got dressed and she was in the kitchen with other members of the family, chatting and having coffee. she said good morning to me with a smile and that’s it. She never mentioned this “incident” to me or anyone. I never said anything either. Life went on just as if nothing ever happened between us.

I’m sorry if this is so short compared to other stories here but honestly, that’s all there is to it. I’ve never talked to anyone about this and it feels good to get it out of my system. I can still remember every single details as if it happened yesterday. That was 15 years ago. I was 18 and my mom was 37.

If you read this far, thank you for reading me. It doesn’t matter if no one reads this or not, just the fact that it’s out there makes me feels lighter.

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