A Sister in Need

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Ashley Patrick stood looking in her bathroom mirror, trying to decide whether to go to her friend Jessica’s party, or just blow it off and watch reality TV all night. Her one-bedroom apartment was starting to feel claustrophobic so she decided she needed to get out and do something. She would at least get ready to go out and see how she felt.

Wearing tight jeans and a white lace bra, Ashley combed her reddish brown hair in the bathroom. It cascaded in curling waves over her shoulder to just over her breasts. The 24-year-old had cherubic cheeks and a sly smile and seemed at once innocent and a bit devious.

Suddenly Ashley heard a knock at the door. Tossing on a white tank top, she went to check who it was.

Ashley was startled to see her sister Jacqueline. At 27, the thin brunette was a few inches taller than her younger sister, but had a thin and tighter body — b-cup breasts and a pert ass that looked great in jeans or a cocktail dress. Their different looks led people to be surprised they were sisters.

She carried an overnight bag and her red eyes revealed that she had been crying. People had said ever since she was young that Jacqueline had “sad eyes” and there was something always serious in her expression that made her seem as mature beyond her years as her sister seemed youthful. Her shoulder-length brown hair was done up in a ponytail. Before Ashley got a chance to ask, her sister revealed the mystery of the surprise visit.

“Tom’s been cheating on me,” said Jacqueline. “I just walked out on him.”

“What??” asked Ashley.

“With some bitch he works with— he says it’s only been going on for two months,” said Jacqueline, seeming more exhausted than upset. “I went into his email and it’s been going on for at least a year, maybe since before we were even married.”

“Oh my God, Jack, I’m so sorry,” said Ashley, calling her sister by the tom-boy nickname she’d called her since they were kids. “That’s terrible.”

Ashley hugged her older sister tightly. Jacqueline couldn’t keep the tears in anymore and started sobbing.

“Honestly it’s kind of a relief,” said Jacqueline. “I’d been suspecting something was up, he’d seemed so distant, and just to see it all there in his emails made so clear…it was something I probably should have done months ago, and really, I should never have married in the first place.”

Ashley quietly hugged her sister and said nothing but “oh Jack” a few times. If she had said more, she might have risked an “I told you so,” since Ashley had never trusted Tom, even when he and Jacqueline had first started going out. It was the only time she could recall her and her older sister having a serious argument over anything. Ashley felt relief to know he might soon be out of both their lives.

They sat on the couch in Ashley’s small living room, and Jacqueline spilled out all her frustration and pain while her younger sister listened intently and sympathetically. It was an unusual role for Ashley, who had been going to her older sister for advice as long as she could remember. Jacqueline had practically raised her, and was much more familiar with playing this kind of supportive role.

Ashley tried to think about what might help her sister feel better, and she came up with an idea that had always boosted her spirits after a breakup.

“What you need is rebound sex,” Ashley said, like some knowing oracle. “When Rob and I broke up, it really wasn’t until I’d been with another guy that I started feeling like myself again.”

Jacqueline laughed for the first time since she’d arrived.

“So I should just sleep with the next guy I see?” asked Jacqueline.

“Haha — not exactly. Maybe the third or fourth guy,” laughed Ashley.

This was very typical of Ashley, Jacqueline thought. Her little sister seemed to think sex solved everything. But at the same time Jacqueline valued her little sister’s relationship advice. Ashley was always juggling a boyfriend or two, and while Jacqueline remembered giving her some of her earliest lessons in flirting and looking hot for guys, her baby sister had soon surpassed Jacqueline. She could pinpoint it to her little sister’s sophomore year in high school when she seemed to transform from the awkward pigtailed girl that Jacqueline had always known into a gorgeous young woman, with coltish legs and an incredible pair of breasts.

Both girls had objectively beautiful bodies, but it was Ashley who knew how to use hers to maximum effect. In her slinky walk, easy laugh, and sensuous gaze, she radiated sex.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Ashley. “I was thinking of going to this party at my friend Jessica’s tonight. She writes for a music review blog. Besides her, it’s like all guys who work there — mostly dorks, but a few really cute dorks, according to Jess. Guarantee you’ll find a cute guy who can distract you for a night, and who will treat you like a goddess.”

“Oh no Ash, you’re saying I have to bone up on my music trivia?” asked Jacqueline. “Basically the only music I listen to now are the canlı bahis şirketleri mix CDs you gave me through high school and college.”

“Hmmm, well at least you’ll be covered on any 90s R&B songs that come up,” laughed Ashley. “You know, I put some serious thought into those mixes. Guaranteed you’re going home with someone who will keep your mind where it should be — on yourself and how hot you are.”

“Wow, I should get divorced more often!” said Jacqueline.

“But first, let’s get you into something sexier,” said Ashley.


Three hours later, the two sisters returned to Ashley’s apartment. Jacqueline now wore a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt that Ashley had chosen because it revealed the sexiness of her sister’s body. But while both girls looked their Friday-night best and smelled arousingly of Ashley’s high-end perfume, Ashley looked frustrated.

“Ugh — I’m so so sorry about that,” said Ashley as she and her sister returned through the front door of her apartment, tossing her keys into the tray nearby.

“It’s all good Ash,” said Jacqueline, encouraging as usual.

“Jessica promised me there would be at least three cute guys to hook you up with,” said Ashley, in a tone reminiscent of when she would throw temper tantrums that Jacqueline would snap her out of with her naturally soothing tone. “It was a complete bust and it’s totally my fault.”

The party had proved to be a major disappointment. None of the guys were remotely cute and the two men Jacqueline spoke with just gunned questions at her about the latest concerts she had attended, which was none. Ashley felt terrible. She had built up her older sister’s excitement and had her ready for the relief of rebound sex. Now they were home with no pleasant distractions.

“Don’t worry about it, Red — honestly, it was just enough of a disaster to be actually hilarious,” she said, giving her younger sister a spontaneous hug.

“It was definitely a disaster…” said Ashley, giving her sister a full squeeze back, pressing Jacqueline against her curvaceous body.

“Honestly it is probably stupid for me to even be looking at other guys right now. I should probably just lay low and mourn my shitty marriage for a bit,” Jacqueline continued, taking a seat on the couch as Ashley plopped down beside her. “Just glad to be hanging with my sister for a night — it’s been too long since we had a night out — or in, as I guess it is now.”

“Haha — very true,” said Ashley. “l don’t care if the only parties we can go to are for like, freak X-Men rejects, it’s a fucking blast hanging out with rebound Jack — she’s so fun!”?

She made this last point by giving her sister a kiss on the cheek. Jacqueline smiled but felt an odd quiver pass through her. Clearly there was some residual horniness she had built up, preparing to get laid tonight for the first time in months. She looked forward to relieving herself with some self-satisfaction once Ashley headed to bed.

But Ashley didn’t seem ready to call it a night anytime soon. The redhead stood, swaggered to the kitchen, the many drinks she’d already had showing themselves in the exaggerated, sexy swoops she made with each step. As she walked, her mind rushed, trying to think of a way to save this evening for her older sister. Ashley felt like her sister had always been there for her — from teaching her to tie her shoes to helping her come back from her own breakups — but now when Jacqueline needed her help, Ashley had blown it.

She had an idea of what might save the night for her older sister. It was much too crazy to really think through at this second, but Ashley knew the first step was to keep the wine flowing. She grabbed her one decent bottle and returned, pulling out the cork, as her sister looked up radiantly from the couch.

“Well, at least we can drown our sorrows,” Ashley said. “I’ve been saving this bottle for a special occasion.”

Splashing a generous pour into each glass, she handed one to Jacqueline.

The older sister raised hers, and toasted, “To my heroic sister who saved me from X-men rejects.”

“Cheers!” laughed Ashley

Ashley sat back in her spot next to her sister, putting an arm over her shoulder. Jacqueline realized that her sister was a little tipsy — Ashley wasn’t usually so touchy — but then again this was a pretty unusual night and Jacqueline was enjoying the closeness. Her arm felt good, and weirdly so did the press of her breast against Jacqueline.

She had no idea that in the last two minutes, her little sister had settled on a plan to help get Jacqueline’s mind so far off Tom, she might forget she had ever been married. Ashley felt intensely horny just thinking about what she was about to do, which convinced her that it was worth trying. She took a deep breath and got things started.

“I have a random throwback question,” said Ashley. “Remember when we were little and went out to the creek to play hide and seek?”

“Haha — yeah, and you tried to be all badass by climbing up canlı kaçak iddaa that tree — then slipped and fell!” Jacqueline laughed sympathetically at the memory. “You cried so loud — I thought someone might hear you and call the police or something.”

“I know! I was such a baby,” said Ashley. “I was just trying to impress you by how courageous I was but ended up embarrassing myself.”

“Aww, I thought it was cute,” smiled Jacqueline, giving Ashley a light squeeze.

“You were such a good older sister about it. You calmly sat me down, and rubbed around where I was hurt,” said Ashley, rubbing her sister’s knee to demonstrate. “Then you leaned in and kissed me there.”

“Of course, like ‘this will make it feel better,'” said Jacqueline.

“‘Do you feel it getting better?'” said Ashley, imitating her sister’s nurturing tone as she continued to rub. Ashley took another sip of her wine.

“Haha, yeah, that’s special Big Sister Magic we are expected to learn,” said Jacqueline. “Along with tips on making Kool Aid and keeping bratty little sisters from stealing our expensive moisturizer.”

“I forgot about that!” said Ashley. “But you realize I always knew where you kept your fancy stuff? In the back of your underwear drawer, of course.”

“What?? How did you find that?” said Jacqueline.

“It was actually by accident — I was checking out your sexy underwear and stumbled on it,” said Ashley, now beginning to massage her sister’s upper back. “But I really remember feeling better after you kissed my knee — I think there’s something to that healing with ‘laying on of lips.'”

“I’m just glad you didn’t fall on your ass instead,” Jacqueline joked.

But Ashley didn’t laugh as Jacqueline expected she would. Instead she quietly moved her massaging hand down Jacqueline’s back, slipping it under the bottom of her t-shirt.

“Hmmm, I think I would have liked that more than I probably should have,” said Ashley, in a breathy burst.

Jacqueline laughed slightly, not really sure if Ashley was making a joke or what. She just wanted to puncture the strange tension that had suddenly enveloped the two of them.

“What made you think of that day at the creek though?” Jacqueline asked in a cheery tone.

“Well, I was thinking about it tonight — knowing you were in pain, even if it wasn’t actual physical pain. I was wondering if that kind of touch might even help with emotional hurt…” Ashley said, holding contact with Jacqueline’s eyes, before looking down at her lips, then back up. “…and whether it would maybe be more powerful…if it came from your sister.”

As Jacqueline was about to say something to try and break the tension for a second time, Ashley leaned in and planted a kiss on her older sister’s lips. Jacqueline was startled, and smiled in confusion as Ashley pulled away.

“There — do you feel it getting better?” Ashley said.

“What are you doing??” Jacqueline asked in disbelief.

Was Ashley playing one of her pranks? As kids, her little sister had once convinced Jacqueline that she had been bitten by a vampire, complete with realistic fang marks on her neck. Her kiss was probably some kind of game and Ashley would burst out laughing in a second.

But instead of laughing, Ashley, with a smirk on her face, kissed Jacqueline again, and didn’t break it immediately this time. Jacqueline felt stunned as it dawned on her that her sister was really, sensually, trying to make out with her.

Jacqueline’s mind went into shock — she knew this was wrong, couldn’t believe her sister would do something so crazy…but then she felt her own mouth and body responding, unconsciously and uncontrollably. Jacqueline was kissing back, taking Ashley’s tongue into her mouth and exhaling a sigh as if she had just quenched a thirst that had been afflicting her, without her realizing it, for years. Whether it was her emotions going haywire because of the breakup of her marriage, or a desire she had never realized she felt, Jacqueline’s mouth and body felt electrified, instinctively drinking in her energetic little sister’s sensual touch.

?But then her mind hummed back to life and Jacqueline pulled away.

“Ash — this is in no way cool,” Jacqueline said, speaking as much to tamp down her own burgeoning desires as much as her sister’s behavior.

Ashley, unimpressed, chuckled, as if getting a predictable lecture from Jacqueline about forgetting her laundry in the machine.

“I know what you’re thinking,” said Ashley. “Obviously it’s weird. Sisters aren’t supposed to fool around with each other.”

“No, we definitely aren’t,” said Jacqueline, laughing awkwardly, seeking a way to return things to their normal sisterly interactions. “What is going on — guess you had too much wine?”

“Ha — no, I’m not that drunk. Don’t sell yourself so short!” said Ashley. Seeing that Jacqueline was still reeling from what she had just done, Ashley continued. “Look — yes, we are sisters. That means we aren’t supposed to do certain things with each other. canlı kaçak bahis But we ARE supposed to care and support each other when everyone else in the world bails. So I’m making a judgement call — my sisterly duty to make you feel better has officially trumped some societal rule against two sexy, consenting women from having some harmless, physical fun.”

“Who said I was consenting to any of this?” Jacqueline shot back.

In dignifying her sister with a response, Jacqueline sensed that she had opened this craziness up for debate, rather than shutting it down, maybe even leaving the apartment, like she should have. “Damn it Ashley,” thought Jacqueline. “You can always draw me in when I know better.” Her little sister saw the crack in Jacqueline’s resolve, and pressed her advantage.

“See, if it was just a matter of you being sad — heartbroken, totally beside yourself — I’d totally agree. I should console you and that would be it,” said Ashley. “But the difference is that tonight, it was me who got you all amped up for that party, in maybe your biggest moment of physical need. It was me who got us both all horny only to end up at the weakest party in the city. I owed you my support before the party disaster, but now I really owe you — big time.”

Ashley began to rub her sister’s lower back again, slipping a finger below the waistband of her jeans and just delicately touching the top of her ass crack. Jacqueline tried to come up with the right rebuttal, but Ashley barreled ahead before she could gather her racing thoughts.

“But the more important thing is…I can satisfy you because I AM your kid sister. You taught me the first things I ever knew about sex and pleasure,” said Ashley. “I know you and understand you better than anyone else — what buttons you like pushed…and licked.”

Ashley wondered if she had gone too far with that last line. She had planned to move very slow with Jacqueline, knowing how she reacted to something she felt was out of the ordinary.

For her part, Jacqueline’s head was swimming, recalling how Ashley would use a similar debating style when trying to convince her older sister that she needed to borrow the car or a pair of shoes. It was disorienting that she was using it now to convince her older sister to let her hook up with her.

“The thing is, if we did anything like this, it would change our relationship — what we have with each other,” countered Jacqueline.

“That’s what I’m saying — tonight will be a one-time, purely physical thing. Let’s just get you the rebound hook-up you need — nothing emotional or sentimental, just some simple satisfaction,” Ashley continued, sliding a hand to Jacqueline’s breast. Her older sister flinched but did not attempt to move away. “Tonight, forget I’m your pig-tailed kid sister who you taught how to roller-skate. I’m just a cute piece of ass you picked up from Jessica’s party, at your sexual service—”

Partly because she found the proposition weirdly intriguing, partly because she sensed her chatty sister would happily continue to make her case for another hour if something didn’t stop her, Jacqueline thought “oh what the hell,” and planted a kiss on Ashley’s mouth before she could finish her sentence.

Now it was Ashley’s turn to be startled. Interrupted, she let out a small whimper as she took Jacqueline into her mouth. Her widened eyes closed and she slid her tongue back past her sister’s eager lips. As the initial shock dissipated, each began to navigate this new terrain moment by moment, trying to simply enjoy the sensation without thinking about the larger repercussions of what they were doing.

“Forget I’m your pig-tailed kid sister,” — Ashley’s words hung in the air, giving a weird assurance to both sisters as they focused only on how good this felt.

When she’d first locked lips, Jacqueline half expected the kiss would be the end of it. But now that she was tasting the red wine on her baby sister’s lips and tongue, feeling her soft body pressing against hers, her perky breasts mashing against Ashley’s fuller globes, Jacqueline knew she was not going to stop here.

She began massaging Ashley’s breasts with her right hand. Jacqueline glided her tongue along her kid sister’s teeth, spending an extra moment on a chip in her front right incisor. Ashley had gotten that at a high school party trying to open a beer with her teeth. Jacqueline had made fun of her relentlessly about it then, but always thought it made her look kind of cute and adorably childish. Now this funny quirk was turning Jacqueline on incredibly. All the little traits she had teased her sister about for years were now making her deeply, strangely horny for this younger girl she had watched grow up.

Ashley sensed Jacqueline’s heightened arousal, and moved her lips to her older sister’s neck, then her right shoulder. “I cannot believe we’re doing this,” she thought to herself, amazed at how well her crazy plan seemed to be working. Ashley found her mind playing catchup to what her lips and hands were doing. She hadn’t really expected Jacqueline to relent. Her reserved older sister was usually quick to stop things if Ashley really went too far, but to the younger sister’s pleased surprise Jacqueline apparently decided that this was indeed something she wanted.

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