A Sister’s Fear Ch. 03

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I awoke early, so early that the sky outside the bedroom window was flushed with pale light. Kelly was pressed tightly against me, it was then that I realised that single beds do have their advantages. I lay savoring the feeling of Kelly sleeping in my arms, the warmth of her against, when movement outside my bedroom door caught my attention, in the low light I could just make out the door handle slowly dropping, then the door opened silently and mum half stepped into the room. I pretended to be asleep, to be honest I wanted to see what she would do. She looked over at the bed and watched for about 30 seconds, it was only then that I realised she was nude, she then stepped back out of the room silently closing the door. I was puzzled, then I heard her bedroom door close.

“Weird.” I whispered.

“You said it.” Kelly said, making me jump.

“Christ Kelly I thought you were asleep!”

“How can I sleep with you moving around, mum creeping about and your cock poking me” she whispered “wonder what that was about?”

“Making sure we’re not having rampant sex all hours of the night?” I joked.

“Now that’s a nice thought, was it my imagination or was she naked?”

“No, she was nude.”

“Do you think she knows?” Kelly was serious.

“I don’t know, she must suspect something” I paused as Kelly turned over to face me “what do you think?”

Kelly thought for a couple seconds before she kissed me.

“It’s not going to change the way I feel or what I want” she paused “I love you and I want you.”

“I love you too.”

We lay quietly for a while.

“Kelly, I know I have asked before but what should I do about Debbie?”

“Oh god Al” a long pause “I think you should keep seeing her, she is a great girl and I think she loves you.”

I could feel her tense up.

“I’ll be as jealous as hell each time you see with her, but I think it will get easier” she continued.

“But I love you, it won’t be the same with her. I think I should end it with Debs.”

“Don’t you dare!” she hissed “I like her and if you keep seeing her it will look normal.”

By now all thoughts of sex were gone. “Normal?”

“Yes dummy, like your not having an incestuous affair with your sister!”

“Ahh got you, bit slow aren’t I?”

“I’m saying nothing.”

I thought for a couple of moments.

“OK, I won’t end it with her.”

My thoughts were still tumbling in chaos. I felt so comfortable with Kelly. I knew her, I loved her as my sister and even though we had only been lovers for less than a week I knew I wanted her to be more than my sister. Debbie excited me at the start of our relationship and I always thought she was the one I would settle with, but now I didn’t feel the same for her. I opened my mouth to speak but Kelly put her hand under my nose, I could smell the evidence of our earlier playing on it.

“What do you smell?” she asked.

“Oh crap, I bet it stinks in here.” I replied.

“Oh well” she pulled her hand away “mum will either kill us, try to keep us apart or take no notice.”

I had the horrible vision of my life without Kelly, it was strange but it was as if everything was clear, as if caught in a brilliant spot light. Could I live without Kelly?

“Earth to Alan? You still in there?” she asked.

“Sorry Kelly, I was just thinking.”

“I said I love you.” she kissed my nose.

“I love you too, so very much.” I replied.

Kelly turned over and pulled her nighty up to her stomach. I pulled my pajama bottoms down to my knees.

“What do you want to do?” I asked Kelly as she pushed against me.

“I just want to feel you.”

We lay together. It was strange to think that a few weeks ago we couldn’t even talk without arguing.

“If you get that job would you like to stay over at mine sometimes?” I could feel her breath on my arm.

“Try to stop me!”

“Great, I have plans for the first night.”

“Mmmm like what?”

“When it happens you’ll find out” she snuggled against me “I will have to read that book.”

“Even if I don’t get the job, I’ll be over.”

I kissed the back of her neck and settled against her.

The next thing I knew was the bedroom door flying open and Tasha arrived on the bed.

“Wake up sleepy heads, breakfast time!” she yelled next to my ear.

I was confused in front of me was the wall, I must have turned over in the night. After getting Tasha calmed down we all trooped downstairs for breakfast. Over cereal and coffee we talked about our plans for the day.

“I looked in on you two last night.” I froze when mum said this.

“I thought I had dreamt that.” Kelly replied instantly.

“I just wanted to make sure that you were, you know OK?”

The question hung there, I didn’t want to answer it, I couldn’t answer it!

“Yes, I was OK if you like getting half throttled by a lump.” Kelly replied.

“Who you calling a lump, fidget?”

It was my turn to reply quickly. Kelly put on her angry face and was about to reply.

“Don’t start!” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mum pointed at us “I don’t know what has changed between you two, but its much better than the way you were, don’t fall out” she glared at us still pointing “So say sorry to each other, now!”

Kelly looked at me.

“Sorry Al.”

“Sorry Kelly, but you are a fidget in the nicest possible way.”

I kissed her, very brotherly I hoped, on the cheek.

“That’s better, please keep it that way.”

“Sorry mum.” I said.

We finished breakfast and I made myself another coffee.

“Would you like me to take you to school Tasha?” Kelly asked.

“Oh yes! can she mum please?”

“That would be great Kelly, thank you so much, I can take my time getting ready for work.”

With that said all 3 of them went upstairs to get dressed, then Kelly and Tasha left followed by mum.

“Let me know when the shop phones you.”

I promised I would.

I showered, it was one of those long lazy showers where you know that nobody will be moaning at you to get out because its their turn. I was washing my hair when the door opened.

“I’m glad your still in here.” Kelly said.

I washed the shampoo from my hair and she stepped into the shower. She looked so hot!

“Hello beautiful, what brings you here?” I put my arms around her.

We kissed, after the night before all I wanted was to feel her. I broke the kiss and ran my hands over body, as my hand slid between her legs I could feel the stubble of her public hair regrowth.

“Mmmmm someone’s eager.” she reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Well when a beautiful woman joins me in the shower I’m bound to get hard.”

I slid my finger down and found her clit.

“mmmm, I want you” she put her hand over mine “not here, get dry.”

Kelly reached over and turned the shower off, we stepped out and dried ourselves then she pulled me towards mum’s room.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“It’ll be fun and when she smells sex in her room she may think it’s her imagination.”

There was logic in her idea, twisted and kinky but logic of some sort. She closed the door behind us and we kissed our hands all over each other.

“Sit on the edge of the bed.” Kelly said.

I sat and she pulled my legs together, Kelly turned away from me and lowered herself down, grabbing my cock she slowly sank down on to until my whole dick disappeared into my sister.

“Oh God Kelly that’s good! ” I grabbed her hips and held her there.

She remained silent, then she lifted herself up, I watched my slick cock appear before she lowered herself again, pausing.

“God your so hard” she lifted herself off me “My legs won’t take this.”

I stood up and she got on her hands and knees on the bed, I got behind her, as soon as I was there her hand found my cock and was guiding me into her. I eased my cock into Kelly.

“Oh God” she lowered head and shoulders onto the bed. “you feel huge!”

I had my hands on her hips holding her close then I slowly pulled out, again Kelly gasped as I slowly slid into her, I pushed as deep as I could, then started to slowly pull out and back, each movement made Kelly groan. The feeling of her pussy around me made me speed up, she felt so tight! The slap of my hips hitting her ass sounded loud and I wondered if it was hurting Kelly, there was no way I was going to stop though!

“I’m coming Al, oh Christ I’m coming!” He voice was muffled against the bed.

Suddenly she yelled and I felt her clamp around me, she was so tight that I couldn’t hold back and quickened my movements in seconds my orgasm hit me hard and I was pushing so deep into Kelly that she yelled again as what felt like a second orgasm hit her. My cock was pumping into her, showing no signs of slowing down, and my hands were pulling her against me.

“Oh god Al, your still coming! ” Kelly lifted herself on her hands and sort of wriggled her ass against me.

“It’s you Kelly, that was unbelievable” my cock slowly stopped twitching “are you OK, it sounded like I’d hurt you?”

“Don’t worry you didn’t!”

I started to run my hands along her back.

“Mmmm, don’t stop and don’t pull out.”

I continued just aimlessly caressing her back, she pushed back against me forcing me to squat slightly. I then started to kiss her shoulders while cupping both her tits and playing with her nipples.

“I could let you do that all day.” she purred.

“I want to spend one day in bed with you, just playing and making love to my big sister.” I started to kiss her neck.

“Ohh that’s a date and soon!”

My cock was shrinking and I knew that any second I would be sliding out of my sister.

“You better get ready to catch.” I said

Kelly put her hand down just as I slid out and managed to catch most of my cum before dashing to the bathroom, I stood and wiped up the little that had hit mom’s bed, and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the door to find Kelly peeing and “scooping”, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as she later put it. I wandered over to the sink to wash myself. We finished, dressed and were sitting in the living room drinking tea when the phone rang, I answered.

“Hi Alan its James at Blue adventures, I’m pleased to offer you the job, could you pop over today so I can show you around?”

“Wow! Thank you I will try to get there in about an hour and a half.”

I was given directions to get to the back of the shop and was also told that there was a 2 week probationary period.

I hung up and Kelly threw her arms around me hugging me tightly. I phoned mum at her office and she sounded so pleased. We sat chatting when we heard something fall over upstairs in mums bedroom but on investigating we could find nothing.

“It was a definite thunk like something falling over.” Kelly said.

I got ready to go and we set off in Kelly’s car. She dropped me off in the street behind the shop and I agreed to go to her flat after. The job seemed simple enough, sort the orders from the post, package and address the orders and get them to the post office, if not in stock then I would order from the supplier. The guy who was leaving showed me most of it but he would be with me for the first week so I couldn’t see any problems. After an hour or so I left and went around to Kelly’s flat where she asked me loads of questions which I answered as best I could. We then curled up on her sofa relaxing.

“So if you start Monday, do you want to stay over Sunday?” she asked.

“It’s a week in hand pay so I’d run out of money for bus fares quickly so that would help, but I’ll ask mom first.”

“The evenings would be fun!”

“Yes they will be” I pulled her closer “we will have to start on page one of your book, a thousand and one positions should keep us busy.”

“At least a day or two.” Kelly wriggled against me.

I know I dozed off until Kelly moved.

“I’ll phone mum at work and tell her we will pick Tasha up for her.”

We did and when mum came home she was clutching a Chinese takeaway. We all sat at the table and she agreed it would be a good idea for me to stay a Kelly’s until I picked up my first pay packet. We had just finished when the phone rang which Tasha answered.

“Al its Debbie for you!”

I took the receiver from her.

“Hi I thought you were away until Sunday?”

“My grandad is very ill so we got back this afternoon. Could you pop over, I can’t wait to see you” she sounded a little strange.

“Sorry to hear that. I can be there in about 10 minutes. Is there anything wrong other than your grandad?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking whilst we were away and I have made a decision about us but I really need to see you.”

I thought she was going to end it between us.

“OK, I’ll see you in 10 minutes.”

“See you soon.”

We hung up. I walked back into the dining room and explained then I set off. It took less than 10 minutes to get to Debbie’s house and she came to the door in seconds, as soon as I was inside she had her arms around me and we were kissing.

“I’ve missed you so much.” she kissed me again.

“I’ve missed you too.”

She guided me into the living room and we sat on the sofa, she never let go of my hand.

“I have been thinking about us. I know I haven’t been willing to do more than” she paused “well, play around and I haven’t really been very good other than touching you and using you to get myself off. Well I couldn’t do much more than that because I didn’t want to get in trouble, but that’s not going to happen now.”

I knew what she meant, she had mentioned the pill a few times in the last couple of months, I opened my mouth to speak.

“Let me finish Al” she looked at me “Oh to hell with it!”

She stood up and lifted her dress over her head, she was completely naked under it. I had almost forgotten what she looked like. She was almost the opposite of Kelly, large firm tits, hour glass figure, shaven mound and her inner lips protruding from her crack. Even though I was set on a life with my sister my cock had other ideas.

“Wow!” I stood “I had forgotten how sexy you are.”

“I want to do more than we have before” she moved towards me “Much more.”

She started to unbutton my shirt, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I began comparing her to Kelly but had to stop. My shirt was being loosened and was off. I kissed Debbie, pulling her close I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest.

“How long have we got.” I asked

“They won’t be back until 10.” Debbie was feeling my cock through my trousers.

I glanced at the clock, we had an hour and a half.

My trousers were half down.

“Do you want to do this here or your bedroom?” I asked.

Debbie’s hand was now around my cock.


I said nothing, stepped back and kicked off my trousers I pulled her close to me and kissed her.

“I have wanted this for a long time.” she pulled güvenilir bahis şirketleri away form me.

“So have I” I replied “you know the first time will hurt?”

“I know, but I have done other things so it won’t hurt.”

I was intrigued by the “Other things” but before I could ask she lay down on the carpet, I got on my knees and ran my hand over her pussy, I slowly bent until my mouth was level with her I stuck my tongue at the top of her crack and began working down.

“Oh god, Al I want you to make love to me.”

Her hands were pulling at me, I began to wonder if I could do this, Debbie was still pulling at me so I stopped resisting. I kissed her and her hands were all over my back, as soon as my cock pressed against her she started grinding against me.

“You are so hard!”

I don’t know why but I started to get angry! It was so strange I just wanted to fuck Debbie, almost as if I wanted to hurt her, cause her pain. I pressed down hard against her.

“Oh God that’s good!”

I pushed as hard as I could and pushed my cock along her, she let out a long low moan. I slid back intending on repeating the move but Debbie lifted her hips and I felt my cock enter her. About half of me had entered her when I felt resistance so I pulled out a little and pushed and I was in. I kept thinking that I was cheating, that this was wrong but another part of me knew it wasn’t. I held my hips hard against Debbie then slowly pulled half out before pushing deep and hard against her pressing as hard as I could.

“You OK?” I asked.

Since entering her she had made no sound.

“Oh god yes don’t stop.” she had her hands on my ribs.

I pulled out slowly again, she wasn’t as tight as Kelly I realised, then I started to fuck her, each time I pushed in to her I made sure I hit her mound hard.

“Yes, that’s so good!” she panted.

I was silent, concentrating on fucking her. I watched her tits as they moved in time to my cock, it was almost hypnotic. At the back of my mind I kept thinking of what I was going to tell Kelly, but I knew that this was something she wanted me to do.

“Oh christ I think I’m coming.”

I quickened my pace, the slapping of our hips meeting got quicker. I looked at her face and was amazed at how wide her eyes were, her skin was flushed bright red. Debbie started to gasp, but I had to stop, I was getting carpet burn!

“Why have you stopped?” she was lifting her hips.

“My knees are burning.” I said.

I had to pull out of her, then I grabbed my jeans, put them under my knees. It felt a little better so I pulled Debbie toward me, grabbed my slick cock and pushed into her, she felt tighter.

“Yes” she hissed “Make me come, please!”

Her tightening cunt made me speed up, each thrust into Debbie made her gasp, she was getting tighter every second. Her face went bright red again then she started to moan, almost growl deep in her throat, her legs clamped around mine, her eyes rolled back until only white showed and she screamed! Her cunt seemed to ripple and then squeeze around my cock, then repeat. My climax caught me off guard, as she squeezed around me I gave one final push into her now rigid body. My second orgasm of that day wasn’t as powerful and I didn’t seem to ejaculate much, but I felt my cock shoot into her. As my hips pressed against Debbie, I looked at her, for a couple of seconds I thought she had passed out! He eyes were still rolled back, she hadn’t made a sound and her body seemed locked rigid and she seemed to have stopped breathing, but as I watched she seemed to snap out of it.

“Are you OK?” I was concerned “I thought you had fainted?”

“No I’m fine, I go like that.”

I was still inside her pussy which was still gripping my cock.

“What do you mean?”

“When I come I go like that, even if I use my fingers that happens.”

“I hope you don’t scream like that all the time.” I lowered my head and kissed her.

“I don’t usually do that, but that was my first time” she was smiling up at me “I wish I’d done this sooner.”

“So do I.” my arms started to shake.

“Just lay on me” I lowered myself down “mmmm that’s nice.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long” my cock was still hard inside her “just before you went on holidays I nearly, very nearly, got carried away!”

“I know, I felt it” she put her hands on my cheeks “I was so miserable after that. I could feel how close you were.”

Before she left we were stripped off but Debbie kept her knickers on, I got to the point where I wanted to rip them off!

“Good things come to those who wait, we better get dressed in case your parents get home early.”

I slowly pulled out of her as I sat back she got to her knees and we kissed. I was surprised that I was still hard, I’d had sex twice in one day! After we dressed we sat on the sofa together, her legs over mine, chatting for what felt like hours, I told her about the job and the fact that I would have to spend my nights at Kelly’s.

“Perhaps I could spend some nights at hers as well?” she asked.

Just then the front door opened and her parents came in.

“Hi Alan, could we have a few minutes with Debbie please.”

“I’ll put the kettle on or would you prefer me to leave?” I asked.

“If you could make some tea that would be nice.” David, her dad, said.

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